Sense 108: Over 100 botanical extracts in one capsule! Better than multi-Vits!

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What is my #1 fear when it comes to being self-employed? Falling ill! If I’m still in a regular job, coming down with the flu or a fever just means a welcome rest from work and the more days of MC (or medical leave) the doctor gives me, the better!

But falling ill is not an option when I am self-employed. I want to stay healthy because I enjoy my work, firstly, and also because time really IS money – the time spent lying ill in bed could be used to work on an advertorial which pays the bills (and my next holiday).

When I fell ill after my Indonesia trip last year in October, I panicked. And I went out and bought myself more supplements. Check this out:

my supplements

After I recovered from that nasty flu + cough combination that I totally hated, I stopped taking these supplements because, really, who has the time to pop all these pills? Some of the tablets are also pretty huge and I always end up with a bloated belly from all the water I drank while trying to swallow the pills. Never quite gotten the hang of it.

So, I’m really very impressed with this new product: Sense 108. It combines over 100 botanical extracts including Resveratrol, royal jelly and kintoki ginger. And the capsules are small!

lifzyme sense 108

Just take two capsules before your heaviest meal of the day!

And if you think that you don’t need supplements, think again. Some of our favorite local food don’t provide the nutrition our bodies require!

Such as roti prata!

lifzyme sense 108

I love prata but it just doesn’t give me the fibre, vitamins and minerals that my body needs. And prata fills me up such that I don’t eat anything else at that meal. So Sense 108 helps me enjoy my food with less guilt. :D

Its ingredients list includes items like bamboo shoot, chinese ginseng, chocolate vine, job’s tears, etc. Fruit extracts included are from watermelon, orange, satsuma, grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, grape, papaya, mango, garden strawberry, apple, pineapple, banana, etc. There are also vegetable extracts from cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, and more! How did they pack so much goodness into one capsule?!

Each capsule is rich in enzymes which “help you digest your meals more efficiently and deliver the nutrients from your food to your body and releasing nutrients for energy production and cell growth and repair”.

During my trial of this product, I experienced a mild detoxification effect. Sense 108 helps in bowel movements, so it is great for people who suffer from constipation!

Before I did the trial of this product, I asked the distributor for the lab reports to ensure this is safe for consumption, and it was promptly provided. But that’s not all, I was also given a promo code for you, my readers, to try this product yourself!

Sense 108 ingredients

[ April Promotion: Buy 1 Get 1 Free PLUS 10% off]

Each bottle usually retails at S$150! But just for the month of April, get another bottle absolutely free, on top of 10% discount with your purchase. So you pay just S$67.50 per bottle!

Each bottle comes with 90 veggie capsules. If you take 2 capsules per day, it costs you just S$1.50 per day! All that botanical goodness in 2 capsules is even more affordable than a cup of ABC juice!

Just key in the discount code ‘Grace’ to enjoy this ‘additional 10% off’ promotion. There is also free delivery for orders over S$60! :D

Click HERE to make your purchase, whilst stocks last!

*For more information, please check out*

Nanyang Polytechnic’s UNIT14: AMPLIFIED

Earlier this month, I went to check out UNIT14: AMPLIFIED at the National Library. AMPLIFIED is a showcase of the design work by over 160 graduates from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design.

Nanyang Poly unit 14 amplified

There was a mind-boggling number of projects on display. Got a little dizzy after navigating that whole showcase! Some of the projects were pretty impressive, some exceedingly creative, a few of them bizarre, and at least one seemed to be a copy of an actual business.

Leonard Lam Xin Xin Dialect

(above) Leonard Lam’s ‘Xin Xin Dialect’ project is a Hokkien card game which includes common Hokkien phrases and “illustrations that depict its usage”. The card game also comes with a free iOS app that provides audio pronunciation to aid user understanding. Let’s just say I had a similar idea for promoting Chinese dialects among youths but Leonard’s idea is way more cool. :)

Bernice Ong Second Chance

Bernice Ong’s ‘Second Chance’ idea is pretty interesting. “Second Chance is a mediating space for separated couples to reflect upon their marriage before taking further action, serving as a final opportunity for couples to salvage their marriage. Marriage counselling is also offered to them here. However, if they do decide on a divorce, a section of the space is designed to lead them through the process, helping them to end the marriage both physically and mentally”.

