Who Put Chicken Floss Into My Chocolate?!


Oh wait, I’m the one who wanted that. @_@

Yes, I wanted chicken floss, not on top of a ‘talking’ bun from some famous bakery chain in Singapore, but in my chocolate bar!

And if chicken floss is NOT bizarre enough for you, check out what else went into my chocolate bars…


The Background

Customised Chocolates

Coreen, from Cocoa B, contacted me and asked if I’d like to try creating my own chocolate bars online. All I had to do was  (1) Choose my chocolate, (2) Choose the toppings and (3) Checkout and have my chocolate bars delivered to me.

I would have LOVED to order just chocolate bars with raisin toppings. End of story. Thank you, goodbye. But what would I blog about then?

Truth is, I was terrified by the choice of toppings. Some looked so yummy, others looked like they could be yummy, and yet others looked how-in-the-world-is-this-yummy?!

End of the background


I went to Cocoa B’s website:

Customised Chocolate

And I found out that they offer 3 types of chocolate (White, Milk, Dark) at S$7.90 each while toppings (there are 36 of them!) are priced between 50cents and 90cents each – you can select up to a maximum of 5 per chocolate bar.

There are the usual toppings like raisins and almonds, some festive ones like candy canes and pine trees, and some rather bizarre ones.

Out of the 36 toppings, I have chosen some interesting ones to show you – I’ve read customer reviews that they actually taste very good with chocolate.:

Chocolate Toppings

Yes, curry powder, seriously. One day, I will have the courage to add curry powder into my chocolate. One day.

Meanwhile, I chose two chocolate bars (one Milk Choc, and one Dark Choc).

Then I gritted my teeth and tried to imagine how the mixture of flavors (chocolate and toppings) would be like.

I figured milk chocolate is sweeter and hence I can opt for the savory toppings, instead of the usual sweeter ones.

I picked Milked Chocolate + Chicken Floss + Sea Salt + Macadamia Nuts + Oreo PiecesAnd tadah…

Floss After Food

I’ve named this creation ‘Floss After Food‘. Do you get the multiple meanings behind this name? 😀 Heh heh. I’m suddenly feeling very creative… so one more…

I picked Dark Chocolate + Raisins + Cranberries + Apricots. I don’t usually eat dark chocolate ‘cos I prefer sweeter chocolates. Hence I decided to pile on the sugar with this one. 😀 I figured it’d all balance out. So forget Eat Pray Love, here’s ‘Bitter, Sweet, Love‘.

Online Customised Chocolate

I’m feeling like a creative naming genius now. Muahaha

And so, after sending my order, I waited for my chocolate bars to be delivered *rub hands in glee*. They came the very next day!

Straight Outta The Box

Customised Chocolates

The Verdict:

Bitter, Sweet, Love was not really bitter actually. I like the sweetness of the fruits added.

Forget Love I'd Rather Fall In Chocolate

The surprise came with Floss After Food. I guess the only way to describe it is this: Imagine sweet Ms. Milk Chocolate and sexy Mr. Sea Salt dancing on your tongue, with the Macadamia Nut band providing a delightful crunchy beat. Ms Chicken Floss and Mr Oreo decide not to dance but go ahead and smooch in a corner. 😀 [Serve Floss After Food to your guests and watch their eyes widen in wonder] It’s definitely the most unique piece of chocolate I’ve ever eaten! And it’s very yummy too!

Chocolate With Attitude


If you are wondering, here are the prices of the chocolates I created above:

1) Floss After Food – total ingredient cost: S$9.90

2) Bitter, Sweet, Love – total ingredient cost: S$9.80

* Normal Mail: FREE

* Registered Mail: S$2.24 (2-4 days)

* Personal Delivery :S$3

I think they make really affordable Christmas gifts! 🙂

Psst… there’s also 10% off any purchase right now! 

You know you want some chocolate you’ve customised yourself! 🙂

Additional things to note:

1) The chocolate bars are freshly made and delivered. Each has an expiry date on the pack. For the best taste and quality, consume the chocolates within 4 weeks.

2) The chocolate bars are well-packaged with an insulated thermal bag and an ice pack, so they stay in the best possible condition while being mailed. No fears of crushing or melting! 🙂

3) All the Frequently Asked Questions here: http://www.cocoa-b.com/faqs-info-35.html


Cocoa B is sponsoring SURPRISE chocolate bars for 5 lucky winners. Just head over to my Facebook page to find out how YOU can win a chocolate bar! 🙂


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