100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo: JB City Square – Now Till 4th Jan

I went to City Square last week to check out the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo. I have been to the one in Hong Kong some time back, but I still enjoyed this expo in JB (actually, I enjoyed this one more than the one in HK! LOL!).

Located on level 1 of City Square mall (a favorite of Singaporeans), it is easily accessible via public transport into JB; very near the checkpoint. Or if you’d like to drive there, it’s a bit of a roundabout to get to the carpark but still fairly easy to find.

Tickets are at RM25 for adults and RM15 for kids. Really young children and senior citizens get to enter for free; do check at the ticketing counter. You can buy tickets when you get to the venue. The best part is, there is free re-entry on the same day. You get a stamp on your arm when you leave the exhibition so you can head for some food and come back again! :D

Beyond the exhibits, there is a gift shop, a whole area dedicated to Doraemon merchandise and even a cafe on level 5. Don’t miss the game booths too – they are really difficult but offer loads of fun!

Here’s a sneak peek…

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

Doraemon Secret Gadgets Doraemon Secret Gadgets

And guess what, I never knew Doraemon was originally yellow in color. I’d thought he was blue all along…

Doraemon Secret Gadgets Doraemon Secret Gadgets

The exhibition offers more than just photo opportunities with the many Doraemon figures on display. There’s also a gift shop and a lot of Doraemon merchandise waiting for you at the end.

Doraemon Secret Gadgets Doraemon Secret Gadgets

You’ll definitely enjoy visiting because there is something for everyone! There are photo opportunities at every corner, and kids and adults alike will be sure to find something they want to get a photo taken with…

Doraemon Secret Gadgets Doraemon Secret Gadgets

*My Fav Pic*

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

You can also approach the official photographers at these two booths to get a photo within these homes – RM 25 for 1 photo, RM 40 for 2 photos:

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

Doraemon Secret Gadgets 15

And for some Doraemon-themed food, head to the cafe:

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

Here’s what I purchased that day at the expo:

Doraemon Secret Gadgets

An eyemask and some postcards which totally made me smile! :D


For more information:

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/DoraemonMY

City Sq: http://www.citysqjb.com/index.php/component/content/article?id=337

World Ventures: “Selling Tshirts”, Nothing Illegal

I was on holiday recently when someone sent me a link via Facebook regarding World Ventures in Malaysia. We had a good laugh at the article in which someone tries to cover his a** by saying they are not a travel company, don’t do anything illegal, and are only trying to sell tshirts.

Seriously?! You need to come up with a better story, mister.

-> Read the article on The Rakyat Post here.

Also, I’ve been receiving a number of comments on my first World Ventures blogpost here, from people sharing about their encounters with WV reps in Singapore (even one local female celebrity). Thankfully, I don’t get anymore requests to meet up from WV reps – I guess they have all read my blogposts, because now they are even telling people not to google about WV.

The latest comment on my first WV blogpost:

“just sharing my recent experience with a celebrity WVer. i’ll begin from how i got to know WV all the way to the end of a sharing session. not gonna jump to conclusions from the onset so you can be the judge.


a friend of mine shared with me about WV when we talked about travelling in one of our conversations over lunch. he didnt mention the company’s name or details, just the idea of an exclusive travelling club with good deals. i tried asking for more details but he would avoid answering by saying everything will be explained during a sharing session if im keen. he wasnt pushy though, so we scheduled an appointment for the sharing session.

the sharing session itself was held at a global coffee chain in orchard. i met with my friend, headed over to the location and this was when i was name-dropped that a local female celebrity (her name is mentioned somewhere above on this page) will be presenting to me. got to say this added credibility (or so i thought).

