12 Of The Best Moments in 2012

From scuba-diving in Tioman to scaling the peak of Mount Kinabalu, 2012 has been one breath-taking adventure! I also traveled to my heart’s content, proposed to my loved one and had my most exciting year since I started blogging full-time! 🙂

Here are the highlights of 2012 for me. Join me as I reminisce those good times and look forward to even more fantastic ones in 2013!


First up, I love how being a blogger means that I keep a ‘record’ of the highlights of the year on my blog. Looking at the list of blogposts I’ve uploaded, I can easily find those best moments…

#1) The Best Start To A Great Year: I started the year 2012 with a holiday – to Phuket in Feb 2012. I got to ride an elephant and also watch elephants walk on their hind legs and do a slam dunk! I didn’t know it then – that this was only the beginning to a year that’d take my breath away and present me with all sorts of exhilarating experiences!

Elephant show 3

2) Got On Air: My first radio interview on 938LIVE – a great experience which also brought new readers to this blog. 😀 My friend, Andrew, had told me that it would perhaps be very difficult for me to get on Mediacorp radio as I was a STOMP star blogger then (and we all know that SPH and Mediacorp are *ahem* rivals). Well, I didn’t let some petty rivalry stop me and as the pitch was right, I got in. 😀

938Live Interview

3) Interviewed The One And Only TPL: Arguably one of Singapore’s most recognizable and erm ‘famous’ MPs (Is she the only one we know just by her initials? Of course, there’s LKY and LHL (our famous leaders) but do other MPs get spoken of just by using his/her initials?). I’d never thought I’d have the opportunity to interview Tin Pei Ling (George Yeo declined to be interviewed just before he *ahem* lost his job. See lah reject my interview. 😛 ) but thanks to my friend, Andrew Chow, I met up with MP Tin Pei Ling. Read the interview HERE.

Me and TPL

4) Got nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012! Top 10 Finalist for Best Individual Blog! I was also poster girl for the Blog Awards. Hehe! Wore a Super Girl costume – the only costume I’ve worn in recent years too. How’s that for cool?

Vote For Me

Poster Girl

5) My Proposal. The boyfriend said “yes”, by the way. Haha! Read about those heartbeat-skipping moments HERE.


6) Under The Sea Adventures – I went on a sponsored diving trip and scuba-dived and snorkeled for the FIRST time in my life. What a memorable experience!!! Lots of thanks to my pals from Project Mares.

Me underwater

Failed Jumpshot Attempt


7) Visited Taipei with the fiance. We had such fun! From clowning around at Changi Airport to prawning in Taipei! Shopping, Eating and Camwhoring – c’est la vie!

Harrods Bear


Caught in the act


8) Sponsored trip to Hong Kong to celebrate Doraemon’s birthday!!!

The winning blogpost can be found HERE.

Doraemon Does My Homework


Doraemon 100 years before birth celebration

Me and my doraemon bag

At the door

9) There’s No Mountain Too High! For the first time in my life, I climbed a mountain! Read about my Mount Kinabalu experience HERE! Very glad the fiance was by my side, or I would have given up before I’d gotten one-tenth of the way up the mountain! Hehe!

And oh, we went Seawalking too!!! And during the sea walk, I got to touch Nemo(!!!) – who knew that clownfish could be so tame?!

More Stairs

Low's Peak 2

We Made It!

Mount Kinabalu Certificate


Tribal folk


I Love Seawalking

Mt K trail couple tees

10) Had my first staycation here in Singapore. I’d won a weekend stay at Oasia Hotel from a lucky draw (how lucky, right?!!!) Also celebrated the fiance’s birthday during the stay!

Oasia Hotel Staycation

The Bed

Cuppa in the pool

In the jacuzzi

Framed photo

11) First contest ever with the fiance. And my first time in a zorball too!



12) WINS at the end of the year -> S$200 shopping voucher from SPELL at Changi Airport and an iPad Mini from The Icing Room.

SPELL Gift Voucher


Prize Presentation


Besides all the above, I have also started a new blog to focus on beauty + fashion + interesting bits about SG [Check out gracetan.com], and gotten a long-term clothing sponsorship.

2013 looks set to be awesome. 😉

What about you? Have you looked back on 2012 and gone “wow”? What are you going to do to make 2013 your best year yet?


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