Blogging For A Living: Hands-on Workshop at SIM Management House 25 April 2014

blogging for a living

[Above: the wacky bunch, led by me. Muahaha! Many thanks to the SIM ladies for organizing the workshop, Derek, Steven, Kirbie and Carol for assisting me! :D]

Very hardworking participant: Lyn. Look at the number of tabs on the book!!!

blogging for a living

Very happy participants! :D

blogging for a living

A photo just ‘cos we were wearing stripes! :D


blogging for a living

Whether you face physical challenges or not, as long as you have the ‘heart’ for blogging, you will be able to overcome all odds.

Blogging For A Living workingwithgrace

[Upcoming Workshops]

(1) Module 1 on 11th May: Creative Blogging For Winning Contests & Competitions

- Find out how to win a blog award and learn what makes an award-winning blogpost and an award-winning blog

- My SECRET tips for winning blog contests and competitions I take part in

- How to WOW readers and advertisers with creative and inspiring blogposts that keep them coming back for more!

(2) Module 2 on 25th May: Blogging Strategies For Success, Effective PR, and Blog Monetisation *new*

- How to get noticed by the media and get instant traffic to your blog, PLUS promote your business. ALSO, how to get featured repeatedly! Don’t be a one time wonder!

- My blogging secrets: 3 Little-known Ways To Get Advertisers To Pay You MORE

- Turn your blog into a business that gives you multiple streams of income

*Sundays 10am to 5pm

*Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Email gracewwg (at) gmail (dot) com to register! :)

Blogging For A Living: Workshop at Civil Service Club on 12 April 2014

[This post was featured in my workshop at Civil Service Club on 12th April]


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Selfie with these kawaii participants:

Blogging For A Living workshop

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Tip #1: Network – “Who You Know” Is As Important As “Who Knows You”

Note Names and Occupations *Psst: Grab A Card*

Grace at i.Dental


~ A Bit About Me: How My Blog Was Started ~


Tip #2: Pick the RIGHT niche FOR YOU

Sri Mariamman Temple

Tip #3: Unleash Your Passion and Creativity

Recent Blogging Contest – my blogpost 

Prizes for the Winner: Title of influr ‘Influencer of the Month’, 1-night stay at Marriott Hotel (worth S$390++) and Laneige White Plus Renew Hamper worth S$306

Laneige BB Cushion Pear Experiment

Tip #4: Face your fears.

croc hunter

Tip #5: The quitters never win. And the winners don’t quit.

Receiving my award from Minister Lawrence Wong

-> Setting Up Your WordPress Blog <-

Blogspot or WordPress

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Upcoming Workshops:

(1) Module 1: Creative Blogging For Winning Contests & Competitions

- Learn what makes an award-winning blogpost and an award-winning blog

- The 3 Crucial Elements Your Blogpost Must Have

- The Creative Thought Process

(2) Module 2: Blogging Strategies For Success, Effective PR, and Blog Monetisation 

- How to get noticed by the media and get instant traffic to your blog

- My blogging secrets: 3 Little-known Ways To Get Advertisers To Pay You MORE

- That Shortcut to Blogging Success that no other award-winning blogger will share with you

Dates: Module 1 on 11th May and Module 2 on 25th May (Sundays 10am to 5pm) *Lunch and refreshments will be provided

-> For early bird pricing, please email gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com

Blog Club: Pre-Christmas Lunch Buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay

Besides my blogging workshops, I have a Blog Club for a select few. It’s similar to a mastermind group, or “inner circle”. Instead of frequent meetups, we chat online in our ‘closed’ facebook group and via email. So, it was such fun to catch up with most of them today over a Japanese lunch buffet at Chiso Zanmai, Clarke Quay. :)

After the meal, we had a “gift exchange”. Here are all the presents stacked up at first…

* Carol is so amused *

Gift Exchange

A group pic when we are done:

Blog Club at Chiso Zanmai

I’m really thankful for this group of bloggers I really like. It’s hard to explain – it’s kinda like we are all on the same frequency. We are the ‘easy to get along with’ sort of people, and those who are not on the same frequency as we are, will tend to drop out of the group. I’d say it’s the ‘Law of Attraction’. :D

At the end of the day, blogging AND making money is real fun. But what truly warms the cockles of my heart is being in the company of awesome friends. :D

[Interested in joining my Blog Club? Come by for a workshop, and if we’re of the same ‘frequency’, you’ll get an invite!] *I’m still working on the workshop dates, but you can drop me an email (gracewwg at gmail dot com) anytime to register your interest. :)

F1 Weekend: Full House at my Blogging Workshops! :D

Blogging Workshops 21 and 22 Sept 2013

The strangest thing happened over the weekend: EVERYONE turned up for my blogging workshops. I had expected that some would have called in sick, or had work, or got abducted by F1 aliens. But every single participant turned up. :D And on Sunday’s session, every one of them turned up early, before the appointed time. I was very impressed. So, THANKS GUYS!

My workshops, on both Saturday and Sunday, were for those who already had existing blogs. So I didn’t have to explain what Blogging is, and how to set up a blog. We went straight to tackling issues that bloggers commonly face, such as how to attract and keep loyal followers, how to get featured in the media, and how to get more blog traffic.

The best part for me about conducting these workshops is that I learn from each participant as well. As I teach, I learn. And as I share, I grow in knowledge. So if you would like to attend my next Blogging Workshop, drop me an email at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com! More details at the end of this post! :)

Here’s what they said:

[Saturday, 21st September 2013]

Terence, trainer: “Dear Grace, your workshop is simply awesome! I have more clarity now about what I want to share on my blog. Thank you for your generous sharing. May you continue to inspire!”

Rui Min, NUS undergrad: “I got my questions answered and I learnt much from your blogging tips. I cleared my doubts on what I should focus on for my blog and maybe, I’ll work towards publishing travel guides from my travel blog someday!”

Kirbie, part-time wedding emcee: “I like the intimate setting and how Grace is very willing to share her thoughts and views – I learnt a lot!”

Elyse, love coach: “I feel Grace is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I enjoy her “straight to the point” advice and thoughts”.

Benjamin, speaker, trainer and coach: “I enjoyed the 2-hour Blogging workshop and it was definitely a good experience to know that you stay extremely congruent to your voice online and offline”.

[Sunday, 22nd September 2013]

Joanna, makeup artist: “I like the open sharing, with lots of space and time for discussion. Grace is straightforward and gives practical advice. I had a good time. Thanks for the advice!”

Nasri, awaiting NS enlistment: “I like the sharing session and enjoy the advice that Grace gave. I hope there will be more sessions and a second book please (and more to come)… you’re such an inspiration!”

Jia En, Digital Marketer and Blogger: “I like that I learnt how to be consistent in blogging by making a commitment – like blogging every Sunday. Thank you Grace, I really appreciate your time and sharing”.

Steven, age 66: “I liked being given the opportunity to ask questions about Blogging and how to make money from my blog. I learnt, too, from the questions that my fellow workshop participants were asking”.

Leesa, part-time property agent: “Thank you, Grace! I learnt so many things about how to blog and the various do’s and don’ts! Please organize more sessions for monthly reviews and various stages in Blogging”.

Carol, beauty blogger: “It’s an interesting platform to have a sharing session with the other bloggers. Now I know how to generate traffic for my blog!”

I want to thank all these participants for being committed and for showing up for the workshops, and being so willing to share their own blogging journeys with all their ups and downs.

The Next Workshop…

Subject: Monetizing Your Blog

Date: 20th October, 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9am to 5pm

Fee: S$500

Venue: Training center in an easily accessible location. Details to be confirmed later.

Course Details:

1) How YOU can begin monetizing your blog right now: Tips and Strategies no other blogger will teach you.

2) Crafting your USP to reach out to the media for interview features. PLUS, I will share with you my media contacts, and do link-ups for you.

3) Exploring monetizing opportunities not directly linked to Blogging.