I like how she even thought of things like ring disposal! In this age of “conscious uncoupling”, I guess couples do need such a space to reflect on their marriage and whether it is worth salvaging.


I like Hayden Goh’s idea of a hiking aid that can also be of help during an emergency. You can even activate a blinking light for SOS signaling!

Tan Pei Jing Connex

Tan Pei Jing’s Connex “allows outdoor camping tents to be connected together seamlessly”. There goes your privacy. But it’s great for families with young kids!

Tan Chien Hui SNooze

I have fallen sound asleep on one of Changi Airport’s chairs before so I know how important it is to have one’s luggage kept secure! Having your luggage attached to your seat is brilliant! One can snooze peacefully now!


Crystal Ong’s Uber keeps an umbrella inside a walking aid, so the user can have both an umbrella and a walking aid when it is raining. How awesome!

Other great ideas include: Muhammad Aminuddin’s Rollix (an extendable paint roller equipped with a pressure pump), Teo Hun Ing’s PortalDrip which “removes the need for drip stands by allowing users to wear the drip on themselves”, making it easier to tackle stairs, access toilets and frees up more space in hospital rooms, and Tan Wei Ming’s Re-Cap which will “help drivers locate their cars [in carparks] with… visual reminders and mental mappings”. I’m not sure how Re-Cap actually works, but less time required in figuring out where the boyfriend parked his car is always welcome!

Nyssa Tien Recharge Box

Nyssa Tien’s ‘Recharge Box’ idea seems a little bizarre. It is “a series of hanging boxes for napping” and allows tour bus drivers to stretch out and sleep. It is great that she thought of napping as a “strategy for maintaining alertness”. But I’m not sure we need to go to that expense! How much will it cost to construct this whole thing? Plus, it seems rather scary to sleep in a box – I’ll leave that for when I’m dead. Tour bus drivers can simply stretch out in the seats on board the buses. ;)

Nurul Ain Petite Burger

Does Nurul Ain know that her Petite Burger idea is extremely similar to the vegan burger joint, Veganburg? Hmm…

All in all, it was an eye-opening exhibition. I hope Nanyang Polytechnic continues to nurture more of these creative individuals and let their innovative designs be taken to market. :)

The Royal Mail: Some Hits, Some Misses

The Royal Mail Pan Seared Foie Gras { Pan Seared Foie Gras S$24 }

I have to state this upfront: I do not usually eat foie gras. I try to avoid eating foie gras whenever possible. But at The Royal Mail’s tasting session on Friday, I was starving! We had to wait for slightly more than a hour since we arrived before the starters were served. Imagine that. So when really tender and tasty foie gras was served, well, consider it devoured.

The Royal Mail mains and sides

[Clockwise from top left: Roast Prime Rib S$58, Duck Fat Baby Potato S$8 & Casserole of Mushrooms S$8, Deboned Sea Bass S$52, Sous Vide Half Maine Lobster S$24]

The Prime Rib was a huge disappointment (I ate barely half of it), the Sea Bass was cut up real terribly by the server, and the lobster was just so-so despite the very pretty presentation. I liked the baby potatoes and mushrooms though.

The Royal Mail desserts

[Eton Mess S$15, Truffle Mashed Potato, Banoffee Tart S$13, Chocolate Fondant]

The mashed potato (S$10) was really yummy! I didn’t even mind the carbs! The Eton Mess (said to be served at Eton College) helped end the dinner on a ‘sweet’ note. I didn’t get to try the Banoffee Tart. But the Chocolate Fondant was a letdown. I’m quite sure it’s not worth the S$18 pricetag; get your chocolate fix elsewhere.

Still can’t quite figure out why dinner took 1 hour to start. I guess I waited it out because of the company, and because I don’t usually head into the CBD for dinner. It was good to meet my blogger pals like Dawn, whose hubby (Adam) was a real good sport when it came to photo-taking and being a ‘hand model’. :D

The Royal Mail A Blogger's Plus One Linking Content Creators And Businesses

In this blogpost, I will apply makeup on a fruit, show you pictures of my bare face without even a tinge of makeup *gasp* and tell you how your posts on social media can earn you exclusive rewards. Ready?

Laneige BB Cushion Pear Experiment

It all began last Thursday with’s launch event at Marriott Hotel.

