My Personal Trainer & Parkour Enthusiast, Raphael Lim, on 938LIVE

Typing this as I tune in to the radio interview. Raphael is being interviewed on 938LIVE ‘The Good Life’. He apparently wowed some people in the Green Room.

Look what I found on 938LIVE’s facebook page:

Raphael in 938LIVE Green Room

I’ve watched my trainers, Cain and Raphael, attempt their parkour stunts before, and tried some “simple” moves too (which were, admittedly, quite challenging for me).

Like Raphael mentioned during the interview, parkour is for people of all fitness levels. Just exercise some common sense… if you are not very fit yet, don’t attempt the high level moves, unless you want to break something.

I like that the parkour movements are all full body workouts, without isolating any muscles like in gym training. That makes it all really time-efficient and because it all looks like ‘play’, a lot more fun! :)

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013 WINNER: Cain Ng :D

8 Days Shirtless Guy 2013 with Rebecca Lim

I attended the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Finale Party at RedDot BrewHouse Dempsey last night and wanted to blog about it when I got home, but was too sleepy after 2 half-glasses of beer. Why half? The first was a free drink, and the second was from a stage game I was picked for and reluctantly joined. LOL!

In any case…

My trainer, Cain Ng WON! :D

Here’s the 2nd Runner-up winner: Edward Tan, 19

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

1st Runner-up: Roshan Rohit, 26

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

And WINNER, Cain Ng, 35:

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

Cain was also awarded not 1 but 2 subsidiary titles! He is…

Mr Hot Physique

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

And Mr Well-Groomed

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

* woohoo *

I’m hoping he gets scouted for MediaCorp too, so we’ll get to see Cain on TV. He has the whole package: good looks, a hot bod and a winning personality.

And at this point, I really HAVE to casually mention that I (yes, that’s right) was the one who suggested he should join this 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search. And I constantly bugged him with questions of “Have you submitted your application? Are you sure it has been submitted? Have they contacted you?” :D

And the rest is history.

I thought the 19 year old contestant, Edward Tan, had a good chance of winning as he has boyish good looks. But he was ultimately no match for Cain’s amazing stage presence.

I think many of the contestants were too nervous on stage and did not seize the opportunity to present themselves in a good light. There was an interesting segment in which they had to pick an envelope and the host would tell them what scenario they had to act out. After that one minute of acting, they would be given a choice of exercise equipment: hula hoop, double wheeler or resistance band. And they would have to use the equipment to flaunt their bods.

Why the 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search is more than just a flesh parade:

The 1-minute segments really tested the contestants’ poise on stage, their composure in unfamiliar situations, and whether they have a good sense of humor and creativity.

Cain was told to pretend he is the conductor of an orchestra, and he gamely put up a great performance. At the end, he even used his chest muscles to do the conducting, as he is able to isolate and move just his chest muscles. I used to laugh at him when he did that in the gym. Little did I know how entertaining that little act is on stage!

The 1st runner up, Roshan Rohit, also did a good job. He was supposed to pretend he is in a hostel and there are ‘sexy noises’ coming from the room next door. Roshan took a resistance band and began working out, stretching and flexing his muscles, claiming that the sexy noises (“oh yeah! yes!!!” etc) would be his motivation. It was hilarious!

Some other guys picked topics such as:

1) Your arm is injured but you want to impress your girlfriend’s mother, who has many shopping bags she’d like your help with carrying.

The contestant came up with an unconvincing tale of how he had injured himself from giving his girlfriend’s dad a piggyback ride to the hospital. And therefore he cannot help with the shopping bags, and he would train his girlfriend so she’d have the muscles to carry the bags. (@_@)

What I think he should have done: At least try to carry some bags despite his (fake) injury. And to top it all off, use his teeth to get a grip on an (imaginary) bag and carry it that way. Hey, you are trying to impress someone right?

2) Another contestant picked a topic that involved training a lazy client in the gym. ANYONE can bark out orders so there was really NOTHING special about what that contestant did.

What I think he should have done: Get down on the ground and do those push-ups together with your client. Shouting orders motivates NO ONE, really! When my trainer makes me do planks and hold for a minute or two, he actually joins in, and even though it is easy-peasy for him, it IS more motivating for me, the client!

