Hello Kitty Run Singapore: Check Your Pre-Registration Status

Read my earlier post about the Hello Kitty Run – Singapore pricing, route and entitlements. I emailed the organizers to find out what happens after pre-registration. Their reply:

“If you signed up during the pre-registration period, an email with instructions for the official registration will be sent to you soon. Each participant will then be given a week to complete their registration. If registration is incomplete after a week from receiving the email, the slot will be automatically forfeited and given to the public for registration.

Further details of the race will be announced soon, so do keep a look out on our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hellokittyrunsg for more updates, thank you for understanding!”


Remember to check your email, folks!

If you’d like to check the status of your pre-registration, head over here: https://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/hellokitty2014/closed.cgi

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Loot From Taiwan! :D

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

These are some of the Kitty items I bought when I was in Taiwan last month. I was glad that he brought his luggage just for me, or I would definitely have run out of space, considering that I bought THREE pairs of kitty shoes, among other things. :D

Anyway, this pair of sneakers is from the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary range, and I have not worn them since the fitting in the store. They just might end up in a glass case in my new home in future, unless I find some occasion to put them on. LOL!

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary

I spent NT1264 on these shoes and I happen to think they are worth every penny! :D

The folders cost NT190 and the pouch set cost NT590 (before discount).

I really like the print and design for the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary collection. I am amazed that I didn’t buy more stuff back. I’m not sure when I’ll head back to Taiwan, especially after the MRT stabbing incident. Hmm…

My Recent Phenomenal Success With Facebook Postings

I’ve hosted two giveaways on Facebook recently (one uploaded this afternoon), and I am taken aback by the phenomenal number of likes, shares and comments that the posts have garnered!

I currently have 10,758 fans on my facebook page. But this Herbal Essences giveaway post has been shared 1740 times! On top of that, the post itself was viewed by 14,896 people! <- That is even greater than the number of fans I have. The post also received 493 likes and 440 comments.

Herbal Essences giveaway

Similarly, this Cornell Hello Kitty Toaster giveaway, uploaded this afternoon, has been well-received with 592 shares, 334 likes and 203 comments. The post has already been viewed by 9296 people!

Cornell Hello Kitty Toaster

Both these posts were not “boosted” and I did not take out any ads to promote them either. So I am pleasantly surprised at the number of people taking part.

I guess my takeaway (to share with all my fellow bloggers reading this) is to keep giveaways simple. Avoid having too many steps for people to follow, i.e. too many hoops for participants to jump through, before they can win the prize.

A ‘like’ plus a ‘share’ is something most people are willing and able to do. :)

Hello Kitty Stamps by SingPost: Where To Buy Them

After Hello Kitty Ez-link cards, we now have Hello Kitty stamps to purchase! To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, limited edition MyStamps will be released throughout 2014. Enjoy early bird discounts from 10 – 31 March 2014.

{ Images in this post are from SingPost }

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

Each MyStamp set comes with exclusive Hello Kitty collectibles and souvenir sheets.

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

The signature product of the SingPost X Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection is the Hello Kitty Limited Edition MyStamp Book Set (S$69.90) which will be released on 16 April 2014. This exquisitely designed 8-page book contains limited edition Hello Kitty MyStamp souvenir sheets. It also comes with a Hello Kitty tote bag.

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

Hello Kitty Singapore MyStamp Folder Set (S$18) will be also available for sale on 16 April. The remaining MyStamp Folder Sets featuring Hello Kitty Classic (S$28), Hello Kitty Love and Friendship (S$28), and Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Celebration (S$38) will be released in June, August and October respectively.

Hello Kitty Stamps SingPost

Collectors can enjoy a special price of S$148 when they pre-order the entire set of SingPost X Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection between 10 March and 31 March 2014, an early bird savings of S$33.90. In addition, they will receive a special Hello Kitty lanyard.

Pre-orders can be made at the post office or online at http://www.stampdelight.com.

