Interview with Yao Shih Lien from Genius Mind Academy

Yao Shih Lien (pictured with Grace)

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Genius Mind Academy

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I got to know about Genius Mind Academy (GMA) this year. It was one of the companies which received the SME1 awards and I had the privilege of interviewing the CEO and Managing Director, Mr Yao Shih Lien. Check out the interview video below:

I was very impressed when I met the children who had undergone the activation. They were blindfolded and could do things like color a picture:

The end-result looks better than what other kids can do with their eyes open:

Even the little red tongue got colored! How awesome is that?!

And this other girl could differentiate cards and categorise them into living and non-living things, just using her sense of smell! *The cards aren’t scented!*

Honestly, I was quite skeptical initially when I came to know about this company which uses their proprietary sound to activate childrens’ mid-brain, helping them take “The First Step Towards Genius”. Then I met the kids and got blown away. What really sealed the deal for me was meeting the PARENTS of these kids and hearing what they had to say.

You won’t see this in the video but the parents were moved to tears as they related to me their experiences of raising their kids before and after sending them to Genius Mind Academy:

If you want to activate your child’s mid-brain and potential, I would recommend Genius Mind Academy. These parents have sent their children to other enrichment courses but nothing worked. It seems the missing first step can be found at GMA.

Check out their website HERE and you can register for the upcoming free previews. You’ve got to see the kids in action to believe!

Genius Mind Academy can also be contacted at or 65925638.


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