The Casio JE10 Camera is so tiny – Is It Worth Buying?

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When I collected the Casio Exilim JE10 camera, I was shocked at how tiny it is. It is one of the smallest compact cameras I have ever used.

Straight out of the box

Size Comparison with my ezlink card:

I figured it’d sit nicely in my Coach wristlet and I’ll still have space for other items:

Does it pass the blogger’s test?

I was impressed that it comes with a camera jacket which allows you to snap photos without even removing the camera. Photography is usually about capturing that special moment in time – but it’s tough if you’re rummaging in your handbag for that digicam or trying to carefully remove the lens cap from your DSLR. That fleeting moment… is gone.

You can sling this camera around your neck using the camera jacket and turn on the camera and snap photos almost immediately.

This camera is targeted at the female consumer and has female-friendly features such as a ‘make-up function’ and the toggle which helps those with really long nails. BUT, the screw on the base of the camera jacket is difficult for those with long nails to manage – I actually chipped a nail and ended up cutting my nails short (not a bad thing actually, with hindsight).

I brought the camera with me to Johor Bahru on Sunday. Let’s see if it passes the test… *Note: The photos are in their original, raw state and have not been photoshopped or otherwise edited.

With food pictures, there are more misses than hits. If you’re a food blogger, or someone who loves snapping photos of everything you eat, then this camera is likely not for you.

If you love snapping pictures of yourself or those you love, then yes, this camera does the job well, is light, and will sit nicely in your pockets too (if you decide not to use the camera jacket).

Update: I brought the camera with me on a staycation at Oasia Hotel, Singapore. Read the blogpost to find out if I’ll bring the camera with me on other holidays! 🙂

The Casio JE 10 – Good Enough For Holidays?

Ultimately, remember…

*Update 31/10/12: One picture has been removed as the Exilim/Omy folks believe it’s out-of-focus.  (@_@)

If you’d like to find out how to remove the camera from the jacket without chipping your nails, watch this video: 🙂


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