I’ve checked out 4 slimming centres – so which treatment is most effective?

Part One: How I lost 1.3kg in 2 days 

[This post is Part Two] The previous post detailed my slimming treatments at Jean Yip and London Weight Management. I was subsequently on the lookout for a slimming centre which can do a body fat analysis using a machine instead of some consultant’s bare hands ( I really don’t want anyone else touching my tummy anymore), actually help trim away fat instead of inducing water loss, and have little to no hard-selling. Am I asking for too much? Hmm…

Here’s my experience at two other centres: Body Perfect and Beyond Beauty

3rd stop: Body Perfect, Tampines, 25th October 2012 (Thurs)

I’d bought a copy of Simply Her magazine and one of the vouchers given out entitled me to a complimentary session of SureSculpt Contouring at Body Perfect.

The Tampines outlet was a little difficult to locate – it’s near the carpark entrance to some building. I had to locate the DBS bank before I could find it.

It all started off pretty well. They actually did a muscle mass, fat mass, water mass, etc analysis for me using just one machine. I thought it was great! I trust that little printout from the machine more than any number of words a consultant spouts.

[I’m not showing you the ‘sensitive’ information 😛 ]

Then came the catch. Apparently, the contouring treatment will not be sufficient. I’ll have to top up another $38 ($40.66 with GST) for a fat burn treatment. The consultant said only those with an ideal weight would not have to go for the fat burn treatment and just the contouring would be enough. My argument was that no person with an ideal weight would go to a slimming centre, right? And if the fat burn treatment was so necessary, it should be included with the contouring treatment or clearly stated on the voucher. I gently turned her down.

So… I went for only the contouring treatment.

Once again, the transparent paper undies were given to me (I am so hating these now. Why can’t they provide colored undies? I’ve been to spas where black paper undies were handed out… It preserves one’s dignity(?) a little more? And I was also given what looks like a dishcloth or rag for me to wrap around my chest.

The consultant used a measuring tape to help take some tummy and hip measurements. I was impressed. This time, I can do a before-and-after comparison and see if their treatment is indeed effective.

Then a lady came in and wrapped my problem area (i.e. tummy) with what was perhaps 5 cold bandages, from which water/solution started to drip in a while. I was told to stand on a towel for 20 minutes. I could neither lie down nor sit. The bandages were wrapped around my waist tightly, like a corset of some sort. Thankfully, I had my iPad with me. 😀

20 minutes later, the bandages were removed and measurements taken again. How many centimetres did I lose? It was a stunning…

Wait for it…





That’s right! The lady who removed the bandages also took the measurements for me and she was blushing slightly when she said there’s no change at all – I’d basically stood around for 20 minutes for nothing. (>_<) But I suppose it was still her rightful duty to ask if I’d like to sign up for one of their packages. The answer’s no.

At the very least, there was no hard-selling. Not much of any selling, in fact, except at the start. $38 was a small amount to pay but I didn’t like the fact that customers weren’t told upfront about it – that the SureSculpt contouring will not be effective without the fat burn treatment first.

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 2/5 – The people were nice enough – I quite liked them.

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 0/5 – I don’t think I lost any weight. And I definitely did not lose even a centimeter off my waist. (@_@)


4th stop: Beyond Beauty, Tampines, 29th October 2012 (Mon)

A friend of mine received some vouchers upon purchasing an insurance policy and she gave them to me. I decided to utilize the one from Beyond Beauty and try their ElectroSlim treatment. I think it’s most unfortunately named – I was slightly afraid something would go haywire and I’d get electrocuted. (@_@)

As mine’s a free treatment, I fully expected them to try to sell me something. But the consultant wasn’t pushy at all. She just mentioned that I can opt for their fat burn treatment as well, at a special price of $77 (‘cos it’s their 7th anniversary) instead of the usual $188 or so. [It was quite strange that the consultant was plump – she’s at least 1.5 times my size. And she never once said I’m fat (unlike at the other centres I visited) or I’d hand her a mirror.] 😀

I said I’ll just try the ElectroSlim treatment and see how it goes.