4) How to get 4,000 or more Facebook likes within a month without paying anyone (so your followers are people genuinely interested in what you do, and not ‘paid’ to like your page). Why get more page likes? So advertisers will pay you more!


Email me at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. I accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer. :)

Blogging Workshop – Learn How To Own An Award-Winning Blog

How to own an award-winning blog? The easy, no-brainer way would be to buy one (some blogs are for sale). The other route – the one I took – is to make your blog awesome enough to win awards. :)

[Earlier Blogpost: What It Takes to Win A Blog Award]

I did an interview with OMY.SG / MyPaper and my interviewer wanted to find out what I thought were the reasons why some people win awards while others don’t.

My short and simple answer: Bloggers who did not win, did not want to win the award enough. If you want something badly enough, you will get it.

I read blogs… a lot of them.

And some of the finalists this year, who took part but didn’t win, had the audacity to blog about their excuses for not winning:

1) The voting process is too long, too tiring!

2) Other bloggers have more fans!

3) I submitted my blog for too many categories, became a finalist in many of those categories, but I’m too busy to do the required blogposts! [This one REALLY makes me angry! For depriving other hardworking bloggers of the chance to compete!]

Just have a look around the blogosphere and you will find more blogposts with very lame excuses for why these blog owners did not win at the Singapore Blog Awards 2013.

My response to them (if they end up reading this post)…

1) There is NOTHING you can do about the voting process. What you CAN change is HOW you perceive it. Think of yourself as a marathon runner; you have to outrun and outlast all the other runners. Are you going to give up halfway AFTER beating so many other nominees to get into the race? Give your best, or don’t submit your blog next year! Or the year after too!

2) Bloggers weren’t BORN POPULAR! They GREW their fanbase by creating a buzzing community, by doing giveaways (like I do), by engaging their readers and fans on a daily basis, by learning from other more successful bloggers, among other things. If your fanbase is small, grow it! Don’t sit around at home and whine that “Oh… so-and-so has more fans than me. I am sure to lose”. Get up and put up a good fight. So what if someone has 4,000 fans and you only have 400? You think all 4,000 will vote? And besides, SEVENTY PERCENT is from blogposts – YOU determine the outcome. The votes are just icing on the cake!

3) Bloggers who submit their blogs in multiple categories then run out of steam and get so overwhelmed are really ridiculous! After you become a finalist, there’s a blogging component. I’m a finalist in only one category, so I can put laser-sharp focus onto my one blogpost. YOU, on the other hand, have FOUR blogposts to handle. No wonder you are giving up! I don’t even want to comment on the quality of your blogposts.

I took a risk this year… I nominated myself in 2 categories, became a finalist in 1 of them, and won. Last year, which was my first year of competing, I nominated myself in 4 categories (2 of which were not even very relevant), became a finalist in 1, and did not win.

What do you learn from this?

If you’d like to hear more from me about my strategies for winning this year’s blog awards, what I do to grow my fanbase, and how I decide what to blog about, come for any of my 2 upcoming Blogging Workshops:

1) 20th July (Saturday), 3pm to 5pm

2) 18th August (Sunday), 10am to 12 noon

Venue: A location in town, to be announced later

Bring: Laptop/netbook/tablet (optional) or good ol’ pen and paper

Group size: Maximum 5 people per session

Notes provided? Yes

What else? FREE LIFETIME Email Coaching 

How Much? S$250

How To Sign Up: Email with subject title “Blogging Workshop”, with your name, handphone number and preferred date (2o July or 18 Aug) and I will send you payment details. 


From the desk of Grace Tan,

Owner of this award-winning blog, :)

*BTW, I’m in Korea on a sponsored trip till 18th July so I’ll take a while to reply to your emails. Be patient. :)

Blogging Workshop: What It Takes To Win A Blog Award

Last year, I made my first attempt at winning a blog award by entering my blog into the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. I got into the Top 10 for my category (Best Individual Blog) but did not win the trophy. :(

I wondered what it took to win the award. Why did that person win and in what way was his blog “superior” to mine?

