The Royal Mail: Some Hits, Some Misses

The Royal Mail Pan Seared Foie Gras { Pan Seared Foie Gras S$24 }

I have to state this upfront: I do not usually eat foie gras. I try to avoid eating foie gras whenever possible. But at The Royal Mail’s tasting session on Friday, I was starving! We had to wait for slightly more than a hour since we arrived before the starters were served. Imagine that. So when really tender and tasty foie gras was served, well, consider it devoured.

The Royal Mail mains and sides

[Clockwise from top left: Roast Prime Rib S$58, Duck Fat Baby Potato S$8 & Casserole of Mushrooms S$8, Deboned Sea Bass S$52, Sous Vide Half Maine Lobster S$24]

The Prime Rib was a huge disappointment (I ate barely half of it), the Sea Bass was cut up real terribly by the server, and the lobster was just so-so despite the very pretty presentation. I liked the baby potatoes and mushrooms though.

The Royal Mail desserts

[Eton Mess S$15, Truffle Mashed Potato, Banoffee Tart S$13, Chocolate Fondant]

The mashed potato (S$10) was really yummy! I didn’t even mind the carbs! The Eton Mess (said to be served at Eton College) helped end the dinner on a ‘sweet’ note. I didn’t get to try the Banoffee Tart. But the Chocolate Fondant was a letdown. I’m quite sure it’s not worth the S$18 pricetag; get your chocolate fix elsewhere.

Still can’t quite figure out why dinner took 1 hour to start. I guess I waited it out because of the company, and because I don’t usually head into the CBD for dinner. It was good to meet my blogger pals like Dawn, whose hubby (Adam) was a real good sport when it came to photo-taking and being a ‘hand model’. :D

The Royal Mail A Blogger's Plus One Linking Content Creators And Businesses

In this blogpost, I will apply makeup on a fruit, show you pictures of my bare face without even a tinge of makeup *gasp* and tell you how your posts on social media can earn you exclusive rewards. Ready?

Laneige BB Cushion Pear Experiment

It all began last Thursday with’s launch event at Marriott Hotel.

Introducing }

For Influencers, influr is a platform that measures your social influence (based on how many people like, share and comment on your posts) and awards you Treats from your favorite brands via influr’s rewards program. Elite influencers also get the opportunity to become Brand Advocates for exclusive assignments.

Elite Influencer

One of the available treats:

influr treat

For businesses, influr serves as the link between companies and top content creators whose loyal audience could become their next potential customers. The blogosphere is not an easy one to navigate, so influr can help companies make wise marketing decisions.

To sign up, head over to

{ The Venue: Marriott Hotel’s Pool Terrace Pavilion }

influr’s launch was held at Marriott Hotel’s Pool Terrace Pavilion on level 5. The Pavilion is usually a dining area for patrons of the Pool Grill, but was converted into an event space for the launch:

Marriott Hotel Pavilion

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

Usually occupied by a few tables and chairs, and (mostly) angmohs chilling with their beer, cigarettes and laptops…

Marriott Hotel pavilion

I had dinner there on Monday with my pal, Steven. He’s 66 but never too old for a cutesy pose in photos. He inspires me because he is constantly in the pursuit of knowledge and does not take himself too seriously so he always makes me laugh with his jokes. He’s a fantastic dining companion, and I have so much to learn from him!

We even learnt something new over dinner. Being ignorant is not being foolish; choosing to be ignorant is…

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

I ordered the Roasted Cod Fish (S$36) while Steven had the Yellowfin Tuna ($32). Steven wondered what that bright yellow ‘package’ next to the tomatoes contained. I thought it might contain a dessert of sorts (maybe jelly?) and asked him to untie it. And lo and behold, it was half a lemon (for his tuna, geddit)! Both of us had a good laugh, and Steven quickly re-tied it before anyone else noticed. :D So silly and so funny, but now we know. ;)

As an event space, the pavilion offers a cosy and intimate setting for 20-30 guests comfortably. Otherwise, you might want to dine indoors at the Pool Grill as smoking is allowed within the pavilion.

