Buy Direct From Taobao Or Via An Agent Like SGshop?

I’ve blogged about SGshop previously as I’ve been shopping on Taobao with their help. This time, I decided to find out for myself if it’d be better to just shop directly on Taobao instead. So… here’s a tale of two Olafs – one bought directly from Taobao and another via SGshop. Both are from the same seller in China, listed on

Taobao - Olaf

Olaf Direct from Taobao:

Product: 34.80rmb (about S$7)

Shipping: 43rmb (about S$9)

The shipping fee is even higher than the price of the plush!

Shipping fees are 43rmb for first kg, and 12rmb for each subsequent 500g:

Taobao parcel forwarding

You don’t get to choose the mode of shipping, unlike via SGshop. But you get to pick the parcel forwarder, and should get your item within 3 to 6 days.

Olaf Purchased Via SGshop:

Shipping cost: S$1.80 (before 20% discount) *Economy Sea Shipping*

PLUS 8% service charge and clearance fee of S$0.98

If like me, you have no need to get your parcel within a week, and you are happy to wait a little longer if it means lower shipping fees, SGshop gives you reason to rejoice:

SGshop economy sea shipment

They have a new shipping flat rate charge, and you pay per 500g. Watch out too for various promotions, e.g. 20% off Economy Sea shipping, 20% off Express Air shipping.

Here’s another one of my Taobao hauls via

Taobao SGshop

Why Do I Shop With SGshop?

1) Absolute Ease of Shopping – unlike Taobao where everything is in Chinese, I place my order with SGshop and can communicate with them in English. I took a couple of days to figure out how to purchase directly from Taobao, set up an account, do the parcel forwarding, etc. And eventually, I had no idea when the parcel would end up on my doorstep.

2) Peace Of Mind – SGshop places each order for me, and inspects the items when they reach SGshop’s warehouses in China. If the item is defective or is not the one I had wanted, they will do the exchange and returns for me. So what reaches me in Singapore is exactly what I had wanted.

3) Parcel Reaches Me Intact – I bought a Totoro figurine in this order. It came in a box with styrofoam from the seller, and SGshop put that box into another box with paper and bubble wrap to protect it. If I’m getting a plush toy, then yes, buying directly from Taobao is fine. But for anything else that is fragile, I want SGshop to package it well for me before sending it to Singapore.

4) Almost Doorstep Delivery – You don’t even have to pay for delivery if you don’t mind picking up your parcel (weighing 8kg or less) at an MRT station near you:

SGshop mrt collection


I bought 3 pearl chokers? (or necklaces) in this latest order and even got a free rose necklace in a buy-3-get-1-free deal on Taobao. Each of those pearl necklaces costs between S$1 – S$2 yet I’ve seen them being sold in Singapore for upwards of S$20!

Be a smart shopper and just get the items directly from Chinese sellers, ok?

I’ll be giving away one of those pearl necklaces via my facebook page next week so stay tuned. :)

Maku Store Singapore: Men’s Wallets

Maku Store Singapore

In case you received the impression that Maku Store Singapore caters only to the ladies, here’s an item just for the guys. And I’m doing a giveaway, which you’ll find at the end of this blogpost! :D In the picture above is a long wallet from Maku Store, with over 9 card slots for all your credit cards, and a zipped compartment for coins, plus two SIM card slots.

More pictures:

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore

If you cannot wait to get your hands on a Maku Store Singapore wallet, head down to Maku Store (Bugis Junction #03-20) today and enjoy 20% discount off all men’s wallets! (details on their facebook page)

{ Giveaway }

One winner will receive this wallet (worth S$49.90) in a gold Maku Store Singapore gift box. Just complete these 3 simple steps:

(Head over to my facebook page)

1) ‘Like’ my giveaway post on Facebook

2) ‘Share’ my giveaway post

3) Comment on this blogpost and tell me who you’d like to win this wallet for (yourself? a friend?)

Winner Announcement: 19 Dec

Prize Collection: 20 Dec (Saturday) 5pm

*Only for residents of Singapore

*Please take part only if you are able to collect your prize on 20 Dec! 


Update: The winner is Pam Elanessa Wong

Maku Store Singapore & My New Favorite Handbag

Maku Store Singapore

I’m more a fan of backpacks than handbags but I could not resist this particular one in a pretty shade of lilac! It comes with a detachable sling too, and is available in 3 colors at Maku Store Singapore (#03-20 Bugis Junction).

If you’re thinking of getting a present for a female friend or family member, head on down to Maku Store where you can get 15% off just by showing staff that you are a fan of my facebook page and theirs. (*Check in-store for T&Cs)

Maku Store Singapore

This bag is amazing! There are two zipped compartments within, PLUS a detachable wristlet in the same pretty lilac:

Maku Store Singapore

If you’re looking for a pretty Christmas gift below S$50, look no further, this is it. :)

Vogue Japan Dec 2014 Issue with Coach Notepad

Vogue Japan Dec 2014

Vogue Japan’s December 2014 issue is one of the priciest magazines I’ve bought this year, at S$15.20 from Kinokuniya. This particular issue comes with a free COACH notepad.

