Review: The all-new LACOSTE L!VE plus a GIVEAWAY

Lacoste Live

“The epitome of energy and creativity, the fragrance was created to inspire its wearers to get creative. Blending edgy style and authenticity, this fragrance brings to mind all the new possibilities in life, beyond one’s current lifestyle and experiences to a whole new dimension.

Bottled in an expertly crafted cube, it’s time to get bold and fresh with a new perspective with this new fragrance. Available in September 2014, it’s time to awaken your man’s senses with a new perspective, with LACOSTE L!VE.”

~ My Take ~

The Bottle: The bottle sure looks interesting on any dressing table. But oh my, is it unwieldy! Either my fingers are too short to get a good grip around the bottle, or it seriously is not within the grasp (hur hur) of many. It’s not very user-friendly but I guess it serves one purpose: in making the user give up after one spray, which is more than enough for this long-lasting scent.

The Scent: The top notes are sharp and stinging, but after some time, it becomes a more acceptable scent which grows on you. I think this scent is for someone who likes being the center of attention, who likes making his presence felt wherever he goes, and is always unafraid of speaking his mind. Hmm ;)


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Lacoste Live

Hassle-free Selling Online with Lazada Singapore

Looking for a Place to Sell Your Products Online?

Not generating enough traffic and revenue from your brick-and-mortar store or online website? Looking to sell online but not sure where to get started?

The Internet is huge and there are bound to be many similar-looking websites out there. Yours could just be one of the tens of millions out there. And if it doesn’t stand out, then people will not take notice and want to shop there. Imagine your online stores as a real physical store, stuck in some out-of-the-way poorly lit back alley with little human traffic, and think, would you shop there?

Sell on Lazada Singapore !

LAZADA is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online shopping mall, with operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. LAZADA is pioneering eCommerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. LAZADA is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offering – including multiple payment options, free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments.

Sell Online Singapore -  Lazada Singapore

Lazada Marketplace Model – Selling Online Singapore

Sell Online Singapore -  Lazada Singapore

The operating model behind Lazada Marketplace is fairly straightforward, similar to that of eBay. All you have to do is list the product description, images and prices and you’re good to go. It offers a much more user-friendly platform, making it easy to navigate between pages as compared to Qoo10. Selling on Qoo10 is rather challenging and familiarizing with its platform (QSM) takes much longer given its messy layout and non-user friendly interface.

You get your own backend system (Seller Centre) where you can manage everything. This includes orders, products or shipping information. It even comes with a sales report, account statements, stock accounting all for your use! The seller centre also features all the essential functions for sellers to manage (esp. for people who are not technically savvy or do not have the time or budget to set up and manage a professional website).

Sell Online Singapore -  Lazada Singapore

To sum it up, I would highly recommend any aspiring entrepreneur or seller who wishes to establish an online presence in the E-commerce industry to get started by selling on Lazada’s Marketplace. Selling on Lazada is basically risk free! No significant upfront capital required and no expenses are incurred when there are no sales. That being said, Lazada can help you to gain a competitive advantage as it provides you access to its wide customer base and its massive community of fans. LAZADA’s Marketplace also provides customized support for logistical arrangements, state-of-the-art online marketing initiatives and a tailored shop-in-shop visible to its huge visitor base. They will be following up periodically to inform you on the upcoming marketing campaigns and promotions they will be pushing and how you can be part of it to boost your sales and revenue.

Getting Started – How to Sell on Lazada?

Sell Online Singapore -  Lazada Singapore

To get started, you simply have to register as a seller with LAZADA. A representative will contact you and follow up with the necessary procedures to get you started. Once all the necessary information is acquired, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to guide you through the entire process and educate you on the various eCommerce best-practices. Talk about personalized service! :)

So get started and register as a seller with Lazada Singapore today!

Kenjo Salon Mucota Color Review

[ Grace: This blogpost is by my guest writer, Kirbie ]

Blog Readers – You get 15% discount if you are a first-time customer at Kenjo Salon! Simply show this blog post at the Salon (this promo will be valid infinitely!)


