Interview with Genecia Luo

Genecia Luo

South East Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, Founder of InQueenz By Genecia Luo, Winner of Numerous Beauty Titles and Media Personality. She also advises celebrities and statutory boards.


1) Why did you choose your current profession as a trainer and entrepreneur and what do you love most about the work you do?

InQueenz By Genecia Luo celebrates the courage, innate potential and inner wisdom in every individual! InQueenz also supports women, men and youths to achieving their goals, ideals and dreams through training & development.

I came from a less privileged family, where I needed to support myself through school since the age of 16 due to my family’s financial circumstances. I had a dream. And despite the situation that I was in, I never lost sight of my dream. And the key to realizing my dream is to focus not on success but significance – even the small steps and little victories along my path took on greater meaning.

Because of that, to be honest, it’s now my passion and interest to equip women, men and even youths to be better themselves. I have keen interest in human psychology, and behavior. Having being trained in the fitness industry, to being an occupational therapist and trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, TLT (Timeline Therapy), POV (Psychology of Vision) as well as image/beauty/style consulting has helped me to create new perspectives towards training for these ladies. And it has always been my dream to develop something that I can call my own. Programs and trainings that provide not only the skills set but also the mindset in the integrated mind, body, and soul experience.

Anyway, I have already been conducting trainings even before I founded InQueenz By Genecia Luo. It’s been 13 years in training and development. I wanted something more systematic, more concrete. Something that I can own, grow and develop. Like a brand. So that’s how InQueenz By Genecia Luo was started too.

2) What is one memorable experience you’ve had with helping a client achieve his/her goals?

My life ambition is to bring happiness to all that have come in contact with me. Making a difference to the lives of the community and less fortunate drives me to be involved and committed to community work and voluntary organisations. The ambition has inadvertently helped me to arrive at my decision to take up Occupational Therapist as a profession and later venturing into business to bring my reach to a greater level.

Being skilled in the various industries has allowed me to use my gifts and talents in ways to serve the community.

When I am not coaching or training, I will volunteer my time to help in community outreach programs working with young children, or conducting aerobic and yoga classes as well as personal coaching or group trainings. Every quarter I will be doing collaborative projects with various charity organizations. Like in December 2009, I was part of the team to manage and spearhead fund-raising projects such as Children’s Cancer, followed by A Colourful Christmas Carnival – to raise funds and awareness for the underprivileged women and children. At the same time, I helped Habitat for Humanity in their fund raising project too.

Simply each girl has her own make-up, her own purpose, intentions and goals in life.

First, success comes in varied forms for individuals. It rubs off them. The foundations, the motivational bits, the inspiring bits, etc… the volunteering bits too.

Rome is not built in a day. For Genecia to be Genecia of today, it took many years. For my students to achieve success, it takes 99% hard work and 1% luck. It takes time to build and grow, and develop, hone their skills. I have students now who have become successful after going through the endless trainings, coachings, counsellings. Having groomed 15 winners in 2008 alone, some of them have become a DJ with a local radio station, air stewardess, business owners, mildly successful in banking… I do believe that each individual success is unique in their own ways. Like a quote that I came up with “To get to where you want, you have to start where you are now.” Equipping them with thinking skills, and guiding them in their decision-making process has proven to be of help. Teach a man to fish, he can fish for a lifetime with the ultimate purpose to develop winners on stage, masters of lives. And that is what it is.

3) What is your mission in Life?

To consult, coach, and train men, women and youths in personality development, living my purpose of empowering them to become Winners on Stage and Masters of Lives.

4) How do you create a work-life balance for yourself?

Time management!  And having a good Personal Assistant! 😉

5) How would you define “Beauty”?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see myself as beautiful as I believe beauty is not a visual thing. Beauty takes different forms but the most important type of beauty is inner beauty. My inner beauty is achieved through harmony of body, mind and soul. Staying fit, healthy, cheerful and joyful helps me to remain beautiful. I feel that I am beautiful because I have a great personality, I like to have fun and being happy makes me beautiful.

Grace says: I got to know about Genecia from press articles and Facebook. The list of titles and awards she has won is certainly impressive. It’s a pleasure to hear from a beauty queen herself that Beauty really comes in multiple forms and that through the cultivation of inner beauty, we can all be truly beautiful! Let’s have loads of fun and stay happy to be beautiful, like Genecia. 🙂