Review: Boss Suites Nana Hotel – Bangkok


The hotel looks great in pictures online but it’s actually not that awesome. The bed is huge but hard. And shower facilities are old.


The hotel is pretty far from the BTS station. So they provide a free “tuk tuk” service to Nana BTS station. There’s no particular schedule to this. You can get a ride any time when you are leaving the hotel in the morning, but on the way back, there is no way of knowing when you can hitch a ride back. So we walk.

Grand Sukhumvit is much nearer to the BTS station. Boss Suites is another 10 – 15 minute walk from GS.

The massages here aren’t more expensive than outside the hotel though. So that’s good. 300baht for an hour of foot massage is just what I need after a long day of shopping. Great that I can just head back to the hotel room and wash that massage cream off immediately.


We must have unknowingly booked a hotel in the ‘red light district’. At night, one cannot help but come across streetwalkers at every corner. Others work in pubs and wear the skankiest of outfits while they stand at the door and beckon to passerbys. If you’re a guy in search of nocturnal adventures, you’ll be very happy in Bangkok.


Also, there are mothers (some very young) begging at street corners and on bridges while carrying their infants. It is a sight I don’t see in SG but it is pretty common in BKK. I have so many questions: Where’s the kid’s dad? Why do you have to beg for a living? Why don’t you get a job or start a stall selling something? These questions will probably never get answered.

Getting from Don Mueang Airport to Mo Chit BTS then Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok

[Day 1 in BKK - Travel journal]

Scoot flies only to Don Meang Int’l Airport in Bangkok now. So when you reach the airport, head to Gate 6, and wait for bus A1. The fare per pax is 30baht. The bus was packed but we managed to get seats. :)



Alight at the second stop and follow the crowd to Mo Chit BTS station – up the second escalator.

It costs 42 baht per pax to get to Nana station (near the hotel). Get train tickets via the machine. You can exchange your notes for coins at the passenger service counters.

The Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok is located very near to Nana station – probably a 3 minute walk. You can spot the hotel from the train platform too. :)


The staff seem overworked but are friendly enough. Lots of PRC people here though.

(Close to midnight: time for bed)

8 Ways Sheraton Towers Hotel Is Gaining Productivity – The Insider Tour

I went on a behind-the-scenes tour at the Sheraton Towers Hotel last month and got a sneak peek into hotel operations. It was an eye-opening experience, with parts of the tour resembling scenes from an Iron Man movie – I’ll show you which in a bit. :)

With 420 guest rooms, you can imagine how difficult it is to manage just the housekeeping aspect of things. It has 33 Room Attendants who are paid about S$1300 each per month, and they have to clean 14 rooms within an 8 hour period, which is no easy feat. Plus, the oldest Room Attendant is 73 years old! Impressive!

Due to the scale of their operations, the hotel has tapped on various funding sources such as the Inclusive Growth Programme by e2i to invest in technology to make their associates’ jobs safer and easier. These investments also resulted in greater accuracy in the work done, quicker response time and increase in productivity.

1) E-Housekeeping System – All Room Attendants get a Galaxy Note just for work purposes. This system helps managers monitor productivity at a glance. ;) If the ‘play’ button is shown, it means the attendant is working inside the room so that there will not be any duplicates or uncertainties.

Sheraton Ehousekeeping

Sheraton Ehousekeeping

[ What the colors mean: Blue = Cleaned, Green = Inspected, Red = Not Yet Cleaned]

2) Minibar – Previously, the hotel used codes which the room attendants had to memorize and key in accurately. Naturally, mistakes occurred from time to time, and refunds had to be made sometimes. Now, the Room Attendant just looks at the pictures and clicks on the items which have been consumed by the guest. Thus, staff at the front desk know how much to charge the hotel guest immediately. And bill accuracy levels have gone up!

Sheraton Hotel Mini Bar

3) Lost-and-Found items – The Room Attendant can send descriptions of lost-and-found items to Security via the phone. If guests have left the hotel, and discover they left something behind in the room, their call can be routed to Security for them to be given an instant answer.

4) Room Setup – If attendants forget what the room setup should look like, they can view a picture of it within the phone.

5) Faulty items – The Room Attendant can send pictures of items not working properly, e.g. lamps, to Engineering, so the latter know which tools to bring up to fix the issue.