This year – and my second attempt – I went home with the trophy. :) (Psst… The 2012 winner was again one of my “competitors”)

And I believe I now have some answers. ;)

So if you are thinking of starting a blog, or you already have a blog and would like to get those same answers, join me for my next Blogging Workshop.

Two dates to choose from: 20 July (Saturday) / 18 August (Sunday) [Pick one]

Time: 20 July 3pm to 5pm, 18 August 10am to 12noon

Venue: A location in town, to be announced later

Bring: Laptop/netbook/tablet (optional) or good ol’ pen and paper

Group size: Maximum 5 people per session

Notes provided? Yes

What else? FREE… LIFETIME Email Coaching 


What’s going to be covered:

1) Blog Content – What Is GOOD Blog Content?

2) Blog Monetization – How To Make Money From ANY Blog [In an Ethical, Moral and Legal manner, of course]

3) Blog Awards – Why Some People Win Awards While Others Don’t [The Brutal, Honest Truth]


How Much? S$250

No gimmicks, No up-sell, No subsequent course. You walk away with everything you require.

How To Sign Up: Email with subject title “Blogging Workshop”, with your name, handphone number and preferred date (2o July or 18 Aug) and I will send you payment details. 

Hurry! – ONLY 5 seats per session and ONLY two sessions. It’s a fact that only a handful of bloggers will walk home each year with the trophies and awesome prizes. The rest go home empty-handed. Which group do you want to be in?

*Date Changed!* Get Interviewed On MediaCorp TV At This Next Blogging Workshop: Blogging For Business!

At this next Blogging Workshop, TV crew will be joining us to film parts of the workshop and also interview the participants. So if you’ve always wanted to learn about Blogging and would relish a chance to get on TV (haha!), then come by for this next workshop!

Here’s the tentative date and time:

 21st April, 2013 (Sunday) 1030am to 12noon

The exact location will be made known later, so email me at

This workshop is for business owners:

1) How To Start A Blog For Your Business & Attract + Retain Customers

2) Blogging Strategies For Success

3) How To Launch A Successful Blogging Campaign With The Help Of Bloggers


* Get ALL your questions about Blogging answered

* FREE LIFETIME Email Coaching

* This session is great for networking too! Bring your namecards!

* All materials for the workshop WILL BE PROVIDED

View the testimonials from participants in my previous workshops HERE.

The one-time fee for this workshop is S$350. Maximum of 3 participants, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Simply email me at for registration details. :)

*Exclusive* Blogging Workshop: How To Get The Sponsorships & Media Coverage You Desire!

Thanks to all who have been emailing me questions about Blogging and about my Blogging Workshops, I have decided to conduct the FIRST Blogging Workshop in 2013. It’s about topics I’ve not focused on for the previous workshops, so former participants are most welcome to join in!

Mark your calendars!

The date for this workshop is 15th March, 2013, next Friday. The workshop will be conducted from 7pm to 9pm in a venue in town. The exact location will be made known later.

At this workshop, you will learn:

1) How To Get The Sponsorships You Desire

2) How To Get Media Coverage For Your Blog (and perhaps business too, if the two are linked)

3) The 5 Ways To Get The Advertisers You WANT

4) Blogging Pitfalls and Secrets Of Success


* Get ALL your questions about Blogging answered

* Receive a FREE autographed copy of my book about Blogging when it is published in May/June 2013

* FREE LIFETIME Email Coaching

* This session is great for networking! Bring your namecards if you’d like!

* All materials for the workshop WILL BE PROVIDED

View the testimonials from participants in my previous workshops HERE.

The not-to-be-repeated-ever-again LOW fee for this workshop is S$200. Maximum of 5 participants, on a first-come-first-served basis. I have absolutely NO follow-up course to this so it is not like those funky Internet Marketing “previews” that have a course that costs thousands of dollars. NO! I don’t have the time for these!

