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BB Cream vs CC Cream: Which Is Better? Laneige BB Cushion vs Olay CC Cream

I was given the new Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream to try and I said I’ll test it against the Laneige BB Cushion which I currently use. [Read this blogpost which convinced me that the Laneige product is one worth spending my money on]

I conducted an experiment using a pear in my Laneige blogpost, and it revealed that the BB Cushion helps give you ‘glowing skin’ because of its light-reflecting properties. So, I put the Olay CC cream to the test too:

[The Pear - before picture]

Pear before experiment


Pear after experiment

I used the Laneige BB Cushion on the left (in #23 Sand Beige) and it turns out darker than the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream on the right (in Light).

I did the split-face test using the two products and can safely say I see no visible difference between the two. But on this pear, the color contrast is more evident.

The Olay CC cream is really lightweight and glides on effortlessly. The only two drawbacks to using this product is that its SPF coverage is only a mere 15, while the Laneige BB Cushion has SPF 50+ PA+++, and the CC cream comes in a tube with a screw-on cap while the Laneige BB Cushion comes with a puff for easy, non-greasy application. With Olay’s CC Cream, you’ll probably have to slap on more sunscreen if you’re heading for some outdoor fun, and you’ll definitely need to wash your hands after application.

Does the CC Cream give you the ‘glow’ too? Check out the reflective spot on the pear:

Laneige BB Cushion

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream

Yes, the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream does give you radiant skin, a very natural (close-to-no-makeup) look, and it is available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.

It retails for S$32.50 for a 50g tube.

I have pretty dry skin so my pores are not very visible. If you have oily skin and/or enlarged pores, you might want to try this product as it can help reduce the appearance of pores as it contains Niacinamide which helps improve skin hydration, texture and skin tone.

Go be beautiful! :D

Lady First SG Episode 12: Forever Young

{ For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click HERE }

Pauline Lan admits to going to the doctor’s for a bit of help with retaining her youthful looks. But for the rest of us who do not wish to go under the knife or get any injections, what sort of pills, potions and lotions can help us look “forever young”?

The gurus Bryan and Kevin make their recommendations – from hydrating gels to Tibetan yoga postures. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, matured skin, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines, this episode of Lady First Singapore can help you!

Dry Skin

Kevin recommends that the 3 things we must do is to cleanse, moisturize and protect our skin. He raved about the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, a hydrating gel that contains nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, nano-Ceramide, collagen, and with 1000 times more anti-oxidizing effect than Q10.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Available at Astalift stores (ION Orchard #B3-66, #JEM 01-20) at S$148 for 40g OR in a Trial Kit (inclusive of 15g of jelly) at just S$60 *I called the ION store to check the pricing on 21/8/14*

Rough Skin

Charlyn has had skin troubles since giving birth to her kid. And Bryan recommends eating the locally-grown bananas, available only at Little India. Steam the bananas just like you would steam sweet potatoes. According to him, they are very nutritious.

Lady First Singapore

Also, he recommends the Riiviva Microderm skin-resurfacing tool which can reduce fine lines and the appearance of dark spots. Avoid using this tool on areas with acne, wounds or if you have eczema. Go over any one spot with the tool just once. At the end, gently press on some soothing rose lotion and avoid any rubbing. Follow up with any product containing aloe vera or collagen.

Fine Lines

Kevin recommends the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, which contains more than 10 floral extracts. Apply immediately after cleansing your face, spread it out with your fingers then massage it in, moving your hand in an upward motion from side of nostrils to temples, for an instant face-lifting effect. In 28 days, fine lines will be reduced by 93%, according to Kevin!

Lady First Singapore


Candyce says she drinks the Wen Ken Three Legs Pe Pa Kao as it is “helpful in relieving sore throats, reduces phlegm and nourishes the lungs”. Bryan says it is recommended to take a teaspoon of it with warm water every night.

He also recommends some yoga stretches, as usual.

Give yourself 8 minutes of ‘me’ time / relaxation time every day to purify your body and mind. Eat some dried fruit, light a beeswax candle, and wear a silk scarf scented with an essential oil. Apparently, wearing silk helps ladies feel relaxed and thus can contribute to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, read some positive-thinking books that make you happy, and have some of your favorite crystals next to you. Then try these:

1) Abdominal (deep) breathing

With a silk scarf around your neck, place your hands on your belly and breathe in deeply through your nose and let your breath out from your mouth.