I should so totally be a coach for next year’s contestants, OR be a judge. Hahaha! :D

Here’s a final picture of the dashing and daring winner of 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013, Cain Ng:

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

Contact Cain:

*If you’d like to sign up for a personal training session with Cain, send him an email:, and cc. the email to Alternatively, you can leave a private message on Quantum Fitness’ FB page:

* Giveaway Winners *

Many thanks to all who helped vote for Cain! Online votes account for 30% of the final score. So thank you for your help!

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8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013: I’m Voting For Cain Ng!

The 8 Days Shirtless Guy Search is back for the third year in a row! :) And my personal trainer, Cain Ng, is a finalist! I went to show my support last Saturday in the “unveiling” (literally) of the 9 finalists. They first came on stage fully clothed, then took off their shirts right in front of us. Temperatures kinda soared from that point on…

8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013The 9 Finalists with Ann Kok

As part of erm, stage games(?), the guys had to pose with Ann for pictures, impress her with their “acting” (like, seriously, 8 Days?! This isn’t Star Search, ya know!) and play a game of charades.

My trainer, Cain Ng:8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

I believe that’s “8-pack abs”, not just “6-pack abs”. :D Wanna find out how he gets his abs? Leave me a comment here and I’ll go ask him!

Based on Sat’s event, I think my trainer really deserves to win. And it’s not because I’m biased or anything like that. Here’s why I think he should be 8 Days’ Shirtless Guy 2013:

1) He has awesome stage presence and a winning smile. Really.

2) He’s so comfortable walking around topless. Unlike some of the guys who hemmed and hawed and weren’t too comfortable removing their shirts. One even got his shirt stuck around his neck as he tried to take it off. (@_@)

3) During charades, he randomly picked the card that read “kicking a soccer ball” (or something along those lines) but when the contestant next to him (sneakily) asked if they could swap cards, my trainer agreed! And ended up having to dance, which is erm, not quite his forte. He is just so nice like that! Extra points, I say! Judges, are you reading this?!!! :P

4) When the third contestant had to act out “Winning a beauty pageant”, my trainer actually ‘volunteered’ his help as the “prize presenter” or else that guy (and the person trying to guess) would have been so helpless. What a gentleman! Totally deserves to win!

Here’s a picture of me and my trainer, Cain. The little blurb above sounds so wrong. Just ignore it:8 Days Shirtless Guy Search 2013

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Results: Friday, 13th Dec 2013.


Hoping my trainer wins the title! Results will be out this Thursday! :)

Prevent Childhood Infections With Good Hand Hygiene: FREE Sureclean Hand Sanitizers For EVERYONE!

girl washing hands

SureClean, a company specializing in Hygiene Management and Sanitizing products, has partnered the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to help promote good hygiene in a bid to prevent and reduce the spread of infections among children.

I am happy to support this, not just as a Health Ambassador with HPB, but also because my twin godsons have been falling ill frequently in their preschool. Their mother, too, has gotten the common cold and cough because she takes care of them.

Common childhood infections, such as Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD), Chicken Pox, Stomach Flu, and Influenza (Flu) can be prevented with good hygiene habits such as:

1) Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after meals, and after visiting the toilet. If washing facilities are unavailable, use a safe hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free and suitable for children, such as SureClean’s SaniHands

2) Not sharing food, utensils and toys with an infected child

3) Covering the nose and mouth with a piece of tissue when sneezing or coughing

4) Keeping shared surfaces (e.g. door handles, light switches and bathroom taps) clean with a child-safe disinfectant. Increase the frequency of cleaning when someone in the house is sick.

For more tips, head over to Sureclean’s FB Page here:

And here’s something we should all practise: The 8-step hand washing routine:

If washing facilities aren’t available, like when you are travelling, then you should have a hand sanitizer ready.

Here’s how you can get one FREE!

1) Visit and click on ‘Like’


2) Answer 3 simple questions from HPB and fill in your particulars and you will receive a FREE bottle of Sureclean Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer aka SaniHands:


3) Await the arrival of your free gift via mail! And share the link with your friends so everyone can get a FREE hand sanitizer that is safe even for kids to use! :)


Everyone in your home and office can receive a FREE SaniHands, as long as handphone numbers and email addresses are not repeated. So share the great news with all those you care about!

