Lady First Ep 7: Online Shopaholics Unite!

This episode is about Online Shopping and I am surprised that I managed to learn something new. On this episode are gurus Kevin and Keith, with Love, Bonito boss, Rachel. For a list of all the products recommended in this episode, click here.

Lady First SG [Santa Maria Novella Rose Wax Tablets recommended by Kevin]

16 Tips For Online Shopping:

1) Look out for items you cannot readily find in brick-and-mortar stores locally

2) To prevent getting Hayley’s “romper-caught-at-crotch” predicament, always get an outfit slightly bigger than what you’ve measured out so there’s space for movement

3) Don’t buy pants online unless you are confident they will fit

4) Get measurements of something you are comfortable wearing, then use it for online shopping

5) Over-sized items are in style this year

6) If the leggings you have bought are thin, ensure your underwear doesn’t show, especially at the back. Wear a long top!

7) When purchasing shoes, draw an outline of your feet on a piece of paper while barefoot. If your second or third toe is long, then shoes which are rounder at the toes might be uncomfortable. If you have wide feet, those that are narrow at the front might be tight

8) Read the terms and conditions before purchase, especially those regarding shipping costs if doing returns

9) If you buy items over $400 (inc shipping charges), you have to pay 7% GST. To get around this, have the items mailed to you separately

10) Your branded bag (purchased online) needs repair? You can bring it to a local store here. If certified authentic, they will provide you the same after-sales service but at a fee. If it’s a fake though, you’ll get a fine.

11) Be a smart shopper. If something looks too good to be true, beware!

12) Don’t cut off the tags first. Try the clothes on first. If you bought them from USA, you can get an exchange within 3 months if the tags are intact

13) The Santa Maria Novella range of products recommended by Kevin are bestsellers and popular worldwide. Get their eye and lip makeup remover which has an added benefit of not causing any eye irritation even if applied to the insides of your eyelids with a cotton pad!

14) Keep calm. Read all information before making your purchase (Kevin)

15) Be adventurous at times (a tip from Rachel)

16) Do your research, compare prices (Keith)

Lady First Ep 5: Hairstyles That Make Men Go Ooh La La

[Hair Accessories Giveaway at the end of this post]

This episode is all about how to turn heads with a stunning hairdo no matter whether you have long hair, short hair or curly hair. I wondered if there was any tension within the studio as two hair gurus were featured in this episode. :D

Yi Lin was a natural before the camera while Dexter tried too hard to keep facing the camera while doing his demonstrations – he should have been focused on his subject instead. ;)

Based on the street survey that Kelly conducted, it was found that guys like girls with big curls best.

lady first sg

Take note of the tips associated with your current hairstyle, whether you have curly, straight or short hair, or whether you like wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail.

Curly Hair – Silver

1) Comb through your curls with your fingers, so they look more natural

2) Use a leave-in conditioner before utilizing a curling iron. It can protect your hair from the heat and also help ‘hold’ the curls

3) Men love it when you wear your hair in the over-one-shoulder style – exposing a bit of neckline drives men crazy ;)

lady first sg

Straight, Long Hair - Celyn

1) Part hair in a zigzag fashion so your bangs don’t look as flat

lady first sg

2) For the Princess-y half ponytail, push the ponytail up before adding a hairclip

lady first sg

3) Use a spray to add shine to your hair

The Bun Hairstyle – Hayley

1) Use dry shampoo – it removes excess oil from hair

2) To make a bun, use a thicker sock unless you have a lot of hair. Cut a hole at the tip of the sock, around where your toes should be, then roll the sock outwards into the shape of a donut. The sock should match your hair color. With your hair through the ‘donut’, roll your hair outwards till the bun is formed, and use 2 hair pins to secure it in place

lady first sg

lady first sg

3) Use a serum to reduce frizz

lady first sg

The Ponytail - Kelly

1) Tie a ponytail at the roundest part of the back of your head

2) Tie a French braid for use as a ‘hairband’

lady first sg

lady first sg

Short Hair – Vee

1) If you have heavily damaged hair like Vee’s, don’t use sticky styling products – use more lightweight ones