Introducing }

For Influencers, influr is a platform that measures your social influence (based on how many people like, share and comment on your posts) and awards you Treats from your favorite brands via influr’s rewards program. Elite influencers also get the opportunity to become Brand Advocates for exclusive assignments.

Elite Influencer

One of the available treats:

influr treat

For businesses, influr serves as the link between companies and top content creators whose loyal audience could become their next potential customers. The blogosphere is not an easy one to navigate, so influr can help companies make wise marketing decisions.

To sign up, head over to

{ The Venue: Marriott Hotel’s Pool Terrace Pavilion }

influr’s launch was held at Marriott Hotel’s Pool Terrace Pavilion on level 5. The Pavilion is usually a dining area for patrons of the Pool Grill, but was converted into an event space for the launch:

Marriott Hotel Pavilion

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

Usually occupied by a few tables and chairs, and (mostly) angmohs chilling with their beer, cigarettes and laptops…

Marriott Hotel pavilion

I had dinner there on Monday with my pal, Steven. He’s 66 but never too old for a cutesy pose in photos. He inspires me because he is constantly in the pursuit of knowledge and does not take himself too seriously so he always makes me laugh with his jokes. He’s a fantastic dining companion, and I have so much to learn from him!

We even learnt something new over dinner. Being ignorant is not being foolish; choosing to be ignorant is…

Marriott Hotel Pool Grill

I ordered the Roasted Cod Fish (S$36) while Steven had the Yellowfin Tuna ($32). Steven wondered what that bright yellow ‘package’ next to the tomatoes contained. I thought it might contain a dessert of sorts (maybe jelly?) and asked him to untie it. And lo and behold, it was half a lemon (for his tuna, geddit)! Both of us had a good laugh, and Steven quickly re-tied it before anyone else noticed. :D So silly and so funny, but now we know. ;)

As an event space, the pavilion offers a cosy and intimate setting for 20-30 guests comfortably. Otherwise, you might want to dine indoors at the Pool Grill as smoking is allowed within the pavilion.

{ Laneige BB Cushion: My review }

At the launch, I was also introduced to a best-selling Laneige product: the BB Cushion.

Laneige BB Cushion review

If you don’t already know, I do not use makeup nor sunblock! Simply because I don’t like having gunk on my face and the consequences of not removing makeup properly. I’m serious – all I use in the form of “make up” is a pair of false eyelashes. Period.

The only drawback thus far is that when I am tired, it shows on my face. Also, people can’t help but gasp when they hear that I have neither makeup nor sunblock on. Yes, I know how damaging the sun can be to our skin! 

Thanks to influr, I got to know about Laneige’s BB Cushion which not only provides long-lasting, natural coverage but also has comprehensive UV protection of SPF50+, PA+++!

I received a small sample of the product in No.13 True Beige, which is the lightest shade in the range for Asian skin. But I don’t have very fair skin (no sunblock, remember?) so I headed to the Laneige counter at Isetan, Nex, to purchase the full sized product in No. 23 Sand Beige.

The Laneige BB Cushion retails at S$59, inclusive of one refill! Twice the amount of product for one price. I like. ;)

Laneige BB Cushion

The Laneige consultant told me that Sand Beige is the closest to my skin tone and would result in a natural, no-makeup look. If I decide to select one shade lighter (No. 21 Natural Beige), I would get an even more radiant, dewy look, but there might be a color difference between my face and my neck. (@_@) Obviously, I picked the color that would look most natural on my skin: No.23 Sand Beige.

 My Before & After application comparison (no filter)

Laneige BB Cushion Before and After

My skin tone seems more even after application and I look more radiant. It was really easy to apply and I now know why the puff (or applicator sponge) is so popular! It grabs onto a sufficient amount of the product and cleanly transfers it onto your face, leaving little to no residue behind on the puff! I am very impressed! For those who are particular about keeping the puff clean, either wash it or purchase new ones at S$5 per piece whenever you need a change! *Psst: the refill pack also comes with a new puff! :D


I made a serendipitous discovery as well. I’d wanted to test if the Laneige BB Cushion can conceal skin imperfections such as freckles. So I took a spotted pear from the fruit bowl and conducted an experiment. To answer your question and mine, no, this product is *not* a concealer. BUT, it does give you really radiant skin. Watch out for that light spot on the pear. I applied the BB cream only on one small portion, and noticed that it made light from my ceiling lamp reflect off the pear, even though it doesn’t conceal/cover any dark spots!