Turns out, they are using a machine similar to the one at Jean Yip.

This time round, I got to keep my underwear on (no paper undies! yay!!!) and the treatment time was 20 minutes.

Electric pulses were used to target the fat around my belly and it felt both ticklish and like someone was kneading my belly. The consultant said my belly area will feel slightly numb after the treatment and that this is normal. Indeed, it felt as if the electric pulses would never go away, till just before I reached home.

After the treatment, I put on my clothes, retrieved my slippers from the shoe cabinet myself (there was no one around to assist me) and walked out to the reception, was asked to sign on the registration form and I was free to go. Wow. This place deserves top marks for the lack of hard-selling!

Strangely enough, though, no measurements were taken. They didn’t want to know my height or weight nor waist measurements. It was as if I’d just wanted a haircut. (@_@)

Overall satisfaction with the experience: 3/5 – They make me puzzled. No hard-selling at all? Seriously?! I’d even stated on the form that I’m a “tutor” and not a blogger so there was no reason why they’d not unleash their best salespeople on me. Hmmm. The treatment was pretty comfortable, I did not die from electrocution and I very nearly fell asleep too.

Overall satisfaction with the weight loss: 1/5 – There was NO measurement at all. As if they didn’t care whether I lost any weight or inches. But the treatment did FEEL effective. No way to be sure though.


Conclusion: I’ve visited 4 slimming centres (both the famous ones and the not so famous ones) and have only this to say – none of them offer the perfect solution to my problem.

My cousin, Janet, left a long comment on my first post [Thanks, cuz!] and generously shared about her slimming experience. If you missed it, here it is:

All these sound (ah…) so familiar. I’ve been duped repeatedly by slimming centres claiming this and that but after spending tens of thousands, nothing is lost except my hard earned money, precious time (yes, I could have spent it more meaningfully) and that all important self esteem (brutally bruised since young for being a fat girl). You can be sure that whatever is lost is water during such treatment. Actually, if you tried weighing yourself upon waking, after urinating, after drinking, after a meal and after (excuse me) poo-ing, there will be some weight difference. I even had 900 grams difference before and after I cleared my bowels. And, once you’re onto the programme, they’ll start you on a dieting plan. C’mon, we all could start to lose weight if we starve ourselves, couldn’t we. But who wants to keep starving? How is this sustainable? And why should we be starving to lose weight when their machines and treatments are supposed to do the trick? So, all these claims of one treatment and you’ll lose up to ? grams or kilograms are tricks they get to fleece more money out of us. Once you’re signed onto a package, before it ends, they’ll tell you about another new treatment or ask you to convert existing ones and top up another few grand to get the latest treatment. It’s purely preying on our deepest desire and bruised esteem of wanting so much to look slimmer. Ultimately, it’s really the diet and exercises, a change in lifestyle, that makes the difference. So, I hope your readers would stop wasting all that money, a lesson I’ve learnt after 20 years of spending it on slimming centres, diet programmes and diet pills.

So, what’s the secret to losing weight fast?

There’s liposuction, of course. But no secret.

You work out and eat right, and work out some more.

Having said that, I’m all for detox programmes. Sometimes, exercise can’t help if you have water retention issues or bloated-ness, for instance. I’ll be embarking on a 4-day fast next month to address these issues. And I’ll be glad to share the results so stay tuned to find out more. 😉

*All my slimming endeavors thus far are not sponsored nor am I endorsed by these companies. Friends have asked if I’ll get into legal trouble for sharing these experiences on my blog but hey, I’m just stating the truth (what I liked and what I didn’t) in the hope that people don’t go for trials without knowing what they are getting into.