2) It is trendy to wear your hairband ‘low’ – down your forehead. Use the hairband to push your fringe upwards first so it doesn’t look ‘flat’

lady first sg

[For a list of all the products featured in this episode, click here]

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Hair Accessories Giveaway

To win the hair accessory of your choice, simply comment on my StarHub Community blogpost HERE and tell me your choice + one hair concern you have, e.g “I want #1. I have long hair which gets tangled easily”

Guest Post: 10 Reasons Why I Loved the Asia Fashion Summit 2014

[Grace: This is a guest post by Kirbie Koh, who blogs at She attended the AFS on my behalf when I was away]

Asia Fashion Summit 2014

I was lucky to be able to attend The Asia Fashion Summit (AFS) 2014 on 15-17 May 2014, thanks to Grace who gave me her 2 seats as she is not in Singapore. (The two seats cost almost $1,000! Thanks again, Grace!  :)

What’s the AFS? It’s a conference that focuses on the business of fashion with top fashion names coming in to provide fresh perspectives and business insights.

The three days have been very fulfilling, and here are the 10 reasons why I loved the Asia Fashion Summit.   

1. Fashion Junkies

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the room is the number of fashion junkies around. They look so cool!

2. Social Media Engagement Done Right

Unlike some events that try to get on every social media platform and confuse everyone, the call to action was clear-cut at AFS2014: #AFS2014

That’s all that was needed.

3. Knowledge

I have learnt things over the past 3 days that I would have no way of knowing in my daily life, such as:

  • Did you know Singapore jumped 7 spots to become the 8th fashion capital in the world in 2011? And that we are 2nd in Asia (after Hong Kong)? Who says we are not fashionable? :)
  • Bluetooth technology for retail shops. Consumers are able to find out everything about any product by pointing their phone near it. From pricing and consumer reviews, this is certainly useful for consumers to decide if it’s a worthy buy.
  • A local architect designed the majestic Robinsons Singapore at Heeren. Proud of him!

4. Local Efforts to Discover Fashion Talents

Found out about the Fashion Design competition that is held annually by the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore and Audi Star Creation.

It is by no means an easy task. A big salute to these companies – they have been supporting Singaporeans by giving them an international platform to showcase their talents.

This could be why in recent years we have been hearing more and more local designers winning awards. Keep it up, my fellow Singaporeans! :)

5. Funny and Engaging Speakers

Content is what makes a conference successful. The speakers at the conference are industry experts that covered various topics and these are my favorite two:

  1.  Mr Rick Yoo (MD of Lotte Global Fashion Division)

He is the first speaker but there’s absolutely no sign of him being nervous.  He is from Korea and I am glad I can understand his English perfectly. (It also helped that he has a nice voice!)

He talked about Lotte and the Korean fashion wave. It’s very informative but what stayed in my head were the light-hearted jokes he made:

  • In Korea, it’s ok if men can’t find their wives, but it’s not ok if their phones are missing! (Hmm I am not surprised if Singaporean men are like that too)
  • The reason why Winter Sonata was so popular in 2002 in Japan – Most Japanese ladies marry through match making and are unable to choose the person they love. This drama gave them hope! (Is that why so many Singapore aunties love this show too, they want to find true love?)
  • Kim Soo-hyun, the actor from My Love from the Star, is literally everywhere in Lotte’s departmental stores. (Actually I wouldn’t mind visiting a store with Kim Soo-hyun everywhere)
  1.   Mr Kelvin Lee (Business Development Director, South East Asia of Taobao International Business).

He is the only Singaporean speaker and I was really happy I did not need to strain my ears to understand the speaker.

I was also very impressed with him – from his looks I think he is at tops 35 years old, but he is already driving the business of Taobao in South East Asia. Today, who hasn’t heard of Taobao?

6. Workshops

Day 2 and 3 were workshop days, and there were a list of programs to choose from.

The workshops are smaller in scale than Day 1’s conference, and it’s a more intimate session where it’s less embarrassing to ask questions and network around. I made quite a number of friends in these workshop sessions!

7. Blueprint Emporium

Just next door to the conference, the BLUEPRINT EMPORIUM was set up in the larger Expo hall. It showcases shops from emerging designer labels and up-and-coming fashion brands in Singapore.