{ Laneige BB Cushion: My review }

At the launch, I was also introduced to a best-selling Laneige product: the BB Cushion.

Laneige BB Cushion review

If you don’t already know, I do not use makeup nor sunblock! Simply because I don’t like having gunk on my face and the consequences of not removing makeup properly. I’m serious – all I use in the form of “make up” is a pair of false eyelashes. Period.

The only drawback thus far is that when I am tired, it shows on my face. Also, people can’t help but gasp when they hear that I have neither makeup nor sunblock on. Yes, I know how damaging the sun can be to our skin! 

Thanks to influr, I got to know about Laneige’s BB Cushion which not only provides long-lasting, natural coverage but also has comprehensive UV protection of SPF50+, PA+++!

I received a small sample of the product in No.13 True Beige, which is the lightest shade in the range for Asian skin. But I don’t have very fair skin (no sunblock, remember?) so I headed to the Laneige counter at Isetan, Nex, to purchase the full sized product in No. 23 Sand Beige.

The Laneige BB Cushion retails at S$59, inclusive of one refill! Twice the amount of product for one price. I like. ;)

Laneige BB Cushion

The Laneige consultant told me that Sand Beige is the closest to my skin tone and would result in a natural, no-makeup look. If I decide to select one shade lighter (No. 21 Natural Beige), I would get an even more radiant, dewy look, but there might be a color difference between my face and my neck. (@_@) Obviously, I picked the color that would look most natural on my skin: No.23 Sand Beige.

 My Before & After application comparison (no filter)

Laneige BB Cushion Before and After

My skin tone seems more even after application and I look more radiant. It was really easy to apply and I now know why the puff (or applicator sponge) is so popular! It grabs onto a sufficient amount of the product and cleanly transfers it onto your face, leaving little to no residue behind on the puff! I am very impressed! For those who are particular about keeping the puff clean, either wash it or purchase new ones at S$5 per piece whenever you need a change! *Psst: the refill pack also comes with a new puff! :D


I made a serendipitous discovery as well. I’d wanted to test if the Laneige BB Cushion can conceal skin imperfections such as freckles. So I took a spotted pear from the fruit bowl and conducted an experiment. To answer your question and mine, no, this product is *not* a concealer. BUT, it does give you really radiant skin. Watch out for that light spot on the pear. I applied the BB cream only on one small portion, and noticed that it made light from my ceiling lamp reflect off the pear, even though it doesn’t conceal/cover any dark spots!

Here’s what to look out for in the video later…

Laneige BB Cushion experiment on pear

The portion which I used the BB Cushion on became rather light-reflective. See the bright spot that the pink arrow is pointing at? Watch how it disappears when I rotate the pear over to the side without the BB cream. And back and forth again.

Are you amazed too?!

(*If the vid doesn’t load, click here)

Conclusion: I am absolutely SOLD on this product. Sure, I doubted their marketing claims that TEN BB Cushions are sold worldwide EVERY SECOND. But now I think it could very well be true.

This product does give a natural finish and very visible radiance. It’s worth every cent.

{ The influr Video }

And to conclude this post, here’s a video about

influr video

How I would write the description for this video: “influr empowers the dreamers, the creative spirits, those who dare to be and dare to try, those who take time off to be inspired and to inspire others.”

If fortune favors the bold, influr favors the creative! :D Now, what is your interpretation of the video? ;)

I asked for your comments about this video on my facebook page and here are some of your replies:

fb comment

fb comment 2

Just this evening at an event, I was introduced to someone who began asking me about what I do for a living.

Ms X: “I heard you are a blogger. So what do you blog about?”

Me: “I blog about business and lifestyle topics” (when prompted about the business portion) “I interview businessmen, entrepreneurs, even some celebrities.”

Ms X: “So, do you have a real job?”

Me: [I don't get offended anymore] “I’ve been blogging full-time for over 3 years now. And last year, I published a book titled ‘Blogging For A Living’. You can find it in bookstores.”

The above is an actual conversation that is not a first for me. People tend to think I am joking when I tell them I blog full-time. Till they spot me on TV, or read my book, or see me featured in the papers. It has not been an easy journey. Even my closest and dearest have, at some point or other, doubted that I can ‘make it’ in this career choice of mine.