Here’s what to look out for in the video later…

Laneige BB Cushion experiment on pear

The portion which I used the BB Cushion on became rather light-reflective. See the bright spot that the pink arrow is pointing at? Watch how it disappears when I rotate the pear over to the side without the BB cream. And back and forth again.

Are you amazed too?!

(*If the vid doesn’t load, click here)

Conclusion: I am absolutely SOLD on this product. Sure, I doubted their marketing claims that TEN BB Cushions are sold worldwide EVERY SECOND. But now I think it could very well be true.

This product does give a natural finish and very visible radiance. It’s worth every cent.

{ The influr Video }

And to conclude this post, here’s a video about

influr video

How I would write the description for this video: “influr empowers the dreamers, the creative spirits, those who dare to be and dare to try, those who take time off to be inspired and to inspire others.”

If fortune favors the bold, influr favors the creative! :D Now, what is your interpretation of the video? ;)

I asked for your comments about this video on my facebook page and here are some of your replies:

fb comment

fb comment 2

Just this evening at an event, I was introduced to someone who began asking me about what I do for a living.

Ms X: “I heard you are a blogger. So what do you blog about?”

Me: “I blog about business and lifestyle topics” (when prompted about the business portion) “I interview businessmen, entrepreneurs, even some celebrities.”

Ms X: “So, do you have a real job?”

Me: [I don't get offended anymore] “I’ve been blogging full-time for over 3 years now. And last year, I published a book titled ‘Blogging For A Living’. You can find it in bookstores.”

The above is an actual conversation that is not a first for me. People tend to think I am joking when I tell them I blog full-time. Till they spot me on TV, or read my book, or see me featured in the papers. It has not been an easy journey. Even my closest and dearest have, at some point or other, doubted that I can ‘make it’ in this career choice of mine.

But as the poet Robert Frost wrote in ‘The Road Not Taken’,

” I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I am thankful that platforms like have been set up to empower bloggers and those who want to take the road less traveled. There will always be people who doubt your capabilities and people who envy your success and try to drag you down. But there will also be those who support you on your journey. So dare to dream. And dream big.

Now, go be beautiful… and live your dreams! :)

Laneige BB Cushion Barbie and Pear


Update: This post won’s Blogger Contest. :)


Prizes: Staycation at Marriott Hotel (worth S$390++) and Laneige White Plus Renew Hamper worth S$306! 

Pictured with me is Max Clyne, the photographer who helped shoot the photos in my award-winning blogpost! 

Connect with Max here:

What Is The PIC Grant & Are You Missing Out On WorkPro?

PIC Grant – Get Up To $100,000 From IRAS

Increase productivity. Lower business expenses. Recoup workers’ levies. How does a business owner do all that?

The Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme from IRAS can help beyond the above woes. In fact, the purchase of items such as computers, mobile phones and tablets are claimable under the PIC scheme.

Many small and medium enterprises (SME) are owned by middle-aged (or older) bosses who are clueless about how the PIC scheme can aid their business. From mom-and-pop shops to restaurants, many businesses are not taking full advantage of the PIC grant. “Based on corporate income tax returns filed as at November last year, about 45,500 companies – or 37 per cent of all active firms – benefited from the PIC scheme in Year of Assessment 2012″. If you have yet to receive this grant, this means you are likely part of the rest of the 63%!

With hundreds of successful claims for their clients, Clarence and his team have helped many business owners to increase their productivity. This is done through close customer relationships, listening to their needs and by value-adding with innovative ideas.

Beware: Many unscrupulous ‘agents’ attempt to sell over-priced photocopiers (heavy-duty models) on the premise that the cost is fully claimable via the PIC scheme. Some agents even go to the extent of creating fake invoices. Be cautioned! Only business owners end up getting into trouble with the law and can be punished with a fine and/or imprisonment while those agents go scott free! Here are some instances of mis-selling, mis-representing and fake invoices:

PIC Abuse

* Want a unique mobile application for your business? Clarence and his app team can develop and customize one to your needs. Such mobile apps are fully claimable under PIC. Say goodbye to stamping cards, loyalty points or manually tracking your potential and existing customers! This is especially useful for F&B, Beauty & Wellness and even Education-related companies.