My friend that designed and sells women shoe bags was here too! I feel proud again. :)

8. Live Fashion Show

Ok I admit I am a mountain tortoise. This is my first time watching a live fashion show!

9. Conducive Venue

The renovated Suntec Convention Centre is just so pretty! Huge screen and lights made me feel like a kid all over again. The comfortable convention rooms also made it easier to learn and absorb information.

Lunch was provided on Day 1, and I absolutely love the mushroom soup!

10. Networking

As mentioned before, I made a few friends at this event.

One of them was the Head, Singapore Marketplace of Zalora South East Asia Pte Ltd. He shared with me interesting visions about Zalora and how they will be pushing the new Zalora Marketplace in Singapore.

What surprised me is that Zalora actually made the effort to meet each and every designer/shop owner before they get to publish on the website! It makes me feel really safe to shop with Zalora as I can be assured of the quality of the shops.

In fact, the reason Zalora attended the AFS2014 was to gather feedback on how they can help local designers to open a shop on Zalora. In my opinion, they have got everything covered – from polymailers, delivery and secured payments, it’s really hassle free to sell at Zalora Marketplace.

If you have quality local designed products and would like to sell on Zalora too, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the top guy in charge. :)

[Grace: To contact Kirbie, leave her a message HERE]

5 Lessons From Winning The Luxe Snap Contest


*I won by 2021 points. There were just 2 people actually competing for the grand prize in this contest. ;)*

[The background]

When I did a blogpost about Luxury City, I did not expect to take part in their Luxe Snap contest. But since my photographer friend, Max Clyne, had taken such lovely pictures of me within the Luxury City store, I thought I’d just submit a photo for the fun of it.

Saint Laurent Classic Sac De Jour

Then things got serious.

Before I knew it, I was in the Top 3. Because the other participants had a maximum of around 200+ points only, it was rather easy to take the lead. (Every vote you get can give you up to 5 points)

I thought I would sail to the finish with just 400-odd points. Easy peasy.

Then, enter ‘pink lover’ – a lady toting a pink Kate Spade bow bag – as the ‘dark horse’. She was obviously gunning for top spot as well. I could not back down from a good fight.

Yesterday morning, I was leading by just 200+ points. At any time within the day, she could have easily overtaken me and gotten top placing. The battle began…

[Lessons I Learnt]

1) Always have people you can count on for help

I may have over 11,000 fans on my facebook page, but due to facebook’s settings, not all of them would be able to view my posts asking them to vote. In fact, only a tiny fraction of them saw my posts. A couple of personal friends were even in the dark about this contest when I messaged them.

I have a whole list of people I’d like to thank for their help, a number of whom are in my Blog Club: Carol, Flore, Kirbie, Simon, Eng Beng, Denny, etc. And especially to Steven Lek, who blogs at He sent private messages via facebook to many of his over-1000 friends asking them to vote for me. He was sending messages at such an alarming rate that Facebook sent him warnings twice, telling him to slow down! I am eternally grateful, Steven! :D

2) Be more deserving of these friends you feel you don’t deserve

A number of people helped me out a great deal this time even though they stood to gain nothing. I did not pay them and they did not even receive prizes in any of my giveaways. They basically got nothing out of it than the satisfaction of helping a friend.

They didn’t just help to vote. They also shared the links on their own facebook profiles or sent messages to their friends!

Thank You

Max Clyne, Steven Lek, Derek Gue, Carol Lim, Chris Shia, Francyn Tan, Andrew Chow, Clarence Chin, Amanda Teng, Terence Chiew and many more I have not tracked down and personally thanked! :)

Fans from all over the world also got their friends and family members to vote. There are people from Croatia, Russia, Germany, France, Malaysia, Philippines, etc! [Some of you probably did it for the prizes but I love you anyway!]

I’ll be doing my best to return the favors and also bring more of my well-liked giveaways back. :D

3) Do whatever it takes – if you want to win

I knew that Saturday was extremely crucial if I wanted to win this contest. Trust me, I don’t care about the bag. I have too many bags at home. I just do not back down from fights – unless the person is wielding a knife, in which case, I’ll run.