6) Bed-making made Ezi – King sized beds weigh over 70kg and could injure the Room Attendant’s back if not handled carefully. Sheraton has invested in the Ezi-Maid system where they can use a remote control to adjust the height of the bed according to the attendant’s height so as to prevent the Room Attendants from sustaining back injuries when going about their duties.

Sheraton Hotel Bed [Bed fitted with the Ezi-Maid system]

7) The Iron Man machine – Instead of the old school arduous task of ironing, the hotel invested in a 3-in-1 machine which allows the collars, cuffs and body to be ironed in less than 30 seconds with just the press of a button.

Fit the shirt onto the machine:

Sheraton laundry

* Sure looks like something from an Iron Man movie! *

Sheraton laundry

In 20 seconds, the shirt is neatly pressed:

Sheraton laundry

[ About 300 shirts are ironed this way in a day ]

8) The Trousers – Why stop at shirts when trousers can be ironed as easily too! Technology like these also helps counter the manpower shortage issue and gets work done faster too.


A firm believer in productivity growth, NTUC’s Secretary General Lim Swee Say says that Singapore needs to take a three-pronged approach, which involves the cooperation of every sector to increase productivity through innovation, helping less productive sectors to lower their reliance on labour and more on technology, and be future-looking in using these tools (technology) to increase worker’s salaries.

With their e-housekeeping system, even the 73-year-old Room Attendant, who has never used a handphone before, can now use the gadget to help in her work. With her work becoming easier, she now has more time for guest contact. Sheraton does believe in taking care of their associates so their associates will take care of their guests. They have an astounding 64% customer retention rate, testimony to the hard work of all their associates!

What impressed me about Sheraton:

*Having a Juice Lady at breakfast. Guests can get fresh fruit juices from her – she even keeps a record of which juices the regulars drink!

*Benefits of greater productivity: Staff receives $100 incentive each month if there are no guest complaints

*Hiring no foreigners in HR, Finance and Sales departments.

*Their work-life excellence programme – the company pays for activities such as bowling, running, etc, and the privilege is extended to the families of staff members too!

*Sponsoring the diploma studies for older staff, as well as for ITE graduates.

*Training staff makes them more marketable, and more mobile. However, Sheraton still manages to retain 74% of staff after training them!

*Their signature service: One-button Guest Services Communication Centre – just press the * button instead of trying to figure out which button to press to get connected to front desk staff, or housekeeping, etc.

From the looks of it, Sheraton Towers seems to follow a Progressive Wage Model, an initiative pushed by NTUC, believes that employee’s wages are pegged to skills, productivity and career development. With more training and productivity improvements, the company was able to garner higher profits and distributed the gains with their employees. It’s a win-win situation!

Progressive Wage Model

Source: NTUC U Portal

Food for thought: Would you take up this job of Room Attendant for S$1300 a month? ;)

Marriott Hotel Singapore: Gym

I knew the Marriott Hotel Dinner Buffet would be a hearty affair. Hence I made my way to the gym after check-in at 2pm. On level 4 of the hotel is the Fitness Centre and Spa.

The gym is of a decent size (fairly large, actually), with free weights and all.

Marriott Hotel Singapore

And if you need personal training…

Marriott Hotel Singapore Marriott Hotel Singapore

Imagine my surprise when I saw this basketball court right next to the gym! It’s been a long time since I last played basketball, so it was a really nice workout today!

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Outside the gym, there is a beverage corner. After sweating it out in the gym and on the basketball court, a cup of milo and some crackers was definitely welcome. :) All free of charge! :D

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Gonna head to the gym again in the morning! I have to. Because of tonight’s dinner *burp*. The dessert segment was awesome! Review will be up soon!

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Marriott Hotel: Staycation Review

Thanks to and Marriott Hotel Singapore, I am currently on a weekend staycation at Marriott! :D Deluxe Room rates are at about S$390++ per night and I’m not surprised. The location is fabulous – right smack in the heart of the Orchard shopping belt. Now I’m torn between staying indoors and checking out the gym, pool and buffets, versus heading out and hitting the stores. And I’ll show you why…

My room on level 24! :D

I love it when I am given more pillows than I’ll ever need. Hahaha! Good for pillow fights, maybe? :D

Marriott Hotel Singapore

And you can imagine where I am blogging right now…

Marriott Hotel Singapore

The bowl of snacks is definitely a distraction. Thankfully, the prices are steep so I am not moved.

