Gucci Perfume Giveaway! Merry Christmas, folks! :D

When these perfumes were delivered to me this week, I KNEW I had to do a giveaway because there was no way I’d be able to use them all after this review. I still have quite a few perfume bottles sitting around in a cabinet at home, so… lucky you! :D If you win one of these, you are very lucky indeed!


And I’m a huge fan of Escada perfumes. I love this one (the name, especially) and I just had to keep it so indulge me. :D That’s why this blogpost is titled ‘Gucci Perfume Giveaway’!

Yes, I’m giving away both bottles of Gucci goodness – the Gucci Guilty (50ml) and Gucci Première (also 50ml). Both these scents are very sophisticated, but first, let’s start with the one I am keeping: The Escada Joyful.

Escada Joyful

At first whiff, Joyful smells like regular air freshener, but it is generally very ‘happy’, refreshing and awakens the senses. It is great for people who are not ‘morning people’. :D Middle notes remind me of leaves, and greenery, and really bring me back to Nature. Nature in a bottle, this is! After which it settles into a delicious scent that I just want to smell more of. The moral of this review is to never judge a perfume by first whiff! LOL.

[If you’d like to get Escada Joyful, go purchase it from stores! Sorry, I’m keeping this baby! :D]

Gucci Guilty

As for the Gucci Guilty perfume, my goodness, the bottle is pure decadence. It would sit pretty on ANY socialite’s dressing table. At this point, I don’t know how much this perfume costs (I’ll have to check out the press release for that – you’ll find the pricing at the end of this blogpost) but I don’t think I want to know either. This bottle speaks of luxury! The scent itself is light, not over-powering like I thought it would be. Kind of fruity, with a sweet middle note. It’s even – dare I say it – comforting! Like what you’d expect a kid’s mom to be wearing. You’ll definitely be snuggling up to Mom if she’s wearing Gucci Guilty and be a mama’s child (guilty as charged).

Gucci Première

Gucci Première is a bit of an enigma for me. At first, it smells floral (I’d even say it reminds me of jasmine) then it starts to smell a bit like a unisex perfume. LOL. After which, I thought it reminded me of perfumed stationery – you know those perfume letter sets you’d write on and send letters to a penpal? Ultimately, I have decided that it is a great perfume that takes you from day to night. If you’re a party lover, or want to get a gift for a party lover pal, this is the one.

(Of course, these are all my personal opinions! :P Go check them out at individual counters and stores. Just remember to spray them onto your skin and then walk around the store first, then get a final whiff before making your buying decision.)


Escada Joyful: $87 (30ml) $122 (50ml) $158 (75ml)

Gucci Première: $106 (30ml) $129 (50ml) $181 (75ml)

Gucci Guilty Stud Edition $122 (50ml)

{ Giveaway }

To win either the Gucci Guilty or Gucci Première perfumes, make sure you are a fan of my facebook page first, then complete these 3 simple steps between 27 Nov 2014 and 14 Dec 2014:

*Please note that I’ve taken 2 sprays from each bottle, then resealed the packaging so it looks as good as new. If you don’t mind this, then…

1) ‘Like’ my Gucci Perfume giveaway post on Facebook

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3) Comment on THIS blogpost and tell me which perfume you want: Gucci Guilty or Gucci Première. You may pick ONLY one.

Important Note: Please take part ONLY if you are a resident of Singapore, and can collect your prize on 21st Dec if you win.


Winner Announcement: 15th Dec, 2014 (Monday)

Prize Collection: 21st Dec, 2014 (Sunday)


Good Luck and Merry Christmas in advance! :D

Laneige BB Cushion – Grab the Holiday Set with Great Freebies!!!

Laneige BB Cushion rose gold

I’ve been in love with this awesome BB cushion product from Laneige since I got my hands on the first set for a review. I don’t usually wear makeup, but when I do, it’s just this BB cushion and a touch of blusher and that is it.

