Interview with Lin @ LINS Smoodees Bar & Showroom

Lin (pictured with her mother)

Owner of LINS Smoodees Bar & Showroom

[China Square Central, #B1-02]

Last month, I had a yummy treat going to interview Lin at her Smoodee Bar. I wish the place is near where I stay so I can visit it everyday for the “Natural Way to Obtain: Beautiful Body, Youthful Skin, Healthy Mind, Wealthy Soul, Energised Spirit”. People working at or near China Square are lucky folks! 🙂

It turned out that one reason Lin started her smoodee bar is because she was introduced to ‘Green Smoothies’ by her dad. Lin’s dad actually ran a full marathon at age 65! And Lin is concerned about aging gracefully and feeling good even without makeup. (That is my dream actually – to look amazing without makeup!)

Lin’s green smoothies are made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. From something like this:

To this:

Lin told me green smoothies are delicious, easy to make and nutritious. I had to believe her after trying this ‘green’ drink called ‘Greenhorn’, made from pineapple, white dragon fruit and some vegetables. It was yummy, refreshing and not unnaturally sweet like our usual soft drinks and *ahem* bubble teas.

Green drinks are also gentle on our digestive system and the fibre is great for exfoliating our ‘insides’, “like a classic manicure/pedicure on your inside”, according to Lin.

Lin uses blenders for the smoodees.

I asked her what the differences are between blending and juicing. Lin shared that with blending, the fibre in fruits and vegetables gets retained. With juicing, however, the fibre is extracted and you drink just the pure liquid. The precious fibre, together with some enzymes which aid in digestion is (horror of horrors) thrown away!

Note too that when a blender gets hot (about 45-75 deg Cel), some enzymes die.

Diabetics cannot take juicing as well. Because it results in a sugar rush or sugar ‘high’. Fibre acts as a natural time-releasing agent so there’s no sugar shock to the body.

I agree with Lin’s sharing that no matter what we do, we should find out what makes us happy and have fun. It could be the drinking of these green smoothies or making them for our loved ones and friends. If you’d like to incororate raw foods into your diet, for example, you can simply start with just 10% raw food first, or any amount you are comfortable with.

Not being a fan of salads, as I’m no model, I asked Lin “Isn’t it true that people eat salads but the salad dressings they use are high in fat and salt content anyway?” while secretly thinking about eating my favourite Portobello Mushroom burger from Carl’s Jr.

Lin burst my bubble saying that people can use a variety of healthy dressings for their salads: balsamic vinegar, Himalayan rock salt (ooo… sounds cool), lemon juice, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, etc.

Ok, so I have no more excuses for not eating salads.

It’s the same for organic food or “healthy” food. Not every item will appeal to your palate. I loved the greenhorn drink but I didn’t quite fancy the avocado & cocoa one (which is quite an acquired taste but which Lin enjoyed with relish). So finding what you like and enjoy, and which is good for your body, is crucial.

I then asked Lin for tips she has for aspiring entrepreneurs, as she had started her first business at the age of 18. It’s been many years since, but you really can’t tell her age now just by looking at her!

Lin said that aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t strive to make sense of the sums first. That apart from all that theory, self reflection is key. Ask yourself whether 5 years down the road, you would still be happy, or would you regret doing what you’re doing now.

Also, is there value creation?

Fear will always be there but you need to be courageous and sometimes just bite the bullet. Figure out a way to get energy, motivation and drive to press on.

Have an intimate knowledge of your comfort levels, philosophies and values. Your anchors in life could be from meditation, mentorship, religion or family. When things go downhill or when days get dark, you have to know how to get up or out of that dark state.

Here’s a treat for you:

Enjoy Happy Hour in the morning with 1-for-1 smoodees!~


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