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Here’s the view from level 24. The cars look like little plastic models and I feel like a voyeur peeping into people’s homes. :D

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Marriott Hotel Singapore

My eyes keep landing on the bowl of snacks. Gah. Strategic placement right across the workdesk and in front of the TV. :P Those KitKats are definitely tempting but it’s 245 calories per bar and cost S$5.50 each (twice the price you’ll pay outside)!!!

Marriott Hotel Singapore

The mini bar prices – if you’re curious:

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Lots of drinks, but I’m not about to touch any of them :D

Marriott Hotel Singapore

The bathroom is a let-down. No bathtub! There’s a rainshower. And a vanity desk but… no bathtub. *Also, there’s just one toothbrush in the bathroom. Shampoo and bath foam come in really small bottles too – might be insufficient if you shower more often due to the hot weather.

Housekeeping staff came by around 6pm to give out Marriott horse plushies and top up anything we might need – from toilet paper to additional toothbrushes or mineral water bottles. :D

Marriott Hotel Singapore

Marriott Hotel Singapore

I have hit the gym though, after checking in at 2pm. Review coming up next. :)

Threatened By A World Ventures Rep!

[Further comments on this blogpost by a certain WV rep, Alvin Tan, will not be allowed. Any further comments by this individual, believed to be of unsound mind, will be referred to the police.]

I know that my blogposts get some World Ventures reps really PISSED because it hinders their recruitment process. So, here’s one rep named Alvin, who commented on my ‘World Ventures: EPIC FAIL‘ blogpost:

*The Norway incident mentioned is regarding THIS – about World Ventures being closed down in Norway as a “pyramid game”

World Ventures


“Thanks for your perspective. I did my due diligence; researching not just the company, I’ve also researched on the respective directors in the company, as well as legislation compliance, prior to taking up this platform as an additional income source.

Till this day, 8yrs & the company has opened up in 26 countries, numbers going strength to strength.

Those who saw the potential, signed up, and later quit bcos their friends told them it’s a scam… r the ones that have been scammed by their doubting friends.

Can anyone categorically say that Harvard, MIT, Cambridge or Oxford aren’t any good? Can we agree that there will be failures & dropouts despite how good the varsity is?

Just bcos there r jokers that failed miserably, doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t good.

Those with guilt r those who failed since day 1. Introducing something to a friend is not selling. If the product is not any good, a salesman can talk till his mouth goes dry, nobody would buy.

Ppl who buy in, r those who saw it with eyes open. They take it up, bcos they see the value in what they buy. Hence, is also their stupidity to allow others to tell them, that what they bought is no good.

There’s always a cup of tea that suits someone. so if what u see is not for u, it doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else. All the more disqualifies anyone from suggesting that it’s a scam, just bcos its not for them.

Concerning the Norwegian issue, rest assured that the corporate legal team will be ironing out the creases.

With regard to darma & karma, I’m fully aware of it. Which is why I’m taking WV as a platform for liberating modern slaves. And I believe kindness begets kindness…

Although, I’m not sure if the legal team will be in touch with u soon enough, if you would kindly provide contact details.”

My Response:

A company, regardless of its size, can still scam people. Often, the most shocking scams are those which involve huge companies and large sums of money, triggering questions of why it was not uncovered earlier since it was so huge. But it is PRECISELY because of its size that people assume it is legit.

If they had signed up and realized it is awesome and NOT a scam, why would they quit? Hello?

The last I checked, WV is NOT a university so why the comparison? I have already said that yes, there will be some who do amazingly well in WV and there will be dropouts, of course. But the MAJORITY of people in WV will simply be the stepping stones for the “high fliers” and “success stories” in WV. Simple pyramid. ;)

“Introducing something to a friend is not selling”?!  So it is just flaunting your dreamtrips and nothing else? If you “introduce” something to your friend with the INTENTION of making the person sign up, it is SELLING. Of course, wv reps who trick people into attending seminars to “make passive income” or “travel the world and make money doing so”, etc, are “not selling”, they are just tricking people eh? Those who pester their friends to sign up even when the friend already said no, are not selling eh? That is simply harrassment? And those who keep spamming pictures of them waving blue banners on fb are not selling… just being a nuisance and asking to be ‘unfriended’, right? Ok, got it.