A BIG thank you to Grace for offering me this opportunity to review the services at Kenjo Salon! My hair is really a boring mess so I jumped at the chance. Grace’s students always get the best perks. ;) [Grace: I agree ;) ;)]

Kenjo Salon

Kenjo Salon is located at #04-72 of Plaza Singapura (at the new extension), near Standard Chartered Bank. It’s hard not to notice the salon as its decor is really bright and classy! And I like that I get to choose where I want to be seated and what to drink. Most salons only offer me warm tea, but here at Kenjo Salon I get to choose from a comprehensive list :

a) Organic Tea (Hot)

b) Green Tea (Hot)

c) Black Coffee (Hot)

d) White Coffee (Hot)

e) Milo (Hot)

f) Mocha (Hot)

e) Warm Water

g) Orange juice (cold)

h) Mineral Water (cold)

Next, I was assigned to Joseph, the director stylist of Kenjo Salon. After he attentively found out about my needs, he recommended the Mucota Color + Mucota Treatment for me. He told me that I will definitely love what he chose for me. Boy, do I love confident hair stylists so I decided to take whatever he advised. (side note : I visit hair salons to seek professional hair opinions, so I hate it when I ask for opinions and the stylists give me a color chart and ask me to choose my own colors -_-)

<Treatment Time>

And the treatment begins!

Step 1. Joseph trimmed my hair ends a little to get the “hair shape” out.

Step 2. Next, he chose Mucota ash brown as the base color of my hair and applied it to my entire hair length. Dye was left to set for about an hour.

Step 3. Washing off dye time (which is also the head massage time, wheeee!) Hair was then blown dry.

Step 4. Applying of the bottom pink dye color. To the naked eye, it was a real shocking pink, but the color that the hair absorbed is much more natural. Dye was left to set for about an hour as well.

Step 5. Wash and blow dry again.

Step 6. Another trimming session to ensure the ‘hair shape’ looks perfect.

Step 7 (optional). Joseph tonged my hair for temporary curls, and taught me how I can do the same at home. (A permanent perm can’t be done due to the nature of the pink dye)

<Rating of the treatment:>

Staff rating : 4 / 5

The second shampoo guy was a little rough, so if you do go there pick the skinnier one to wash your hair for you. But the stylist Joseph was superb. I was in awe when he told me he has a whooping 16 years of experience as a hair stylist!

He was also very generous in giving me styling tips, such as letting me know that off-shelf dye products won’t work for me as I have too much hair. (I would need at least twice the amount of products to see any visible effects -_-). And if I want to change my hair parting, I should only do it when my hair is reasonably wet for the effect to stay on. His professional tips will likely stay in my head for a long time.

The other staff there were very friendly and attentive to my needs too, including hanging up my bag for me when I first entered the salon. This may be a small gesture but I really appreciate it, as I have had to “hug” my bag all the way through my hair cut sessions at other salons.

Kenjo Salon

Product rating : 4.5 / 5

Ok you may think I am overly generous with this. But I really love the Mucota Colors!

It doesn’t prick my scalp like other dye products do. I found out that the Mucota color is actually scalp-friendly and contains gentle ingredients that are even beneficial to the scalp. (The same ingredients are found in some hair growth tonics)

And the effects! So many friends praised me for my new hair color after I posted my pictures on Facebook. I am over the moon!

What’s best is that while other similar dyes can only last a maximum of 2 weeks, the trendy Mucota pink color can actually last 6-8 weeks!

I also used the Mucota shampoo and conditioner the day after. I am particular when it comes to shampoo scents but I was quite happy with Mucota’s shampoo. The conditioner had zero smell (O_O) but my hair felt super smooth after! Highly recommended as well!

Conclusion on Kenjo Salon : I highly recommend it, especially if you like Korean hairstyles and want to refresh your look like me. Plus, it’s super near the MRT station.