This holiday season, the limited edition case comes ringed in this rose gold shade and it’s super pretty. As you know, each set comes with a refill and is priced at just S$59. But if you purchase it now, you get all these additional items:

  • 3-color eyeshadow palette
  • Travel-size Water Sleeping Pack (20ml)
  • Travel-size Foam Cleanser (2 x 10ml)

This is impossibly good value for money! I’ve also been told that if you don’t open the product, it’ll keep for another 2 years. So why not buy it all now? :D

And that’s not all! If your final receipt comes up to S$150 or more, you get an additional Basic & New Water Bank Moisture Kit which comes with 5 travel-size products PLUS a black-and-pink travel organizer! :D

It’s definitely time to sparkle with this amazing BB cushion. Go grab your set now!

Watsons and LASALLE Collaborate for a Great Cause with Gorgeous Tissue Sets

Watsons LASALLE tissue sets

These gorgeous tissue sets are from a Watsons – LASALLE College of the Arts collaboration. You can get these limited edition items from Watsons stores for between S$2.00 and S$4.50. They are so pretty! And the best part is that the sale of these items go toward helping Star Shelter’s women and children who are victims of domestic violence and homeless due to family crises.

Funds raised will help further programs such as art therapy and counselling sessions at Star Shelter and enable women and children to rebuild confidence and regain their footing in society.

Watsons will also be opening up job opportunities at their stores for these ladies, and providing service training and grooming sessions that will ready them for a fresh start in the beauty industry.

These tissue sets are based on the theme of ‘Colours of Hope’ and the message of spreading hope through the release of balloons, musical notes and paper cranes in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Spread some cheer to your loved ones with these beautifully-designed tissue sets, and know that you’re making a difference to the lives of the women and children in Star Shelter too. :)

Eumora’s Multi-Purpose Facial Bar + Giveaway worth $450!

[Giveaway worth $450 at the end of this blogpost]Eumora

If you have always wanted a facial bar that can be used on your face and also solve skin issues like wrinkles and acne elsewhere, this is it. The bf has been a happy guinea pig for the sample bar I received.

He has back acne (or bacne) from what I am guessing is due to his overactive sweat glands and how he likes to sleep shirtless.

His bacne is quite hard to ignore. Here’s one rather large, erm, pimple?


After using Eumora, his skin has cleared up considerably:


[*No editing done to the photos]

His only complaint is that the bars are too small, ‘cos when you use it for your whole body, instead of just your face, it runs out pretty fast.

Head over to the new ‘Eumora Moor Facial Bar’ facebook page to see what others have been using the facial bars for, e.g.:

  • shrinking eye bags
  • treating hair loss
  • healing scars and shrinking pores
  • reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • and more!

It’s really cool how just one bar can solve so many skin woes. And what’s even better is you can try it before buying it…

If you’d like to get a FREE sample bar (*just pay for shipping), click here. You can get one whilst stocks last!




WIN a set of Eumora products (in the red, green and blue boxes) worth $150 in just three steps:

1) ‘Like’ my Eumora giveaway post on Facebook

2) ‘Share’ the giveaway post

3) ‘Like’ the Eumora Moor Facial Bar’s Facebook page:

*Winner Announcement: 17th October 2014. Good luck! :D

Highly Recommended: SHILLS Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Bubble Facial Scrub




Update (25/10/2014) – I’ve bought a second can of this wonderful scrub! The fiance’s taking the first one. :D It’s on sale at John Little (25% discount) so instead of paying S$24.90, I got this for S$18.70. This is how much I like this product – getting another before the first one even runs out!image

I’ve been using this product – SHILLS Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating Bubble Facial Scrub – for about 2 months now. And it is by far the best exfoliating scrub I have ever used. As stated, it really does an amazing job of clearing blackheads and dead skin.

All you need to do is shake the spraycan, spray the foam onto your palm and then massage it onto your face (and neck) in circular motion. Little black “beads” will form – they are supposed to be the dirt, dead skin and blackheads. And what you will get is clean, blackhead-free and acne-free skin.

The scrub also contains active charcoal that “absorbs excess dirt and grease for deep cleansing and whitening effects”. Nice.

I now understand why SHILLS is so popular in Taiwan and why it has been featured on Lady First (女人我最大). Their products really work. And yes, I’ll definitely be getting another can of this bubble scrub when it runs out.

If you are constantly plagued by blackheads, try this product. You can find it at John Little stores.