Hahaha don’t say it like you are the head of the legal team. Friendly word of advice: get out of there. And tell those you recruited that you made a mistake.

Yes yes, I am quite sure WV has taught you that you are “liberating modern slaves”. Read some of the comments on my other posts. Such as this woman who quit her job for WV and makes 200 dollars a month though she has already been in wv for a year. If this is the kind of liberation, I believe we would rather be corporate slaves, thank you very much!

Of course you are not sure of what the legal team does. Are you even sure of anything? Making vague threats as if that will scare me. My toes are laughing! My email address is all over this site. Email me. I will be waiting. :)


I’m very glad to note that former members of World Ventures are actually offering their take on why they left and who is suited to WV.

Here’s a comment from Elaine:

World Ventures


“I was with WV for a year before I finally decided to leave. The WV business not only requires great amounts of time and effort investment, but is only suitable for a very select section of the workforce, i.e. those who can simply jet off at anytime to enjoy a holiday. For those like me who have school-going kids, it is seriously not a business model that works. Since I am neither an aggressive SR nor have I had any success garnering a cheaper holiday deal by booking through WV, getting out was the best business decision I made. Grace is right. There are many, many good travel deals out that on the internet that do not require a monthly membership and allow us the flexibility to determine our travel arrangements.”

And one from Beth:

World Ventures


“wow!! totally true!! i feel so free after leaving those people… I have never regretted leaving it and that’s the greatest correction that i have done…”


There are many more similar comments on my various blogposts about World Ventures, so feel free to browse:

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World Ventures: “Losing $360USD Won’t Kill Anyone”

“Quit Your Job! Earn Over $200 Per Month With World Ventures”

I Saved One Person From World Ventures

Oh wow! That’s a lot of blogposts! I must have gotten carried away. No wonder Alvin got pissed off. :D

~ Signing Off,

Your Friendly World Ventures “Dream Stealer”, Who Steals The “Get Rich Quick” Dreams Of Reps And Keeps The Public Safe From Scams

~ Update ~

I have already mentioned in my comment to Alvin that “*Please note that responding to your comments is a waste of my time. If you have nothing constructive to say, or which makes sense, this shall be your final published comment.”

Apparently, when I went off to the gym and left his lousy comment in moderation, he had a party on Facebook celebrating what he thought was a win on his part. LOL

Alvin Tan World Ventures

*He obviously could not understand my comment, written in good English, and thinks his one minute of fame is in actual fact, one hour or one full day?!

Alvin, in case you think I am SO FREE as to stalk you on Facebook, nope. Someone ratted on you and sent me your facebook link. Go figure.

Glad you tagged Dyna and Jeremiah too. Have always wanted to know who that lady is since she teaches reps to be spiders and all, and a guy wearing eyeliner? Wow. Uber credible. I rest my case.

Final Update:

I have been stalked relentlessly by this Alvin Tan. If you come across this individual, please be warned. 

(1) He has made himself known on my Facebook page and tries to engage me in a war of words, pretend he doesn’t understand English and that his threat was never published.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

I have since banned him from my page.

(2) If I engage in a conversation with him, he taunts me with “Lol. I thought u said your time is too precious to engage with me?”

Alvin Tan World Ventures

If I ignore his comment because (a) he posted his comment while I was ASLEEP, (b) I actually have work to do, unlike him, (c) this is my blog and I think his comment is stupid, he questions me with a further comment on “what’s taking so long for approval on [his] responses”.

Alvin Tan World Ventures

This individual, Mr Alvin Tan, a representative of World Ventures, is being intentionally antagonistic, and a plain nuisance. All the evidence above is being collated for a police report, and likely, his subsequent referral to a mental health institute for a mental health check.

Staying At Amoy Hotel and Exploring Chinatown

Singapore Chinatown


I enjoyed my stay at Amoy Hotel primarily because of its awesome location – Chinatown is a foodie’s paradise. Read my Amoy Hotel review here and a little piece on the Fuk Tak Chi Museum right here. I’d checked in on a Sunday, when most of the restaurants and shops around the hotel were closed. It was no cause for worry because just 5 to 10 minutes away is the rest of Chinatown where I can shop and mainly, eat to my heart’s content. So here’s a quick (and hopefully useful) guide to what to do / see / eat after you have dropped off your luggage at Amoy Hotel!

