Interview with Ramesh Muthusamy

Ramesh Muthusamy

Head of Corporate Training, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group


1) Why did you choose this profession and what do you love most about your job?

To explain how I came into this profession I think it would be good to start at the very beginning. The first major influence was cartoons. When I was a chubby young kid I relished watching cartoons. ALL of THEM. Hardly missed any of them, even those which were a bit boring (hence the chubby as well). I memorised the entire weeks’ worth of cartoon timings and was diligent in not missing any of the good ones like He-Man, Gummy Bears  and Transformers. After watching them I would role-play the characters either by myself or with my neighbors. I imitate the accents and their phrasing to great detail. Soon it became easy for me to rattle off paragraphs of words with great ease.

The second major influence was school. In school I volunteered at every opportunity to present and also took part in an insane number of speaking competitions, debates and drama. Eventually, I honed my sensibilities for the spoken English language and communication as a whole. I also often had the opportunities to share with my peers and juniors ideas which  I do believe where the imparting of knowledge came in to play.

Despite all of this, I never consciously chose this profession. It was when I was in the States about to begin my studies and my family went into financial troubles, I came back to Singapore and started off as a debates coach in a secondary school. One thing led to another and poof! I am now a Professional Speaker and Faciliatator.

I love the discovery part of my work. I have met over 150 organisations across so many industries that I am continually learning and discovering new things about the work around me.
2) What is your mission in Life?
To drive a Ferrari. And to contribute to the human consciousness.  (I am not joking about the ferrari)

3) You often seem so happy and relaxed. How do you manage stress?

Haha… Oh you cannot be further from the truth. Guess you always catch me in the high moments.
But the secret is SLEEP, EXERCISE, MUSIC, FRIENDS, ARTS,  and FOOD!!

4) As a trainer, how do you help employees reignite their passion for their jobs?

Often I ask them what they are looking for? Their priorities and personal vision in Life. As I guide them through a series of clarification exercises they usually make a reconnection within themselves which is often what I notice allows their passion to shine through. When they see the deeper meaning in what they do they will find the passion.

5) You’ve done a lot of debating and speaking. What is one message you’d like to share with everyone?

SILENCE. Pausing is the key to power. I lost in the 2006 World Championships primarily because I was not confident in pausing. I was afraid of the silence. Now I use it more than ever….. Before.

Grace says: Ramesh is easily one of the most well-liked trainers in AKLTG. He makes me and my colleagues laugh… A LOT. And no, I have not seen him looking stressed before. 😀 And he’s always so busy with training assignments (I waited close to a month to get this interview), I think it’ll not be long before he buys a Ferrari. I wanna ride in it too!!!