I’d love if the notepad is a little bigger, though this one is great for small purses. And in a striking bright pink, each note will be impossible to miss.

Get 10% discount if you’re a Kinokuniya member! :) Not a fan of magazines? Well, you can purchase ‘Blogging For A Living’ too. Hahaha!

Chocoolate x Disney Tsum Tsum Launch TODAY!

Chocoolate Tsum Tsum

After blogging about this particular Chocoolate x Disney Tsum Tsum launch, I FINALLY got my hands on the winning sweatshirt and socks today! It wasn’t easy though. I had thought that the outlet at Orchard Gateway would attract fewer fans of this launch so I arrived at the store before 11am this morning.

I got a shock when I found that a queue had formed outside – even before the store was open for business! And then my worst nightmare happened. The first batch of people ahead of me (maybe 12 of them) were let into the store. And when it was my turn, the sweatshirt had been SOLD OUT! Like, what the hell, Chocoolate folks? Did you guys bring in just 3 pieces of this adorable sweatshirt or what?! I ended up just buying the socks (sold at S$19.90 for 2 pairs). How sad. Waking up early and rushing there only to end up buying socks, of all things! Still, it was probably the final pair of socks that I snatched up. LOL.

I wasn’t hopeful, but I thought the outlet at Bugis might still have the sweatshirt so I took the train there.

Thankfully… I found the final piece in XS size. Those in S size had been sold out and only a few pieces of those in M size remained. Probably sold out by now too! And yes, the early bird catches the worm. After all, this is Singapore where being kiasu is something even kids are good at so… *shrugs*

In case you are wondering, the sweatshirt costs S$119. If you are a member, or can quickly befriend someone in the queue who is a member, you get 10% off your purchase, like I did. :D

*If you like this design, the shoes cost S$129, but are pretty heavy.

*The adorable mickey / minnie backpack costs S$119, but I wouldn’t have the guts to carry them around ‘cos I’m not 12 years old. LOL.

Yet Another Maku Store Backpack Shoppers Will Love

Maku Store Singapore

I was in Jakarta over the weekend on a sponsored trip, and I took my new Maku Store backpack with me. It has pretty floral side panels, is lightweight (great for budget travel!) and once again, has an ‘expandable’ feature. :D

Maku Store Singapore

When fully extended, the straps on the front of the backpack allow extra height for last minute shopping! I bought lots of snacks in Jakarta and this backpack gave me the extra room for my chips so none were squashed!

This is a great backpack for school and even for the office (there’s a laptop compartment within). Also, the three compartments in front are great for everything from umbrellas (yes, I brought one with me to Jakarta), tissue, your phone, etc.

The usual price for this backpack is S$69.90 but if you show that you are a fan of my facebook page (and Maku Store Singapore’s), then you only have to pay slightly over S$59 (after 15% discount). *Check in-store for T&Cs*

Gucci Perfume Giveaway! Merry Christmas, folks! :D

When these perfumes were delivered to me this week, I KNEW I had to do a giveaway because there was no way I’d be able to use them all after this review. I still have quite a few perfume bottles sitting around in a cabinet at home, so… lucky you! :D If you win one of these, you are very lucky indeed!


And I’m a huge fan of Escada perfumes. I love this one (the name, especially) and I just had to keep it so indulge me. :D That’s why this blogpost is titled ‘Gucci Perfume Giveaway’!

Yes, I’m giving away both bottles of Gucci goodness – the Gucci Guilty (50ml) and Gucci Première (also 50ml). Both these scents are very sophisticated, but first, let’s start with the one I am keeping: The Escada Joyful.

Escada Joyful

At first whiff, Joyful smells like regular air freshener, but it is generally very ‘happy’, refreshing and awakens the senses. It is great for people who are not ‘morning people’. :D Middle notes remind me of leaves, and greenery, and really bring me back to Nature. Nature in a bottle, this is! After which it settles into a delicious scent that I just want to smell more of. The moral of this review is to never judge a perfume by first whiff! LOL.

[If you’d like to get Escada Joyful, go purchase it from stores! Sorry, I’m keeping this baby! :D]

Gucci Guilty

As for the Gucci Guilty perfume, my goodness, the bottle is pure decadence. It would sit pretty on ANY socialite’s dressing table. At this point, I don’t know how much this perfume costs (I’ll have to check out the press release for that – you’ll find the pricing at the end of this blogpost) but I don’t think I want to know either. This bottle speaks of luxury! The scent itself is light, not over-powering like I thought it would be. Kind of fruity, with a sweet middle note. It’s even – dare I say it – comforting! Like what you’d expect a kid’s mom to be wearing. You’ll definitely be snuggling up to Mom if she’s wearing Gucci Guilty and be a mama’s child (guilty as charged).