Here are my bottles of SaniHands – they are delivered in the “apple pie” lookalike packaging :D


From the brochure: “SureClean SaniHands Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer is an alcohol-free formulation that kills 99.9% of germs on hands without washing and drying your hands. Formulated with gentle moisturizers, it will keep your hands germ-free and moisturized throughout the day.”

For More Information:

SureClean’s FB page:

SureClean’s website:

my LIFE INC: A Fascinating Online Lifestyle Store PLUS A Giveaway!

[Giveaway worth S$400 at the end of this blogpost!]

my LIFE INC. is a new subsidiary of Eu Yan Sang International and their online lifestyle store ( offers a curated range of very interesting products.


I managed to get my hands on a Sprayology set via my LIFE INC. If you don’t already know, Sprayology has a number of celebrity fans:

Melissa Rycroft
Melissa Rycroft Sprayology

Garcelle BeauviasGarcelle Beauvias

Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna

Carrie Ann InabaCarrie Ann Inaba

(more pictures here)

And now I have my own set too! My Sprayology – Weight Loss Essentials set:


Besides its compact packaging (slip a Sprayology bottle into any clutch or purse) and affordable pricing, I love how Sprayology actually works!

- Tried And Tested -

I initially wanted to find out if this S$100 set would indeed help me lose some weight. But I decided that the most pressing issue at that time was my terrible cough which just would not go away despite the many cough syrups I had tried.

I contracted that really bad cough from celebrating my birthday in Jakarta. The air pollution was so horrendous that, pardon me, I don’t think I’ll be visiting that city again.

I returned to Singapore only to have my dad ominously proclaim that my cough has to be what the Chinese call “百日咳”, the literal translation of which is “hundred day cough”. (@_@)

Within the Sprayology set is a spray called the ‘Life Detoxer’, which “neutralizes daily toxins” and is a “homeopathic oral spray with St. Mary’s Thistle” – a herb which is known for helping the liver repair itself. :)

I read what was printed on the box and thought that weight loss can wait, I have to test if this product works first:

The Life Detoxer “relieves common symptoms of exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental toxins (including second-hand smoke), such as respiratory difficulties, coughing, lung and liver toxicity, and sluggishness”.

The best part has to be that it’s so easy to use: Just 2 sprays under the tongue, 3 times a day. The bottle slips easily into a small handbag and you can even use this spray when you are in a taxi or train – people will just think you are freshening up your breath! :D

Melissa Rycroft

My cough cleared up in about a month’s time, and thankfully not a hundred days or I would have coughed my lungs out. I didn’t even have to take any yucky medicine or herbal teas! :)

~ Get Yours Now! ~

The individual bottles retail at S$48, and S$100 for a set of 3. Get them here:

You’ll also find other products like healthy Way Better Snacks, pet care and baby care products.

Enjoy FREE delivery for orders over S$50! :D

3 Other Items From my LIFE INC On My Shopping List:

1) Organic Chocolate Bars Christmas Bundle $36

mylifeinc christmas bundle

2) Harmonic Christmas Travel Set $36


3) Natural Alternative’s bath products: $3 to $25

Natural Alternative



More information about Sprayology here:


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Drinking Silver For Better Health: Argasol Silver Supplements (PLUS A Giveaway)

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Have a cough, sore throat or the sniffles? You are not alone. It’s that time of the year again when most people you meet will have one or more of those symptoms!

What I have been using to keep my immune system strong is Argasol’s silver supplement. (Of course, I ensure I have a healthy diet and regular exercise as well).

When I was first introduced to Argasol, my initial thoughts were “What does silver taste like?” and “Are you sure we can drink silver?!” (@_@) Well, apparently we can!

Introducing Argasol, a silver supplement:


I’ve been using Argasol (10 ppm silver, S$38 per bottle) to help maintain optimal health. For adults, we need to take only half a tablespoon, 1-2 times a day. For children aged 4 to 12, they need just half of what adults require.

If you are wondering what Argasol tastes like, it tastes like… water. Yes, it’s like a bottle of mineral water. And there are many benefits to taking this silver supplement!

