The Weirdest ‘Request For Inteview’ Email I Have Ever Received

I’ve received some pretty off interview requests before, usually of the cut-and-paste mass-sent sort. But this one takes the cake.


Interview request email

“i have took a look at your website and found out that you are personal brand and image strategist.

a brief introduction of myself:

My name is Tan H– C—. I am the author of the upcoming book:’wealth without worries, how to make more money by doing less’. My publisher has recommended that i contact you for research for this book to boost the asian content. i need 20 minutes. I’m on the publisher’s deadline and would need to set something up within the next 10 days

if you’re open to this, please reply and i will call you back to set up the interview. please find attached media kit where you can review more information.”

How can this email be improved upon?

  1. Have a greeting, and include the addressee’s name, e.g. “Dear Grace” would be nice for a start. :P
  2. Ensure there are no (or few) grammatical errors – you’re an aspiring author for goodness’ sake! “I have taken a look at your website” / “I have visited your website” is more appropriate, as compared to “i have took a look at your website”. And for the record, mine’s not a website.
  3. Make sure you are clear about the person’s occupation – I am not a “personal brand and image strategist”. I am a blogger! I will consider becoming an image strategist if I decide to stop blogging. Though I’ll first have to find out what an image strategist does. Ha!
  4. Please don’t start your email with the first word being an un-capitalized ‘i’ – “i have took a look at your website” is an ‘immediate fail’.
  5. Your book title should similarly include capital letters, unless you are not very confident about this book. Mine’s ‘Blogging For A Living’, what’s yours? ;)
  6. Don’t copy-and-paste a line that your publisher has provided you with, in this case “My publisher has recommended that i contact you for research for this book to boost the asian content” -> Having attended Gerry Robert’s preview class, I know you are his student just from this line alone. And your media kit confirmed it. Your publisher does not know me, and I know that fact. So your saying this is pretty lame.
  7. “i need 20 minutes.” as a sentence is just rude. Try “Would you be so kind as to spare me 20 minutes out of your busy schedule?”
  8. I actually like the book title – it’s catchy, doesn’t reveal too much, and entices one to find out more. So share a bit about what this book is really about, and tell me how you think I can contribute to its success.

Oh Gerry, Gerry, I wonder what it is you teach your students. After all, your class is not cheap. It’s a sweet five figure sum. I hope you include a module about email-crafting because some students definitely need it. Even if it’s of the copy-and-paste variety, if it’s well-crafted, I sure wouldn’t mind saying ‘yes’ to this interview.

Not this time though.

Book Review: ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr (Update: Giveaway!!!)

(Update: I’ve gotten queries from you guys regarding promotions / discounts with e-tailers selling this book. The distributor, Pansing, is kindly sponsoring 3 copies for my giveaway :D *Scroll to the end of this post*)

Playing Big

If you liked Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’, you’ll love Tara Mohr’s ‘Playing Big’. I found my personal and professional coach within the 258 pages of this book. This is a book by a coach who knows intimately the struggles that many women have gone though. And any modern woman will find this book immediately relatable.

The most valuable takeaway from this book (for me) is how to move from self-discipline to self-care. Instead of berating myself for (yet again) messing up my work desk, I set a “Gift-Goal” to keep my desk organized enough so it supports the serenity I want every day. Trust me, it is quite a miracle to have my desk not messy.

Interesting how this little switch from faulting myself for being messy and disorganized to being supportive and giving myself this little gift of a neat desk every day is so easy yet so complex. Complex because I’ve never thought of it this way. I’ve just labeled myself as being the “messy, creative sort” all along, and hence, just kept my desk messy in a self-perpetuating way.

In this book, you’ll learn too:

1) How to listen to your inner mentor instead of your inner critic

2) 15 simple tools for moving out of fear and into a different state of being

3) How to unhook from praise and criticism and to no longer depend on others’ positive feedback or fear their disapproval

4) How to change the way you feel about “self-promotion”

5) The 10 common undermining speech habits that women have

6) 8 ways to recognize your callings

Tara Mohr Playing Big

All in all, it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year. You definitely should get a copy too.

