Food Review: Yummy Green @ Downtown East – More To Be Done To Live Up To Its Name

Yesterday’s lunch was at Yummy Green at Downtown East. Someone bold enough to include “Yummy” in his restaurant’s name had better serve up delicious fare!

It’s easy to miss this restaurant (or rather, eatery) unless you are specifically looking for it.   On many occasions, I’d missed this place and got lured by the bigger, brighter premises of BBQ Chicken.

Yummy Green Downtown East

It has just two rows of tables but strategically-placed mirrors make the place look bigger. 😀

The boss served up 8 dishes (I suppose they were the ‘best’ ones but I’m not sure) for us to sample. Though the eatery offers a range of canned drinks, hot beverages and juices like lime juice, we were served iced water only.

*This place serves vegetarian fare and all “meat” items are mock meat actually.

Here’s what I personally found less-than-yummy:

Yummy Green

(clockwise: mushroom soup, yakiniku bento, karage, baked rice)

I’d already read reviews that the soups here are a tad watery and I wouldn’t have ordered it but the boss served it up and thus confirmed those reviews. We didn’t finish the soup. ‘Nuff said. The yakiniku was just spicy and I quite liked the tofu. The karage was fried to a crisp and I found it too hard for my liking but half the table liked this dish so what can I say? Finally, the baked rice… erm, don’t spend your calories on this one. Nothing special there.

Now, what I DID like:

Yummy Green

(clockwise: agedashi tofu, “fish” & chips, skewers, veg tempura)

Normal agedashi tofu, what’s not to love. The fish was made from soy bean protein and has an interesting chewy texture. The fries were cold though (bit disappointed there). The skewered “meat” was juicy and tender and while some may say it tastes like the “fish”, I quite liked it. The tempura, well, was tempura though the giant “prawn” is supposedly all flour-based.

I guess Yummy Green is great for vegetarians who are visiting Downtown East. For a meat-eater like me, if I’m going to have deep-fried food, I’d much rather have the real deal (i.e. real meat).

~ ~

After Yummy Green, we went to the bright, white store next to it called ‘The Jelly Hearts’. I was attracted to the jellies in heart-shaped cups and us 3 bloggers bought the jellies ($6 for 3).

As it turned out, the jellies were so hard and chewy that I remarked that if they dropped to the ground, they’d bounce back up! Not a great conclusion to our lunch! (>_<)

~ Anyway ~

*Any cafe or restaurant owners who think they serve really delicious food can write to me with a review invite at gracewwg [at] gmail [dot] com. 🙂