Argasol helps kill germs, bacteria, yeast, and inhibits the activity of viruses. You can even use Argasol to purify water (one teaspoon of Silver Supplement can purify 1.2litres of water) <- I haven’t tested this out myself. :D

I don’t just drink silver, I use the Argasol gel (S$19) too:

Argasol Gel

Use the Argasol Silver Gel to treat cuts, minor scalds, rashes, insect bites, ulcers, diaper rash, itch, athlete’s foot, acne and eczema. Or, you can simply use it for hand sanitation.

The gel is odorless, alcohol-free and needs no refrigeration! Best of all, it is non-irritating to the skin, mouth or eyes! Therefore, it is safe for children to use.

Argasol also comes in a range for pets! Its wound and sanitization gel and spray are great for pets with burns, wounds, bites or itches. It is safe for use around the eyes, mouth and nose, and hence favored by pet lovers!

Argasol for pets Argasol Pets Spray

Gel S$19 and Spray S$58. Tip: For pets which will absolutely *not* stay still for you to treat their wounds, such as my hyperactive hamsters, go for the spray and make your life easier. ;)

Find out more here:

Argasol is available at all major Guardian Pharmacy outlets – ask the Pharmacists or staff for Argasol supplement or gel. Alternatively, you can purchase Argasol online at

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Update: Winner Announcement! :D

Congratulations: Vincent Lee, Ben Oh, Bebe Gi Lee,

Grace Lee, PH Pang! :D 

Interview with Dr Philip Tsang, Chief Scientist at BRAND’S®


[Email Interview]

1) What made you decide to be a neuroscientist and why the extensive research into Parkinson’s disease?

“Men ought to know that from nothing else but the brain come joys, delights, laughter and sports, and sorrows, griefs, despondency, and lamentations. And by this, in an especial manner, we acquire wisdom and knowledge… And by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us… All these things we endure from the brain when it is not healthy… I am of the opinion that the brain exercises the greatest power in the man.” – Hippocrates, On the Sacred Disease

To me, this inspirational description of the brain summarizes my enthusiasm in neuroscience and the devotion towards deepening my understanding on how our brain functions. Advancements in technology and medicine have increased significantly the average life span of humans. In many parts of the world, particularly cities with great advancement in technology and economy, one of the socio-economic challenges that the society has to face is the ageing population and the requirement of vast amounts of resources to take care of the long-term needs of individuals suffering from disorders associated with ageing.

Parkinson’s disease is one of the major age-related disorders of the brain that has no effective treatment to cure or even delay the progression of the disorder. Interestingly, most of the cases of Parkinson’s disease do not have a clear and direct correlation with particular genetic factors. It is therefore an important question of how various environmental factors could possibly interact with our genes to result in the acceleration of the neuro-degenerative process. Understanding this will provide important insight into the progression of Parkinson’s disease and possibly provide reference to other neuro-degenerative diseases.

2) What are the main differences between male and female brains, and how does this affect us in terms of language ability, memory, concentration, spatial awareness and creativity?

The overall structures of our brain and the basic cognitive functions are mostly determined by our genes. However, our brain constantly receives information from the environment and is highly capable of fine-tuning its functions to adapt to the environment. Adaptations could be in the changes in the number of connections among the neurons (synapses), the amount of neurotransmitters that are responsible for the signal transmissions among the neurons, and the firing frequencies of the electrical signals passing through the neurons. All these determine the final outcome of the cognitive performance. Therefore, environmental factors like diet, enrichment of experiences (e.g. exposure to different learning environments), stress, infections, etc, play an important role influencing our cognitive performance.

3) What are the top 3 gender-related myths about the brain?

The top 3 gender-related myths about the brain are:

  • Myth 1: Brain size is proportionately linked to intelligence. Women’s brains are typically 8% smaller than the brains of men, so they are considered to be innately less intelligent. However, this is not true as if absolute brain size were all that mattered, large mammals such as whales and elephants – both of which have larger brains than humans – would outwit humans in terms of intelligence.

  • Myth 2: Male and female brains are shaped by their respective “male” and “female” hormones – essentially, that males have generally more testosterone while females have more estrogen. While males generally have more testosterone and females have more estrogen, the truth is that both men and women have both hormones as these hormones have other functions – for example, the female brain requires testosterone to develop and maintain libido while the male brain requires estrogen for normal brain development and sustenance.