{ Giveaway }

WIN one of three copies of ‘Playing Big’ simply by leaving a comment on this blogpost. Tell me what you’d like to learn from this book (based on what I’ve written above) OR who you are getting this book for (if it’s a Christmas gift for someone) :D

Winner announcement: 20 Nov 2014

Good Luck and Merry X’mas in advance! ;)

Book Review: ‘Break the ceiling, touch the sky’ by Anthony A. Rose

Break the ceiling, touch the sky

I took really long to complete reading this hefty tome – all 343 pages of it – because I didn’t bring it out with me as often as I’d like to due to its weight. [I do most of my reading when I’m commuting via train] A paperback version would have been completed faster. :D

But this is one amazing book. It claims to contain “Success secrets of the world’s most inspirational women”, and that is no false claim. This is easily one of the best books I’ve read this year!

In it are interviews with 43 of the most inspiring women you’ll find, from companies like Coca-Cola, CNBC, Kellogg, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Saatchi & Saatchi X, Unilever, Walmart, etc.

I thought ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) was good. This book is even better because of the collective wisdom of the 43 women, all leaders in their own right.


And here are some of my key takeaways from each of the 14 chapters (highlighted). I have found that it’s all great advice even for the men! :D

1) Aim to make a difference

- Dare to be authentic and different

- Do what makes you happy and fulfilled

A quote from Harvey MacKay:

life is too short

- Know your area of expertise better than everyone else

- Never accept no for an answer

- Learn from your failure

- Think about what you can do for others instead of what’s in it for you

2) Have a clear goal & Plan for success

- Have a plan that is flexible, and learn from your mistakes, and make tweaks along the way

- Avoid burnout by setting milestones and rewarding yourself with each achievement

- Be relentlessly focused, open, flexible and have fun while doing it all

- Learn from anyone and everyone

- Commit and put in the hard work

3) Define your leadership compass & Values

- Be consistent and confident

- “Every individual, no matter what walk of life or background deserves the utmost respect – with no judgment. None of us have walked a day in their shoes so we cannot judge”

- Never say ‘can’t’, which means you have quit. Instead say “I’m having trouble”, which means there is a solution, and ask for help, and keep trying

4) Master the art of balance

- Set aside a few minutes everyday to pursue a hobby

- Acknowledge that you can’t be all things to all people, at all times

- You can’t always have everything perfect at the same time, but you can still have a lot

- The psychological conflicts that come from thinking about work when at home and thinking about home when at work are more of an issue than time

- Organize around the top priorities and work smarter

5) Think big

- Keep evolving, keep challenging the status quo, reinventing yourself and your business if you want to stay ahead

- Failure is temporary but giving up is final

- Believe that you are the CEO of your own life. If you want to succeed big, you have to create your own opportunities, you have to do big

- Focus relentlessly on delivering a great product or a great service. Money should be the outcome of your great work and not the cause

6) Take responsibility for your own success & Speak Up

- People are who they are because of who they choose to be

- Visualize the best-case scenario and keep that picture in front of yourself constantly

7) Find and leverage great mentors

- “You might want to fix everything at once, but you need to relax and only personally catch the balls that are critical to resolve this situation. You need to allow the rest of the balls to pass you and allow others to catch them”

- If you want a mentor and can’t get one, go buy their books

- True success is not measured by how well you do in one instance but how long you can consistently do well

- Be meticulous about arranging your schedules. Follow the schedule religiously. Always be on time

- As a mentee, respect your mentor’s time. Come to your sessions with clear challenges and questions to discuss. Take action on what you’ve agreed to and report back on how it worked. Also, look out for ways to help your mentor and give back

8) Focus on the positive & never give up

- If you try hard enough, nothing is impossible

- Know how to listen to good advice

- Make resilience a habit. Fight laziness

9) Deliver results

- Invest in a good wardrobe

- Prioritize minute by minute

- Stay in touch with trends that affect your business

 – Trust your gut

 – Become an EXPERT on your subject

- Don’t brag but spend time advocating and getting others to advocate your results

- Remember the people who helped you to get where you are

10) Give and take support

- Have the audacity to aspire higher

A quote from Madeleine Albright:

special place in hell

- When something bad happens, don’t worry, something good will happen. And vice versa

- Do what you can to help others achieve their goals

11) Believe in yourself

- Believe in self and abhor self-doubt

- Demonstrate passion and energy for what you do

- Persevere. Success is often just around the corner. Believe that how you respond to failure will define your next success

- “I stay focused on my goals. If one phone call doesn’t make it happen, 66 calls will make it happen”

12) Network

- Be quick to contribute. Be a solution to another’s problem

13) Learn how to influence

- Focus on the relationships and building trust with the person

- The influencer doesn’t necessarily need to be the messenger

14) Take a risk & Follow your dream

- Learn from failures – yours and others’

- Don’t let your frustration or negative emotions cloud your reasoning

- Be relentlessly focused on winning


What can I say? You just HAVE TO buy this book and read the individual stories of the 43 female leaders for yourself! It must not have been an easy task to get interviews with these ‘relentlessly focused’ ladies and have them share their secrets to success, so I am in awe of Anthony’s perseverance and most importantly, the outcome and the intention behind it.