If you’ve found the two articles thus far useful to you, leave me a comment here or email me at gracewwg [at] gmail.com. Your constructive feedback gives me motivation to bring you even more. 🙂

Update: What’s really worked for me is a good diet and proper exercise. So feel free to fill out this contact form if you have questions for me:


21 thoughts on “I’ve checked out 4 slimming centres – so which treatment is most effective?

  1. Thanks Grace!
    I like reading your posts. All very well written and funny! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, upon reading your earlier post on buying clothes from Flaunt, I ordered one dress too. Have not seen it yet but hopefully, it fits!

    • Hi Minna! Thanks for the compliment! 😀

      Ooh… do share a picture of what you bought! 🙂 If it doesn’t fit, you can return it to Flaunt and get another piece – make sure you contact them within 7 working days (http://www.flaunt.cc/customer-service) The quality and service is great though so you shouldn’t have any problems. Enjoy your new purchase! 😀

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  3. Hi Grace,

    My post has nothing to do with slimming but i just wanna share with you my experience at Beyond Beauty.

    I am a customer of Beyond Beauty, @ Tampines. I was surprised that you have not been approached by the manager, the woman in black uniform, for hard selling of packages and random products.

    My colleague is a customer there, she bought Brazilian and other IPL sessions and she told me that the treatment was gd. Therefore i decided to buy a voucher from groupon and give it a try. (Happen to have a “great” deal on groupon)

    For $145, you get 18 Months’ Worth of Unlimited Brazilian IPL Sessions (worth $1440). – Quote from groupon.

    It was my 1st Brazilian IPL so i do not know what to expect. I remember my 1st session, i was told to fill up a form, wash up at the shower and wait at the room for the consultant / therapist.

    I was told to remove all my clothes, only with bra on, warp with green tube robe and lie on the bed. So the therapist took a look at my hair growth. (I’ve only shave them) So the manager came by knocking at the door and asked the therapist about the thickness of my hair. They told me that my groupon deal’s IPL is unable to good result after treatment because my hair is thick and the pulse they use on this deal is not the more intensive version. Ok, from what i understood it means not the stronger verison of IPL.

    I was told to top up to $168 per session and take at least 12 session for a better result. Apparently, this $168 is a stronger version of IPL and with whitening effect.

    After thinking for a long time, consulting my bf over the phone etc. I reject them nicely. But they hard sell me the this “better” and refuse to continue with my treatment (My groupon deal).

    Manager even try to sell me to take the 6 session instead and top up $800++. I gave in because i am irritated by the continuous hard selling and i am left dangling half naked in the room for already more than 1hour! >.< I do not wish to give up my $145 to just walk away too. So in the end i bought it. – OMG

    The whole process is not painless but sharp pokey feeling. And they only do 2 zap on each part. After zapping, i ask about how they about the whitening of area and how they do it. The therapist told me that it is integrated with the light pluses. ( How is that possible? Not explained)

    When im done, when told to sign the bill, the hard sell continue.. =.=

    • Continue from above,

      Hard sell of products and other treatment. =.= No to all.

      and appointment is hard to get and i can only go on weekend or after work. Hard to predict my irregular menses so i can only cancel and reschedule my appointment. (My problem but add worst to this experience) Regret getting into this..

    • Hi Pearlin,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s most SHOCKING that they did that to you. I think leaving your customer in a half-naked and vulnerable state and trying to hard-sell packages is horrible!

      Yup, they did mention that Groupon has greatly boosted their business. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t quite bother about me.

      What an experience. Thanks again for sharing! Hopefully people read this and think twice before buying such deals on Groupon (have never trusted the site).

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  5. hi,
    if you have any friends currently with london & wishing to get cheaper rates, they may consider mine as i am selling my London coffee, ampoules & treatments as a package or individually. thankyou.
    however, they must have the determination to lose weight n not snack or have supper. i also posted on ebay

    • Hi koa, good luck with that! I don’t recommend London, actually. The hard-selling drove me nuts. Yes, with determination to lose weight, not snack and not have supper, anyone can lose weight without paying thousands of dollars. Just eat right and exercise.