I’m answering all your questions in this workshop and this is it – you are free to go! :D

Finally, email me at for registration details. I’ll be busy this week with a beauty talkshow I’m appearing on and emceeing a fashion show, among other things – I’ll reply to your emails as soon as I can. :)

Blogging Workshop #4: An All-Guys Session :D

(Photo credit: Jiahe from Hearted Moments Photography)

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s by-invitation-only Blogging Workshop with these dudes – I’d expected there would be “tough” questions and I’m glad their feedback shows that they got the answers they wanted. :)

Here’s what they said:

(1) Clarence (Deputy Project Manager & Photography Enthusiast) – “Grace was very well-prepared and I like that after the workshop, we get PDF documents giving us step-by-step instructions about the technical aspects of blogging. It is a value-adding workshop indeed!”

(2) Shawn (Self-professed House Husband) – “I received very clear explanations about setting up a blog, how to find sponsors, create advertisements, etc. It was a ‘free & easy’ session which made me feel comfortable – no stress at all!”

(3) Jiahe (Founder & Chief Photographer – Hearted Moments Photography) – “I received new ideas on how to write interesting & attractive posts to gain new readership and the ways to make my blog more ‘searchable’ to businesses sounds really exciting. Grace, you really respond to questions very quickly and with very good answers. You are experienced!”

Since this has been an all-guys session, I’m looking forward to an all-ladies session next! :D Send me an email if you’d like to come by for the next session.

Whether you are a total newbie or someone who has had some experience with blogging, you’ll get all the help you need at my Blogging Workshops or Personal Coaching sessions. Simply email me at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. :)

How To Blog And Enjoy Blogging -> Blogging With Grace :)

You want to be a blogger but don’t know how to get started?

You started a blog but feel stuck, bored, or uninspired?

Join me for personalized one-to-one coaching about blogging! Among other things, I’ll share about how I got started, mistakes I committed as a blogging newbie and tips and tricks I picked up along the way. Also, each session is tailored to your level of blogging experience and subject of choice.

Just last week, I conducted 3 such Coaching Sessions and was privileged to meet 3 people who are blogging about Property, Diving and Finance, respectively. :)

Here’s Arthur, a property agent with PropNex. He sells luxurious property worth millions of dollars each.

* Pardon the poor lighting in this photo taken with my iPhone XD *

Arthur said: “I thought my blog should be very corporate-like; such that I found it boring myself. Grace showed me how to make my blog content come alive with structured steps, insights and tips on better postings. I now know how to get traffic, advertisers and even sponsors. I would recommend Grace’s Coaching Sessions – she helped me identify what to focus on and what I really want to achieve with blogging. And she opened up new perspectives about the possibilities for my blog.”

Now, meet Xiu Li. She’s an accountant and has various interesting hobbies like judo and diving. She’s starting a new blog on diving and I gave her tips on how to avoid situations such as slacking off for weeks without new posts.

Xiu Li said: “I was given concrete get-started tips and shown examples of good postings. Though I’ve been blogging sporadically since 2005, I wasn’t familiar with various widgets. Grace gave clear step-by-step tips on the usage of widgets and their purposes. Due to work, I’m unable to blog frequently so Grace showed me how to generate and manage consistent postings. :)”

Finally, there’s Sean who is an Author, Master Trainer, and Expert at trading options. I was shocked to find out that when he was in his 20s, he was training fund managers twice his age!

*Photo courtesy of Sean Seah*

Sean said: “Two really great things about the session with Grace is, firstly, she gave me a structured step-by-step approach on how to improve on my blog. Secondly, she provided me with valuable tips that can’t be found in books or on websites. It was a valuable and fun session working with Grace.”

Screenshot of the email Sean sent me a little later:


If YOU would like to:

1) Meet me for a one-to-one Coaching Session about Blogging, OR

2) Join me and 4 other participants for a Blogging Workshop,

Email me at and insert subject title “Coaching Session” OR “Blogging Workshop”.

Whether you already own a blog or not, always remember to have FUN while blogging! :) Cheers! – Grace