But as the poet Robert Frost wrote in ‘The Road Not Taken’,

” I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I am thankful that platforms like have been set up to empower bloggers and those who want to take the road less traveled. There will always be people who doubt your capabilities and people who envy your success and try to drag you down. But there will also be those who support you on your journey. So dare to dream. And dream big.

Now, go be beautiful… and live your dreams! :)

Laneige BB Cushion Barbie and Pear


Update: This post won’s Blogger Contest. :)


Prizes: Staycation at Marriott Hotel (worth S$390++) and Laneige White Plus Renew Hamper worth S$306! 

Pictured with me is Max Clyne, the photographer who helped shoot the photos in my award-winning blogpost! 

Connect with Max here:

Social Media: Who You Are Dating Becomes Everyone’s Business (The Rachel Wong Saga)

*Update on 3rd Jan 2014, after receiving an email from Rachel, who said “My best friend wasn’t actually together w my current beau. Ever. So basically his last girlfriend was Tammy. And I’m the next girlfriend.”*

When I was asked if I have heard about the blogger, Rachel Wong, and what she did, I was clueless. Apparently, there have been rumors that Rachel dumped her boyfriend and slept with her friend’s boyfriend. Is it really our business who she is (or is not) sleeping with, and whether she dumped her boyfriend? No, but the average Singaporean will want to know, get all riled up, and post something on the offending blogger’s blog.

All I can say after reading the blogposts by two bloggers (Rachel Wong and Tammy Tay) is that the private lives of young bloggers these days are so complicated. Tammy Tay claims she is one of the ex-girlfriends of the guy that Rachel Wong dumped her boyfriend for. Confused? Well, it’s a small (dating) world?

You may or may not recognize Rachel (from her facebook profileRachel Wong

Rachel wrote a blogpost addressing the rumors: ‘A Heartfelt Truth‘. It does seem like this girl is very much in love, and don’t we all make mistakes when we are blinded by love? “Fighting” for one’s happiness does sound good, but at the end of the day, you’ll want the blessings from your friends and family, not nasty blog comments telling you to be careful of karma and whatnot.

From the comments, I’m piecing together the story that Rachel dumped her boyfriend, “Choon Yan” (whom she had dated for over 2 years) and stole her good friend’s (Alissa) boyfriend, “Daryl”, who is also the ex-boyfriend of Tammy Tay. [Rachel emailed me to clarify: "My best friend wasn't actually together w my current beau. Ever. So basically his last girlfriend was Tammy. And I'm the next girlfriend."]

After 63 comments on her blogpost, Rachel was smart enough to disable further comments. Tammy’s blogpost ‘Girlfriend Code‘ “sparked more views” than the latter had expected.

Why am I blogging about this? One: Since I was kaypoh enough to go read their blogposts, I might as well blog about the saga and see what we can learn from this, from a social media standpoint.

Two: I just have a comment on how such hoo-has will blow over soon. Around this time last year, the blogosphere buzzed with the Zoe Raymond saga. A year on, I guess many have forgotten her name, and most don’t care what is happening in her life now.

If your life happens to be the talk of the town blogosphere and who you are dating suddenly becomes everyone’s business, just disable comments and keep a low profile. In a week’s time, people will have moved on. And in a year’s time, people will have trouble recalling your name. Just don’t create another scandal. :P

Make Your Blog An Award-Winning Blog: 1st Dec 2013

Singapore Blog Awards Trophy

It is one thing to win a blog award. It is quite another to help someone else get good enough to win a blog award.

This is the challenge I have thrown myself. :D

Today, 5 bloggers attended this workshop which have set them on the path to winning their first blog award. I’ll be with them the entire way and I’m sure that in 2014, I’ll be able to celebrate their wins with them. :)

What They Learnt Today:

1) What Is The SBA & Why Do People Bother?

2) Which Categories To Concentrate Your Efforts On?

3) Why Some Blogs Win Awards While Others Don’t

4) What To Do Between NOW And SBA 2014

What They Said After The Workshop:

“This workshop teaches me how to prepare for SBA 2014!”

