[Vid] Interview with Michelle Chong, director & star of movie ‘Already Famous’

I had the honor of meeting up with Michelle slightly over a week ago and asking her questions about her new movie mainly. We also spoke about her criteria for a life partner. XD

Here’s a little of what you DON’T get to see in the interview vid! πŸ™‚

(above) I imitated Barbarella’s “Tanks everybody! Tanks!” and amused Michelle. LOL

Here’s my videographer friend David with Michelle:

And here’s my photographer friend Jiahe with Michelle:

Without these 2 friends of mine, filming wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks guys!! πŸ™‚

And here’s a pic with all of us:

Yes yes, here’s what you’ve been waiting for… the video interview with Michelle:

You can watch ‘Already Famous’ starting this Thursday. I’ve already bought my tix! Get yours quickly before they’re all sold out! A movie you won’t wanna miss! πŸ™‚

Find the latest news about the movie and its stars atΒ http://www.facebook.com/alreadyfamousthemovie

Book your tickets here:Β http://www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg/

Enjoy the movie! πŸ™‚

*Update* Review of ‘Already Famous’

(Thankfully I’d bought my tickets early ‘cos they got sold out at multiple cinemas across the island! )

I think the movie’s worth watching as the selection of the cast is fab. I particularly liked Chua Enlai, the lil fat boy, and the calefare lady who says she often acts in bomb scenes. Everyone seemed to be doing what they do best – e.g. Pornsak hosting, Pat Mok being funny, Nat Ho looking very handsome. πŸ˜€

There was no lack of laughs either! Plus, there are some wise words shared by the characters, which I’ll be thinking about. To paraphrase what David Gan said – it’s ok if people call him effeminate or say nasty things about him, that as long as he’s doing better than them, he’d have succeeded.

Also, the old lady who acts as Michelle’s grandma shares that we should do what we love to do (i.e. what our heart yearns to do) while we are still young. And when we are old? We watch the young ones pursue their own dreams. And there is no point in living to a ripe old age if one is not doing what one loves.

Alien Huang’s character also tells us that few people can become famous overnight, just as few people can hang on to their dreams till the end. Michelle’s character had wanted to give up midway, and…

You go watch the rest! πŸ™‚

** 2nd Update**

I sent a couple of questions to the Chairman of Michelle’s Fanclub. I’m just too curious about what it takes to be an ardent fan of a celebrity. And Hwee Shan fits the bill – she has a gazillion photos taken with celebs like Michelle Chong, Michelle Chia and Felicia Chin.

Here’s Tan Hwee Shan with Michelle:

Hwee Shan: “I’ve liked Michelle since 2006 but seldom went to her events till 8 March 2011 after which I created a Fanclub for her & Michelle Chia – M&M Official Fanclub”

Hwee Shan’s currently unemployed but ploughed into her savings to customise the Already Famous tee and board. She’s wearing the tee here:

Yes, I believe that IS Michelle’s car in the background. Swee!

When asked if there is anything about Michelle that people generally don’t know about, Hwee Shan said “She’s too friendly and she will chat with friends on twitter and even reply tweets when she doesn’t even know the person. Also, she’s not proud.”


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