Each Hello Kitty MyStamp product can be purchased separately or as a bundle set. Collectors who purchase the bundle set between 1 April and 31 October 2014 will enjoy the bundle set promotional price of S$155.

Pricing when ordering online:

Preorder online on Omigo: S$18 for the Hello Kitty Singapore set + S$8.90 shipping and handling = S$26.90

*Free delivery for orders above S$99

*Omigo store’s “WELCOME15″ voucher code for S$15 off S$100 spending is NOT valid for Hello Kitty stamp purchase. :(

Sunday Siesta 4: Hello Kitty Meet-And-Greet At WestGate

[The Sunday Siesta series: You'll find no advertorials and no sponsored posts. Just recommendations of stuff I really like, in no more than 3 paragraphs! Every Sunday! :) ]

Two weeks ago, I decided to go on a journey to the West (of SG) to catch Hello Kitty in a rare Meet-And-Greet session organized by Isetan, Westgate. I don’t usually travel all the way to Jurong East, but for Kitty, I did:

Hello Kitty Meet And Greet

I was the only lone adult in a queue dominated by screaming kids and their parents! Imagine that! I bought a Hello Kitty tote bag in order to secure a photo pass, and was later rather peeved that they were giving out FREE passes as the response wasn’t as overwhelming as they had expected. (@_@)

But the rest of Westgate mall was pretty impressive. Reindeer ornaments outside the mall, a roaming Santa Claus within Isetan, a soon-to-be-opened Wonderland for kids, free popcorn and candyfloss, and a BORDERS bookstore! I managed to attend the BORDERS book talk by Suchen Christine Lim, regarding the exact same book in the first of this Sunday Siesta series! What are the odds?! A huge pity that there is this gigantic TV screen next to the author’s table. The award-winning author had to wrestle with the TV for the audience’s attention! And oh… Kym Ng was in Isetan too! :D

Westgate Jurong East

BORDERS Westgate Jurong East

Kym Ng Westgate Jurong East

Kym Ng Westgate Jurong East

Going Shopping? Have a Happy Sunday! :D

Forever Friends Meet & Greet At Compasspoint: Be A Kid Again!

Forever Friends Meet and Greet

On Saturday, I went for the Hello Kitty Meet & Greet event at Westgate (next to Jurong East MRT Station) and on Sunday, I went for the Forever Friends show at CompassPoint.

The place was PACKED with kids and their parents. And it was such fun to join in. There was singing and dancing, and photo-taking!

Forever Friends compasspoint

When it was time to dance, the kids just stood up and danced like no one was watching. Well, at least most of them did. This little girl in the blue shirt almost trampled all over the fiance’s toes as he was seated next to me. She was shaking her booty to the music and it really cracked me up.

What is it we lose when we become adults?

That carefree sense of abandon. That exuberance. That freedom from not having to care about how others view us.

So yes, I’m gonna take pictures with Hello Kitty just ‘cos I am a kitty fan. Even if everyone else in the queue is either a screaming kid or a parent with a screaming kid. :D [Blogpost coming up soon]

I dare YOU to be a kid again. What is it you REALLY want to do, but you are afraid of doing because people *might* say that it’s childish/stupid/not age appropriate for you? ;) Just try not to wail in public, ok?

Showtimes for those who are interested:

Forever Friends showtimes

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Plushies: Singaporeans Crazy, Malaysians Unaffected

Do you remember how, not too long ago, Singaporeans were fighting over McDonald’s Hello Kitty plushies YET AGAIN? :)

McDonald’s Malaysia is also offering the Fairy Tales range of plushies at the moment. And the response is VERY different.

The Malaysians don’t seem to care much about the Hello Kitty plushies. Here’s proof:

You can pick any plushie from the range – All are in stock!

McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies

There is NOT EVEN ONE ‘Sold Out’ sticker! 