  • Myth 3: Men are naturally better in Math and women are naturally better in verbal tasks. This is untrue as the differences seen in such cognitive tests are not a true reflection of innate differences. Instead, other factors come into play – such as the influence of the social environment.

4) How can we increase the ‘fitness level’ of our brains? How much do Sudoku puzzles and mahjong help, anyway? 

Brain fitness can be defined as the optimal state of cognitive performance. It requires proper and efficient communications among the neurons in the brain.  This depends on the efficiency of the electrical (in forms of action potentials) and chemical (communications among neurons at the synapses, gaps between neurons) signals passing through the neurons. The efficiency of communication in turn depends on the proper structure of the brain (i.e. with sufficient number of neurons and their proper functioning). Therefore, to maintain brain fitness, brain health is important.

To maintain peak cognitive performance, it is first important to have a good and healthy lifestyle that provides us with a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and exercise. This can help to maintain a healthy brain that can perform properly.

Also, maintaining a mentally active lifestyle is important as it engages our brain to actively acquire and integrate new information from our environment. This is the principle of “use it or lose it”. As we learn, we not only increase in our knowledge, our brain is also changing its very structure and increasing its capacity to learn. Unlike the computer, the brain is constantly adapting itself. The more actively we engage our brain in various cognitive activities (e.g. being active at work, participating and socializing in our leisure time), the more efficient our brain will become so that we can learn and perceive with greater precision, speed, and retention of information.

On the other hand, some environmental factors such as chronic stress have negative effects on cognitive performance and can limit the brain from functioning at its optimal condition.

5) I used to drink many bottles of BRAND’s Essence of Chicken when preparing for exams. I know it really helped me stay awake and focused, but I do not know how exactly. So, what is the science behind this?

Brain foods such as BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken can help to boost brain health.  Carnosine, an active ingredient naturally found in BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, is a powerful peptide which has positive effects on brain health. Good brain health and boosted brain fitness, lead to mental sharpness.

Mental sharpness is a desired state of ideal cognitive performance, characterized by a brain that is functioning at optimal performance, with the ability to focus, recall, concentrate, learn and comprehend well.


BRANDS Essence of Chicken

BRANDS sent me some chicken essence (the original flavor plus 3 other flavors). I have grown to love the original flavor of BRANDS chicken essence so even though the other flavors are interesting, I believe I’ll still stick to what I love best. :D

The chicken essence with tangkwei tastes closest to the original, with cordyceps a close second. I think the american ginseng with chicken essence is truly an acquired taste – it is rather bitter, so I don’t count myself a fan of it. :D

I think chicken essence is great on those days when I really need a perk-me-up boost. I don’t drink ‘red bull’ ‘cos of the high sugar content. And if you ask me, I’d really recommend the original flavor of BRANDS essence of chicken. I kinda grew up with it! :D

Losing It With Jillian – Season 1 Episode 5 to 8

I hope you have read my previous blogpost about Episode 1 to 4 of Losing It With Jillian! :) I’m a huge fan of Jillian Michaels and here’s proof:

I have borrowed just about every single book she wrote…

Jillian Michaels books

And I’m already done reading two of them. :D

And here are the rest of the episodes of Losing It With Jillian that I’ve watched on Youtube:

Episode 5: Mark, Laverne and family

Mark played football in high school and college, and he once weighed 305 pounds with just 9% body fat but he let himself go after that. By the time Losing It was filmed, he already had 11 heart procedures in just over a year. His son, Elijah, weighs 330 pounds at age 14, clearly following in dad’s footsteps.

*Watch this episode if you, or someone you know, has self-esteem issues from being overweight, resulting in an unhealthy downward spiral.

“When you give yourself credit for something, when you take pride in what you do, it doesn’t mean you think that you are better than someone else. It just means that you value who you are, and you send that message to the world.” – Jillian

Episode 6: Native Americans – 3 generations in a family (Delores, Cora-lei, Brandon)

Because of their more ‘modern’ diets, many native Americans have diabetes, and obesity and other heart-related ailments plague their community.