{ Contact Clarence at 92279446 / }


Don’t Miss Out On WorkPro – $20,000 Up For Grabs

If you have 5 mature workers in your company or plan to hire 1 to 2 more employees aged 40 and above in the coming months, get ready – an additional $20,000 is coming your way. WorkPro can be secured even after you have claimed the full $100,000 from PIC.

WorkPro 3

The underlying principle of WorkPro is to encourage mature workers to stay in the workforce and to receive training to become valuable and skilled workers. WorkPro is a good initiative which many are not aware of since the announcement of the scheme in 2013. As the process of securing WorkPro can be less straight forward compared to the PIC grant, companies tend to overlook it. But ultimately, $20,000 is still a lot of money.


To find out how your company can benefit from WorkPro, contact Clarence.

Why companies engage Clarence:
1. In the event of no claims being filed, no fees are charged
2. Service charges are below average market rates
3. One of the few companies that customize mobile applications with great value

To get started:
Contact Clarence at 92279446 /

[Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are solely Clarence's opinions]

The Missing Pan: Yummy Dessert, Some Fab Mains

I had lunch at The Missing Pan (619D Bukit Timah Rd) yesterday. It’s not exactly the most accessible or convenient location for a meal so I wondered if it would be worth the drive there. As it turned out, the meal started and ended well. Here’s why.

The Missing Pan Croque Monsieur

The first main to be served, the Croque Monsieur, looked unassuming and like it could possibly be yet another blah sandwich. Boy, was I wrong! It is amazingly yummy! I don’t know if it’s the ham, or the parmesan or the grape foccacia, perhaps it’s because of the whole combination, but it just tasted really good. If not for the fact that I was sharing this with my 2 personal trainers, I could have eaten it all myself! :D

After descending from grape foccacia heaven, well, it was a little bit more ordinary.

The Missing Pan Over Hangover

We had requested for the ‘Over Hangover’ to be sliced into two before being served, so I guess it’d ordinarily look less messy. I guess this is a creation just for the guys – eggs, bacon, fries, etc. Plus an interesting name to boot. It’s not exactly memorable taste-wise.

The Missing Pan Guinness Pot Pie

Another creation I guess the dudes will enjoy. I’m not a huge fan of beef stew so with or without Guinness, it doesn’t impress me.

The Missing Pan Rosemary Rosti Stack

Thankfully, they have a nice name for this. Or I’d just call it ‘The Alien’. Two bulging egg yolk eyes and no mouth, geddit? It tasted alright, though I guess the rosti could have been less charred.

Thankfully, I was given the unenviable task of heading downstairs to select our dessert. I have this strange ability to pick out stuff which tastes good. Which is why the fiance, when he can’t make up his mind on what to order, will just ask me for my 2nd choice and he’ll order just that. Often, if he picks from the menu himself, he’ll end up eating what I order because my pick is usually the better one (not boasting here). :D

Our dessert: Banana Cinnamon Crumble and one Brownie Cube…

The Missing Pan Banana Cinnamon Crumble and Brownie Cube

All’s well that ends well. F&B establishments sometimes forget how important dessert is. If your mains are not exactly yummy but the dessert is heavenly, patrons will STILL come back. If the mains are pretty good but the dessert was SO bad, patrons will tell their friends “yeah, I guess the food’s not bad but the dessert was terrible” and I don’t think you’ll get more customers this way. Remember: women always have a separate compartment for dessert, and if your pastries and ice cream are good, you’ll find your way into our hearts! This is exactly why I eat at Awfully Chocolate’s restaurants. Even if the mains don’t impress me, I KNOW there’s Hei ice cream to save the day. ;)

I’m glad The Missing Pan serves up good dessert. You can lose as many pans as you want, but please ensure I get good brownies and yummy cake always. ;)

The Missing Pan: 619D Bukit Timah Rd, #01/02-01 Tel: 64664377

5 Things You Need To Know About Social Egg Freezing


Only recently, I heard about Social Egg Freezing as a means of preserving fertility. My adorable twin godsons came about only after multiple rounds of IVF as it’s really difficult to get pregnant once one is past a certain age. Another friend, in her late 30s, has been trying for a baby for the past 2 years, but good news has yet to come. So social egg freezing does sound like a great option for women to have – it’s kind of like ‘insurance’ where fertility is concerned. Freeze your eggs while you are in your early thirties and “still young”, and when you want to have babies later in life, you encounter fewer hoops to jump through, as the doctors will have your younger and healthier eggs to work with.