For the foodie:

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel are restaurants like Hock Lam Beef, Honzen Express and Sushi Tei (among others) – all of which I would recommend. For breakfast, you can also skip the hotel breakfast if it does not impress you and pop by Ya Kun Kaya Toast to taste what locals would eat – kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.

If you don’t have much time to explore other parts of Singapore for good food, then you are in luck! The newly-opened Chinatown Food Street brings together the best of hawker food around the island. Head over to the Food Street to try satay from Newton Circus, BBQ Chicken Wings from Chomp Chomp, Cheng Kee Hokkien Mee, Fried Oysters from Katong, and much much more!

Chinatown Food Street

Chinatown Food Street Oyster Omelette

Chinatown Food Street Hokkien Mee

Chinatown Food Street Fried Horfun

The Chinatown Food Street, at night:

Chinatown Food Street

At tea time, you can also head to Tong Heng for some very yummy egg tarts. I sure did. Just S$1.60 each:

Sri Mariamman Temple

To get to Tong Heng, just look out for the yellow signboard after you have passed the Sri Mariamman Temple:

Tong Heng Egg Tarts

* If you can afford the extra calories *

Try the very famous Lim Chee Guan bak kwa (barbecued pork slices) that locals eat mainly during Lunar New Year, but is available year-round. You can order just 100g of that barbecued goodness for a sampling or even consider getting 1kg to bring home to friends and family! [A kg usually costs about S$50]

Lim Chee Guan

For Dessert:

Head to Chinatown Point, where you will find, at the basement, Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, which is popular for its range of ‘snow ice desserts’.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

One other dessert place at Chinatown Point is Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, which I would not recommend for their desserts, but their mains instead:

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert Chinatown Point

I like their Braised Beef Hor Fun (S$7.90)

For the health-conscious foodie:

Pop by China Square Central (less than a 5 minute walk away) and head to the basement. At #B1-02 is LINS Smoodees where you can order green smoothies which are oh-so-yummy and so good for your body. Do try their herbal porridge as well, which I highly recommend. If you’re experiencing jet lag or just feeling under the weather, what you get at LINS will surely perk you up.

For the gym rat:

Amoy Hotel does not come with a gym, but just downstairs is the Evolve Mixed Martial Arts studio. Pop by for a workout if you will. A little further is True Fitness at China Square Central’s basement.

For the photography enthusiast:

If you like snapping pictures of temples and/or visiting them, there is the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the equally famous Sri Mariamman Temple (the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore).

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

The Sri Mariamman Temple was constructed in 1827 and today, it is best known for the fire-walking ceremony, or Theemithi, that is held every October or November. Devotees would walk on hot coals as a test of their faith and devotion.

Other places of interest: 

The Singapore Coins and Notes Museum and The TinTin Shop:

Singapore Coins And Notes Museum

The TinTin Shop

For the shopaholic:

At Chinatown Point are some shops which may interest you. Fans of branded goods will love Luxury City where branded items (supposedly authentic, but of past seasons) are sold at a discount. Also visit the Adidas pop-up store if you would like to get some cheap sporting gear – for instance, you can get a pair of Adidas running shoes at just over S$60.

Luxury City Chinatown Point

Adidas Chinatown Point

*This list is by no means exhaustive of course. Just what I did after checking in at Amoy Hotel. :) If you need more recommendations, feel free to approach the staff.


[*Reader Privilege* Amoy Hotel Promotion Rates: Get 20% off your room rates and a Free City Tour for 2 (worth $39.80)! CLICK HERE!]

I Saved One Person From World Ventures!

Woke up to a comment on my World Ventures blogpost from someone named Arjay, who thanked me for my work against World Ventures:

World Ventures

In case the screenshot isn’t clear:

“Hi Grace!

Glad to read your post before I reveal them my credit card number! In fact I just came back from their huge seminar at Chinatown area where the founder and co-founders were there too!

Initially I have no idea what this is about as my friend keep saying it is a great “investment” you should look into it without telling more about it; I guess he wants more people to convince me?