The Oral-B Pro-Health Range: Best Floss and Toothbrush I’ve Ever Used!

Oral-B Pro-Health

Half a bottle of mouthwash, a used toothbrush, and some floss. What’s up?

It’s just my current dental health regimen, really. And to show you these are products I’m actually using daily; and not just for a review.

This pink Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrush is, truly, the best toothbrush I’ve ever used. I’ve never used any fancy battery-operated ones, so there’s no comparison with those. But among the toothbrushes I’ve used previously, this ranks as #1.

Because of the way the bristles are arranged, I can cover more ‘surface area’ of my teeth at one go and even clean the usual hard-to-reach places. The best part is that there are blue indicator bristles that fade halfway so I know when I should replace my toothbrush with a new one! :D

This brush retails at S$8.90.

Because we should brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day, I’m also using the Oral-B floss and mouth rinse.

I don’t quite like the mouth rinse from Oral-B. In all honesty, the ones from Colgate are more to my liking. But just pick a mouthwash you like best, and stick to it. Rinsing your mouth after brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque buildup, reduce the risk of gingivitis, help maintain healthy gums, fight bad breath, and keep teeth cleaner longer (versus brushing alone).

The Oral-B rinse is priced at S$12.50.

As for the floss, it is also my favorite because it comes with a suitable width and is great for extracting the larger pieces of food stuck between my teeth. The thread-thin floss from other brands just isn’t as good. You’ll pay a little bit extra for the Oral-B floss but I can assure you it’s worth every cent.

Get the floss for just $6.50.

Remember to Brush, Floss & Rinse twice a day! :D

Lady First SG Episode 13: Queen of Elegance

{ For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here }

It’s the last episode of Season 2. :( I was rather surprised the crew didn’t bid us adieu in this episode, making me hopeful there’s a next ep. But there’s no preview for another ep on the official website so this is it, I guess.

This episode is about elegance, so, if you have learnt nothing at all from the entire season, at least get some final tips on elegant hair and attire from gurus Keith Png and Wu Yi Lin.

It came as a shock to see Lina cry in this episode. But she’s been an actress since forever, really. (I used to watch her in City Beat – who remembers that?) So I’m not sure if she was really moved to tears by just a change of hairdo. Hmm.

Yi Lin gave her a low ponytail look, which I’m not exactly in favor off. Cos she looks matronly both before and after. Haha! But I love the tip of using a blusher brush to get hair spray onto her hair, and tidying up the loose ends, instead of spraying it on directly from the can.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore


Silver is a fan of the fashionable ‘punk’ looks that Arissa Cheo (wife of Van Ness Wu) likes putting together. She’s hot, for sure:

Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo

(You HAVE To check out her blogpost (from 2012) about her room tour – she has a serious shoe collection:

Keith was super embarrassed during this segment, but still managed to get Silver to get a change of bra, and introduced Triumph’s new Forever Young collection.

Also, I loved how he showed us examples of outfits which look good but need not cost very much, such as this gown going for just $36:

Silver 1

Lady First Singapore


For Kelly’s new hairdo, Yi Lin recommended that she use a hair thickener or mousse, and that she must choose the right styling products if she doesn’t want to use too many bobby pins.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore


As for Cheryl, she wears black outfits to work thinking it represents power and authority. However, the color looks too stern and lifeless on her. Keith puts her in an absolutely gorgeous outfit from Ted Baker instead, and she looks stunning! I love the splash of color and those floral pants (though I don’t think they’ll suit everyone!) :D 

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore

Also, Keith helped her accessorize with pearl earrings and bracelet, and a crystal-studded watch from Swarovski. I love the whole look. Keith is truly a fashion genius!


Candyce looked like a disaster before her hair makeover. Because permed hair gets frizzy easily, use hair wax to tidy the look.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore

She looks so much better after the makeover! :D


Well, that’s it for the entire season! I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. But I love the changes this season – subtitles, fitness tips, featured product lists, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

Head over to this same post on StarHub Community, leave me a comment, and you might be the winner of the Samsung K! :D

BB Cream vs CC Cream: Which Is Better? Laneige BB Cushion vs Olay CC Cream

I was given the new Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream to try and I said I’ll test it against the Laneige BB Cushion which I currently use. [Read this blogpost which convinced me that the Laneige product is one worth spending my money on]

I conducted an experiment using a pear in my Laneige blogpost, and it revealed that the BB Cushion helps give you ‘glowing skin’ because of its light-reflecting properties. So, I put the Olay CC cream to the test too:

[The Pear – before picture]

Pear before experiment


Pear after experiment

I used the Laneige BB Cushion on the left (in #23 Sand Beige) and it turns out darker than the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream on the right (in Light).