I have found that social egg freezing is great for those who:

1) Want the option of having children later in life

2) Haven’t found Mr Right yet

3) Want to focus on their careers first

4) Are not emotionally or financially ready for a child yet

Social egg freezing buys you time. Most women tend to delay marriage and having kids, and by the time they are ready for a child, it just doesn’t happen.

However, freezing of one’s eggs in Singapore is allowed only under certain medical conditions, such as if the woman is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, which could affect her ability to conceive in future.

While there is some debate as to whether social egg freezing could potentially lead to an increase in birth rates, I feel it is a modern woman’s right to decide what she wants to do with her body and her eggs in particular! Whether women actually opt for the procedure or not, they should at least be given the choice to do so. At the moment, you will have to head overseas if you want to do social egg freezing.

5 Things You Need To Know About Social Egg Freezing:

1) It preserves fertility - A woman’s chances of having her own biological child starts declining from age 33 onwards and is less than 1% after age 43.

2) Not allowed in Singapore yet but you can opt for the procedure to be done in countries like the United States, Australia, Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

3) Fees involved - the procedure would cost about S$8,000 in Malaysia and Thailand.

4) The eggs can be stored indefinitely 

5) Some risks involved: Hyper-stimulation could occur in some cases. In hyper-stimulation, the tummy feels bloated from enlargement of the ovaries and collection of fluid in the abdomen. This can be minimized considerably by using GnRH antagonist suppression and GnRH agonist trigger.

You should definitely consider social egg freezing if you have turned 30, and you are certain that you would like to have a kid in future but not just yet due to whatever reason (missing Mr Right, putting your career first, etc). Women face this dilemma where work and kids are concerned as the ‘prime years’ for advancing in your career are those same years that are best for bearing children. Social egg freezing can potentially help you to have the best of both worlds.

To find out which are the best centers to have your eggs stored, you may like to contact Dr. Charles M P Lim at

Spouse For House: Do HDB’s Rules Pressure Young Couples Into Marriage?

Selena Li TNP

[Pic source: TNP]

Due to a fellow blogger’s recommendation that I should watch ‘Spouse For House’ on xinmsn, I did. 6 episodes in fact. I wonder if it is not entirely impossible that a couple would get married just because their BTO flat is ready so as to avoid losing both their money and the flat if they decide that marriage is not for them. Hmm…

[Just a warning: Be prepared for many annoying Triumph ads if you want to watch Spouse For House on xinmsn!]

The main characters in Spouse For House are played by the very pretty Selena Li and Alaric Tay of ‘The Noose’ fame. In the first episode, Alaric’s character, John, wonders aloud - “you are getting married because everyone says you should? Your parents, your friends, and most importantly, HDB.”

It struck a chord with me because that’s exactly what happens. People like to ask me when I’m getting married. And I know that will not be the end of their questions. In future, it’ll be “When are you having a kid?”, “Which preschool are you enrolling your kid in?”, “Which primary school is your kid in?”, “How did your kid fare in the PSLE?”, etc. Point is, is it any of their business? *ahem*

So John and Jessica get married just for the house and for their folks, and decide to split the proceeds from the sale of the house after 5 years. In the meantime, they face all sorts of “married couple woes”.

John’s mother (played by Irene Ang) decides that just because she helped the couple foot the 15% downpayment on the flat that she can come stay with them anytime she likes, and she constantly (and relentlessly) reminds them about that 15%. John’s father likes hitting the furniture and wall fixtures, slapping walls, and slamming doors to check if they are “solid”-ly built. The couple also tend to hammer on the main door each time they come to visit. Truth be told, if someone comes hammering on my door like a loanshark demanding his million dollars back, I’ll call the police.

John’s mother also loves to find out every single detail about the young couple’s lives. She even designated every Saturday evening as family night. Come to think of it, yes, it would be extremely difficult for a mother to stop, well, meddling in her dear son’s life even if he has a girlfriend or wife to take care of him.

She kinda becomes the “third party” in their relationship. Though come to think of it, as she’s the mom, she was there first. The wife’s the ‘third party’. I used to be rather taken aback when the future MIL joined us on our dates, even to JB. Men don’t really care about such things, because to them, hey, it’s just one more person in the car, and it’s not like there’s no space! Women, on the other hand, like to know who is the most important woman in his life, hence that very silly question of “If your mother and I both fall into the sea at the same time, who will you save first?”