As what Dan said in previous comment, they showed you all the videos and examples and the atmosphere was great! I almost got brainwashed to sign up immediately as they suggested to “lock” your position ASAP so you would not be at the base of pyramid.

My instinct tell me to think twice when I filled up the credit card information so I decided to hold this back at the very last second!

Now….after google and read all your posts and comments in the blogs abt WV, I just glad I DID NOT complete the form, and I know I can go to bed now without any regrets.


P/S: Keep up your good work! Even though if its only you against the WV world, you saved another person’s $361!”

~ My Reply To Arjay ~

You are most welcome! :D I’m delighted that my efforts are appreciated. The way WV reps conduct their business already indicates to you (if you are discerning enough) that it’s suspicious, and very likely a scam waiting to be exposed.

As mentioned:

1) A lot of vague FLUFF – “my friend keep saying it is a great investment”. I actually saw a recruitment message posted on an Internet Marketers’ facebook group recently, with vague hints about travel and making money, and to respond only if one is above a certain age and has a credit card. WHY these reps do not just state outright, and UPFRONT, that it is about WV, gets my guard up all the time. Are they ashamed of the company? Are they trying to trick people into joining? Just state where you are from, is that so difficult?!

2) Seminars designed to con people into signing up – “I almost got brainwashed to sign up immediately”. Do not EVER sign up for anything on the spot. Give yourself some space and time, take a step back, think about it when you are home, sleep on it, and when you wake up and still think it is a great idea, then go for it. Do not sign up on the spot.

3) WV instills fear in people – “lock your position ASAP so you would not be at the base of the pyramid”. Ha! Got you guys! We should be joining WV because we think the company is awesome, NOT BECAUSE we are afraid of being at the bottom of the pyramid.

It’s like saying “Come, you have to buy tickets to this movie NOW if not you will get the very first row of seats and you won’t like it”… But hang on a minute, I don’t even want to watch this movie! Do you get it now, folks?


It has been a real struggle for me combating WV. It really is just me against the “WV world” as Arjay mentioned. In fact, do a Google search and you’ll find that another blogger who blogged against WV got spammed with so many hateful comments from WV reps that she just disallowed further comments, simply because they were not constructive, and just either personal attacks or just wanting to tear her down.

I don’t disallow comments. In fact, I reply to most of them. I blog about them and I show those reps (and the rest of the world) how silly it would be to fall prey to a company that travel and business bloggers like myself have already sounded the alarm about.

To my blog readers: Make wise decisions. Never let any company corner you, instill fear in you, and make you sign up for something you will definitely regret.

Entrance To Amoy Hotel: The Fuk Tak Chi Museum

[Read my review of Amoy Hotel and get 20% OFF your room rates PLUS a Free City Tour for 2, worth $39.80] 

This isn’t your usual hotel entrance, is it?

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

It is the entrance to the Fuk Tak Chi Museum, and the entrance to Amoy Hotel which is located behind the museum! :D Hotel guests are definitely in for a treat. I suppose some may even be unable to locate the hotel because the museum hides it from view, and the address is high up in a little corner:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

The Fuk Tak Chi Museum was officially opened on 19 November 1998, in this location rich in culture and heritage.

The hotel also provides a free guided tour of the museum – so approach the staff for a tour. The museum is rather small but I like the little pieces of history preserved here – from the historical architecture to the old photographs printed onto cushion covers:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

There is a sizeable mock-up of what Singapore looked like in the past, with coolies and all:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Spotted on a plaque outside: “Fuk Tak Chi: One of the first Chinese temples in Singapore, it had its beginnings here as a small shrine set up by Hakka and Cantonese immigrants in 1824. As its importance grew, it also functioned as an association that looked after the interests of the two dialect groups. The patron deity is the Earth God or Dai Bak Gong (in Cantonese) – a popular deity with the Chinese here.”

We definitely enjoyed the museum visit! :)

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Essential Information:

Open 10am to 10pm daily

FREE admission

[Spotted within the museum] Drop A Coin and Make A Wish:

Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Drop a coin in and make a wish! All the coins will be collected and donated to charity, and your wish may just come true! :)

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Hotel Review – Amoy Hotel: A Haven For History Buffs

[*Reader Privilege* Amoy Hotel Promotion Rates: Get 20% off your room rates and a Free City Tour for 2 (worth $39.80)! CLICK HERE!]

