Interview with Lorenzo Ang

Lorenzo Ang

Educator, Universal Tuition Link

1) When and why was Universal Tuition Link set up?

Universal Tuition Link was set up in 2005. 

Prior to 2005, I had been a private home tutor since 1998 and I’d worked for tuition agencies as both coordinator and manager.

After I realized how these agencies operated and their model of “hit-and-run” business, I felt that the market needs more good and responsible agencies.

Therefore, after analyzing the market, and equipped with parents’ & educators’ feedback, I decided to set up Universal Tuition Link.

My mission is to help parents source for reliable and qualified educators and to ensure the parents get the best service possible.

As for educators, we will safeguard their interest in all aspects and ensure they are fairly treated.

2) What are the challenges you faced in starting and now managing this business?

At the start, we encountered an overcrowded market full of competitors, including a lot of ‘black sheep’ in this industry.

To gain our customers’ trust and business, we only recruited reliable and experienced educators.

We started off with a small database but along the way, we have recruited a pool of reliable educators, and served very supportive customers.

In order to improve our efficiency and understand the needs of educators and students even better, we conduct market research and surveys regularly.

3) This is a very competitive industry. So how do you stay ahead of your competition?

We continuously improve our matching service by upgrading our operations through our customized matching software program. We also send our staff for computer courses regarding our new operation software.

Through our regular research and analyses, we ensure our tuition rates are the most affordable & competitive in the market.

We strive to give our best support to parents, students and educators. For example, for the past five years, we have been providing free downloads of past year exam papers for our students, educators and the public.

4)  What are the benefits of choosing your agency instead of other agencies? And what can parents do on their part to ensure a good experience with hiring a tutor?

First and foremost, I am a private educator with 10 years of experience and I know intimately the needs and wants of parents, students and educators.

For parents/students, they can be assured that we screen though the educator’s qualification thoroughly to ensure they are qualified for the tuition assignments. We always brief all the educators beforehand about the needs and requirements of our students.

With regard to the educators, communication is very important. We follow up with every educator regularly to understand their schedule, rate of progress with our students and also ask if they need our help in any aspect. Therefore, we have come to understand our educators very well.

Parents should ensure these 3 things are present:

1) Trustworthiness
Check whether the tuition agency is a registered one. Check the educator’s certification.

2) Monitoring
Monitor the progress of the student. Communicate with both the student and the educator and follow-up with them after each lesson.

3) Feedback
Give feedback to the agency on the performance of both the student and the educator.

5) I’ve noticed from your Facebook pictures that you are someone who believes in doing charity work. Does that extend to your company as well?

Yes, it is our firm belief that it is everyone’s duty to contribute to our society. Currently, Universal Tuition Link is contributing a dollar to charity associations with every successful tuition assignment.

We hope we can inspire more people to help those who are less fortunate!

Grace says: I spotted some of Lorenzo’s Facebook photos showing the donations to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, Grace Lodge and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. He has been the organiser for a number of such activities and his friends and business associates contribute most of the donations. I hope they go on to inspire even more people to contribute to society! 🙂

*All pictures courtesy of Lorenzo Ang

Check out Universal Tuition Link’s Facebook Page here to find out more about them and learn how you can contribute to a charitable cause too. 🙂