2) Butterfly Stretch

With the scarf on your legs, flap your legs against the ground. It should produce a sound each time your legs come into contact with the ground.

Lady First Singapore

3) Belly-shrinking Hip Rotation
Sit cross-legged on the floor and with your thumbs placed just under your ring fingers and clenched into fists, place them in front of your hip area. Rotate your hips in a circular movement five times while holding your breath. Keep your back and arms straight.

Lady First Singapore

Matured Skin

A makeup look for people with matured skin:

Lady First Singapore

1) Use a pearl base with a high moisture content, and which is not oil-based

2) Apply translucent foundation so the look isn’t cakey

3) Wear tinted sunscreen

4) Use a water-based under eye concealer (By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer) and pat it on gently.

5) Mix white and champagne-colored eyeshadow

6) Dab shimmer powder across your eyelids

7) Use eyeliner to fill the space between your lashes. To gauge where your eyeliner should end, imagine an extension of your double eyelid crease at the end corner of your eye – that is where your eyeliner should end

8) Use smudge-proof mascara

9) Use eyebrow powder for a less severe look. Straight brows are in this year

10) Apply a coral orange lip gloss as blusher with the help of a sponge

11) Pick a subtle rose-colored lipstick


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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fantasìa by Escribà

I had the pleasure of attending the media preview of Fantasìa by Escribà at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Halls D & E. It truly is every chocolate fan’s dream come true. There’s just so much to taste, so much to see, and so many pictures to take! I’ll try not to spoil the experience for you by presenting only a sneak peek, so you can go check out the rest with your friends and family. :)

Here are 8 reasons why you should visit Fantasìa by Escribà:

1) Callebaut Falls – At 8.5 metres tall, it is likely the World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain!

Fantasia by Escriba

And when you are given some of that chocolate to sample, ooh-la-la. *Be careful though, the lights in this area can be dim and there are some raised platforms you need to be aware of or you’ll trip over them.

2) Safari of life-size edible animals, including a 5-metre tall elephant, 4-metre tall giraffe, etc

The oh-so-colorful zebra:

Fantasia by Escriba

And the croc with the ‘sweet tooth’ LOL

Fantasia by Escriba

3) *Just for the adults* Saturday night ‘Midnight @ Fantasia’, featuring leading deejays and performers from Ibiza, and lasting from 10.30pm to 2am. The press release said to expect “dark titillation”, “evocative performances by go-go dancers” and “potent cocktails”. ;)

Fantasia by Escriba

4) For macaron fans: A 3-metre tall Macaron Eiffel Tower. I could not resist taking a selfie here.

Fantasia by Escriba

5) Lots of treats everywhere you go. Guess what this is:

Fantasia by Escriba

6) Masterclasses! More than just a feast for the eyes, you can also join in the classes such as Create with Innovation, Create with Chocolate, Create with Desserts and Create with Sugar. The Masterclasses are priced at S$188 each.

7) Head to the Royal Cake Theatre for theatrical performances with spectacular acrobatic feats.

Some performers we met:

Fantasia by Escriba

8) And of course, don’t miss visting the gift shop:

I bought 3 of these:

Fantasia by Escriba

Also, check out items like the Candy Glam Rings and edible heels:

Fantasia by Escriba

Fantasia by Escriba

This confectionery theatre extravaganza will only be here for 3 days (ending on Sunday) so hurry and get your tickets now!

Purchase your tickets here: http://fantasiabyescriba.com/


Regular Prices: Child $88, Adult $128, Family Bundle $388 (Free entry for children aged 3 and below)

Midnight@Fantasia: $188 / $68 / $38 (For adults aged 21 and above)


Bee Cheng Hiang: Signature Bakkwa Mooncake and Plain Lotus Mooncake

I received a pretty pink box of mooncakes from Bee Chang Hiang at a media conference this week, and was shocked to find Bakkwa Mooncakes inside. I really should have expected it – Bee Cheng Hiang is famous for bakkwa. So it should come as no surprise that they would incorporate their bakkwa into mooncakes. :)

Bee Cheng Hiang Bakkwa Mooncake

It was a little bit difficult to cut a piece from the palm-sized mooncake using the plastic knife provided. I had fully expected to find a slice of bakkwa in the middle of the mooncake. But alas, it was little pieces of bakkwa with chunky almonds and melon seeds that I found. The crust is delicate and not too thick.