I had the pleasure of a staycation at Amoy Hotel last week and I must say that I have never stayed in a hotel so rich in heritage and steeped in local culture – It’s located in Far East Square and the entrance to the hotel is via the Fuk Tak Chi Museum (originally a Chinese temple, and one of the oldest in Singapore)! The location of the hotel is significant, in that it was once the landing site of Chinese immigrants arriving by boat to seek better fortunes here. The hotel is also a great spot to begin exploring Chinatown from: read my guide HERE.

The friendly staff of Amoy Hotel:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

The guy in the middle is named April. I can’t forget his name, ever since I asked him about how he came to be named ‘April’.

Seating Area in the hotel:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

Sitting on the birdcage-like chair:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

There is a feature wall in the hotel lobby with the most common surnames / family names of early Chinese immigrants. And each room in the hotel has a different surname above the room number.

I found my family name outside Room 201:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

I stayed in a Deluxe Double Room, which had its space constraints. No effort was spared in making it a comfortable stay though.

Amoy Hotel Singapore

*I love the beautiful, white aircon cover. I’d also watched the first episode of the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ in this room! :D

The minibar was well-stocked with drinks and there was a coffee machine for coffee lovers too. April recommended the Caramel Oolong tea and I tried it – pretty good!

Amoy Hotel Singapore

I loved the rain shower too, though it was rather perplexing that the washbasin and a short walkway separated the shower stall from the toilet.

Amoy Hotel SingaporeYou’ve probably already spotted the awesome porcelain washbasin:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

*I love the attention to detail! Even mouthwash is provided! For those heading out into wet weather, there is an umbrella hanging by the clothes hangers, and everything from a clothes iron to a hairdryer can be found within the room.

There are a total of 37 rooms within Amoy Hotel and most of them (21, I think) are single rooms, so I asked to get a peep into one of them. Note that no two rooms are alike, in terms of furnishing and layout! So ask for a different room each time you stay at Amoy? :D

A single room:

Amoy Hotel Singapore

I guess the only disappointment was the hotel breakfast spread.

Amoy Hotel Singapore

There was a small selection of breads and other pastries, mee goreng, sausages, bacon, cheeses, cereal, etc. And that was about it. I guess I was missing scrambled eggs. :D My stay commenced on a Sunday, so much of the immediate vicinity of the hotel resembled a ghost town – there are many restaurants nearby but all were shut on Sunday. I guess hotel guests who pick weekday stays will really love the convenience of just popping downstairs and having so many restaurants to choose from! I took a 5-10 minute walk to Chinatown Point and checked out other parts of Chinatown at dinnertime on Sunday.

My (small) hotel breakfast :

Amoy Hotel Singapore

My Thoughts About Amoy Hotel:

I expect a lot more from Far East Hotels because, for me, the brand is synonymous with great service, friendly people and all things luxurious. Amoy Hotel does not come with a gym nor a pool, so besides banking on its excellent location, it also has to deliver surprises to exceed each guest’s expectations.

I loved everything from the fancy washbasin, the lovely goodnight note someone put on my pillow while I was out for dinner, to the really comfortable bedroom slippers (I took a pair home, and also saw another guest wear those slippers to breakfast).

What could have been improved upon would be the attention to detail. If you scroll upwards to my picture of the breakfast spread, you’ll notice that the juice dispensers were almost out of juice. I would also have liked to be given some information about the history of the area. I don’t recall getting the complimentary newspapers either.

What would have really blown me away would be if the hotel managed to educate me (assuming I am a foreigner) on top of taking care of my comfort needs. For instance, if there was a small jar of Tiger balm or a miniature bottle of Axe brand medicated oil in the room, with a short write-up about what locals use these for (aches and pains, and headaches), Amoy Hotel would be a truly unforgettable hotel for me. I would also take those items home with me. :)

I guess the BEST time to stay at Amoy Hotel would be during the Chinese New Year period. It offers tourists and business travelers the opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds (and smells – good ones!) of the festive period, and still walk right back to a comfortable bed.

*Read my blogposts about the Fuk Tak Chi Museum at the entrance to Amoy Hotel, and the not-to-be-missed food places around the hotel, in the Chinatown area.

Hotel Information:

76 Telok Ayer Street S048464 / Tel: +65 6580 2888

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