“Good to know why and how those bloggers won this year!”

“Insightful tips!”

“Really awesome… and really worth the fees”

“Insider knowledge of what it takes to win!”

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Winners

To find out more about upcoming workshops or to engage me for personal coaching, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. :)

F1 Weekend: Full House at my Blogging Workshops! :D

Blogging Workshops 21 and 22 Sept 2013

The strangest thing happened over the weekend: EVERYONE turned up for my blogging workshops. I had expected that some would have called in sick, or had work, or got abducted by F1 aliens. But every single participant turned up. :D And on Sunday’s session, every one of them turned up early, before the appointed time. I was very impressed. So, THANKS GUYS!

My workshops, on both Saturday and Sunday, were for those who already had existing blogs. So I didn’t have to explain what Blogging is, and how to set up a blog. We went straight to tackling issues that bloggers commonly face, such as how to attract and keep loyal followers, how to get featured in the media, and how to get more blog traffic.

The best part for me about conducting these workshops is that I learn from each participant as well. As I teach, I learn. And as I share, I grow in knowledge. So if you would like to attend my next Blogging Workshop, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com! More details at the end of this post! :)

Here’s what they said:

[Saturday, 21st September 2013]

Terence, trainer: “Dear Grace, your workshop is simply awesome! I have more clarity now about what I want to share on my blog. Thank you for your generous sharing. May you continue to inspire!”

Rui Min, NUS undergrad: “I got my questions answered and I learnt much from your blogging tips. I cleared my doubts on what I should focus on for my blog and maybe, I’ll work towards publishing travel guides from my travel blog someday!”

Kirbie, part-time wedding emcee: “I like the intimate setting and how Grace is very willing to share her thoughts and views – I learnt a lot!”

Elyse, love coach: “I feel Grace is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I enjoy her “straight to the point” advice and thoughts”.

Benjamin, speaker, trainer and coach: “I enjoyed the 2-hour Blogging workshop and it was definitely a good experience to know that you stay extremely congruent to your voice online and offline”.

[Sunday, 22nd September 2013]

Joanna, makeup artist: “I like the open sharing, with lots of space and time for discussion. Grace is straightforward and gives practical advice. I had a good time. Thanks for the advice!”

Nasri, awaiting NS enlistment: “I like the sharing session and enjoy the advice that Grace gave. I hope there will be more sessions and a second book please (and more to come)… you’re such an inspiration!”

Jia En, Digital Marketer and Blogger: “I like that I learnt how to be consistent in blogging by making a commitment – like blogging every Sunday. Thank you Grace, I really appreciate your time and sharing”.

Steven, age 66: “I liked being given the opportunity to ask questions about Blogging and how to make money from my blog. I learnt, too, from the questions that my fellow workshop participants were asking”.

Leesa, part-time property agent: “Thank you, Grace! I learnt so many things about how to blog and the various do’s and don’ts! Please organize more sessions for monthly reviews and various stages in Blogging”.

Carol, beauty blogger: “It’s an interesting platform to have a sharing session with the other bloggers. Now I know how to generate traffic for my blog!”

I want to thank all these participants for being committed and for showing up for the workshops, and being so willing to share their own blogging journeys with all their ups and downs.

The Next Workshop…

Subject: Monetizing Your Blog

Date: 20th October, 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9am to 5pm

Fee: S$500

Venue: Training center in an easily accessible location. Details to be confirmed later.

Course Details:

1) How YOU can begin monetizing your blog right now: Tips and Strategies no other blogger will teach you.

2) Crafting your USP to reach out to the media for interview features. PLUS, I will share with you my media contacts, and do link-ups for you.

3) Exploring monetizing opportunities not directly linked to Blogging.

4) How to get 4,000 or more Facebook likes within a month without paying anyone (so your followers are people genuinely interested in what you do, and not ‘paid’ to like your page). Why get more page likes? So advertisers will pay you more!


Email me at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. I accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer. :)

My Blogging Workshops over the weekend

I’ve been busy over the weekend conducting my blogging workshops. So, it really amused me to read The Sunday Times today and see an article about a fellow blogger who goes by the name Yutaki James. He actually “paid” S$1,000 for a filler injection to his lower eyelids.