Jillian is taken aback by how these people eat fry bread, which is dough fried in lard. She shocks them by dumping the bread right before their eyes. ;)

[Referring to the enriched, bleached flour] “When something is enriched, it means they are adding vitamins back into it. When you have to add vitamins to something, that usually means it is pretty darn bad for you!”

*Watch this episode if you are overweight but don’t know what to do, how to change, and need more information in order to set things right.

Episode 7: Todd and Amy, and their daughters – Lily (9) and Chloe (7)

Amy is a smoker while Todd goes on late-night binges or ‘grazing’ as he would call it. Amy once had gastric bypass after which she lost a lot of weight but when her business failed, she put the weight back on. Todd needs a sleep apnea machine.

Todd eventually decides that he has to “be here for the girls” - “What intelligent man goes out and just kills himself by eating food?”, “I have all the power in the world to change my life, and I’m going to do everything I can”.

Episode 8: David Sr. and Carmen, and their kids Melissa and David Jr.

David Jr. at nine years old has to test his blood sugar daily as he is pre-diabetic. David Sr. is in denial while his son is learning by example. David Sr. has obstructive sleep apnea, and could die in his sleep without the aid of the machine.

Soundbites: “Command it, make it happen”, “I will try until I get it right”

Losing It is a very inspirational series. I’m so blown away by how Jillian has helped some people go from being helpless and hopeless to being healthy and happy. It is simply incredible!

I’d SO love to meet Jillian Michaels one day. Sending this out to the world now… :D

p/s: Last night, as I was getting home from a run around the park, I spotted a really obese guy waiting to cross the road with his young daughter. In his left hand was a bag containing two 1.5litre bottles of Coke and in his right hand was his daughter’s little hand. And I totally had a Jillian Michaels moment there – “Why is he doing this?! Why is he killing himself? Why does he not want to stay around and watch his daughter grow up? Why?” *ahem* [End of rant]

Losing It With Jillian – Season 1 Episode 1 to 4

If you don’t already know, I am currently CRAZY about Jillian Michaels. She is America’s Toughest Trainer, and has been on The Biggest Loser show. ‘Losing It With Jillian’ is special because she has just 5 days with each family to turn their lives around. It’s more than just a weight-loss program, it’s a life transformation program! To me, this is an amazing show!

Episode one: Jim and Family

Definitely watch if you can identify with these: Food obsession, yo-yo weight, had gastric bypass but failed or still feel like a fat person inside, emotional eating after a death in the family, couples without open line of communication.

Soundbites: “Don’t try. Trying is planning to fail”, “Don’t try, do!”

Episode 2: Debra and her two young kids

Watch if you can identify with: being a single parent, sudden death of spouse.

“You deserve more than this!”, “If you want more, you have to give more”, “Failure is not an option”, “When you’re stuck on the couch, when you’re feeling like you can’t do it, you can do it”.

I love the part when Debra tries to explain that she’s fat ‘cos she has never learnt how to exercise and Jillian retorts with something along the lines of “Can you walk?” :D

Episode 3: Ruth and 3 children

Ruth got a divorce she never saw coming, had ovarian cancer, and lost her job.

Ruth hoards stuff, has anger management issues and is overweight. One daughter has trust issues because her father broke her trust by walking out on the family.

“I can do anything I want to do. I just have to do it.”, “Taking care of this body, and keeping it healthy, that’s loving yourself”

Episode 4: Patrick, Kim and 14-year old twins Ameer and Ameera

Patrick lost his job and his self-esteem. Kim is exhausted from shouldering all the responsibility, and feels she can’t do it all on her own. Patrick became a quitter.

The family eats very high calorie meals including macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, etc. Patrick even has food stashes while Kim loves sugar. The family loves skating but Patrick always sits on the sidelines. During the show, he realizes his participation makes his family happy.

Soundbites: “You tell your body what you need it to do and it will do it”, “The only way to really fail is to give up”, “When you’re plump, it makes you look young – no wrinkles” :D Resilience: “You can come back from anything, happier and healthier”.

And just for FUN, here’s a clip with Jillian and the CUTE minions

from Despicable Me:

Go on… have a ba-na-na and hit the gym this weekend! :D