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*Update 22/9/2014: It seems that the insanewiches site is no longer available and their facebook page has not been updated in a long while. I have no idea how you can contact Adrian, so please do not ask*

Adrian Fiorino

Founder of

1) Why did you start the site

Mainly because I love sammiches! But also because I was raised on a steady diet of offbeat humor. I grew up watching famous comedy troupes such as SCTV and The Kids in The Hall. I was also raised in a foodie household. My Father and oldest brother were chefs and my Mom created every family meal from scratch, so she’s pretty much the best cook in the universe! I created the site to simultaneously feed my passion for both food and humor.

And what do you do in real life? (I read there are speculations that you’re a journalist!)
LOL, where did you read that? I do love writing in my free time, but I’m not a journalist. During the day, I’m a mixed martial arts cage fighter… Just kidding! I actually work in advertising.

2) How did your website become so wildly popular?

The initial success came after my Rubix Cubewich creation went viral back in July 2009.

The blogosphere buzzed and the foodie and geek blogs linked back to my site until eventually caught wind and named Insanewiches as one of the LOL Photo Blogs that matter.

And did you expect you’ll be publishing a book?

I never expected it, but it was always a background hope. Not many bloggers get this opportunity. I’m very grateful.

3) What are your plans for the website after the book?

I’m going to keep creating wacky sandwiches for sure. I’m also going to expand the video component of the site with a focus on how-to instructional.

4) How else do you inject fun into your life besides creating and sourcing for wacky sandwiches?

I really enjoy exploring the city I live in and finding those small, out-of-the-way eateries. I’ve recently discovered some great Mexican, Thai, Polish and Vietnamese places in fact. I also love writing, fishing and going to baseball games.

5) Which is your favourite Insanewich? Why?

I have two: The Swine N’ Cheese because I love the name and The Dadwich for its clean lines.

(1) The Swine N’ Cheese

(2) The Dadwich

Grace says: I think Adrian’s blog is really cool, and I got totally blown away by the Rubix Cubewich. One really has to be a creative genius to come up with a sandwich like that! I think Adrian is also a really funny guy… mixed martial arts cage fighter indeed! That got me chuckling. šŸ˜€


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