It’s currently a trend in Korea to get, erm, eyebags. There’s even a term for it: “aegyo sal” / cute skin. And Yutaki James (who lives in Singapore) wanted to “keep up with trends”. Er… ok.

Firstly, I don’t think he “paid” for the filler – it is more likely that it was sponsored. Check out this Youtube video if you need “proof”. A popular blogger NEVER needs to pay for aesthetics treatments. *wink*

Yutaki James eyebag filler

Secondly, I really think he could have just given me $1,000 to teach him how to get eyebags the natural way. :P Seriously, here I am trying to sleep away my eyebags and/or hide them with concealer and he is getting fillers for eyebags? Wow.

But if that gets a huge picture of you on The Sunday Times, good for you.

Me… I’m getting eyebags the natural way with my workshops, travels, blogging, etc.

Here are the peeps from my workshops on Saturday (7th Sept) and Sunday (8th Sept).

7 Sept 2013 Blogging Workshop

Above: Nicole, Carina, Me, and Linn. One other participant, a fellow blogger, took this photo for us. She didn’t want to let other bloggers know she attended my workshop. Ha! Well, she’ll surprise them with her blogging progress if she puts into practice what I’ve taught the group! :)

On Sunday… almost an all-guys group. Almost.

8 Sept 2013 Blogging Workshop

It was good meeting Alvin, Karen, KC and Eng Beng! Go astound the blogosphere! :D

I had one or two people miss each session either because they fell ill, got abducted by aliens, or had work. So, I’m glad to meet these 8 awesome peeps over 2 days. :)

The next two blogging workshops are already full. But you can sign up for the October sessions. Just follow the steps below:

Upcoming Blogging Workshops:

(1) 21st September, Saturday *FULL*

(2) 22nd September, Sunday *FULL*

(3) 12th October, Saturday *Available*

(4) 13th October, Sunday *Available*

How To Sign Up:

1) Email gracewwg [at] with subject “Blogging Workshop” and tell me which date you prefer.

2) Upon receipt of my confirmation email, make payment of $250 to POSB Savings 126-85658-0 to secure your seat within 48 hours.

Come to my workshop if you’d like to have all your questions about Blogging answered. I’ll not say more. You’ll simply be blown away.

Here’s unsolicited feedback from Alvin:

Alvin Nio feedback


#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #6: ieat Polaroid Sandwich

This 6th and FINAL creation is inspired by Dr Leslie Tay who owns the very popular food blog

I’m calling it the ieat Polaroid Sandwich:

Zespri ieat polaroid sandwich

This is edible art! LOL :D

You probably want to know what went into making the sandwich:

Zespri Inside The Polaroid Sandwich

I eat only wholemeal bread hence this is a wholemeal bread sandwich with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and kiwifruit inside! This sandwich ended up being my sister’s supper! :D I believe the doctor will agree that this is a very healthy sandwich – no mayonnaise or any such nonsense! ;)

I created this sandwich because I’ve been very inspired by what Dr Leslie Tay once told me.

I had asked him how food bloggers like himself take such awesome pictures.

He told me that there’s really no “secret”. Just take a thousand photos and you will find at least one that looks really good! Of course, technical know-how is important, but what I took away from the interview with him is that I must keep practising.

Also, despite his busy schedule, he even gave me an impromptu photography lesson. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take pictures which look as good as his, but I’ll certainly do my best!

I learnt, too, that no matter how famous you are as a blogger, always remain humble and be willing to teach those who come after you. :)

So there you have it, folks!

The secret to taking good photos: practice + 1,000 photographs!

Snap Away! :D

Zespri ieat polaroid sandwich

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#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #5: Super Kiwi & Bikini Babe

This is my 5th kiwi creation for this Zespri kiwi blogger challenge, and my 3rd today. Grace really doesn’t know when to give up! :D

I’m just so inspired, and I have so many bloggers I want to kiwify. I just don’t have enough time!!!

But here’s a blogger I think I definitely should kiwify: Smith Leong.

