Special Christmas Logcake

3 days’ ago,  I was awarded the FIRST PRIZE in The Icing Room’s DIY Yule Log Contest!

Honestly, I’d wanted very much to win but didn’t think I stood a chance. There were people with over 100 votes for their log cake creations. And there were some really lovely log cakes, such as these:

Joyce Ang logcake

Monice Cheung logcake

I guess I won because the top 3 prizes were “awarded based on creativity and selected by judges”. Based on votes, I was probably ranked 9th. But I was the only one who sliced up the log cake and made it resemble something else (a train). 🙂

Anyhow, A BIG THANK YOU to the people who voted for me and loved my log cake, and to the judges (whoever you are) for picking my log cake creation! This is the first log cake I’ve ever decorated in my entire life and winning first prize for it makes me feel super lucky and happy! 😀

I love the party that The Icing Room threw for the top 10 winners!

Chef Kelvin made a VERY long log cake train for us to decorate:

log cake train

Our log cake photos had also been printed out & were stuck onto their glass paneling:


I’d invited fellow blogger Priscilla to attend the party with me and together, we decorated a logcake:

Me and Priscilla

Our log cake creation:

Our Log Cake

The emcee, Maureen aka Miss Tam Chiak, decorating her log cake:

Maureen decorating

A picture with the famous Miss Tam Chiak:

With Ms Tam Chiak

The completed log cake train:

Log Cake Train

The head carriage, decorated by Chef Kelvin:

Head Carriage

The Prizes:


Collecting my prize from Chef Kelvin:

Prize Presentation

My iPad mini 😀


Goodies that The Icing Room folks prepared for us. Too sweet of them!

The Icing Room Goodies

I took home Chef Kelvin’s train creation with M&Ms on top 😀

candy train

I hope The Icing Room has another such contest in 2013. It’ll be such fun to take part again. 🙂


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