[Winning Blog Post!] 3 Reasons Why I Love Doraemon and How to Celebrate Doraemon’s Birth – 100 Years Early

Did you know that we’ll soon be celebrating Doraemon’s birthday (albeit 100 years early)? 😀 Doraemon’s date of birth is 3rd Sept, 2112 and a special celebration in the form of a “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” exhibition will be held at Harbour City in Hong Kong! In this blogpost, I’ll tell you why I’ve been a fan of the Doraemon anime since I was a kid, and why you should join in the celebrations too. 🙂

Top Three Reasons Why I Love Doraemon:

(1) Doraemon has gadgets to help with homework!

Doraemon has lots of gadgets within his 4-dimensional pocket and some are extra memorable. As a student, I wished I had Doraemon living with me and helping me out with all those mind-numbing homework so I could go out and play! 😀 Also useful would have been those gadgets which could be used against those nasty school bullies. Heh heh.

(2) Doraemon loves dorayaki, just like me 😀


Believe it or not, I used to have dorayaki for breakfast just about every morning when I was in Junior College! It’s my happy food! And I recently found a Dorayaki outlet in Nex which sells dorayaki with all sorts of fillings – from the usual red bean to durian cream and even ice cream!

(3) You can’t help but smile when you see his face…

And he bears an uncanny resemblance to my boyfriend too. LOL! 😀

Join in the celebrations at Harbour City in Hong Kong for:

(1) A visually arresting sight of 100 unique Doraemon figures and 100 of Doraemon’s secret gadgets outside Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal! How awesome is that?!

(2) Three picture-worthy installations. Based on the celebrations’ theme of friendship, future and dreams, there will be three installations – “The Night Before Nobita’s wedding”, “Goodbye, Doraemon!” and “Memories of Grandma”.

(3) The Doraemon themed pop-up cafe including new menu items such as Doraemon spaghetti, hamburger set, dessert set, special themed drinks, BO-LO’GNE buns, etc

I’ve taken pictures with Hello Kitty themed dessert items and am looking forward to seeing (& photographing) Doraemon ones! 🙂

And of course, there will be workshops for children (and their parents) to create and decorate their own personalized Doraemon figures. Limited edition premiums will also be made available during the Exhibition.

It’s also an Exhibition that is going to be difficult to miss as it’s held at Harbour City in Hong Kong – where shopping, dining and happening events all come together under one (mega)roof. I love that besides visiting the Exhibition, visitors can also check out the stores – from agnès b. all the way to ZARA! And there are some fine restaurants there too!

Start booking your tickets now and fly over just in time to be a part of the grand celebrations – there is going to be something for everyone! *wink*

“100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” Official Facebook Page

Exhibition Details
Organizer: Harbour City and Animation International Ltd.,
Curator: AllRightsReserved Ltd.
Date: 12 August – 16 September, 2012
Time: 11:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour- Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui (next to Fendi)
Harbour City Hotline: (852) 2118 8666  Website:www.harbourcity.com.hk

Update: This blogpost was picked as a winner in a contest organized by Hong Kong’s Harbour City and Omy.sg. Grace gets to attend the Doraemon exhibition in Hong Kong with airfare and accommodation fully sponsored! 😀

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  3. i love doraemo very much because he helps everyone. i wish if i have doraemon i will take gadgets from him please come tomy home….

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