If you recall, I’ve once interviewed Smith for this blog. Check out the really AWESOME blogpost here.

And here’s a very old picture of Smith (hehe!) – you can tell who is his favorite superhero:

Smith Leong Superman

He’s one of those guys who are ‘not shy’ about telling you that he’s awesome. Awesome at what, exactly? LOL! :D And oh, he’s also a sex blogger, but let’s not go there, shall we? :P

Smith is one blogger who inspires me because of his unique perspectives about Life, relationships, and even the blogosphere and Blogging!

Out of the many things that he has said to me in the few conversations that we have had thus far, a couple have really struck me.

There was once when we had lunch at Harbourfront and somehow the topic of blogger popularity (in particular, mine) came up. And he told me, in all brutal honesty, “Look around, in this restaurant, anyone here knows who you are? No, right? You are not famous!”

Of course, I didn’t think he was being mean or anything. But it told me something – you are either someone or you are not. Either you are awesome and people know who you are, or you are just nobody.

Like ice cold water poured down my back, his words really shocked me. And I think I haven’t fared too badly since. I’ve won at this year’s Blog Awards, and I’ll be appearing on TV screens come September when the episode for ‘Off The Path’ is aired on Channel U. :) I have Smith to thank. Smithankyou! :D And oh, Smith blogs at Really!

And you also wouldn’t think of getting relationship advice from a sex blogger, right? Ok, maybe you would. But I won’t. Turns out, Smith’s pretty good at dishing out good advice! LOL!

I once asked him how he handles the fact that he and his wife seem to be very different character-wise. He’s outgoing and loud while she’s a teacher and quite the opposite. How does he ensure he doesn’t neglect her when he goes out partying and all?

And Smith, as usual, has it all figured out. He told me that when his wife doesn’t have any engagements, he spends time with her. When she’s busy or out with the gals, then it’s his time to go party with the boys. This way, she will not feel neglected by him, even when she doesn’t want to go clubbing or anything like that. So smart!

I certainly passed on this piece of relationship advice to my fiance! LOL! No mahjong unless I am overseas on sponsored trips! :D

And my special kiwi creation for Smith is…

*Tah dah*

Zespri Super Kiwi and Bikini Babe

I call them Super Kiwi and Bikini Babe.

Sex blogger mah. Must have bikini babe somewhere. LOL!

And of course, there’s a Super Kiwi Smoothie…

Zespri Super Kiwi Smoothie

The Super Kiwi Smoothie has been certified as being “Delicious!” by Yours Truly. :D I added 2 green kiwifruit, 2 small bananas and some ice cubes and blended it all into this power-packed smoothie! :)

Heading off to the beach!

Zespri Superb Day At The Beach

*Signing Off*

*P/s: I sliced my finger while creating Super Kiwi. So, unless you are well trained at wielding a knife, don’t try this at home! :P



#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #4: Hello Kitty Kiwi Chocolates

If I hadn’t run out of gold kiwifruit, I would have made gold kiwi Hello Kitty chocolates, and named them “Heart Of Gold Kitty Chocolates”. Hehe!

In any case, I think green kiwifruit goes well with desserts which are sweet. ;)

My vegan friend and fellow blogger, Amanda, recently gave me a Scooby Doo Chocolate Mud Spread that she specially got for me from Australia, among a whole lot of other chocolate gifts! So sweet right this girl? :D

Presents from Amanda

So I used the Scooby Doo Mud Spread to make Hello Kitty chocolates with a green kiwi center. :)

The Making Of

And these chocolates are inspired by fellow blogger and fellow Hello Kitty fan, who goes by a fictitious name ‘Ai’.

My first meeting with Ai was at the Greenwich V Amazing Race back in 2012. She kinda stood out from the rest as she was wearing her Hello Kitty spectacles. And there was an awkward moment ‘cos she caught me staring. *OOPS!*

Ai Sakura

I was looking (alright, staring) at her because I couldn’t quite figure out whether she’s local or Japanese. And the Hello Kitty specs sure did not help! But as it turned out, she was so friendly, and she actually smiled at me when she saw me looking in her direction.

