Interview with Dr Elvin Leong

Dental Specialist in Prosthodontics Specialist Dental Group™

1) Why did you choose this profession and what do you love most about your job?

Actually, I was offered dentistry even though I applied for medicine. It gives me immense satisfaction when I could change someone’s smile, which in turn changes that person’s life.

2) What is one memorable experience you have had with helping a patient?

I made a denture for a patient who was severely ill. From being unable to eat, she could enjoy her food thereafter. After she passed on, her family members actually came to the clinic personally to inform me of her passing and to thank me. They told me that my treatment actually helped her tremendously in terms of nutrition and enjoyment of eating.

3) What is your mission in Life?

I hope that I can continue to help people in need as best as I could. I also hope that I can maintain good health and happiness in life.

4) How do you create a work-life balance for yourself?

I try to engage myself in a variety of activities outside of work. I enjoy a good book and I am an avid gamer, although I am not a skillful one.

5) Would you agree that women face more challenges in this profession? Is Life as a doctor really easier for male doctors?

I respectfully disagree that women face more challenges. In fact, women practitioners are often looked upon as being more gentle and careful. I personally feel that male and female doctors have equal standing, and therefore face the same challenges.

Grace says: I met Dr Elvin at a Toastmasters contest when he and I were both on the panel of judges. I didn’t know he was a dentist till he commented that I must have gotten my braces done only recently, which surprised me. And then he asked who my dentist is and I responded along the lines of “If I tell you my dentist’s name, you would know who he/she is?”, while I wondered if there were only so very few dentists in Singapore that he should know all of them. 🙂 As it turned out, he did, and said he was formerly classmates with her husband. What a very small country this is! 😀


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  1. My friend in malaysia couldn’t eat properly or sleep for weeks . He call me for help and I recommended Dr leong . His problems was quickly clear up and dr leong was very attentive to his problems . Great job

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