Doraemon Exhibition in Hong Kong – Friends from the Future

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Doraemon is a robot cat from the future and his actual date of birth is 3rd Sept, 2112 – this year is the start of the 100 year countdown to his birthday! 🙂

From 14 Aug to 16 Sept 2012, Harbour City (Hong Kong) will be hosting the “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon” Exhibition.

Charmaine and I got to visit the Bo-logne Cafe, the Gallery and the Exhibition – all of which blew us away.

Join us and step in through the famous “Anywhere Door”…

Doraemon's Anywhere Door

Right into the transformed BO-LO’GNE Cafe…

Fill your tummy with food then check out the Gallery by the Harbour where you can ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over various gadgets, and take many pictures!

Gallery by the Harbour

Before you view the Exhibition, take in a deep breath of air first. Because the arresting sight will take your breath away!

100 Doraemon figures are available for your photography and viewing pleasure!

And here’s the crowd streaming in for the opening ceremony on 14 Aug, 2012:

I’m so glad we got a media preview first! 😀

Preview of Doraemon Exhibition

And here I am with my Doraemon bag. A couple actually stopped me in Zara to ask me where I’d bought my bag from. When I said “Singapore”, they looked disappointed. Seems the people in Hong Kong really love Doraemon A LOT!

And at the opening ceremony…

A photo with the pretty ladies:

The party continues all the way till nighttime! Can you believe it?!

Ask me where I’ll go if I have the Anywhere Door before me!

The exhibition again, of course! 😀

Hurry and book your tickets to Hong Kong now! The Doraemon figures won’t be here forever. You can catch them from now till 16th September only! And no, they are not for sale. I asked! 😀

The final blogpost about the awesome mega-mall that is Harbour City:

6 thoughts on “Doraemon Exhibition in Hong Kong – Friends from the Future

  1. hi Grace, do you see a lot of families at the exhibition? We are going in Sep, and I am still not sure how much time I should spend there. thanks, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    • Hi Andy! 🙂 Yup there were a number of families at the exhibition – the kids LOVE the Doraemon figures! Do head over before the exhibition ends yah!

      For the exhibition, a good two days would do – there are a number of photo opportunities all over the mall. Posting more pictures in the upcoming blogpost. 😀 For the rest of Hong Kong, wow, maybe 5 days at least?


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