< 3 interesting facts about Kenjo Salon >

1) There’s free Wi-Fi at the Salon so I end up surfing quite a lot at the Salon. A quick visit to their facebook shows that they are only a few months old but already pretty popular. They have close to 1.5k likes on Facebook and a group of raving fans:

2) The name “Kenjo” doesn’t really have any meaning ;)

3) They are the only salon in Singapore to have the entire range of Mucota products.

Lady First SG Episode 13: Queen of Elegance

{ For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here }

It’s the last episode of Season 2. :( I was rather surprised the crew didn’t bid us adieu in this episode, making me hopeful there’s a next ep. But there’s no preview for another ep on the official website so this is it, I guess.

This episode is about elegance, so, if you have learnt nothing at all from the entire season, at least get some final tips on elegant hair and attire from gurus Keith Png and Wu Yi Lin.

It came as a shock to see Lina cry in this episode. But she’s been an actress since forever, really. (I used to watch her in City Beat – who remembers that?) So I’m not sure if she was really moved to tears by just a change of hairdo. Hmm.

Yi Lin gave her a low ponytail look, which I’m not exactly in favor off. Cos she looks matronly both before and after. Haha! But I love the tip of using a blusher brush to get hair spray onto her hair, and tidying up the loose ends, instead of spraying it on directly from the can.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore


Silver is a fan of the fashionable ‘punk’ looks that Arissa Cheo (wife of Van Ness Wu) likes putting together. She’s hot, for sure:

Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo

(You HAVE To check out her blogpost (from 2012) about her room tour – she has a serious shoe collection:

Keith was super embarrassed during this segment, but still managed to get Silver to get a change of bra, and introduced Triumph’s new Forever Young collection.

Also, I loved how he showed us examples of outfits which look good but need not cost very much, such as this gown going for just $36:

Silver 1

Lady First Singapore


For Kelly’s new hairdo, Yi Lin recommended that she use a hair thickener or mousse, and that she must choose the right styling products if she doesn’t want to use too many bobby pins.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore


As for Cheryl, she wears black outfits to work thinking it represents power and authority. However, the color looks too stern and lifeless on her. Keith puts her in an absolutely gorgeous outfit from Ted Baker instead, and she looks stunning! I love the splash of color and those floral pants (though I don’t think they’ll suit everyone!) :D 

Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore Lady First Singapore

Also, Keith helped her accessorize with pearl earrings and bracelet, and a crystal-studded watch from Swarovski. I love the whole look. Keith is truly a fashion genius!


Candyce looked like a disaster before her hair makeover. Because permed hair gets frizzy easily, use hair wax to tidy the look.

Lady First Singapore

Lady First Singapore

She looks so much better after the makeover! :D


Well, that’s it for the entire season! I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. But I love the changes this season – subtitles, fitness tips, featured product lists, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

Head over to this same post on StarHub Community, leave me a comment, and you might be the winner of the Samsung K! :D

My Top 3 Online Sites That Help You Save Money While Shopping

I do a lot of shopping online so this post is about where I get the best deals and coupons for gadgets, fashion purchases and other lifestyle-related items.

My 5-year-old Hello Kitty computer mouse died on me recently, and I’ve just bought a new one online. Those sold in physical stores here cost at least S$40, which is wayyyy too high a price to pay for a mouse, even if it lasts for 5 years, simply because there are cheaper alternatives online! :D

So I bought one for S$11.80 (inclusive of registered mail) from qoo10!

Hello Kitty Computer Mouse

In case you are wondering, yes, it’s exactly the same as the one which died on me.

So that’s one site I go to for my online shopping. I recently bought a push-up bar too which, unfortunately, has been left to collect dust somewhere. That’s the trouble when you get things cheaply – they often get tossed to the back of the wardrobe. :D

I also go to NoQstore for books and for hotels (book via the DBS-agoda website to get 5% – 7% off).

1) Qoo10

This site truly needs no introduction. You can find everything from clothes to cameras here. Do read the customer reviews before purchasing any item though. I’d rather pay a bit more for the same item from a reputable seller versus from a new seller or one who has had negative reviews.