when i got there, she was flanked by 2 other guys who i later found out was part of her team of underlings in WV. so we got through the presentation done by her underling on a laptop (she was busy with someone else at this point) and then came the usual Q&A for them to overcome our objections. she joined back in at this juncture. with my friend on the WV team, i was on a 1 versus 4 situation at our table. i have to say this was one of the most unpleasant Q&A sessions i’ve ever experienced. she was loud and blunt, presumably to portray her status as the leader of the WV team, and was uncouth in her mannerisms throughout. she got downright rude when i mentioned that i needed time to think about it and to do my personal research, since joining them would be a significant time/money commitment. i suppose fearing that i would discover negative things on the web about WV, she started questioning me in very sarcastic ways about my ability to think for myself and needing to follow the things that random haters say on the internet (funny i had no idea these existed till she said it). what she failed to understand though – perhaps blinded by her quest to recruit more unsuspecting underlings or due to her shortcomings in intellectual reasoning – was that i was exercising my ability to think for myself at that very moment, by not blindly following what i was told and feeling the need to verify with more information from other sources. she then put forward with much passive aggression that she wants decisive people in her team, but again, failing to understand the meaning of decisiveness as there is a very thin line separating decisiveness and making uninformed decisions. she reiterated that they represent the truth about WV, which was my cue to end the session, by asserting that i will have to get back to them.

pleasantries were exchanged with her underlings while she sulked like a spoiled child and attempted to take a final jab at me with a no-eye-contact-dragged-out-monotonous ‘byeee…’. upon reflection, her attempts to embarrass me with rhetorical questions so that i would succumb to her pressuring tactics was primitive at best. not exactly the classiest person you will meet. surprising if you consider her local celebrity status (hopefully just that one bad apple).

my friend later told me she immediately spoke to him within their WV team that i was a very negative person and not to listen to my words. i appreciate him revealing to me private information that spoke volumes about the culture within WV, or at least the one under the this particular local female celebrity.”


At the end of the day, folks, you decide. Listen to me? I have nothing to gain from you joining or not joining WV. Or listen to the WV folks, who can sometimes go overboard with pressure tactics, and of course, want you to join their downlines.

After all, they are just selling tshirts. ;) #bestjokethisyear

Eumora’s Multi-Purpose Facial Bar + Giveaway worth $450!

[Giveaway worth $450 at the end of this blogpost]Eumora

If you have always wanted a facial bar that can be used on your face and also solve skin issues like wrinkles and acne elsewhere, this is it. The bf has been a happy guinea pig for the sample bar I received.

He has back acne (or bacne) from what I am guessing is due to his overactive sweat glands and how he likes to sleep shirtless.

His bacne is quite hard to ignore. Here’s one rather large, erm, pimple?


After using Eumora, his skin has cleared up considerably:


[*No editing done to the photos]

His only complaint is that the bars are too small, ‘cos when you use it for your whole body, instead of just your face, it runs out pretty fast.

Head over to the new ‘Eumora Moor Facial Bar’ facebook page to see what others have been using the facial bars for, e.g.:

  • shrinking eye bags
  • treating hair loss
  • healing scars and shrinking pores
  • reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • and more!

It’s really cool how just one bar can solve so many skin woes. And what’s even better is you can try it before buying it…

If you’d like to get a FREE sample bar (*just pay for shipping), click here. You can get one whilst stocks last!




WIN a set of Eumora products (in the red, green and blue boxes) worth $150 in just three steps:

1) ‘Like’ my Eumora giveaway post on Facebook

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3) ‘Like’ the Eumora Moor Facial Bar’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eumoramoorbar

*Winner Announcement: 17th October 2014. Good luck! :D

The Power Of A Positive Attitude

[Saw this being shared on FB by my pal, Terence. His original fb post here :)]

A small girl was auditioning with her classmates for a school play. Her father knew that she had set her heart on being in the play just like all the other children hoped too. Like any other parent, her father feared how she would react if she was not chosen. On the day the parts were awarded, the little girl’s father went to the school to fetch his daughter. The little girl rushed up to him, eyes beaming with pride and excitement. “Guess what Dad,” she shouted, and then said the words that provide an invaluable lesson to all of us, “I’ve been chosen to clap and cheer.”