*All author royalties from the sale of this book go to Save the Children, a not-for-profit that helps economically challenged women and prevent maternal anemia in the Bihar and Jharkhand states in India.

75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone – ‘Win People Over’ by Karen Leong

{ Book Review }

I do not usually do book reviews. But as my publisher had gotten in touch regarding this new book, I said I’ll review the book if I like it. ;)

Win People Over

I was impressed by the title – “Win People Over: 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone’ – then found it was not exactly the kind of tips I was expecting. Each ‘tip’ is more like a summary note after each chapter. You just have to read the entire book from cover to cover, and not expect to be able to “pluck” out one tip from the book, apply it in isolation from the rest and have it work for you.

What are some things I learnt from this book?

1) The extent to which people like you and respect you determines how much influence you have over them.

2) I have a bit of a Power Distant character (pg 35), which occasionally causes people to perceive me as being arrogant. Thing is, I do spend time building relationships with people I care about. I’m indeed “competitive”, “go-getter”, “demanding” and “critical” – some not-too-friendly traits of Power Distant folk. Having said that, I’m nice most of the time lah. :P

[The book grows on you as you get beyond the first few chapters. I could tell the author was slowly getting into the groove of book-writing. I love the examples presented, by the way.]

3) I think everyone should read the 10 tips for making great first impressions (pg 84). And also tweak some of the questions we tend to ask people we don’t really know yet: Instead of “what do you do?”, ask “what do you enjoy about the work you do?”. Also, “how do you manage to keep a work-life balance?” and “how can I help you?”.

4) We have a “word” to describe each person in our social circles. And this word determines how we behave towards the person and therefore, also determines how the person responds too. If you ever find yourself labeling someone as “selfish”, for instance, try changing that word to “misunderstood” and see how things work out.

5) In Part Three of the book, the 5 Cs of Compelling Influence are extremely valuable. You absolutely have to read this segment. :)

I can tell that this book is indeed Karen’s ‘labor of love’. What I found missing from a book about connecting with and influencing people is a segment on body language and posture. I thought these are essential. But Karen does present a lot of useful information in this 160-page book and I do highly recommend you read it. :)

Retail Price of this book: S$23.54 (online discount here)

My First Foreword For A Book! :D

Late last year, I received an email from Teo Aik Cher, author of a series of bestsellers and a sought-after illustrator. He had put together the manuscript for ‘Why Persevere? A Teenager’s Guide to Going the Distance in Life’ and would like me to write the foreword.

[I have written a couple of testimonials for books by other authors, but a foreword is a first, and truly an honor!]

The book has now been published, and you’ll find two-and-a-half pages by me inside. :D

Why Persevere

I am very glad Aik Cher wrote this book, Why Persevere?, and very honored that he chose me to write this foreword.

As a teenager, I did not have good looks, and I also did not do very well in school. In secondary school, I was bullied by some notorious school bullies and I never quite excelled in Mathematics or Science. By Secondary Three, I was in the ‘third best class’ from the bottom. But I never gave up on myself.

I set a goal back in Secondary Three to be the top ‘O’-Level student of my school. It was a crazy goal, some would say. Some teachers refused to teach when they came to my class, because many students were either reading comic books in class, chit-chatting, or simply daydreaming.

Every single day during assembly, I looked at the plaque with the names of the top students from the previous years, and I visualized my own name up there as well.

With dogged determination, I persevered, studied smart, never gave up, and now my name is on that same plaque. I did become the top ‘O’-Level student for my school.

Success never comes easily. One teacher once told my class this: “If you want something badly enough, you will get it.” And I have lived by that since.

Several years ago, I quit my job to be a full-time blogger. It has not been an easy journey, but I have had fun. I interview successful people for my blog and have encountered so many rejections, I have lost count. For one interview, I had to ‘chase’ my interviewee for 10 months, via 12 emails. Why did I persevere? Because I wanted that interview badly, and I was not going to be stopped.

