Being My Boss Doesn’t Mean You Can Boss Me Around!

Frankly, I’m being FORCED into entrepreneurship. No thanks to nasty bosses. Just this evening, I got a call from the CEO of my now-former company, threatening me with a legal suit. Gee! Thanks, (ex-)boss!

He never once called to congratulate me on a job well done, a sales target impressively achieved, or just to find out how I’m doing. And I’ve worked there for more than 2 years!

I remember the last call we had, some 8 months or so ago. He called just to scream down the phone at me. Without getting his facts right. Without understanding that I HAD put the company’s interests first and did what was best!

In tears, I called my ‘superior’ to say I wanted to quit, those 8 months back. As the Chinese saying goes ‘You can kill me, but you cannot humiliate me’. The ultimate humiliation then was having your CEO call you on your ‘off’ day, ruin your day by hollering down the phone at you for something that’s not your fault, that he had heard from someone else without verifying facts, and then still have to go back to the office to close deals for the company on the same ‘off’ day!  

[I didn’t leave that time because my ‘superior’ told me not to. And I was honoring a promise to him made at the start of the year that I’d stick with this position for a minimum of 12 months.]

This time, it was no different. He called to accuse. Insinuating that I had evil intentions for uploading that post explaining why I quit my job. He demanded that I remove the post. He threatened me with legal action. I said fine, I didn’t name your company. He asked what I wanted him to do, I said ‘nothing’. He said he will be discussing with so-and-so about the next course of action. Alright. At some point, I got pissed (*pardon me. No other word describes my emotions then) at him and told him, in no uncertain terms, “You have no right to call me as I’ve already left (your company)!”

I hope he gets the point. I hope he sees why employees are leaving. I hope he understands that without talent retention, the company can’t do better.

I wish he’ll put that ego aside. I wish he’ll just show his ‘human’ side for once and treat employees as living, breathing fellow humans. I wish that he’ll start treating his employees with care, concern and a certain level of pride, just as he is a loving father to his children.

Starting this blog has been so inspiring for me and many others. I’ve interviewed many bosses, who are such outstanding individuals in the care they have for their employees. Names like David Yim (of Udders Ice Cream) and Irene Ang (of FLY Entertainment) come to mind. Would I want to tarnish this by slandering an ex-company? I’d think not. Hence I didn’t name any names.

The CEO asked why the post was published. The plain, honest and simple answer is that I’m telling my readers and friends what I’m giving up and walking away from, because I believe there is a higher purpose in Life than being overworked and losing sight of what you’re working for. Sure, we can’t do without money, but are we trading our health, relationships and most importantly, self-esteem for it?

Dear Boss, you may be the boss. But that doesn’t mean you can boss me around. Sometimes, polite requests work far better than callous, reproachful demands. We are not in primary school anymore.

Someone once wrote that how you treat your employees will determine how they treat your customers. Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Being My Boss Doesn’t Mean You Can Boss Me Around!

  1. You GO Girl! As far as I read your earlier post, I see it as you’re making a choice to step AWAY from the frenetic pace of life, not “insinuating evil intentions”.

    Look at it this way – the one who said it probably lives it, and therefore suspects the whole world of living his lifestyle. WHAT a sad life it is if you suspect the entire world of plotting to get back at you.

    So, whatever you want to do, Gracie Girl, you GO for it.
    Live YOUR Life With Arms Wide Open!


  2. I have had the same problem over the years. In fact I have had such horrendous experiences with bad bosses over the years that I have not worked since 2006. I refuse to work under a heavy handed boss to the point where I have actually developed a phobia about being in the work environment. I have gone back to college as a consequence and am currently working on my third degree in college (LuckIy I get good enough grades to where school pays for itself.) because, honestly, I don’t want to go back to work. I have given up on any sense of a normal existence because of this fear. No wife. No family. Oh well. I would honestly rather live a minimal existence then have to tolerate being bullied by people that got cut a lucky break in life. Not for me. Keep it. I’m just passing through this place to get to the other side. I have no time for such nonsense. Life is to short in this world for that.

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  4. Hi Grace, I chanced upon your book in popular a few months ago and led to your blog.
    Recently, I am also starting to get serious in this online entrepreneur thing, after reading up and doing tons of seo work, and though I do see the potential and all, I still doubted it.
    things got a turn for the worse when my dad got critically ill and a family member passed away etc.. I realised that life is short and we have to live while we can, and not live for money while selling our souls away.
    Long story short, one of my websites led me to a marketing manager job and here I am, in this company. The boss, however, is very demanding and often (in fact literally EVERY SENTENCE) start his sentences with “you are paid this salary, you should…” and “… if not I would not hire you”
    it is my second week now and I have felt this pressure since day one.
    Having read your post, I am glad I am not the only “difficult” one that can’t get along with others.
    it is a very difficult time and I don’t wanna keep changing jobs.
    but this boss acts like I owe him all the money (my salary) and the look on his face… oh man.
    but nevertheless thanks for this post and it kinda lifts my mood up =)

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