My S$199.50 Shopping Spree at SPELL

Thanks to this blogpost, I won a S$200 SPELL shopping voucher. 😀

SPELL Gift Voucher

And shop I did!

I was disappointed when I found out that the items I raved about (but did not buy) in that winning blogpost ALL got SOLD OUT! It was devastating.

Still, I managed to get a dress, a skirt, two bags and two bracelets for me, and a shirt for the fiance.


The perks of being a blogger…. and also, of being in a relationship with a blogger. XD

SPELL continues to fascinate me with their wallet-friendly prices and I’m definitely visiting again the next time I am at Terminal 3 for a flight!

The tote bag in the bottom right corner of the photograph above has a price-tag of $29 and there’s also a 20% discount if you want to purchase it now.

The skirt I bought was also going at 50% discount.

In fact, many items in the store are going at 20% or 50% discount. There were even polo tees at S$7.50. Unbelievable!

Do sign up for (free) membership too! If you want me to SPELL out the benefits (hur hur), here they are:

SPELL Member

 In subsequent blogposts, I’ll show you more photographs of my haul. So stay tuned! 🙂