I Ran A Half (Spa) Marathon at Hado Beauty Wellness, Sophia Brow House & Porn’s Restaurant

Two Sundays ago, I went for a spa marathon organized by the folks at Street Directory.com.

The flag-off point was at Hado Beauty Wellness at 26A Liang Seah Street which is a stone’s throw from Bugis Junction!

Hado Beauty Wellness facial

The most relaxing start to a marathon I have ever encountered:

I dare say this is one of the best facials I’ve had so far. The therapist did a “spring cleaning” for my face as I don’t do facials religiously nor regularly as I should. She stuck plastic (or paper? I don’t know which) onto my face. They resemble the oil control film ladies use for oily T-zones and noses. What happened was they had the effect of waxing strips and removed the majority of the whiteheads on my face! It was painful, but oh so worth it! My skin felt very smooth after the Gua Sha facial.

Here are the products used for the Gua Sha facial:

Gua Sha facial products

I’ll not traumatize you with my post-facial complexion but the subsequent result was good!

And after the facial, another blogger and I went for a pedicure at Sophia Brow House next door. Despite its name, it does more than just brows. Services include manicures, pedicures, face threading, mole removal, eyelash extensions, etc.

I chose an OPI pedicure using a rich red polish. Because my skin’s considerably dark, pastel or lighter nail colors don’t suit me well. I’ll usually pick a dark red, purple or brown for my nails.


And the marathon ended for me after lunch at Porn’s restaurant – the restaurant started by celebrity Pornsak and given a suggestive name which has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Porn's Restaurant menu and serviette

I had a Kway Tiao Pla (Thai noodle with clear fish soup) that costs $9.90 and a Nam Ga Jeab (Thai roselle with lime) priced at $3.90. The food’s decent enough, though I would have tried something spicier if I wasn’t nursing a sore throat.

Thai Roselle with Lime

It was a refreshing end to half a day of pampering. While one other blogger continued the marathon and headed for a massage, I had to run off to my next appointment! 🙂

If YOU would like some pampering too, here’s some good news – For this blog’s readers: try the Gua Sha facial at only $68 (U.P$280) Call 6338 4532 to book an appointment slot. 🙂

Sophia Brow House also has a number of promotions available. View them here: http://www.sophiabrowhouse.com/services.html

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