I did the split-face test using the two products and can safely say I see no visible difference between the two. But on this pear, the color contrast is more evident.

The Olay CC cream is really lightweight and glides on effortlessly. The only two drawbacks to using this product is that its SPF coverage is only a mere 15, while the Laneige BB Cushion has SPF 50+ PA+++, and the CC cream comes in a tube with a screw-on cap while the Laneige BB Cushion comes with a puff for easy, non-greasy application. With Olay’s CC Cream, you’ll probably have to slap on more sunscreen if you’re heading for some outdoor fun, and you’ll definitely need to wash your hands after application.

Does the CC Cream give you the ‘glow’ too? Check out the reflective spot on the pear:

Laneige BB Cushion

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream

Yes, the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream does give you radiant skin, a very natural (close-to-no-makeup) look, and it is available in 2 shades – Light and Medium.

It retails for S$32.50 for a 50g tube.

I have pretty dry skin so my pores are not very visible. If you have oily skin and/or enlarged pores, you might want to try this product as it can help reduce the appearance of pores as it contains Niacinamide which helps improve skin hydration, texture and skin tone.

Go be beautiful! :D

Lady First SG Episode 12: Forever Young

{ For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click HERE }

Pauline Lan admits to going to the doctor’s for a bit of help with retaining her youthful looks. But for the rest of us who do not wish to go under the knife or get any injections, what sort of pills, potions and lotions can help us look “forever young”?

The gurus Bryan and Kevin make their recommendations – from hydrating gels to Tibetan yoga postures. Whether you have dry skin, rough skin, matured skin, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines, this episode of Lady First Singapore can help you!

Dry Skin

Kevin recommends that the 3 things we must do is to cleanse, moisturize and protect our skin. He raved about the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, a hydrating gel that contains nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, nano-Ceramide, collagen, and with 1000 times more anti-oxidizing effect than Q10.

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

Available at Astalift stores (ION Orchard #B3-66, #JEM 01-20) at S$148 for 40g OR in a Trial Kit (inclusive of 15g of jelly) at just S$60 *I called the ION store to check the pricing on 21/8/14*

Rough Skin

Charlyn has had skin troubles since giving birth to her kid. And Bryan recommends eating the locally-grown bananas, available only at Little India. Steam the bananas just like you would steam sweet potatoes. According to him, they are very nutritious.

Lady First Singapore

Also, he recommends the Riiviva Microderm skin-resurfacing tool which can reduce fine lines and the appearance of dark spots. Avoid using this tool on areas with acne, wounds or if you have eczema. Go over any one spot with the tool just once. At the end, gently press on some soothing rose lotion and avoid any rubbing. Follow up with any product containing aloe vera or collagen.

Fine Lines

Kevin recommends the Nuxellence Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, which contains more than 10 floral extracts. Apply immediately after cleansing your face, spread it out with your fingers then massage it in, moving your hand in an upward motion from side of nostrils to temples, for an instant face-lifting effect. In 28 days, fine lines will be reduced by 93%, according to Kevin!

Lady First Singapore


Candyce says she drinks the Wen Ken Three Legs Pe Pa Kao as it is “helpful in relieving sore throats, reduces phlegm and nourishes the lungs”. Bryan says it is recommended to take a teaspoon of it with warm water every night.

He also recommends some yoga stretches, as usual.

Give yourself 8 minutes of ‘me’ time / relaxation time every day to purify your body and mind. Eat some dried fruit, light a beeswax candle, and wear a silk scarf scented with an essential oil. Apparently, wearing silk helps ladies feel relaxed and thus can contribute to the slowing down of the aging process. Also, read some positive-thinking books that make you happy, and have some of your favorite crystals next to you. Then try these:

1) Abdominal (deep) breathing

With a silk scarf around your neck, place your hands on your belly and breathe in deeply through your nose and let your breath out from your mouth.

