From 100kg to 55kg – The Interview With Kylie Yuen

Kylie Yuen

Photo Credit: STOMP

1) You’ve mentioned that a close friend’s comment prompted this radical change in your life. Tell us about that comment, how it made you feel and are you still friends with that person? 

 The comment was ” If you could lose weight, pigs will fly”. Well, I was definitely saddened upon hearing that comment…but I was not angry/upset with her. She is a good friend of mine for many years, and I know the type of person she is. She’s just a very straightforward person, and means no harm. Though it really hit me hard that time and the comment remained in my memory ever since. I’m still friends with her! There are too many fond memories to cherish 🙂

2) Do you think you would have made those changes to your lifestyle and be the very slim you right now if not for that friend’s comment?

Hmm, I think I would. The main reason I decided to embark on this weight loss journey was because I wanted to wear pretty clothes and have the ‘right’ to fall in love. When I was plump, I felt I wasn’t good enough to be in love with anyone. Well…not a good stream of thought but yeah. Deep down in every person, there’s always gonna be 1 or 2 insecurities, right?

3) How did you lose that incredible 45kg? 

I totally changed my diet. Cutting out refined/processed foods entirely. I eat very healthily now with foods that mother nature provided us with. Meat, seafood(<3), veg, fruits, whole grains, nuts etc.

Some people believe that I’m totally against carbohydrates, which is not true. I just do not eat the ‘white’ sources, like white rice/white bread because they have gone through many man-invented refining processes which have removed all the nutrients that the food used to possess. I eat rolled oats every morning, and believe it or not, veg and fruits are also sources of carbohydrates. People say “fruits are high in sugar leh, you are gonna gain weight” but please, that can of soda or piece of cookie you’re eating probably has 10x or more sugar content then the fruit I’m eating.

Fats and protein are essential for everyone. Protein gives you a sense of satiety and boosts your metabolism. Fat is required for your body processes to operate, although I would recommend everyone to eat good oil sources (oily fish, nut, avocado, olive/canola oil) and cut down on the deep fried, junk & saturated fats.

4) What do you do to maintain your current weight?

I’m still sticking to my ‘diet’. However to me, it has already become a lifestyle instead of a ‘lose weight diet’. I’m not torturing myself by limiting myself to the non-refined/processed foods. In fact, I totally love the food I’m eating. And I frequent buffets to indulge in the glorious seafood and sashimi <3<3<3

Though time is tight, I still try to remain as active as possible. Taking stairs all the time instead of the escalator. Do not be afraid to be “different from the crowd” hahaha. I also do a lot of walking.

5) What would you say to encourage another teenager who struggles with weight issues and perhaps, unkind comments from peers or even family members?

You do it for a better you. Do not do it for anyone else. There will always be people who support you and there will be people who don’t. Motivation and encouragement come from external sources, which may or may not be there. Thus, it is more important to seek an internal source, aka Self-Discipline. With that, we can push our limits and prove others wrong.

Never be disheartened by the slow process of losing weight. It takes time. Just hold on to your faith. I’m an average girl. I did it and so can you. 🙂

Grace says: I chanced upon Kylie’s weight-loss story one day and thought, wow, I have to feature this lady on my blog. And so I have. 🙂

If you are overweight not due to health reasons but because of overeating, a lack of self-control or just plain laziness to exercise, I hope you (and I) can take a leaf out of Kylie’s book. 45kg weight loss in 2 years is not something unattainable – Kylie has done it.

Kylie currently looks fantastic – I’ve met her at the recent SPELL fashion show I blogged about. I bet she’s happily dating too *wink wink*

I’m working on losing some weight too (not 45kg, or I’d cease to exist) and it’s partly for vanity’s sake (soooo many pretty dresses I wanna wear!) and partly due to health concerns (my body age is 30 though I’m nowhere near the big 3-0 yet). @_@ I’m cutting out the junk food and eating healthier meals and incorporating more exercise into my lifestyle. What about you? 🙂

Do you have a weight loss story or tip to share (no MLM, NM representatives please)? 🙂