This Is Possibly The Best Neck Cushion You Can Find In Singapore

Muji Neck Cushion

Just last weekend, my blogger pal, Regina, introduced me to this MUJI neck cushion which is super versatile and just what I need for my travels.

As you can see from the picture, it comes with a clasp so you can hang this cushion on your backpacks, etc. Also, there’s a zipper on it because the outer casing can be removed for washing! This is simply awesome. :D

The neck cushion is also not just a neck cushion. It can double up as a bolster (when unfastened), wrapped around your waist if your lower back is aching, and even flattened and used as a footrest!

It’s definitely one of my best buys this year. :)

It retails for S$33 but I bought it this week as there was a 10% off promotion. :D

Want to join World Ventures? Please do.

World Ventures

I wish people would stop emailing me about World Ventures. If you need more information about World Ventures, grab hold of a WV rep and interrogate the fella till the cows come home. I am not paid to respond to any queries about WV, so do not email me, thank you very much.

If you’ve read my blogposts, and STILL need more convincing, then I am 100% convinced you deserve to join World Ventures. Seriously.

Just read my very first post about WV and all the comments. If you STILL insist on joining, go ahead. *shrug*

Barbie Cafe in Taipei – An Explosion of PINK! :D

barbie cafe taiwan

When I visited Taiwan in May this year, I wanted to visit the Barbie Cafe as I’ve already been to the Hello Kitty Cafe, Jay Chou restaurant, Modern Toilet Restaurant, etc. And… it was pretty amazing! I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan

The cafe was rather quiet at 12noon when we visited. According to the staff, it is busy mainly during tea-time. I wondered if that meant the food is not very good.

My worries were unfounded. The food here is better than at the Hello Kitty Cafe! And the customer service was good too! We ordered two set meals for lunch. :)

*For the menu and pricing, click here.

barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan

barbie cafe taiwan

barbie cafe taiwan

In case you are wondering why there is a Barbie doll in the pictures above, well, I bought it in Taichung! :D

barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan barbie cafe taiwan

Barbie Cafe Tel: 02-27528311

To get there:

Take the train to Zhongxiao Dunhua station -> Take exit 8 -> Upon exiting, turn back and cross the (immediate) first crossing you see. The Barbie Cafe is diagonally across the road and you can get there within 1 minute. :)

Alternatively (especially if it is raining), you can also take exit 12 of the station, via the underground mall. You’ll pop out right outside the cafe!

*Check out the Barbie Cafe menu :)

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Loot From Taiwan! :D

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

These are some of the Kitty items I bought when I was in Taiwan last month. I was glad that he brought his luggage just for me, or I would definitely have run out of space, considering that I bought THREE pairs of kitty shoes, among other things. :D

Anyway, this pair of sneakers is from the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary range, and I have not worn them since the fitting in the store. They just might end up in a glass case in my new home in future, unless I find some occasion to put them on. LOL!

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

I spent NT1264 on these shoes and I happen to think they are worth every penny! :D

The folders cost NT190 and the pouch set cost NT590 (before discount).

I really like the print and design for the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary collection. I am amazed that I didn’t buy more stuff back. I’m not sure when I’ll head back to Taiwan, especially after the MRT stabbing incident. Hmm…

My World Ventures Day: 2 FB Messages and 1 Email All In One Day

This is incredible. I was supposed to be at the National Achievers Congress all day today, not doing much work. (Just taking lots of notes)

But I managed to receive 2 Facebook messages and 1 email about the same topic: World Ventures.

Here’s how it went:

A FB msg thanking me for my blogposts about World Ventures

World Ventures

Then another FB msg trying to lure unsuspecting victims into WV, not knowing that I blog frequently about WV :P

World Ventures

And an email from a “polytechnic graduate” concerned about friends getting lured into WV:

World Ventures

This tells me ONE thing:

World Ventures is aggressively recruiting new blood in Singapore, and many (who have not read my blogposts) will end up joining.

If you would like an insight into World Ventures, just check out my highly popular blogpost: 5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures. [Don't forget to check out the comments section. Lotsa good stuff there!]

