A Candylicious Goodie Bag Made Me Smile

Candylicious has given me yet another goodie bag filled with yummy candy! 😀 Why are they so sweet? I suppose they can’t help being sweet since theirs is a candy store, after all.  XD

Hence, here’s another post about Christmas goodies you can purchase for that loved one who has a sweet tooth. Or, you can buy some for me. Ha! I have many sweet TEETH.

Candylicious Christmas

Oh Hershey’s. How I love you!

Plus, Candylicious also gave me one of these cute Christmas badges:

Candylicious Christmas Badge


And oh, Candylicious has a delicious new website you’ll want to check out: candyliciousshop.com

Out of the many Christmas products shown in the press release they gave me, I’ve picked out some I think anyone will love:


Hershey's Singapore

And this chocolate bear… omg so cute!

Candylicious Chocolate

The bear is grinning at YOU. Go bring it home now. 😀

Eat Happy… Be Happy this Christmas.