Thoughts are very powerful. They affect your general attitude. The attitude you carry can also affect people around you. The type of attitude you carry depends on you. It can be either positive or negative.

Positive thoughts have a filling effect. They are admittedly invigorating. Plus, this type of attitude usually energizes the people around the person carrying positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts on the other hand have a sapping effect on other people. Aside from making you look gloomy and sad, negative thoughts can turn a festive gathering into a funeral wake.

A positive attitude attracts people, while a negative attitude repels them. People tend to shy away from those who carry a negative attitude.

We can also define attitude as the way of looking at the world. If you choose to focus on the negative things in the world, more or less you have a negative attitude brewing up. However, if you choose to focus on the positive things, you are more likely to carry a positive attitude.

You have much to gain from a very positive attitude. For one, studies have shown that a positive attitude promotes better health. Those with this kind of attitude also have more friends. Projecting a positive attitude also helps one to handle stress and problems better than those who have a negative attitude.

A positive attitude begins with a healthy self-image. If you love the way you are and are satisfied, confident, and self-assured, you will also make others around you feel the same way.

A negative attitude, on the other hand, has, of course, an opposite effect. So, carrying a negative attitude has a two-fold drawback. You feel bad about yourself, and you make others feel the same way.

If you want to have a positive attitude, you have to feature healthy thoughts. This is probably very hard to do nowadays since, all around us, the media feeds us nothing but negative thoughts. A study [in] self-development: The power of positive attitude shows that for every 14 things a parent says to his or her child, only one is positive. This is truly a saddening thought.

If you want a healthier outlook in life, you need to think happy thoughts, and you have to hear positive things as well. So, what can you do? Well, you could watch a comedy, play with your children or tell jokes to your friends. All these activities fill you with positive stimuli, which in turn promotes positive attitude.

Although it is impossible to keep ourselves from the negative things around us, you can still carry a positive attitude by focusing on the good things, the positive things in life.
And this positive attitude you now carry can be of benefit to other people. Sometimes, when other people are feeling down, the thing people mostly do is try to give them advice. But sometimes, all they need is someone to sit by them, and listen to them. If you have a positive attitude, you may be able to cheer them up without even having to say anything.

If a positive attitude is really great, why do people choose to adopt a negative attitude instead? One who carries a negative attitude may be actually sending a signal for attention. Feeling sad, angry, or gloomy is not wrong itself. But dwelling on these thoughts for far too long is not healthy either. There is a time to mourn.

As always, if you are beset by troubles, even in your darkest hour, focus on the good things in life. This gives rise to hope and the problems become something you can overcome.

Other people can determine where you live, what you do every day, how much you earn, and countless other conditions in your life. But your attitude is different. It is the one thing that no one else can determine for you. Where your attitude is concerned, you are in complete control. And when you choose a winning attitude, you create a winning future. If you can keep your attitude positive even in any kind of difficult situation, it will lead you to triumph. So, what’s not to like about a positive attitude? Adopt one today.

“Attitude is the little thing that makes the big difference.” – Winston Churchill


Bangkok Fashion Outlet, Prawning in Bangkok, Century The Movie Plaza, Mo Chit to Don Mueang Airport

[Travel Journal: 5th Day in Bangkok. And I'm now back in SG! :D]

Located about a 10-minute walk away from Surasak station is Bangkok Fashion Outlet. There are 3 floors for your shopping pleasure – everything from fashion to home furnishing.



I bought Wacoal lingerie here as the designs are pretty and the prices are low.



Then we had lunch at the basement foodcourt. Get a cashcard (with refundable balance) for hassle-free cash-less payment for food and drinks.



I had rice with a mixture of vegetables. It tasted so-so but the chilli sauce is potent.

At the atrium sale, I spotted Melissa shoes on sale at 399 baht. The original price tags showed prices ranging from 1-2K. But they were all leftover sizes e.g. 35 / 40.