So what I did was postpone all my appointments on Saturday. Yes, it was crazy, no doubt. But that is just me. If I am committed to doing something, I do it. I am glad my pal, Steven, knows exactly what I am talking about. Because he has the same trait. :D

This thing about commitment is what I TRY to teach some of my Blog Clubbers. Unfortunately only a handful have “gotten it”. There are some who still have no idea what commitment is about.

I spent the entire Saturday at home messaging friends, harassing them on Facebook (if I saw them online, they’d get a message), and basically replying emails and requesting that people keep voting.

Before I knew it, 8am became 5pm. Time really flew for me yesterday. I probably set a national record for email replies. Everyone who sent me an email got a reply within the hour, some within a minute.

I was THAT committed to winning this. And by the time I went to bed, I was leading by over 1507 points.

That is how I won this contest. But there will be some people who make senseless remarks… like this lady…

4) There will be sour grapes and people who hate your win. Learn to love them.

Sherry Ho

Who is Sherry Ho?

*Disclaimer: I understand that some people do create fake accounts on Facebook with other people’s photos.

Sherry Ho timeline

She apparently works at “Singapore Airlines” according to her profile.

Interesting how an SQ Girl cannot even get her ‘face’ within the profile picture thumbnail. Was this photo misused by someone else? ;) She also seems to have sarcasm you won’t expect from a Singapore Girl. Hmm. *I did not include a close-up of her picture here just in case it was stolen by someone malicious for the setting up of this account.

I didn’t pay anyone to vote for me, but I did run giveaways in order to get more votes. Pretty much the same as how Luxury City ran this bag giveaway to get more likes/fans. Perhaps “Sherry” could not comprehend that. :)

I am always of the opinion that if I were to ask someone to help me out, or do something for me, I need to provide a reason for them to do so.

Hence the giveaways.

Help me win this bag, and I’ll give you a prize. Fair trade, no?

I don’t suppose cabin crew will be sweet to me if I have not paid for a seat on their flight too. :) (Though I am a shareholder in SQ. Ha!)

5) Celebrate Your Win

At the end of the day, sour grapes will be sour. Victory is sweet. Do not let other people’s bitterness rob you of the sweetness of your win. :D

Gonna celebrate with the people who matter. Those who want to get sarcastic / sour / jealous can go get pickled in a vat of vinegar.

As a blogger for almost 4 years now, I have seen much worse. :)

Lady First Season 2 Episode 4: The Korean Wave

I use only ONE makeup product (seriously, just one) and it is featured in this episode! :D I’m not exactly a fan of Korean TV shows, dramas, music, food or fashion. But I do love that luminous makeup look.

In this episode, the gurus Keith and Xiao Kai (so dashing!) teach us how to rock the K-pop look and have soft and delicate skin that even the Koreans would be envious of. :D

As usual, the Ladies’ Team demonstrate (and exaggerate) some flaws in our makeup and dressing, and the gurus rectify all the mistakes.

1) Candyce was indeed well-informed when she told us that Koreans have beautiful skin and that they use the luminous makeup look, in which light bounces off the skin, to look as if they are glowing.

She preps her skin (before makeup) by using a moisturizing mask and facial serum before going to bed. However, she overdoes the ‘shimmer’ part in her makeup; using a shimmer pearl base, foundation, then shimmer powder on top. This is not suitable for Singapore’s climate.

Xiao Kai used the upgraded version of the Laneige BB Cushion on Candyce. It can lighten skin tone, has anti-sweat properties, and can be used directly after a basic skincare routine even if you don’t use sunscreen because it has SPF 50 PA+++.

Pat instead of spreading it over skin so you don’t stretch skin but get to cover up spots more effectively.

The product is highly moisturizing, slows down oil production, and eliminates the need to use loose powder.

And here is my review of the product!

Laneige BB Cushion Before and After

My skin tone seems more even after application and I look more radiant. It was really easy to apply and I now know why the puff (or applicator sponge) is so popular! It grabs onto a sufficient amount of the product and cleanly transfers it onto your face, leaving little to no residue behind on the puff! I am very impressed! For those who are particular about keeping the puff clean, either wash it or purchase new ones at S$5 per piece whenever you need a change! *Psst: the refill pack also comes with a new puff!  :D

I made a serendipitous discovery as well. I’d wanted to test if the Laneige BB Cushion can conceal skin imperfections such as freckles. So I took a spotted pear from the fruit bowl and conducted an experiment. To answer your question and mine, no, this product is *not* exactly a concealer (or perhaps the one I am using is not the upgraded version). BUT, it does give you really radiant skin. Watch out for that light spot on the pear. I applied the BB cream only on one small portion, and noticed that it made light from my ceiling lamp reflect off the pear, even though it doesn’t conceal/cover any dark spots!