For some items though, I get them on other sites, like SGshop.

2) CupoNation

When I first found this site, I thought it was the best kept secret ever! I found coupons for discounts like 25% off Zalora’s women’s brands, $5 off all orders from, and the crazy $20 off orders above $25 from foodpanda.

cuponation foodpanda

This is one site you’ll have to explore yourself to uncover some hidden gems that will save you a lot of money when you shop online. You can thank me later.

3) SGshop

I get my zumba attire from Taobao, via Many people wonder about the difference between SGshop and 65daigou, so I did a little experiment recently by shopping for the same five items on both sites. Here are the results:

65daigou S$92.25

65daigou review

SGshop S$89.80

sgshop review

Even before shipping fees, I’ve already saved S$2.45 with SGshop. Also, there was an “anniversary promotion” when I was doing my shopping and I am entitled to 20% off shipping fees. :D


So there you have it. My top 3 favorite online sites for saving money while shopping online. If you have a site to share as well, please leave me a comment or drop me an email! :D

Lady First SG Episode 11: Bags Attack

This episode will likely rank as one of my top favs in the whole two seasons of Lady First Singapore! :D It’s all about bags! I can’t believe the team was so awesome as to put together an ENTIRE episode about bags! My goodness! They really know what women want! :D

A long time ago, I started an online blogshop selling bags (and the store’s called ‘Bagging Rights’) because I thought it made more sense than selling shoes or clothes because the latter come in many sizes and you’d have to keep so much stock! But with bags, it’s one size fits all, no?

Still, there’s so much to note with regard to having the bag match your body shape (e.g. don’t carry an over-sized bag if you’re petite) or personality, and how to care for your branded bags!

lady first singapore

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Kevin introduce bags from Saint Laurent, Longchamp, Fendi, Loewe, Ferragamo, and more. Check out the list here.

I have realized that when I carry bigger bags, I tend to put more things into the bag, and it really weighs down on my shoulder and causes aches and pains! So I now try to carry backpacks for a more even weight distribution, or carry smaller bags.

lady first singapore

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

I LOVE the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag in baby pink. It’s just so pretty! Here I am with the same bag in red…

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Pretty eh? :D


Here are some tips from the show regarding accessorizing with bags, and for bag care:

1) Cleaning your branded bags: use lens cleaning cloths without fibres as fibres might stick to the bag’s surface. Do not use newspapers to clean your bags as the ink might get transferred onto your branded bag! Always pat dry instead of rubbing off any residual moisture.

2) Crossbody bags are ‘hot’ right now, and bags in a blue-green shade are trending!

3) If your bag has a chain, clean it with a lens cleaning cloth when you are home so as to prevent bacterial growth on the chain which has come into contact with sebum from your skin. Also, do not store your bags immediately in a cabinet. Let it ‘air’ for a bit after you get home.

4) Adjust the length of the straps to suit your height:

Lady First Singapore

5) Use tassels and bag charms to jazz up plain-looking bags:

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

bag charm

6) You can even transform your bags using necklaces and earrings! Talk about recycling! :)

bag charm

7) Interesting designs – let your choice of bag reflect your personality:

Lady First Singapore


The famous Karl Lagerfeld bag charms made from mink, fox and goat furs:

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

Karl Lagerfeld bag charms

The amount you’ll spend on one of these is enough to buy you a branded bag. ;)


All I want now is an episode on shoes or watches. :D Hehe!

Samsung K

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Lady First SG Episode 10: Cover Up!

[For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click here]

In this episode, it was quite obvious that the producers saved the best for last. I was totally blown away by how severe acne scars could be covered up to resemble flawless skin! :D If you missed the episode but are reading this now, lucky you!

Dexter and Xiao Kai help the 5 ladies with their woes: wrinkles and yellowish skin tone, too-high foreheads, dark eye circles, square-shaped face and harsh jawline and finally, bad acne scars.

