Interview with Candice Koh

Candice Koh

Lead Trainer, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group


1) Why did you choose your current profession as a trainer and what do you love most about the work you do?

My current profession is a calling for me. I received it twice when I was between 23 – 24 years old.
The first time, I attended Adam Khoo’s first run of Patterns of Excellence. I was seeking direction and purpose in my life at that time.
I remember on the 2nd night during module 1, I received the first calling that I want to be a trainer.

About a year later, I was in the midst of another seminar. The trainer guided the participants through a process to find what our contribution to the world was.
I received the 2nd calling “To Heal the Wounded Soul”. I experienced a whitewash of emotions immediately.
At that time, I didn’t know what those 5 words meant.
But those 5 words have been my inner-compass and embarked me on a journey for the next 7 years to learn different modalities and forms therapy to allow me to action my Work on earth.
I must say, I’m still on the journey of further unfoldment of the true meaning of those 5 words.

What do I love about the work I do?
Well, I consider the work I do as sacred.
Unlike other professions or industries, this form of work I chose to do deals with lives.
Every life is unique. Every child or person I meet is a special and unique soul that carries within them talents, gifts and light.
Every child has a story.
So when I go up there to “work”, I remind myself to be of service to the participants that I meet.

What do I love about the work I do?
I see myself as a servant. My work calls upon me to serve each individual that I meet, so that they can unfold and get in touch with their True Self, True Potential.
I love it, when I see the people I serve love themselves more, believe and trust in themselves more. The glow in their face and the smiles from their hearts touches me deeply.

Also, I remember when one assignment I received was to teach a class of Primary 1 students.
That was a memorable day for me.
I was in contact with all these little ones with no masks and so real and so innocent.
I felt myself falling in love with what I did all over again.
I remember being so touched by them till I could not sleep that night.

2) What is your mission in Life?

As mentioned above, my mission in Life is to “Heal the Wounded Soul”.
To provide a safe space for people to explore and get to know their True Self.


3) How do you create a work-life balance for yourself?

I honour my “down” time.
In the work that I do, a lot of energy is expounded.
Sometimes, in challenging assignments, we tend to get in contact with heavier energies from the participants due to the issues they face in life.
I honour my down time means, after work, I respect my own needs to be alone to rejuvenate.
I honour my rest time.
I also nourish myself by going out to nature with 1 or 2 close friends and have a nourishing conversation.
4) Who are the people who inspire you, or whom you admire and want to be like?

There are many teachers in my life who are my role models.
Many are spiritual teachers, others are psycho-spiritual teachers.

Just to name a few:
My all time role model is one of my teachers, Tan Hwee Meng.
She is the one who showed me what it takes to be facilitator who lives a unified life, that means, to be the same person “on-stage” and “off-stage”, to lead a unified life.
She taught me about living with Integrity.
As a facilitator herself, her 1st precept is to commit to her own inner work.
She is the one who modelled and taught me that personal growth can be done through gentle, nurturing, loving means rather than violent, harsh, critical, guilt-laden methods.
Because of what I learnt from her, I am able to create and conduct Time-Out Programs for High-Risks Youths for the past 3 years.

Another role model I have is another teacher, Rachel Kaufman.
Her determination and pursuit of her mission in life – to bring peace on earth, is admirable.
Her works have been recognised by the White House that they consulted her when they were building the museum to commemorate the Genocide of Jews by the Nazis in WWII.

Another role model I have is Stephen Levine.
He is a world renowned healer who works with the terminally ill and dying.
His ability to connect deeply with a person’s soul, stay with a person’s process and honour what they need at the present moment is amazing.

5) What makes you happy?

Simple things make me happy:
·         Looking at plants and animals makes me happy.
·         Doing nothing makes me happy.
·         Being still and connecting with God makes me happy.
·         Being with people I love makes me happy.
·         Being able to manifest my Purpose and Mission makes me happy.
·         Being grateful makes me happy.
·         Loving myself makes me happy.
·         Smiling at people makes me happy.
·         Having a good meal makes me happy.
·         Being real and being around people who are real makes me happy.
·         Committing to self-discovery makes me happy.
·         Watching a good movie or documentary makes me happy.

Grace says: Candice is one of my favorite trainers at Adam Khoo’s for she never fails to make me laugh, especially with her fantastic imitation of Barbarella, the character portrayed by Michelle Chong on The Noose. 🙂 I like this interview a lot as I now know I should honor my “down time”, instead of making time for other people and neglecting myself. Just as importantly, one needs to have many things/reasons to be happy. Often, people decide they’ll not be happy unless they earn a million dollars/strike the lottery/own a huge house/etc. But why be so hard on yourself? Why not be happy now, with all the simple things? I love working with kids too, as they are always so happy and full of energy. They don’t need the big house or the big bucks, before they allow themselves to be happy and just have fun. 🙂