Doraemon Exhibition in Hong Kong – Dreams Come True

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Chapter 3: Dreams

This trip to Hong Kong for the Doraemon Exhibition is indeed a dream come true. On top of a relaxing stay at the Marco Polo Gateway Hotel which is linked to Harbour City, us bloggers got to check out what the mega-mall has to offer in terms of shopping and dining options!

Before Marco Polo Gateway Hotel, I’ve yet to stay in such spacious accommodation in a Hong Kong hotel! I loved the huge bathrooms and sleeping on a big bed with 4 pillows all to myself (4 pillows!!!). Talk about sweet dreams! And waking up to an international buffet breakfast spread was just icing on the cake!

As you can see above, I had no complaints whatsoever about the food available. In fact, I looked forward to the yummy omelettes every morning! At the omelette station, you can choose the ingredients you want to include in your omelette and the chef will cook it for you. I define pure bliss as biting into an omelette with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and salmon (YES, SALMON!), with some cheese in-between too! YUMMY! There’s also capsicum, bacon, ham, etc which you can choose to add into your omelette. 😀

And the staff, especially Ms Katie in my picture, were professional and also friendly. Katie actually brought over a map of Hong Kong for us when we asked her for recommendations about places we should visit. She really went the extra mile in service (all she had to do, really, was serve us tea/coffee and remove the used plates) and I hope her boss reads this! 🙂

The fact that our hotel was linked to Harbour City meant also that we could shop till the stores closed, and just lug our purchases back to the hotel lobby. 😀 How convenient!

The mall is so big that I won’t be able to introduce all the stores to you but here are some that we went into on the first day:

Faces for cosmetics & PageOne for stationery and gifts!

And where food is concerned, Harbour City definitely delights!

I loved that they have Agnès B Cafes! I thought these could only be found in Taiwan! Their cakes are pure delish! And so pretty too, don’t you think?

The amazing part about this mega-mall is that there are not only many directories available, plus information counters, but also special stations where you can touch the screen to speak with their service staff who will show you, on the screen, where your current location is and how to get to the place you want to go to. Where the use of technology is concerned, our local malls pale in comparison with Harbour City.

And some other fun things we did:

At night, you can also board a ferry nearby- I guarantee you’ll love the ride:

Right now, I’m sure you want to head over to Hong Kong for the fantastic Doraemon Exhibition and to check out the mega-mall that is Harbour City. You deserve the vacation! Besides, getting there, as they say, is a piece of cake!

To find out more about the Exhibition and Harbour City: