Interview with Jaime Teo & Daniel Ong from Twelve Cupcakes

Here I am with Dan; Jaime was busy then but here’s a pic of the gorgeous couple from Twelve Cupcakes’ Facebook page:

Twelve Cupcakes can be found at:

1) United Square, #B1-60

2) Millenia Walk, #01-52

Questions for Jaime

1) What is unique about the cupcakes sold here?

They are all homemade and fresh from the oven. You’ll also find that the cupcakes are fluffy and moist. 🙂

2) What do you love about this business?

Firstly, I didn’t expect the business to take up so much time. We found ourselves in a sink-or-swim situation.

I love baking. Back then, I found that due to the small quantities I baked, I didn’t get to ice enough at home. But now, we have to ice so many cupcakes. (We sold 5,000 cupcakes in the first 2 weeks of business) So, be careful what you wish for! 😀

3) Any thoughts of expanding this business? (Grace: when I interviewed Jaime, there was only 1 outlet – the one at United Sq. Now, there’s another at Millenia Walk)

Dan’s the business savvy one but we’ll have to expand because we are not meeting the demand.

4) Are you afraid that the cupcakes business will go the way the donuts business did, i.e. being popular for a while then fading away?

It is something we can’t prevent, right? Like I tell everybody, eat all things in moderation.

(Jaime invites you to view her showreel here)

Questions for Dan

1) How many people do you hire? (As mentioned earlier, this interview was conducted when there was just one outlet)

We have 10 part-timers; 13staff. I’m actually the one who bakes all the cupcakes. And you MUST try our peanut butter cupcake. It is THE best peanut butter cupcake on the planet!

By the way, we really can’t handle anymore publicity. I’m just voicing my happiness (not complaining, ok) that the mall’s complaining that we are closing too early. It’s ‘cos our cupcakes are all sold out!

2) So what’s the secret in baking these yummy cupcakes?

 You must not over-beat the batter. Plus, we bake in small batches so they stay fresh. Also, you must know that Jaime’s been baking for the last 5 yrs!

Grace says: This interview is an interesting one because my initial email to Dan didn’t get a reply ‘cos his email inbox was flooded with mail. So I took matters into my own hands and “invited” myself to their store for the interview.

Jaime was there and she got me quite tongue-tied because she was looking fabulous despite being a mother of one and having been busy in the kitchen the entire day. Plus, I didn’t see any traces of makeup but still she looked gorgeous. Unfortunately for me, she didn’t think the same way, and told me to take a picture only with Dan. XD

And later on, it was interesting because I didn’t know about the 2nd outlet at Millenia Walk till I was there to interview someone else. And I walked by and saw Dan outside the new store (it was Opening Day too!). I was pleasantly surprised that Dan knew who I was (though we’d met only once) and he knew my website address ( though I don’t remember telling him. LOL!

Anyway, pop by, try the cupcakes and speak to the lovely couple if they’re present. 🙂

I tried the peanut butter cupcake:

I rate it 4/5.

Why just 4? ‘Cos the portion’s too small! It just looks big in this photo. XD

Cupcake Flavors you can find at Twelve Cupcakes:

And here’s how much the cupcakes cost:

Take my advice: One will not be enough. Get AT LEAST a box of 3! And go early, before they’re all sold out! 🙂


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