Xiao Kai made an interesting statement – that women with oilier skin tend to develop fewer wrinkles! People with dry skin get more fine lines and wrinkles than those with oily skin! (Also, Xiao Kai had a sideburn transplant *gasp*)

Wrinkles and Yellowish Skin

Tip #1: Add color correcting cream to your makeup products

Lady First SG

Tip #2: Use a moisture-rich foundation

Tip #3: The less makeup you use, the better. Too much foundation will make you look old

Tip #4: No concealer is needed. Just ensure you use the right shade of CC cream and foundation

Tip #5: Use an orange-colored blush for a healthy glow

Tip #6: Skip the loose powder as your skin is already too dry especially around the eyes

Too-High Forehead

Lady First SG

Tip #1: If you have bangs, and oily hair, bring powder with u. Using a tissue, pat some powder onto your bangs so it’ll absorb the oil

Tip #2: Avoid buying hair pieces which are too shiny – they look fake

Tip #3: Use hairspray to ‘harden’ the roots of your hair then use a hairdryer set to cold air or medium heat for a quick blowdry, then attach the hair piece

Dark Eye Circles

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use concealer in a color close to your skin tone and start at the tear trough area (pictured above)

Tip #2: Use only a tiny bit of concealer towards the end of your eye, so it doesn’t appear unusually white. Spread it out and blend with your foundation

Tip #3: Gently tap on the loose powder so you don’t rub the concealer off

Tip #4: Add (mousse) blush as a distraction from your dark eye circles

Lady First SG

Square Face, Strong Jawline and Protruding Ears

Lady First SG
Tip #1: Use the L’Oreal Professional Steampod to straighten and moisturize your hair

Severe Acne Scars

Lady First SG

Tip #1: Use a pore minimizing primer (gel) and mix it with foundation or concealer. Gently pat it on

Tip #2: Use a concealer brush when applying concealer over the pimple

Tip #3: Pat gently to fill your pores with powder, especially if you have ‘potholed’ skin like Constance’s


Leave a comment about your skin or hair woe and win an autographed DVD set from Pauline Lan AND a mystery product featured on Lady First SG! :D

Pauline Lan DVD

Comment HERE.

Lovin’ The Hot Weather With A New Haircut

I have come to realize that my hair looks good just once a month! It’s every time I head to the salon. LOL! I’m so thankful I had my hair cut before my trip to Perth early this week! It’s a pain trying to get my hair dry after a shower in a bathroom that’s freezing cold. And when shopping is on the itinerary, I do not have time to stick around in the bathroom trying to get my hair dry.

This was ‘before’…

Queen's Cut


Queen's Cut

I’m even thinking of getting my hair cut even shorter! :D

The treatment done after the haircut also made my hair silky smooth. If only it’ll stay that way every single day!

When my hair is long, I tend to tie it up in a ponytail but often tie it too tightly, and give myself (actual) headaches after. Now, my head feels ‘lighter’ and there’s no need for ponytails. :D

If you’d like a new haircut or treatment to tame your tresses, look for Ada at Queen’s Cut. :)

{ Queen’s Cut is located at Far East Plaza, #05-115. Tel: 67375115 }

Lady First SG Episode 9: Tropical Winter Fashion

*Exclusive Giveaway at the end of this blogpost!*

{ For a list of the products featured in this episode, click here }

It’s kind of an oxymoron, yes. Tropical winter fashion? I’m still quite rebellious where fashion is concerned. I really do like my tank top + shorts + slippers combo, and I like putting on little to no makeup! (I do believe in skincare though) Hehe. In this episode, gurus Keith and Kevin show us how to rock the tropical winter look. They also shared that nature-inspired menswear is fashionable right now! ;)

15 Tips For The Tropical Winter Fashionista:

1) To rock the ‘sweet punk’ look, note that piling on colors at the end corners of your eyes works only if you have deep-set eyes like the Westerners or Indian ladies. Otherwise, apply your colors at the corners of your eyelids with thin strokes, and with a contrast color on top, such as fuchsia and blue as shown below:

Lady First SG

2) Wear contact lenses in a purplish shade – it’s difficult to go wrong with this color as it’s both ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ tone, and should match your makeup and skin tone.