EasyCard 悠遊卡: Getting Around Taipei Is Indeed Easy!


{ Picture cred: EasyCard }

If you are holidaying in Taipei, this is one card you MUST have. You can use it for travel on the Taipei Metro, on buses in most parts of Taiwan, some sections of the TRA network and on the Taiwan High Speed Rail (non-reserved). [A full list is available HERE]

I’ll always get mine from the EasyCard machines located in train stations. The (refundable) deposit is NT100, and usage of the card gives you 20% discount each time you travel via the Taipei Metro, thus its attractiveness over the single trip tickets.

EasyCard Refunds: To get a refund of the balance in your card, plus the deposit, head over to the Information Counter of any Taipei Metro station. The handling charge is NT20. [More details HERE]

I’m glad I got my refund during my recent trip to Taiwan, as I don’t think I’ll be heading back again in the near future, certainly not after the recent metro stabbing incident.

My Taiwan Holiday: Narrowly Avoiding the Airport Flooding, Hualien Earthquake and Taipei MRT Stabbing

My previous trip to Taiwan was in 2012. And, last Thursday, I flew to Taiwan for a 7-day holiday, and got back yesterday morning.

As it turned out, the day I arrived in Taiwan, I narrowly avoided the airport flooding incident. I only found out that the airport was flooded by rainwater after I had safely checked in to my hotel.

My first sightseeing destination was in Hualien, and I spent barely 3 days there. After I had left for Taichung and Taipei, it was reported that an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 had struck.

Then, to conclude my trip, it appears that I was very likely on the same train as the murderer who stabbed commuters on the train traveling between Longshan Temple station and Jiangzicui station. I had alighted at Longshan Temple station just before he commenced that senseless killing. Cheng Chieh, aged 21, managed to stab 4 passengers to death and injured over 20 others.

Some reports state that Cheng started his massacre at 4.25pm. I have a photo of me eating meesua at 4.39pm, after alighting from the train at Longshan Temple, and walking to the stall. It was a truly close shave.

Grateful to be alive

Just reflecting on this one trip alone has made me realized how fragile life is, and how I could have been injured on any one of these occasions.

I may not be able to ‘see’ my guardian angel but I’m quite sure he’s there. How else could I have so narrowly avoided these ‘calamities’?

My conclusion is that my mission on earth has not been completed yet; my time’s not up yet. So I have to make every day count, help more people, do more good.

Will I return to Taiwan?

Right now, my answer will be ‘no’. It’s just way too scary there at the moment. If you don’t already know, there have been Facebook pages set up in support of, and idolizing, Cheng the MRT slasher! Like, are you kidding me?!

If you insist on traveling to Taiwan, do keep updated regarding the online threats of similar metro stabbings. This incident might spark off copycat killings, so try to stay safe. Avoid Taiwan in May next year, and on the anniversaries of Cheng’s death (I’m assuming he’ll get the death penalty).

The yummiest meesua and pineapple cakes are not going to draw me back to Taiwan for a while.

The burden of parenthood

Cheng’s parents have produced a written apology:

I believe it’s pointless for them to say anything now. If only…

I would like to urge parents to pay close attention to the kind of computer games your kids are constantly playing. Cheng was a fan of violent games, and look where it got him and many others?

Sure, we cannot stop our children from playing games they enjoy. But we should engage them in other activities, such as volunteer work, nature walks, etc.

Stay safe, folks. And always buy travel insurance!

Traveling on Southwest? Put on your teenie weenie yellow bikini! :D

I watched a Youtube video about a hilarious Southwest flight attendant (Marty Cobb), and found she was a guest on the Ellen show after her video went viral online!

Here’s the video of her rattling off the safety features of the aircraft and putting everyone in stitches.

I look forward to the day when I can meet a flight attendant who manages to capture my attention and make me hang onto each of his/her words.

I hope these two videos brighten up your Monday! :D

One Dollar Only online store in Singapore: Giveaway!

{ Giveaway worth over S$47 at the end of this blogpost }

In Singapore, we have many ‘dollar’ shops offering products at affordable prices. But not many people know about this online store that sells a host of stationery and lifestyle products at just S$1 each!