(*If the vid doesn’t load, click here)

I am not kidding you. This is one seriously good product! Two thumbs up! :)

lady first season two

2) Kelly had a ‘transformation’ during this episode and the Triumph Maximizer Aqua bra she got from Keith had her go up two cup sizes! I own a Maximizer bra too and can vouch that it really works. It is really every (flat-chested) woman’s dream come true, and also every man’s nightmare. Haha! :D

Aqua Maximizer bra

3) Silver wanted those Korean-style under-eye bags which supposedly give one an innocent look. She used too much of the under-eye brightener and ended up making her eyes look puffy and small.

Xiao Kai advised her to put on some (vanity) glasses and to use a champagne color instead of silvery-white for her under-eye makeup as she will be less likely to go wrong with it.

For ‘deep’ double eyelids, use some (COSMOS) eyelid tape slightly above the original crease. Then use 3M Nexcare Blenderm eye beauty tape across your nose (concealed by the glasses).

double eyelid

pull 1

pull 2


4) Vee thought it would be a good idea to wear shorts to work but because she chose to tuck in her loose top, she looked like she had a lot of belly fat when viewed from the side.

Vee tummy

Keith advised her to use a big bag to ‘cover’ her legs so it doesn’t look like she is exposing too much skin when wearing shorts.

Also, pairing bright colors with a black blazer is key here. Add an accessory for some bling. :)


How short / long should your shorts be?


5) Kanny shared about a 4-2-4 method of face washing which involved leaving cleansing products on your face for up to 4 minutes. Xiao Kai says this is inaccurate – cleansing products shouldn’t be left on for so long.

He recommends the petrochemical-free, fragrance-free, soap-free Face Cleansing “Eggs” which are from the Holika Holika Egg Soap special set.

The white one is for sensitive skin, green one for people with large pores, charcoal for deep cleansing and pore minimizing, etc.




Also, there is the Clarisonic Mia 2 that supposedly removes impurities from every pore. I have heard SO MUCH about it that I really do feel like I should get it, even though I don’t think I need it. Ever felt this way before? Last time I felt this way, I bought an ipad 2 which I ended up not using at all. LOL.

For a list of ALL the products featured in this episode, click here.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Loot From Taiwan! :D

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

These are some of the Kitty items I bought when I was in Taiwan last month. I was glad that he brought his luggage just for me, or I would definitely have run out of space, considering that I bought THREE pairs of kitty shoes, among other things. :D

Anyway, this pair of sneakers is from the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary range, and I have not worn them since the fitting in the store. They just might end up in a glass case in my new home in future, unless I find some occasion to put them on. LOL!

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

I spent NT1264 on these shoes and I happen to think they are worth every penny! :D

The folders cost NT190 and the pouch set cost NT590 (before discount).

I really like the print and design for the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary collection. I am amazed that I didn’t buy more stuff back. I’m not sure when I’ll head back to Taiwan, especially after the MRT stabbing incident. Hmm…

The Mega Flea Market 11

[Please note that there has been a change: Head to Hall 404 instead of 406 :D]

The Mega Flea Market 11

The Mega Flea is back again! I went to the previous Mega Flea and loved how I could get good bargains just by haggling with the stallholders! :D This is something you cannot do in shopping malls! LOL!

Here’s more information about the upcoming Mega Flea. Definitely worth a visit! Mark your calendar!