Many people look at obstacles and tell themselves they cannot do it. The fact is, you can, and you must. In school, I thought the 2.4km run was a pain. But I kept training until I got the gold award for my physical fitness test. Last year, I ran a 5km race and this year, I am running a 10km one. The 2.4km distance has become ‘easy peasy’ for me.

So don’t whine about the obstacle. Make yourself stronger than it!

One of the things I have not been able to do yet is the chin-up. But I am working with personal trainers now in order to reach that goal. As motivational trainer Nick Vujicic once shared, the only limits you have are the limits you place on yourself.

So, my friends, why must you persevere? Because there are no limits. Believe in yourself, set your goals and go achieve them!

To Your Success,

Grace Tan
Award-winning business and lifestyle blogger
Best-selling Author of Blogging For A Living

938LIVE Interview: 4 Dec 2013

So… I got interviewed on 938LIVE yet again. My 3rd time there in just over 3 years of blogging! :D

Cozy enough to take a selfie in the studio :D

938LIVEI spoke with DJ Daphne Lim about Blogging and also about my book ‘Blogging For A Living’. Not bothering with podcasts or recordings since the program has an encore broadcast on Thurs at 2pm. :D

Here are some of the questions sent to me before the interview. We obviously didn’t keep to the list and some new questions were added on the spot. (@_@)

Questions edited for clarity:

1) What is the main source of income for your blog?

Advertorials, which are paid, full-length blogposts.

I am an accidental full-time blogger. I started this blog as my excuse to interview famous people and find out their secrets to success. My blog became my platform for securing these interviews.

When people started asking me to interview them, I did so and charged a fee. That’s how it began!

2) A good blog would be raking in $$?

A good blog can be raking in no money at all. :D

The term “good” itself is highly subjective.

A blog with a significant amount of traffic coupled with a blogger open to advertising revenue, should bring in a decent sum of money each month.

Having said that, some bloggers simply do not want to monetize their popular blogs. And other bloggers want to make money out of their not-very-popular-yet blogs.

3) How stable is the advertising income?

It definitely is *NOT* stable at all.

4) How much time do you spend on the blog (is it equivalent to the 9-5)?

Of course not. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left my corporate job, which paid me $114,000 (annual income), where I worked all week and had no life.

I work less than 4 hours a week on my blog. Probably 3 hours.

5) Is there an equivalent occupation that the blogger is usurping?

Not that I can think of. Most bloggers in Singapore are kind and friendly. *wink wink* :D

6) How sustainable is an occupation like this is, in the long-run, with the development of technology?

I’m no fortune teller. I do not know if there will still be blogs 2 years down the road. But people who love social media, who love expressing their thoughts and ideas, will move with the times, and leverage on technology, to constantly invent and reinvent themselves.

7) Blogs are a dime a dozen, how do you make sure yours is seen, heard of, and shared?

By being featured on worthy programs like this one. :D

8) Is anyone who wants to start a blog NOW just too late in the game?

Of course not. Great, new ideas are always welcome.

9) UI and Design and flow is something quite different from creating content, and giving valuable opinions, is it necessary to hire a professional to handle that for you?

I don’t run a professional website. I do not have the expertise nor the inclination. Still, it is always wise to outsource tasks which you cannot perform as well as others.

I handle most things myself – from photography, to editing, to handling advertisers’ queries.

10) *One of those extra questions* Something along the lines of “The blogosphere is already saturated with blogs. Can I possibly find a niche to blog about?

Certainly! Despite the millions of books already published, I could still publish one more – ‘Blogging For A Living’. Many bloggers are unwilling to share their secrets to success, so I found that there would be demand for such a book. :) You can definitely find a great idea for a new blog!

Final words: Blogging is not the easiest thing to do. But it’s a lot of fun for me. I enjoy blogging. Hence, as long as I am able to, I will blog. :)

If you have a question, or if you want to attend a blogging workshop, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com.

To Your Blogging Success,

Grace Tan :)


Sunday Siesta 1: Book Review ‘The River’s Song’ by Suchen Christine Lim

[The Sunday Siesta series: You’ll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs! Every Sunday! :) ]

The River's Song by Suchen Christine Lim

I borrowed this book from the library on Thursday evening, and completed reading it before I went to bed. The book is riveting from page one!