Fancy getting a new pencil case for just S$1? How about a double-sided A4 size whiteboard? Or an LED torch or skipping rope? :D

Check out! And ‘like’ their facebook page HERE for updates on their roadshow locations! :)

And since it’s the school holidays right now in Singapore, here’s a giveaway just for the kids (and maybe those who are young-at-heart) ;)

{ Giveaway }

I have FOUR sets of items sponsored by One Dollar Only for this giveaway. The items in each case (red, blue, green and yellow) are shown in this picture:

One Dollar Only online shop

How To Win:

1) ‘Like’ One Dollar Only’s Facebook page here:

2) ‘Share’ my giveaway post on Facebook:

3) ‘Comment’ on my giveaway post on facebook with your choice: Red, Blue, Green OR Yellow :)

*This is an international giveaway. All prizes will be mailed to winners.

*Make sure you have ‘liked’ my facebook page as winners will be announced there, so make sure you get the notification. :)

*I’ll be reviewing more products from One Dollar Only in just a bit, so stay tuned.

Threatened By A World Ventures Rep!

[Further comments on this blogpost by a certain WV rep, Alvin Tan, will not be allowed. Any further comments by this individual, believed to be of unsound mind, will be referred to the police.]

I know that my blogposts get some World Ventures reps really PISSED because it hinders their recruitment process. So, here’s one rep named Alvin, who commented on my ‘World Ventures: EPIC FAIL‘ blogpost:

*The Norway incident mentioned is regarding THIS – about World Ventures being closed down in Norway as a “pyramid game”

World Ventures


“Thanks for your perspective. I did my due diligence; researching not just the company, I’ve also researched on the respective directors in the company, as well as legislation compliance, prior to taking up this platform as an additional income source.

Till this day, 8yrs & the company has opened up in 26 countries, numbers going strength to strength.

Those who saw the potential, signed up, and later quit bcos their friends told them it’s a scam… r the ones that have been scammed by their doubting friends.

Can anyone categorically say that Harvard, MIT, Cambridge or Oxford aren’t any good? Can we agree that there will be failures & dropouts despite how good the varsity is?

Just bcos there r jokers that failed miserably, doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t good.

Those with guilt r those who failed since day 1. Introducing something to a friend is not selling. If the product is not any good, a salesman can talk till his mouth goes dry, nobody would buy.

Ppl who buy in, r those who saw it with eyes open. They take it up, bcos they see the value in what they buy. Hence, is also their stupidity to allow others to tell them, that what they bought is no good.

There’s always a cup of tea that suits someone. so if what u see is not for u, it doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else. All the more disqualifies anyone from suggesting that it’s a scam, just bcos its not for them.

Concerning the Norwegian issue, rest assured that the corporate legal team will be ironing out the creases.

With regard to darma & karma, I’m fully aware of it. Which is why I’m taking WV as a platform for liberating modern slaves. And I believe kindness begets kindness…

Although, I’m not sure if the legal team will be in touch with u soon enough, if you would kindly provide contact details.”

My Response:

A company, regardless of its size, can still scam people. Often, the most shocking scams are those which involve huge companies and large sums of money, triggering questions of why it was not uncovered earlier since it was so huge. But it is PRECISELY because of its size that people assume it is legit.

If they had signed up and realized it is awesome and NOT a scam, why would they quit? Hello?

The last I checked, WV is NOT a university so why the comparison? I have already said that yes, there will be some who do amazingly well in WV and there will be dropouts, of course. But the MAJORITY of people in WV will simply be the stepping stones for the “high fliers” and “success stories” in WV. Simple pyramid. ;)

“Introducing something to a friend is not selling”?!  So it is just flaunting your dreamtrips and nothing else? If you “introduce” something to your friend with the INTENTION of making the person sign up, it is SELLING. Of course, wv reps who trick people into attending seminars to “make passive income” or “travel the world and make money doing so”, etc, are “not selling”, they are just tricking people eh? Those who pester their friends to sign up even when the friend already said no, are not selling eh? That is simply harrassment? And those who keep spamming pictures of them waving blue banners on fb are not selling… just being a nuisance and asking to be ‘unfriended’, right? Ok, got it.