Outside the mall, I bought 4 pairs of earrings for 100 baht. :)

We then took a taxi to a prawning place recommended by a Thai blogger pal. The taxi ride cost 53 baht. Just showed the driver a printout (in thai) regarding the place, and he managed to get us there.

Thailand Prawning

Prawning costs 100 baht/hour. Cheap! This is less than half the price we have to pay in SG.





Caught just 1 prawn which we gave away. I had zero luck here. Thankfully, we had gotten just one prawning rod to share.

We then walked to the SENAfest mall nearby (less than a minute away). It looks and feels like our Greenwich V mall in SG – very good place to chill.

There are many restaurants and kids education centres here.

We then wanted to go to a mall near the Victory Monument via taxi. The driver of a taxi we flagged down by the road didn’t know where we wanted to go because he doesn’t speak English. Thankfully, a security guard at the mall came to our rescue and radioed for another cab whose driver seemed to know where to take us.

It was around 4pm but traffic was pretty bad already – it made me feel like jumping out of the cab actually. Total cabfare: 109 baht.

At Century The Movie Plaza, we had dinner at Yayoi again – but it was a very long wait for the food.



Bill: 568 baht for our dinner.

We then took the train to Mo Chit station (and went out the exit near the Yamazaki bakery) then boarded the A1 bus. It was a breeze; no wait, no fuss, just pure luck. Headed straight for the airport with light traffic most of the way, then traffic slows to a crawl after. Budget at least an hour for getting to the airport if you are heading there in peak hour traffic! Otherwise, the journey should take around 15 minutes, I guess.

At the Airport, if you are flying with Scoot, head for the NokScoot counters. It is great that there are shops and cafes to head to before boarding our flight.

You’ll find below additional information about taxi rides in Bangkok and my take on Scoot flights…

~ Taxi Fares in Bangkok ~


If you’re flagging down a taxi by the roadside (not hopping into one in front of any of the major shopping spots e.g. Platinum), it is easier to get the driver to agree to charge by the meter. If you are leaving Platinum at night and trying to get a tuk tuk or cab, you’ll likely have to bargain or agree with the driver’s proposed fee before boarding.


Interestingly, Scoot gave us stretch seats on both our flights to and from Bangkok! I guess it is a perk of booking early?? :)

Flight time is around 2 hours and 5 minutes. And the plane’s usually packed both ways with Singaporeans.

I’ve flown with Scoot three times this year. No complaints thus far! Thumbs up! Will definitely fly with Scoot again.

Bangkok: Pat Pong Night Market and Ping Pong shows


Pat Pong is really intriguing. It has a night bazaar but is also infamous for its nightlife. We went there rather early in the evening. Some of the clubs seemed like they were not yet ready for business but touts were everywhere – from the BTS station exit till the end of the night bazaar stretch.

Both male and female touts will approach to entice you to pick one of the “shows” / “看表演”.

The “menu” they present involves words like “ping pong”, “p***y” and even “man and woman make love”.

We walked past one club with its doors wide open and saw at least 5 scantily-dressed ladies pole-dancing. But walk into the dark abyss, we dared not.

Besides, I do not believe in encouraging businesses which exploit women.

Even if you are not interested in thai girls and what they do with ping pong balls, you can still head to pat pong for the restaurants and the night market.

The night bazaar is in the middle, between the row of restaurants on the left and the clubs on the right. Strangely enough, there is a Naraya outlet there and it has no queue at the cashier. Best place to get Naraya souvenirs in Bangkok probably!

I guess Pat Pong is an interesting place to people-watch, from the safety of restaurant premises.

A friend once shared that at one show he watched in Thailand with his wife, the ladies simply bathed before the guests. And he did share that you must know the ‘right’ places to go to so they don’t harass you for more money after you’ve paid for and consumed that mandatory first drink.