A story about love and loss, about family secrets left untold, about identity, about the magical world of music. And above all, “the social upheaval created by the rise of Singapore”. Wonder about the history behind the pristine Singapore River as we know it today and try to imagine being one of the thousands of squatters and hawkers evicted from the river.

In all honesty, I had never once thought about the people displaced from the Singapore River because of the cleanup ordered by the Prime Minister (Lee Kuan Yew) at that time. You’ll read this book and think “Yah! What happened to those guys?” I read this book and I began to understand why Suchen Christine Lim is “one of Singapore’s most distinguished writers” and winner of the Inaugural Singapore Literature Prize (1992). How did I fail to get one of her novels as a Literature text in school? Hmm…


Book Talks at Kinokuniya: A Guide For First-Time Authors

Just yesterday, I did my first book talk (in a bookstore) EVER. For first-time authors, doing a book talk can be utterly terrifying, and many things can go wrong. So here’s what I have learnt, and hopefully, it’ll be useful to you when you plan for your book talk or Meet-The-Author sessions in a bookstore in future.

My Top 10 Tips:

#1: Ensure you have your friends come by to ‘fill up’ those seats that have been prepared!

Kino friends

There will usually be about 10 foldable plastic chairs provided by Kinokuniya. Ensure you have invited enough friends to come by. Some may fall ill, forget to turn up, or have other commitments on the day itself, so ensure you get the word out to as many people as possible. Or you’ll find yourself speaking to some empty plastic chairs during your session. ;)

#2: Do something to attract the ‘crowd’ in Kinokuniya

Kino Meet The Author sessionBefore my session began, a flipchart stand had been set up (because of my request), and I wrote on it “How To Make $MONEY$ From BLOGGING”. It was a surefire way to get some eyeballs, and have some people hang around to wait for me to share about these money-making ways.

At some point during my session, I realized the entire area was packed… so many people were just standing around listening to me. It was indeed a “WOW” moment.

I did my ‘research’ by attending a prior Meet-The-Author session held by a novelist. She had friends come sing Peranakan songs, and another friend prepare achar and pineapple tarts. I thought it was a fantastic idea! You can think along those lines and hand out balloons to children or food to the bookstore patrons (or something) to have them come over and hear you speak. ;)

#3: Ensure your ‘host’ or ‘emcee’ turns up. My ‘emcee’ turned up late – I have no idea what time he arrived, but it was later than the time we had agreed upon. So I got another friend to take over the emcee-ing role and we went ahead with the session.

Send a car for your emcee or meet the person for lunch prior to the session or just find someone reliable.

#4: Have a list of questions for your emcee to ask you, as the usual ‘bookstore crowd’ is unlikely to volunteer their questions during Q&A. So have your emcee ask you some questions first.

#5: Get an emcee who can ‘warm up’ the crowd. Unlike the people you meet at a party, or networking event, the people in a bookstore are usually rather reserved, content to go about their own business or bury their nose in a book, so find someone adept at making people laugh and get ready for a good time.

#6: Expect that something unexpected could happen.

A lady suddenly began speaking rather loudly at the back, to my horror. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but a friend later told me that she was upset someone was taking photos during my session and apparently blocking her view, so she was scolding him.

Erm… people in Singapore are definitely not an emotionless bunch. They are actually very stressed up. So be prepared to handle some unexpected situations. :D

#7: You don’t have to worry about bringing stationery.

Kinokuniya provided everything from flipchart markers to pens for my autograph-signing session.

Just come prepared with something to share.

#8: The bookstore manager will present you with a token of their appreciation for your time. So do not be taken by surprise.

I’d already known it’ll happen so I had a gift ready for her and her staff. :)

Whatever you do, make sure you turn up for the session, because the bookstore has already done some ‘marketing’ about your event! An Internet Marketer, whose book was launched about the same time as mine (his book cover has a plane in it. You know who) and I was told that he had not turned up at his session because he had other money-making plans elsewhere. It’ll probably be tough if he wants to speak at Kino again in future. ;)

#9: Attend another author’s book talk or Meet-The-Author session (at the same venue) to understand the event flow and learn about crowd management, how to engage your audience, etc.

#10: Nothing can substitute practice and being prepared.

Do a visualization exercise: ‘run through’ the whole session in your head. Visualize how it will all pan out.