Gucci Première

Gucci Première is a bit of an enigma for me. At first, it smells floral (I’d even say it reminds me of jasmine) then it starts to smell a bit like a unisex perfume. LOL. After which, I thought it reminded me of perfumed stationery – you know those perfume letter sets you’d write on and send letters to a penpal? Ultimately, I have decided that it is a great perfume that takes you from day to night. If you’re a party lover, or want to get a gift for a party lover pal, this is the one.

(Of course, these are all my personal opinions! :P Go check them out at individual counters and stores. Just remember to spray them onto your skin and then walk around the store first, then get a final whiff before making your buying decision.)


Escada Joyful: $87 (30ml) $122 (50ml) $158 (75ml)

Gucci Première: $106 (30ml) $129 (50ml) $181 (75ml)

Gucci Guilty Stud Edition $122 (50ml)

{ Giveaway }

To win either the Gucci Guilty or Gucci Première perfumes, make sure you are a fan of my facebook page first, then complete these 3 simple steps between 27 Nov 2014 and 14 Dec 2014:

*Please note that I’ve taken 2 sprays from each bottle, then resealed the packaging so it looks as good as new. If you don’t mind this, then…

1) ‘Like’ my Gucci Perfume giveaway post on Facebook

2) ‘Share’ my Gucci Perfume giveaway post on Facebook

3) Comment on THIS blogpost and tell me which perfume you want: Gucci Guilty or Gucci Première. You may pick ONLY one.

Important Note: Please take part ONLY if you are a resident of Singapore, and can collect your prize on 20th Dec if you win.



Winner Announcement: 15th Dec, 2014 (Monday)

Prize Collection: 20th Dec, 2014 (Saturday) *Date has been changed


And the winners are:

Yue Qi – Gucci Guilty

Melissa Hoong – Gucci Premiere

*To claim your prize, please email me at gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and mobile number. Prize collection is this Saturday at 5pm.

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum: Impossibly Cute!

Initially, I didn’t quite know what I’d like for Christmas. But now I do. :D

Have a look at these items from the Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum collection 2014! Devastatingly adorable and absolutely irresistible they are! I’ve picked out my favorites:

Chocoolate Tsum Tsum

Possibly the cutest sweatshirt ever:

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum

Socks you’ll never want to take off. So grab more than one pair!

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum socks

For happy feet:

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum shoes

Prettiest handphone case I’ve seen this year:

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum collection handphone case

This backpack makes me smile:

Chocoolate x Tsum Tsum backpack

Priced from $23.90 to $179, these items will be available in Singapore from December 11, 2014 onwards, at i.t Bugis Junction, #02-11 and i.t Orchard Gateway, #01-18.

You can bet your last dollar that I’ll be there to check them out. :D I really do like that sweatshirt! :D And that backpack… my goodness!

If you’d like to see which are the other items in this collection, head over to this article by Her World Plus.

Maku Store: Pretty Pastels & Watches from Trifoglio Italia

The latest addition to my Maku Store collection is a pretty pastel purple backpack. :D

Maku Store Singapore

Like all Maku Store items, this backpack has its unique features. Besides the 3 inner compartments, there is a slot at the back for the straps so you can transform the backpack into a handbag. Just carry it by the strap at the top. Really cool.

Maku Store Singapore

I’m loving both this backpack and my one-and-only Maku Store wallet in pastel pink and green.

Maku Store Singapore

My wallet is a really special limited edition one – only one in Singapore. But don’t fret, if you like pastel shades, there are more pastel-colored wallets in store:

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore

You have to pop by Maku Store at Bugis Junction #03-20 and check out the wide range yourself! There is also a ‘Limited Edition’ corner in the store where you can find items which are available in just ONE piece for the Singapore market. So you won’t find someone else carrying the same bag here. Isn’t that cool?! :P *Remember to show that you are a fan of my facebook page, and Maku Store’s too, and you get 15% off your bill! Check in-store for T&Cs!*

Also, Maku Store has brought in an exclusive range of watches. Here are some I like:

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore

And this next range is for charity:

Maku Store Singapore

Maku Store Singapore

Tempted? ;)

Indulge in some retail therapy at Maku Store and get yourself an advance Christmas present! :D I know I’m popping by again soon!

Maku Store: Giveaway + Corporate Gifts! :D

I popped by Maku Store at Bugis Junction (#03-20) again recently and found yet another pretty, limited edition wallet! :D


It is pastel pink all around, unlike the Maku Store wallet I am currently using which is half green.

This one has 9 card slots, 2 SIM card slots and a huge compartment for coins!


And guess what? I’m going to give this away! :D

[I’d initally wanted to keep this wallet but the current one is still working well. So I am sharing the love!]

It is the only one of its kind in Singapore so it’s Super Limited Edition!

To win this wallet, leave a comment on this blogpost and tell me why I should pick you! :)

Besides the wallet, I also found corporate gifts:


Maku Store Singapore does cater to corporate customers as well. Whether it is a cute souvenir (above), a card sticker (below) or any other customized product like luggage you need, speak to the awesome Maku Store folks. :)


*And if you are getting any of the Maku Store items at their Bugis Junction outlet, show them you are a fan of my facebook page and get 15% discount off your purchase. Awesome much? :)