The verdict: This is one tasty, savory mooncake that does not make the mistake of including too much bakkwa. It is fragrant, possibly due to the sesame seeds. Overall, it’s quite enjoyable. And family and colleagues alike will be thrilled at receiving a bakkwa mooncake! :D

Within the box are plain lotus mooncakes as well. I like the version without salted egg yolks. Bee Cheng Hiang’s is surprisingly good – not too sweet and the crust is just thin enough to contain the filling, and retains its softness without being cloying.

I definitely wouldn’t mind buying their plain lotus mooncakes this time next year. :)

Bee Cheng Hiang Plain Lotus Mooncake

That ‘Littering Incident’ On The Bus. SBS Transit’s Reply to Me…

Sweet Wrapper Incident

Late last month, I was on the way to the airport when I noticed an ‘uncle’ littering on the bus. He was seated just across the aisle from me, and I was sitting right behind the bus driver.

The gist of it: I requested that he pick up the sweet wrapper he had thrown to the ground but he refused. He even had the cheek to call me “kaypoh” before he exited the bus. The bus driver was of no help at all when I told him about the litterbug; he just nonchalantly drove on.

SBS Transit’s reply:

SBS Transit's reply

I sure hope the company gets the message to the Bus Captain. I was *NOT* being ‘kaypoh’. I was ensuring the cleanliness of our environment. The sweet wrapper, due to its previous contents, would likely attract pests, and bus 34 serves passengers heading to and from the airport!

Despite what you may think, Singapore is NOT a clean city. It is a cleaned city. It is cleaned by an army of cleaners and civic-minded folks who pick up the trash that other people leave behind.

Let us all do our part. If you see someone littering, or worse still, defecating in a public place, STOP the person and notify the authorities. Sending pictures to STOMP or any other website does nothing to protect the environment. And last I heard, you won’t even get $50 from STOMP. So take more constructive action! ;)

Nestlé Fitnesse Chocolate Cereal

Nestlé Fitnesse has a new chocolate cereal with wholegrain and chocolate-covered flakes. I enjoy them as a ‘light’ breakfast together with some of my favorite fruits. The cereal alone has about 110 calories per 30g serving, and the number goes up, of course, with the addition of fruits.

It also has 8 vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron and Vitamin E.

*buried under fruit*

Nestle Fitnesse cornflakes for breakfast

Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate

Retail price: S$6.70 per pack.

If breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, what are you putting into your body as fuel for your day? ;)

National Day Rally 2014 – I Watched It on YouTube. You?

National Day Rally 2014

I tuned in to PM Lee’s speech around the time he was sharing about the #fishballstick incident and I found that case study pretty amusing. I thought he must really be rocking the speech if it’s so engaging and funny. So I scrolled all the way to the start of the speech…

And learnt about the CPF. Unlike the rest of the people (hurhur) at the ITECC venue, I truly did not know this much about the CPF before I heard the PM speak.

The gist of it: The Minimum Sum (MS) is going up to $161,000 next year. But the property you own can (still) go towards making up half of the MS, or $80,500.

Assuming the CPF payouts are insufficient for your retirement needs, you can continue working, your children might support you, you could draw on personal savings, or get some money out of your house.

For the last option, you can get money out of your house by renting out 1 room, moving in with your children and renting out your whole flat, selling your flat and buying a studio apartment with the Silver Housing Bonus (PM calls this Right Sizing instead of downsizing which is probably not very PC).

*Significant changes: The Lease Buyback Scheme will also be made available to owners of 4-room flats! :) The CPF will be made more flexible with the possibility of a controlled lump-sum withdrawal in one’s retirement years – 65 and beyond – with members taking out a maximum of 20% lump-sum.

To conclude, I think it was an interesting speech. Our PM did try his best to be engaging. And I guess #fishballstick will be trending for a bit. ;)

Lady First SG Episode 11: Bags Attack

This episode will likely rank as one of my top favs in the whole two seasons of Lady First Singapore! :D It’s all about bags! I can’t believe the team was so awesome as to put together an ENTIRE episode about bags! My goodness! They really know what women want! :D

A long time ago, I started an online blogshop selling bags (and the store’s called ‘Bagging Rights’) because I thought it made more sense than selling shoes or clothes because the latter come in many sizes and you’d have to keep so much stock! But with bags, it’s one size fits all, no?