Mega Flea Market

[This post is brought to you by T.Cartel]

The Mega Flea Market is Singapore’s largest indoor flea market to date. With over 200 stalls selling ALL sort of products, shoppers will definitely be spoilt for choice.
From clothing to electronics, there will certainly be something for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Fashion items from various collections will be offered at exclusive prices at The Mega Flea Market, so if you are one with an eye for unique pieces, do keep a lookout for what the brands have to offer. 
Conveniently located at the central part of Singapore, The Mega Flea Market 11 will be held in Suntec Convention Hall 404 (level 4), on 5th & 6th July 2014 from 11am to 10pm. All items have to go! Prepare yourself and be awed by the power of a mega flea! Find out more on our website: or LIKE us on Facebook @TheMegaFleaMarket
This is not all, we are also having some contests whereby you can bring home some fabulous prizes.
Some prizes (Worth up to $1,500) to be won!
- iPad Mini (Worth $548)
- Fischer Audio Golden Wasp (Worth $58) (x 2)
- Taka Voucher (Worth $50)
- Portable Charger (Worth $30) (x 5)
- Exit Plan 1-For-1 Voucher (x 10)
- Fullhouse Signature Singapore Dining Voucher (x 20)
Mark down those dates, see you in Suntec Convention Hall this 5th & 6th July 2014!
Mega Flea Market
Find out more at

The Cufflink Shoppe – Bet You Have Never Seen Cufflinks Like These Before

[Giveaway #2 at the end of this post!]

The Cufflink Shoppe

I love the cufflinks that The Cufflink Shoppe sent over for review: Roboto ($32), Spitfire ($28), Wright (email for availability), Virtuosity – Silver ($128) and Octavia – Gold ($128).

Virtuosity and Octavia are from the Watch Movements collection:

The Cufflink Shoppe - premium

I gave Octavia (the gold pair) to my pal, social media strategist, Andrew Chow. He emailed me back to say that “This pair is style and elegance combined! It attracts attention from others that I can’t complain about… [and] It has become a great conversation opener for me in networking sessions!”

Andrew Chow

I think he really likes them, from the pictures he sent me:

The Cufflink Shoppe

He even took a video to show me how the parts actually move once you wind it up like you would a watch:

Too cool! And what’s even more awesome is that The Cufflink Shoppe is having a Great Singapore Sale promotion right now. Check this out:

The Cufflink Shoppe GSS Promotion:

The Cufflink Shoppe

Start shopping now:

You’ll also not want to miss CUFF+ which is a unique subscription service from The Cufflink Shoppe. Get cufflinks sent to you every month for a small fee.


Find out more HERE.

And here are the winners for my giveaway #1, and also, check out giveaway #2 where you stand to win LEGO cufflinks from The Cufflink Shoppe! :D

Winners from Giveaway #1 get Premium Cufflinks every month for 3 months, via CUFF+

The Cufflink Shoppe

The winners are: Jimmy Chua and Terence Chiew! Congratulations!!!

To claim your prize, email gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address and handphone number, by 17th June 2014. :)

Giveaway #2: WIN a pair of LEGO cufflinks! (17 colors in total; 2 pairs to be won)

LEGO Cufflinks

How to Win:

1) Head to The Cufflink Shoppe’s website and check out the 17 colors for the LEGO cufflinks:

2) Comment on this blogpost and tell me which is your favorite COLOR for the LEGO cufflinks

The winners are:

1) Pearlyn Pei Lin

2) Frandy Goh

Congratulations! :)

LINE Friends Sock Giveaway Gets Over 9.8K Views!

LINE Friends

Shared over 400 times on Facebook, my LINE Friends sock giveaway has attracted 9872 views! Not bad for an item I had thought few people would want. How wrong I was. :D

For more giveaways, head over to my facebook page:

*Please send all advertising inquiries to gracewwg [at ] gmail [dot] com.

Haircut & Treatment at Queen’s Cut, Far East Plaza

Queen's Cut

Finally got a haircut and treatment for my bleached-and-dyed-multiple-times hair today. :)

I had thought of letting the fringe grow out but apparently, it does not suit my face at all. So my stylist, Ada, trimmed it. As long as my hair at the back is not cut so short that I can’t tie it all up in a ponytail (in SG’s HOT weather), I’m fine with it.

I’m really lazy when it comes to makeup and hairstyling and all, so I’m glad I can let the good folks at Queen’s Cut decide what new hairstyle I’ll sport every month.

Did a scalp detox and hair treatment today too. Hopefully, over time, my oily and itchy scalp issues will go away!

{ Queen’s Cut is located at Far East Plaza, #05-115. Tel: 67375115 }