Men will perhaps finally understand this when the first child is born and the wife gives her 100% attention to the baby. That’s usually when men feel neglected and want to look for another woman who thinks he’s the most important guy ever.

It’s tough to divide your attention between 2 women (especially if one’s your mother and the other is your wife) and love them the way each wants to be loved. So don’t do strange things like attempting to have them live together under the same roof!

Back to the topic of whether HDB’s rules pressure couples into getting married. Yes! The G’s not stupid. It wants families and it wants babies.

So I’m not getting a BTO flat. *cough*

Review: A Luxurious Hair Spa Session at J’s Salon

{ Giveaway worth S$400 at the end of this blogpost! }J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Last month, I had the pleasure of experiencing a luxurious hair spa at J’s Salon, on the 3rd level of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. I entered the salon with hair damaged by multiple rounds of bleaching and dyeing, and left with healthier, smoother and more manageable tresses! I even got temporary curls after the blowdry at the end. :D

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

It’s like I’ve experienced a small portion of the tai-tai lifestyle before actually becoming one!

I invited my blogger pal, Clarence, to join me for the hair spa, and we were pampered thoroughly, from the unlimited rounds of refreshments to the cushy recliner seats. We even had our feet wrapped up in warm towels for a quick massage!

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Just to ease us into things, we also received a warm shoulder massage and there was an element of aromatherapy as well. All just to create a sense of deep relaxation.

It was all so comfortable that Clarence fell asleep!

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

What took place during those 2 hours or so: Hair brushed -> Scalp massaged -> Dead cells softened with spray and removed during a later wash -> Shampoo to prevent hair loss -> Warm rinse -> Hair growth treatment -> ‘Steam’ (which was actually cold) to seal cuticles -> Mask for anti frizz and smoothening -> Massage!

At every stage of the hair spa, we enjoyed lovely views of the Singapore River. Can you imagine getting your hair washed here:

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

And the final result? I was so tickled by my tai-tai hairdo! And there’s Ms June Ng, director of J’s Salon, the real tai-tai, right behind me. :D

J's Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


Would you like to enjoy the hair services at J’s Salon? Fancy a hair spa just like the one I went for? Or perhaps, a Lancome facial treatment or body treatment would be more suitable? Well, you’re in luck!

I have 2 x S$200 vouchers from J’s Salon for this giveaway, so I’ll pick two lucky winners!

How To Win:

1) ‘Share’ my giveaway post on Facebook:

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3) Comment on this blogpost and tell me why you deserve to win a S$200 voucher.

*This giveaway is only for residents of Singapore. J’s Salon reserves the right to make any changes to this promotion / giveaway.

*Make sure you have ‘liked’ my facebook page as winners will be announced there, so make sure you get the notification. :)


Congratulations, Jaime Chan and Vanessa Koh! :D

To claim your prize, email gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address to claim your prize, before 5th April 2014, 23:59hrs! :)

One Dollar Only online store in Singapore: Giveaway!

{ Giveaway worth over S$47 at the end of this blogpost }

In Singapore, we have many ‘dollar’ shops offering products at affordable prices. But not many people know about this online store that sells a host of stationery and lifestyle products at just S$1 each!

Fancy getting a new pencil case for just S$1? How about a double-sided A4 size whiteboard? Or an LED torch or skipping rope? :D

Check out! And ‘like’ their facebook page HERE for updates on their roadshow locations! :)

And since it’s the school holidays right now in Singapore, here’s a giveaway just for the kids (and maybe those who are young-at-heart) ;)

{ Giveaway }

I have FOUR sets of items sponsored by One Dollar Only for this giveaway. The items in each case (red, blue, green and yellow) are shown in this picture:

One Dollar Only online shop

How To Win:

1) ‘Like’ One Dollar Only’s Facebook page here:

2) ‘Share’ my giveaway post on Facebook:

3) ‘Comment’ on my giveaway post on facebook with your choice: Red, Blue, Green OR Yellow :)

*This is an international giveaway. All prizes will be mailed to winners.

*Make sure you have ‘liked’ my facebook page as winners will be announced there, so make sure you get the notification. :)

*I’ll be reviewing more products from One Dollar Only in just a bit, so stay tuned.