Come prepared to share something of value to your audience. Some of them may have never heard of you or your new book. So go ‘wow’ them! :)

Good Luck, my fellow author! :)


My Dream Job Is…

When I still held a full-time job in the corporate world, I dreamed of the day:

1) I don’t have to jostle with the crowd during peak hours [I hate feeling like canned sardine]

2) I can take off for a holiday as and when I want [Seek approval for leave? No way!]

3) I can savor mom’s cooking without telling her “No, I can’t be back for dinner. Have to work.” [No more OT without pay, boss!]

And you already know what’s coming…

I scored that dream job! :D

Does Blogging pay the bills?

Not all the time, not for everyone, and certainly not at the start, as most bloggers will tell you.

On page 11 of my book ‘Blogging For A Living’, I make a ‘guesstimate’ of how much top blogger, Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue earns per month. Read my book to find out more. ;)

If you’d like to become a successful blogger, learn from other bloggers, like I do. :)

Question: What do these top bloggers have in common?

Brad Lau Lady Iron Chef


Dr Leslie Tay ieatishootipost

Let me know what your answer is? ;)

Grace Tan blogger Singapore

*Receiving my blog award from Minister Lawrence Wong*

Receiving my award from Minister Lawrence Wong

My Tips on how to get started with blogging

1) Pick a topic of interest [Think not about monetisation first]

2) Set up your blog [I recommend WordPress]

3) Post [and post some more]

I provide a step-by-step guide to setting up your blog and uploading your first blogpost in my book ‘Blogging For A Living’.

To find out more about my blogging journey, and to check out my interviews with top bloggers in Singapore, purchase a copy of my book from any of the major bookstores and stand to win a prize from my S$1000 Sk-II Giveaway:

SK-II Giveaway

Come by for my book launch on 12th October, 2pm, at Kinokuniya’s flagship store at Ngee Ann City to grab a copy of my book, get an autograph and have a photo taken together! :D See you then!

No Limits with Nick Vujicic: One Heck Of A Motivational Speaker

938LIVE Nick Vujicic No Limits Postcard

I was one of the lucky 5,000 who managed to get tickets to watch Nick Vujicic LIVE in Singapore, at The Star Performing Arts Centre, next to Buona Vista MRT Station! :D Were you at the event too?


Got to the venue in a taxi and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cabby is none other than Halim Haron, a former national champion bodybuilder! He now drives a cab on weekends, and is a fitness instructor on weekdays. I even got some fitness tips during the journey – totally worth every cent paid! Haha!

Halim Haron


Tickets to “No Limits” were sold out within 5 days (so apparently, there were limits to the number of seats! Ha!).

For those who were unable to attend the event, I’d like to share my notes with you right here. So, if it’s of use to you, leave me a comment, even if it’s just to say “thanks!” ok? :D

“When you concentrate on the things you don’t have, you forget what you DO have.”

You are valuable, no matter what. You are beautiful.

Heard about FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real?

How can you get courage? PURPOSE ignites courage.

8 principles:

(1) Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have.

(2) You don’t know what you can achieve till you TRY!

(3) If you fail, try again.

Keep trying to reach your fullest potential without comparing yourself with anyone else.

The greatest things in life are not things!

Be yourself, not anyone else!

Don’t let your appearance define who you are.

Take one day at a time. Be thankful.

Have you forgiven yourself of the past?

(4) Failure = Education

You are not a failure.

(5) Obstacles can be transformed into opportunities.
Don’t know something? Now’s your chance to learn to do it.

(6) Dream BIG

(7) Never ever ever EVER give up!

(8) Have faith

If you don’t get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else.

Go and help the poor. Pray for those who don’t have food.
Do your best. God will do the rest.
Use what you are great at as a confidence booster. Focus on what you have, what you are good at.

Have clarity about which things you can change and which things you just cannot change.

Having trouble asking for help???
Nick’s answer: Be willing to ask for help so people can partake in your success to come because they have helped you.

Learn to delegate. Find trustworthy people. If you give someone a task, he’ll not do it exactly the way you want. Learn to let go.
Some things you just can’t compromise about, but for other things, you can!

Finally, one last thing that Nick said that really resonated with me was this: “I want people to want to work with me. Not because of money but because they want to work with me.”

Thanks for popping by Working With Grace. :) I hope you have been inspired. Let’s all have a ridiculously good life, just like Nick’s! :D