Monday Muse: Clint Cora

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There’s an interesting read by Julie Bawden Davis in the October issue of the Toastmaster magazine about Clint Cora, a Toastmaster in Canada, who is also a motivational speaker, author and Karate World Champion.

Be awed by Clint’s story of leading a timid childhood as a “small, Asian and geeky” child who was both a target of racism and bullying. To make matters worse, when he was 23, his mother committed suicide “by ingesting three vials of sleeping pills”.

Clint overcame the odds to win his first karate world championship in 1999 at the age of 38 and won 15 more world titles thereafter.

He has two main messages for us:

1) Make a committed decision to live a positive life: “Your past does not equal your future. If you make a committed decision to live a positive life, rather than just wishing you could, you will live a fulfilling life. We all have the potential within ourselves; it’s just a matter of bringing it out”.

2) Expand your comfort zones: Learn new skills.

Grace says: Clint reminds us once again of the importance of unleashing our fullest potential and also, not forgetting to help others along the way by inspiring them with our example.

Whom have you inspired today?