  6. London promo. $18 for 1 session SMS 32727. I laughed but my wife nagged and wanted me to send on her behalf. I told her when you see big frog hopping on the street, something is going to happen; be it earthquake or tsunami soon. “If you don’t help me to send the SMS, you will sleep in the hall” she demanded. OMFG, I have to show these sales person that I am stupid again. I sent and appointment was made.

    arrived there at 12 noon. I decided to go Starbucks for a relaxing coffee with my kid while she went into the London Slim. At 1pm she called me and said she was offered a good package at $4026 and see how I think. I said fine but I have some questions here. (1) Have you tested out their $18 session? She said NO. (2) I asked Why? she said the sales said there is no point to do it as the $18 promo session has no effect and lousy. (3) I thought they said this session can lose up to 3kg? she said yes up to 3kg. (4) If lousy and no effect to lose weight, why advertised? Why we spend time here for nothing and make us so stupid? My wife said senior sales came and call me back later. About 30 min later, my wife called and said she was offered a special price of half a package at $1600. she said she wanted to leave for 15min so as to check with me, a hard selling lady immediate scrapped off many offer items from the list and said once she leave and come back 15min, offer gone. I asked her to grab her bag and go. After 15 min she called and said now they offer $6xx. I was pissed and still asked her to leave. Another 10 min later, she said they ask her to deposit a $100 to keep the offer but I rejected. I told my wife to leave now and she agreed that London had gone too much and meet me in 3 min. But 10 min later I almost want to go up to the shop and see what the hack is going on, but I called my wife again. She said they did not return her the credit card as she almost want to sign about an hour ago. She said wanted to take up their instalments but they wanted her to handover the card so that they can go and check does this credit card grant instalment payment. Come on, just a Masrer Card from DBS, you need to seize the card and hold it for an hour and check whether London accept this card for instalment payment? What a shame on you such a big set up yet you marketing techniques are so low class. In fact I told my wife if you can lost half kg after this $18 promo session, sign what you want on me. Since we had spent 6k+ a year ago in Cexxxxx without any improvement. I don’t mind to look stupid in front of my wife but not to the extend of being “hijack” and do nothing. Finally my wife came down with her credit card and smiled to me and said “The sales said I can still get the $6xx offer if i call them before 6pm”. What the ……………….

  7. Hi Grace, I chanced upon your blog on Google after I typed in ‘slimming’. I’ve read through your post and I do agree that slimming centres really can rob people of their money. Actually, I want to hear your opinion on slimming supplements. What do you think of them?

    • I see. And any reason you don’t want to try products like that? I just think that if you’re already visiting slimming centres and what not, shouldn’t you also try out slimming products and see if they are effective or not?

    • I try non-invasive treatments. Popping pills would be “invasive”. Kinda hard to get them out once they are in. Only one life, why risk it on slimming products? Some do go terribly wrong.

    • I see. What about those that don’t contain chemicals or drugs? Those that are manufactured by natural ingredients like plant extracts etc. Products like these should be safe enough as they are classified under food, not supplements or drugs. This also means that there will be no side effects as compared to drugs and even some supplements. Do you think taking these products are more effective?

    • Well, firstly, they must be from a reputable company because anything can go wrong during the production process even if the ingredients are from plant extracts.

      I would try these products if they are recommended by a friend or sponsored by a supplements company. Unlike the slimming centres (some of which offer free trials), supplements usually don’t come cheap. 😉

      For slimming, what is REALLY effective is a combination of diet and exercise for lasting results. Supplements are great as a short-term measure (if you just have that extra 2kg to lose in order to fit into your wedding attire). But for healthy and sustainable weight loss, there is no escaping diet+exercise.

      You do sound like you might have some supplements to recommend. 😉 Email me.

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