As for me, I’d rather spend that money on shopping. ;)

Bangkok: Platinum, Palladium, Hello Kitty Cafe, Siam Center – Greyhound Cafe

[Day 4 in Bangkok - Reporting 'Live' from the Land of a Thousand Shopping Malls (or more)]


(Above) Is that a Batman shirt?! Oh wait… it’s ButtMan. :D LOL

Platinum is probably a 15-20 minute walk from Chit Lom BTS. We decided not to hire any tuk tuks or taxis on this trip, relying on ourselves and the BTS to get us everywhere.

Pratunam (opposite Platinum) looks terrible so we did not head there.


At Platinum, we had lunch at Yum Saap. The longan and crab stick salad which the wait staff had said would be “little spicy” for us turned out to be very spicy. #eatitallnonetheless


He had a green curry chicken and fishcake set while I ate the pad thai, which is good ‘cos it’s sweet, which I like. Will be back for this again. Total bill: 274 baht.

When we got tired of walking & shopping, we headed to Red Mango (at the Platinum building below Novotel) and had frozen yoghurt with mango and lychee toppings. Total cost: 159 baht.


Because it was raining when we left Platinum, *thankful I brought ponchos and an umbrella!* we went to Palladium which is across the road from Platinum. Massages are cheaper there: 250baht at Platinum but 199 at Palldium (150baht for 40min).

I also bought a pair of rainbow flats for 100 baht here.


At Platinum, I did not buy much though I saw many people dragging trolley bags filled with their purchases.

The only shop (on the ground floor) which earned the most money from me:


I bought 3 dresses here at the “wholesale price” of 390 baht each. Really love the tulip print! :)

*Tip: Money changers at the basement offer better rates than those upstairs.

After Palladium, we headed back to MBK for his shirt fitting and ate at A&W on the way there. Oops. Could not resist!!! :D

And of course, like any self-respecting Hello Kitty fan, I had to visit the Hello Kitty cafe at Siam Square 1. There was a really long queue outside (the cafe was nice enough to provide benches). The cafe is located at the back of the mall on level 1. It is impossible to miss.



I did not want to queue for kitty food, which likely will not taste nice anyway; just good for photography purposes. So we went to Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center.

He ordered the Buffalo Burger made from squid ink while I had the fettuccini with shrimp and mushroom cream sauce. The fettuccini was really yummy. Usually, pastas with cream sauce do not taste very good after the first mouthful. But this one was mindblowingly awesome. Must try!

We also ordered some vietnamese spring rolls – not bad but not awesome either. I could taste only the egg yolk:




We then went to Pat Pong Night Market, near Sala Daeng BTS station. (That’s for another blogpost) ;)

Review: Boss Suites Nana Hotel – Bangkok


The hotel looks great in pictures online but it’s actually not that awesome. The bed is huge but hard. And shower facilities are old.


The hotel is pretty far from the BTS station. So they provide a free “tuk tuk” service to Nana BTS station. There’s no particular schedule to this. You can get a ride any time when you are leaving the hotel in the morning, but on the way back, there is no way of knowing when you can hitch a ride back. So we walk.

Grand Sukhumvit is much nearer to the BTS station. Boss Suites is another 10 – 15 minute walk from GS.

The massages here aren’t more expensive than outside the hotel though. So that’s good. 300baht for an hour of foot massage is just what I need after a long day of shopping. Great that I can just head back to the hotel room and wash that massage cream off immediately.


We must have unknowingly booked a hotel in the ‘red light district’. At night, one cannot help but come across streetwalkers at every corner. Others work in pubs and wear the skankiest of outfits while they stand at the door and beckon to passerbys. If you’re a guy in search of nocturnal adventures, you’ll be very happy in Bangkok.


Also, there are mothers (some very young) begging at street corners and on bridges while carrying their infants. It is a sight I don’t see in SG but it is pretty common in BKK. I have so many questions: Where’s the kid’s dad? Why do you have to beg for a living? Why don’t you get a job or start a stall selling something? These questions will probably never get answered.