Hahaha don’t say it like you are the head of the legal team. Friendly word of advice: get out of there. And tell those you recruited that you made a mistake.

Yes yes, I am quite sure WV has taught you that you are “liberating modern slaves”. Read some of the comments on my other posts. Such as this woman who quit her job for WV and makes 200 dollars a month though she has already been in wv for a year. If this is the kind of liberation, I believe we would rather be corporate slaves, thank you very much!

Of course you are not sure of what the legal team does. Are you even sure of anything? Making vague threats as if that will scare me. My toes are laughing! My email address is all over this site. Email me. I will be waiting. :)


I’m very glad to note that former members of World Ventures are actually offering their take on why they left and who is suited to WV.

Here’s a comment from Elaine:

World Ventures


“I was with WV for a year before I finally decided to leave. The WV business not only requires great amounts of time and effort investment, but is only suitable for a very select section of the workforce, i.e. those who can simply jet off at anytime to enjoy a holiday. For those like me who have school-going kids, it is seriously not a business model that works. Since I am neither an aggressive SR nor have I had any success garnering a cheaper holiday deal by booking through WV, getting out was the best business decision I made. Grace is right. There are many, many good travel deals out that on the internet that do not require a monthly membership and allow us the flexibility to determine our travel arrangements.”

And one from Beth:

World Ventures


“wow!! totally true!! i feel so free after leaving those people… I have never regretted leaving it and that’s the greatest correction that i have done…”


There are many more similar comments on my various blogposts about World Ventures, so feel free to browse:

5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures

World Ventures: Scam Or Not

Why I Believe Some World Ventures Members Are Wasting Their Time

World Ventures: EPIC FAIL

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World Ventures: When Dream Trips Become Nightmares

World Ventures: “Losing $360USD Won’t Kill Anyone”

“Quit Your Job! Earn Over $200 Per Month With World Ventures”

I Saved One Person From World Ventures

Oh wow! That’s a lot of blogposts! I must have gotten carried away. No wonder Alvin got pissed off. :D

~ Signing Off,

Your Friendly World Ventures “Dream Stealer”, Who Steals The “Get Rich Quick” Dreams Of Reps And Keeps The Public Safe From Scams

~ Update ~

I have already mentioned in my comment to Alvin that “*Please note that responding to your comments is a waste of my time. If you have nothing constructive to say, or which makes sense, this shall be your final published comment.”

Apparently, when I went off to the gym and left his lousy comment in moderation, he had a party on Facebook celebrating what he thought was a win on his part. LOL

Alvin Tan World Ventures

*He obviously could not understand my comment, written in good English, and thinks his one minute of fame is in actual fact, one hour or one full day?!

Alvin, in case you think I am SO FREE as to stalk you on Facebook, nope. Someone ratted on you and sent me your facebook link. Go figure.

Glad you tagged Dyna and Jeremiah too. Have always wanted to know who that lady is since she teaches reps to be spiders and all, and a guy wearing eyeliner? Wow. Uber credible. I rest my case.

Final Update:

I have been stalked relentlessly by this Alvin Tan. If you come across this individual, please be warned. 

(1) He has made himself known on my Facebook page and tries to engage me in a war of words, pretend he doesn’t understand English and that his threat was never published.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

I have since banned him from my page.

(2) If I engage in a conversation with him, he taunts me with “Lol. I thought u said your time is too precious to engage with me?”

Alvin Tan World Ventures

If I ignore his comment because (a) he posted his comment while I was ASLEEP, (b) I actually have work to do, unlike him, (c) this is my blog and I think his comment is stupid, he questions me with a further comment on “what’s taking so long for approval on [his] responses”.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

This individual, Mr Alvin Tan, a representative of World Ventures, is being intentionally antagonistic, and a plain nuisance. All the evidence above is being collated for a police report, and likely, his subsequent referral to a mental health institute for a mental health check.