I bought the final one in this range today: The Singing Bone kitty. It was SUPPOSEDLY a LIMITED EDITION plushie in Singapore. And Singaporeans went crazy over it.

In Malaysia, you can get as many as you want.

McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies

The plushies are going for RM9.95 with any meal. That’s about S$3.90 for each plushie.

I even spotted a guy who bought what looked like just ONE meal and about 5 or 6 plushies:McDonald's Malaysia Hello Kitty plushies 

Yes, I felt very silly going in every week just to order a meal and buy a plushie. (@_@) I had thought the Kitty craze would have spread to JB. Apparently not.

I should have waited till all 5 plushies were released, bought one meal, and the whole range at one go. :D

That’s what I am going to do next time! Because sharing is caring, I’m telling YOU too, so if you’re as crazy a kitty fan as I am, we can just head to JB in future for our Hello Kitty fix. :D

Also, KUDOS to McDonald’s Marketing Dept in Singapore! THANKS for getting us all falling over ourselves over the so-black-it-looks-like-charcoal Singing Bone Kitty just because you labeled it as “LIMITED EDITION”.

Actually, limited edition my foot.

I could have bought 10 of them today. But then it would have been REALLY silly! :D

Hello Kitty EZ-Link Cards: Where To Buy Them

Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards Classic

If you don’t already know, the Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards were launched on 29th October 2013, in Classic designs as well as Limited Edition designs.

There are a total of 12 designs – 8 Classic and 4 Limited Edition.

*The Limited Edition cards have “special effects” like etching and glitter. Every Hello Kitty EZ-Link card comes in a gift box and is accompanied by a free mobile screen cleaner exclusively designed for EZ-Link.

Hello Kitty ez-link Limited Edition cards

Cost of the cards:

Classic: S$14.90

Limited Edition: S$19.90

*The cards have no stored value, and each card has a lifespan of 5 years from the date of encoding.

Where to buy them:



At selected TransitLink Ticket Offices:

Transitlink Ticket Offices selling Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards(Snapshot from the press release I received)

Delivery charges for online purchases:


1 to 3 cards: S$6

4 to 8 cards: S$7


If you encounter problems, or have feedback regarding the Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards, call Cust Svc at 6496 8300 (Mon-Sun, 8am-6pm, excluding PH).

Hello Kitty ez-link Classic Cards


“Me & My Classic Cards” contest: Collect all 8 Hello Kitty Classic ez-link designs and 3 winners will each win a 30-inch giant Hello Kitty plushie.


Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards

[Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards that fellow blogger, Flore Leng, received at the media launch. I was given the one on top! :D]

My virgin Taobao shopping experience with SGshop

I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping as I’ve had negative experiences of receiving items in the wrong size, defective items, ‘dead’ (unresponsive) sellers, among other online shopping woes. But Taobao proved too hard to resist and a quick check on Google for a Taobao agent pointed me to SGShop as the “most reliable & cost effective taobao agent” (their words, not mine).

So, how did my virgin Taobao experience go?

I had FULLY EXPECTED that some of my purchased items would not reach me, for one reason or another. And this is shocking…

ALL items reached Singapore’s shores safely from China! *clap clap*

I have no idea how SGshop did it but I’m grateful all these reached me safely…

My Purchases:

SGSHOP Taobao purchases

You already know about my infatuation with Hello Kitty so there it is. A gorgeous Hello Kitty vanity case, with a bling bling hairband on top.

Then there’s the instax camera case, 2 pairs of cufflinks, one Hello Kitty ring (hehe!) and 2 Hello Kitty pendants.

On your right are squash and tennis rackets (for the fiance and myself). :D So far, we have used the squash rackets twice. I’m not actually sure about the authenticity of the rackets (Wilson is supposed to be a “pricey” brand?) but they seem pretty good so it’s good value for money anyway.

Wilson tennis rackets

And the white fur cloth that all these items are sitting on is also one of my purchases. LOL! It comes in handy during photo-taking when I need to do a blogpost about a product review. :D

So, how much did I pay in total for all of these PLUS their shipping costs to Singapore?