Hua Lamphong / Chinatown (Rest Day: Sunday), Silom Complex, MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Center

[Day 3 in Bangkok - Blogging 'Live' from the Land of a Thousand Shopping Malls. LOL]

We took the MRT to Hua Lamphong station in the morning. He wanted to bring me to Chinatown. Turns out Chinatown’s shops are open only at 1pm on Sundays. Lol. We didn’t want to wait in the sweltering heat. Besides, there was nothing to do there.

So we went to Silom Complex next to Silom BTS station instead.

We had a not-very-memorable Thai lunch there: tom yum goong and pad thai with a papaya salad.

Bought macarons too. Not the best I have eaten, for sure.


Next on the itinerary: MBK – next to National Stadium BTS.




MONT on level 2 of MBK serves good toast. We paid 134 baht for 2 sets of toast (coconut custard and nutella) and 2 drinks. :) The place was packed when we were there. *I’ll definitely be back again the next time I visit MBK.

I bought Super Girl shirts (extreme left in the picture below) for 295 baht each. :D He got 3 work shirts tailored for 1000 baht each: not the cheapest in BKK, obviously but he had gotten shirts tailored there before.


Then we went to Siam Discovery and Siam Center. Had a quick bite at Hachiban Ramen:


Next: Amarin Plaza – nothing there. Then, Central World… and Platinum (but it was closed. Did manage to buy a bag from one of the stalls by the road for 200 baht though. :)

Dinner was at Yayoi. I had the Mackerel set with ice cream. Pretty good! We ended the day with some grocery shopping at Big C. And are now getting foot massages at the spa within our hotel.


*Haven’t taken a tuk tuk or taxi on this trip. It seems that most drivers aren’t keen on going by the meter, and just want to ferry the highest-paying tourists. So… lotsa train rides and walking. :D

Goodnight, from the Land of a Thousand Shopping Malls ~

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Terminal 21 and Nana Square

[Day 2 in Bangkok - 'Live' report :D]

To get to Chatuchak, take the BTS to Mo Chit station, head out of exit 1 and literally, “follow the crowd” right to Chatuchak Market. ;)

*Keep an eye on your belongings! Police patrol the area but it does not necessarily stop all crime! If you need a map of Chatuchak (and some air-conditioning), head to the police post.




We reached Chatuchak at about 12 noon. And the heat was amazing. I was just sweating buckets! It’s a miracle we didn’t get heatstroke. (Bring a handheld fan if you are coming by Chatuchak)

We were done shopping in about 4 hours’ time. Here are some pictures:




I bought a pair of shades for 39 baht. A ridiculously low price! That’s not even 2 Singapore dollars!


(Above) Big guy cooking a big pan of paella. He was throwing ingredients, such as long beans, into the pan as he was walking away from it. Inevitably, many of them fell to the ground. But it still attracted many tourists.


Hand-painted shoes at 350 baht. I really like colorful stuff. The first pair caught my eye.

Bf bought many shirts on this shopping trip. I didn’t even buy any dresses and shoes!!! Shopping skills gone rusty. Lol.



Then we were off to Terminal 21 next to Asok BTS station.

We had a steamboat dinner at MK Restaurant (level 4 of Terminal 21). The bill came up to 676 baht.

When we got tired from exploring the huge mall, we stopped at a dessert place specializing in matcha desserts for a Matcha Latte Float (110 baht) which was yummy! The vanilla ice cream is really good! 

We then walked all the way to Phrom Phong station where a mall – Emporium – was supposed to be. Sadly, it was under renovation. :(

On the way back to our hotel, we made a detour to Nana Square and had pizza at The Pizza Company cos the place is packed. It’s open till midnight too.

Bbq chicken wings and Seafood Cocktail pizza cost us 528 baht. Both items were dripping in oil. The pizza had lots of butter, strangely. I like the chicken wings, don’t quite fancy the pizza.


Time for bed… and MBK tomorrow? :D