Still, there’s so much to note with regard to having the bag match your body shape (e.g. don’t carry an over-sized bag if you’re petite) or personality, and how to care for your branded bags!

lady first singapore

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Kevin introduce bags from Saint Laurent, Longchamp, Fendi, Loewe, Ferragamo, and more. Check out the list here.

I have realized that when I carry bigger bags, I tend to put more things into the bag, and it really weighs down on my shoulder and causes aches and pains! So I now try to carry backpacks for a more even weight distribution, or carry smaller bags.

lady first singapore

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

I LOVE the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag in baby pink. It’s just so pretty! Here I am with the same bag in red…

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Pretty eh? :D


Here are some tips from the show regarding accessorizing with bags, and for bag care:

1) Cleaning your branded bags: use lens cleaning cloths without fibres as fibres might stick to the bag’s surface. Do not use newspapers to clean your bags as the ink might get transferred onto your branded bag! Always pat dry instead of rubbing off any residual moisture.

2) Crossbody bags are ‘hot’ right now, and bags in a blue-green shade are trending!

3) If your bag has a chain, clean it with a lens cleaning cloth when you are home so as to prevent bacterial growth on the chain which has come into contact with sebum from your skin. Also, do not store your bags immediately in a cabinet. Let it ‘air’ for a bit after you get home.

4) Adjust the length of the straps to suit your height:

Lady First Singapore

5) Use tassels and bag charms to jazz up plain-looking bags:

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

6) You can even transform your bags using necklaces and earrings! Talk about recycling! :)

bag charm

7) Interesting designs – let your choice of bag reflect your personality:

Lady First Singapore


The famous Karl Lagerfeld bag charms made from mink, fox and goat furs:

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

The amount you’ll spend on one of these is enough to buy you a branded bag. ;)


All I want now is an episode on shoes or watches. :D Hehe!

Samsung K

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Swenson’s Ice Cream Mooncakes: Early Bird Special of 15% – 20% Off!

Swensons Ice Cream Mooncakes

Every year, without fail, I get my mooncake fix at Swenson’s because I simply love their Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream. :D

I’ve already *ahem* eaten two of the SCC ice cream mooncakes this week. OOPS!

Swenson's Ice Cream Mooncakes

A set of 4 mooncakes comes with a gift box and a cooler bag, with dry ice. Take the mooncakes out of the freezer and let them thaw for a bit before sinking your teeth into the icy cold treat. :)

I paid a total of S$27.89 for 4 mooncakes – sticky chewy chocolate for me and durian royale (made with D24 durians) for the people at home. Best to get yours before 29th August so you can enjoy the 15% early bird discount! Swenson’s Cool Rewards & Kids’ Club members get a cool 20% off!~

Singapore Blog Awards 2014: WINNERS!

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners[Minister of State, Ms Sim Ann, taking a group 'wefie' with all the winners]

It was new faces galore at this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. Only one winner from last year’s Blog Awards won again this year. The rest of the winners in the 9 main categories seemed to be newbies or experienced bloggers who have not won previously.

And here are the 9 winners…

Judges’ Choice categories:

Best Family Blog: Mum in the Making

Best Fashion Blog: Shopping Queen’s Haven

Best Food Blog: Johor Kaki

Best Individual Blog: 女飞侠 (sent representative)

Best Lifestyle Blog: Smith’s Blog

Best New Blog: Travelled Paths

Best Photography Blog: 龟头部落 (sent representative)

Best Topical Blog: Seriously Man

Best Travel Blog: Allyoffduty

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners

They will each receive a trophy, 5D4N trip to the Philippines, a pair of tickets to Alive Museum Singapore and hair care products.

My blogging mentee, Simon, won the Best New Blog award! :) Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Winners

{ Check out his blog at www.travelledpaths.com }

Another student of mine, Steven, who blogs at retiredowhat.com, is a finalist in the Best Individual Blog category.

I’m so proud of their achievements! Can’t wait to see them scale greater heights!

I’m looking forward to mentoring even more bloggers. It’s ‘achievement’ on yet another level for me. :)