Monday Muse: Chew Chor Meng

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If you read the Straits Times Life! section today, you will find an interview with actor Chew Chor Meng by journalist Adeline Chia.

The 42-year old actor opens up about having spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) [as yet incurable]. His is a sad tale. A troubled childhood notwithstanding, he now battles SMA, mild diabetes and heart problems. Aching limbs, the inability to climb steps, and frequent falls are some of his physical ailments. I suppose the tougher ones to handle would be those like his inability to play ball games with his 6 and 8 year old daughters.

However, his tenacity is admirable.

He shares that “It’s amazing that I can wake up each day and see, touch and smell. I don’t focus on what I’ve lost, I focus on what I have left”. “Rather than waiting for the storm to pass, I would rather dance in the rain”.

And ‘dance’ he does, having recently qualified to be a behaviour and career consultant, and a property agent.

Grace says: Besides the fact that the possibility of death hangs over his head like a guillotine blade (2 doctors have told him he may have only 18-24 months to live), there is likely the inevitable sadness of a parent who may or may not be able to participate in his children’s growing-up years, or be unable to give them away as brides at their weddings in future.

His tale, while sombre, is also a story about a fighter. One who moves on with life even as he hopes for a medical breakthrough.

Today’s Monday. Are you suffering from the Monday blues? Do you have any valid reason for that?

Chase away the blues! Celebrate Marvellous, Magical, Miracle-filled Monday!

Life offers no explanation for why misfortunes happen to you. And there is often little indication of what you should do. But, the beauty of this is that the choice is yours – to live, such that your life becomes an inspiration to others.

This post celebrates Chor Meng, who certainly is an inspiration.