I was SO shocked! Most people would just stare back and give you the “what-are-you-looking-at?” glare, right? I can’t even remember whether I had the courtesy to smile back or not! LOL!

And like my previous blogger inspiration, Daniel, Ai sticks to her principles as a blogger. I even wrote about her in my upcoming book ‘Blogging For A Living’! Ok, now you so hafta buy the book, right? :P

So, for my fellow kitty fan, I came up with Kitty chocolates. And you know what, I seldom make these Kitty chocolates and only 2 people have received them thus far (one of whom is Ai herself!) :D And to answer my own initial query, Ai [not her real name] is definitely local and she has stayed in Japan before, hence the many Japanese references in her blog. So these chocolates symbolize getting to know someone better – my first impression was that she’s Japanese, but I later realized there’s more beneath the surface! :)

Maybe I’ll make more chocolates for her! LOL!

Using kiwifruit this time…

Fresh out of the freezer, and looking a little frosty (HAHA!)

Kitty Chocolates

But soon, Kitty starts perspiring in this SG weather!

Sweating Kitty

Still cute! :)

I’d have loved to do a Hello Kitty Kiwi Chocolates giveaway. But the chocolates would have melted into a very sweet mess by the time they reached the intended recipients. So… I’m having a Hello Kitty Giveaway instead:

Hello Kitty Kiwi Giveaway

Just hop over to my Facebook page to participate! :D


#AmazingZespri ‘Blogger-Inspired Kiwi Creations’ – #3: Kiwi Amazeballs & The Tau Huay Incident

Once in a while, I will come across a blogger who impresses me with his/her work ethic and dedication towards blogging, and who then becomes an inspiration for me.

One such blogger is Daniel, the guy behind

(Psst! I’ve also featured Daniel in my upcoming book ‘Blogging For A Living’, you have to read it! Muahaha!)

After that shameless bit of advertising (ha!), let me tell you why I’ve decided to kiwify Daniel.

For one, he’s a blogger who sticks to his blogging principles. If you didn’t read or hear about the Tau Huay Incident, well, check out his blogpost here.

Secondly, I just love food blogs with good pictures and I thought the blogpost he submitted for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 (with a 60s theme) was really good. I actually thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t competing in the Best Food Blog category! :D

On top of that, he dispenses the occasional nugget of wisdom if you happen to be on his Facebook friends list. Sometime in June, I commented on Facebook that I should start drawing cartoons for a blogpost (since 3 out of 10 finalists in my Blog Awards category are cartoonists) and just about everyone told me that yes, I should do that. Daniel commented with “Do what you do best”. And if you think about it, it truly makes sense.

Next year, I could be up against a world-class dancer, a champion bartender, or, say, that award-winning bodybuilder again. Am I gonna try beating them at what they are good at, or build on my own strengths? ;)

Inspired by this amazing blogger, I have created the Kiwi Amazeballs:

Zespri Kiwi Amazeballs

Yes yes, I know you are amazed. :D

It’s really quite simple to make.

Firstly, blend kiwi juice. I used gold kiwis and green kiwis, and blended them separately. Then put them into this special ice cube tray and slot them into the freezer. Before you know it, you’ll have Kiwi Amazeballs, an original Grace Tan creation! :D

Amazeballs MakerYou can eat the Kiwi Amazeball on its own – it tastes like a popsicle, or do what I did…

Daniel promotes AmaSoy on his blog and facebook page, so I wondered what the buzz was about, and I bought 2 drinks and the mango soy pudding yesterday.

And as luck would have it, I encountered my own Tau Huay Incident!

I went to the outlet at Nex and was told that they had run out of all toppings for the soy puddings!

So I ordered the mango pudding without the mango toppings, and went home and added my own strawberries and kiwi fruit! :)

I dropped the Kiwi Amazeballs into one of the drinks too. Guess which! Hehe!

Zespri Kiwi Amazeballs and Tau Huay

So there you have it. I suppose there are a hundred and one ways of working with kiwi, but there’s not much time left. The Zespri kiwi blogger challenge ends today. So do me a favor and like + comment on my Facebook Kiwi Amazeballs post, and help me gain points towards winning this challenge! :D

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