It’s not exactly dirt-cheap but I have no complaints ‘cos everything reached me safely and I really adore the Hello Kitty items!

So, here are some pros and cons with shopping with SGshop…


1) Great customer service – you get SMS notifications about successful credit top-ups into your account, when there’s a problem with your order (specifications, shipping, etc), when payment has been confirmed, when the order has arrived in SG, etc.

2) Very reliable – they checked all items for defects before sending them over to SG from their Guangzhou warehouse. There was no item I needed to send back at all!

3) Easy-to-use order system – I can type in English and communicate with SGshop staff instead of trying to figure out Chinese characters for what I want in order to communicate with sellers in China.


1) Items which are light but slightly bigger are charged according to volumetric weight (trust me, I had NO idea what this is. I learnt something new!) – if you want to know how this is calculated, check this out: http://www.sgshop.com.sg/help.php?action=view&id=110

So, I really regretted purchasing the instax case – it comes in its original, small cardboard box, but interestingly enough, it was placed into a bigger box before being sent to me. I believe it’s to prevent damage to the original box, but I ended up paying more for shipping due to ‘volumetric weight’. The item is really light, but because of the space it takes up, I ended up paying more for shipping:

Instax boxNot cool. So don’t repeat my mistake. ;)

I do think SGshop can reduce its shipping fees further somehow, and I think it’s good to place your order when they are having a promotion, like now…

It’s their 2nd Anniversary Promotion…

(from the SGshop website)

Express air promotion:

5KG – 10KG: 10% Discount

10KG – 20KG: 15% Discount

20KG Onwards: 20% Discount

Promotion ends on 15th September 2013

*Also, share your shopping experience and stand to win one of fifty pairs of movie tickets to be given away!

Shop away!


Winners Of My ‘Korea Goodies Giveaway’/ Hello Kitty Giveaway On Facebook

Korea Goodies Giveaway

Yes, more giveaways! It’ll be the last ones for a while now. It’s rather exhausting to organize a giveaway, and have to mail everything out (this is a one-woman show, after all). XD

In any case, here are the very lucky winners. Congratulations!!!

1) The 6 sets of Nail Wraps are going to: Loh Shi Qi, PH Pang, Xiao Wen, Gladys Patacsil, Koh Jun Jie Jason, and Siew Lian Ong.

2)  The Hello Kitty Socks are going to: Su Foon Wong and Rose Avelino Mata.

3) The Innisfree Mask Sets are going to: Sophia See and Suki Josephine.

4) The Shiseido set is going to: Jolin Moonzdestiny

Winners, please send an email to gracewwg@gmail.com by 15th August, 2013, 23:59hrs with your name and mailing address to collect your prize. Failure to claim your prize by the specified date and time will, strictly, result in forfeiture of your prize. *Please double-check that your mailing address is correct as I will NOT be responsible for lost mail!

For the winners of the hand creams (Jeremy Wong and Janice Khoo), please email me your Twitter handle [together with your name and mailing address] so I can check that you have followed me on Twitter AND tweeted according to the giveaway rules. I will then mail you your prize. Claim your prize before 15th August, 2013, 23:59hrs.

~ Hello Kitty/ ZESPRI giveaway winners ~

Hello Kitty Kiwi Giveaway

Canvas: Chow Meiyan, Anni Yieng, Shannelle Teo

Cloth: Tricia Loh, Esther Chan, Vera Chin

Please send an email to gracewwg@gmail.com by 15th August, 2013, 23:59hrs with your name and mailing address to collect your prize. Failure to claim your prize by the specified date and time will, strictly, result in forfeiture of your prize. *Please double-check that your mailing address is correct as I will NOT be responsible for lost mail!

~ Will be back with more giveaways when I’ve had enough rest! :D Looking forward to the Australia trip next Saturday! Woohoo!!!