3) Draw the blue line first (in picture above) before using black liner, if you are a beginner.

4) You can use a pencil for the first color then black liquid eyeliner.

5) Avoid large patches / swathes of color which will make your eyes look puffy.

6) Make your eyes look wider / longer by drawing contrasting geometric lines.

7) For the grunge look that Vee is trying to pull off, wear shapewear even under a thick jacket. Choose Triumph’s which can (supposedly) lower your body temperature by 1.27degrees.

Lady First SG

8) Choose a body sculpting bra with large side panels for more support. Put on the bra first, before your shapewear.

9) Quilted panels on a skirt make you look skinnier.

10) For the leather jackets, choose a lighter color (e.g. white) instead of black all the time. This makes the look less ‘heavy’. Alternatively, choose those which come with two materials e.g. chiffon and leather. Going sleeveless is recommended so it doesn’t get too hot. Be sure to choose the right cut and material.

11) If you want to sport ulzzang lips, ensure your lips don’t end up looking too dry and wrinkled, like Candyce’s. Pearl powder is good for the runway but not for everyday use.

12) Choose Laneige’s LED lipsticks, which have over 35% moisturizing serum. You can use a magenta-colored one then a berry red one.

Lady First SG

13) Nude colored boots or booties make your legs look longer.

14) Some boots have perforated soles to let your feet ‘breathe’ and cut-outs so the look is less ‘tense’.

15) Choose neon nail colors based on your personality, e.g. darker shades for clubbing and pastel / ‘macaron’ types for outings with girlfriends. And use crystal nail sheets on alternate fingers, not on all nails.

Lady First SG

{ Giveaway }

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Laneige lipstick

Lady First Ep 7: Online Shopaholics Unite!

This episode is about Online Shopping and I am surprised that I managed to learn something new. On this episode are gurus Kevin and Keith, with Love, Bonito boss, Rachel. For a list of all the products recommended in this episode, click here.

Lady First SG [Santa Maria Novella Rose Wax Tablets recommended by Kevin]

16 Tips For Online Shopping:

1) Look out for items you cannot readily find in brick-and-mortar stores locally

2) To prevent getting Hayley’s “romper-caught-at-crotch” predicament, always get an outfit slightly bigger than what you’ve measured out so there’s space for movement

3) Don’t buy pants online unless you are confident they will fit

4) Get measurements of something you are comfortable wearing, then use it for online shopping

5) Over-sized items are in style this year

6) If the leggings you have bought are thin, ensure your underwear doesn’t show, especially at the back. Wear a long top!

7) When purchasing shoes, draw an outline of your feet on a piece of paper while barefoot. If your second or third toe is long, then shoes which are rounder at the toes might be uncomfortable. If you have wide feet, those that are narrow at the front might be tight

8) Read the terms and conditions before purchase, especially those regarding shipping costs if doing returns

9) If you buy items over $400 (inc shipping charges), you have to pay 7% GST. To get around this, have the items mailed to you separately

10) Your branded bag (purchased online) needs repair? You can bring it to a local store here. If certified authentic, they will provide you the same after-sales service but at a fee. If it’s a fake though, you’ll get a fine.

11) Be a smart shopper. If something looks too good to be true, beware!

12) Don’t cut off the tags first. Try the clothes on first. If you bought them from USA, you can get an exchange within 3 months if the tags are intact

13) The Santa Maria Novella range of products recommended by Kevin are bestsellers and popular worldwide. Get their eye and lip makeup remover which has an added benefit of not causing any eye irritation even if applied to the insides of your eyelids with a cotton pad!

14) Keep calm. Read all information before making your purchase (Kevin)

15) Be adventurous at times (a tip from Rachel)

16) Do your research, compare prices (Keith)