2) Butterfly Stretch

With the scarf on your legs, flap your legs against the ground. It should produce a sound each time your legs come into contact with the ground.

Lady First Singapore

3) Belly-shrinking Hip Rotation
Sit cross-legged on the floor and with your thumbs placed just under your ring fingers and clenched into fists, place them in front of your hip area. Rotate your hips in a circular movement five times while holding your breath. Keep your back and arms straight.

Lady First Singapore

Matured Skin

A makeup look for people with matured skin:

Lady First Singapore

1) Use a pearl base with a high moisture content, and which is not oil-based

2) Apply translucent foundation so the look isn’t cakey

3) Wear tinted sunscreen

4) Use a water-based under eye concealer (By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer) and pat it on gently.

5) Mix white and champagne-colored eyeshadow

6) Dab shimmer powder across your eyelids

7) Use eyeliner to fill the space between your lashes. To gauge where your eyeliner should end, imagine an extension of your double eyelid crease at the end corner of your eye – that is where your eyeliner should end

8) Use smudge-proof mascara

9) Use eyebrow powder for a less severe look. Straight brows are in this year

10) Apply a coral orange lip gloss as blusher with the help of a sponge

11) Pick a subtle rose-colored lipstick


Remember to leave a comment on my StarHub Community blogpost HERE if you want to win the Samsung K! Tag me @GraceTan in your comment! :)

Lady First SG Episode 10: Cover Up!

[For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click here]

In this episode, it was quite obvious that the producers saved the best for last. I was totally blown away by how severe acne scars could be covered up to resemble flawless skin! :D If you missed the episode but are reading this now, lucky you!

Dexter and Xiao Kai help the 5 ladies with their woes: wrinkles and yellowish skin tone, too-high foreheads, dark eye circles, square-shaped face and harsh jawline and finally, bad acne scars.

Xiao Kai made an interesting statement – that women with oilier skin tend to develop fewer wrinkles! People with dry skin get more fine lines and wrinkles than those with oily skin! (Also, Xiao Kai had a sideburn transplant *gasp*)

Wrinkles and Yellowish Skin

Tip #1: Add color correcting cream to your makeup products

Lady First SG

Tip #2: Use a moisture-rich foundation

Tip #3: The less makeup you use, the better. Too much foundation will make you look old

Tip #4: No concealer is needed. Just ensure you use the right shade of CC cream and foundation

Tip #5: Use an orange-colored blush for a healthy glow

Tip #6: Skip the loose powder as your skin is already too dry especially around the eyes

Too-High Forehead

Lady First SG

Tip #1: If you have bangs, and oily hair, bring powder with u. Using a tissue, pat some powder onto your bangs so it’ll absorb the oil

Tip #2: Avoid buying hair pieces which are too shiny – they look fake

Tip #3: Use hairspray to ‘harden’ the roots of your hair then use a hairdryer set to cold air or medium heat for a quick blowdry, then attach the hair piece

Dark Eye Circles

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use concealer in a color close to your skin tone and start at the tear trough area (pictured above)

Tip #2: Use only a tiny bit of concealer towards the end of your eye, so it doesn’t appear unusually white. Spread it out and blend with your foundation

Tip #3: Gently tap on the loose powder so you don’t rub the concealer off

Tip #4: Add (mousse) blush as a distraction from your dark eye circles

Lady First SG

Square Face, Strong Jawline and Protruding Ears

Lady First SG
Tip #1: Use the L’Oreal Professional Steampod to straighten and moisturize your hair

Severe Acne Scars

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use a pore minimizing primer (gel) and mix it with foundation or concealer. Gently pat it on

Tip #2: Use a concealer brush when applying concealer over the pimple

Tip #3: Pat gently to fill your pores with powder, especially if you have ‘potholed’ skin like Constance’s


Leave a comment about your skin or hair woe and win an autographed DVD set from Pauline Lan AND a mystery product featured on Lady First SG! :D

Pauline Lan DVD

Comment HERE.