Tring Tring – Why Is My Phone Ringing When I Am Near 313@somerset?

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I’ve always known that such an app would be created – it was just a matter of time. And now it’s here.

If you have an iphone, download the app Tring313. It is free and it will be your personal guide to shopping and dining at 313@somerset! 🙂


Tring313 is the first of its kind – a location-based app for a mall. If you’re meeting your friends at 313@somerset, you’ll want to know which outlets are offering discounts or promotions, right? This app will tell you.

You’ll receive push notifications when you are within 500m of the mall, informing you of the current promotions and event highlights. No more standing around wondering where to eat and which stores to visit!

There’s also an in-app payment gateway for online shopping! The result: convenience round-the-clock as you do your shopping. Yay!

Tring offers

Simply download the coupons and show them to the retailers. You can make in-app payment via PayPal or credit card too!

Here are some of the offers that look really good to me:

1) Forever 21: 10% off all shoes, 3 for $7 lip glosses

2) Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon: 15% off all chemical services

3) Food Republic: 10% off all regular priced items

4) Guess: 10% off any GUESS jewellery or watch

It’s a free app. It gives you the latest on promotions and events. It saves you time and walking about aimlessly.

It’s a no-brainer.

Download the app before visiting 313@somerset. 🙂



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