Bloggers Appreciation Dinner at NYDC Holland Village

The folks at Singapore Poly are simply too sweet. On top of awarding 2 of us prizes for the best blogposts about SPELL’s fashion show, all bloggers and their partners were invited to a dinner at NYDC at Holland Village.

For starters, we had this platter:


The fiance loved the cheesy baked potato skins(?). The dip for the nachos was incredibly watery though, and the chicken wings were greasy and not flavorful enough.

Andy ordered The Meatball That Ate Manhattan (S$17.50) – The tennisball-sized meatball reminds you that size really matters. Everyone wanted a photograph of this dish. 😀

The Meatball That Ate Manhattan

I ordered The Prawn Who Got Creamed (S$17.80)

The Prawn Who Got Creamed

It was very ordinary-tasting pasta though NYDC was generous with the capsicum, mushrooms and prawns. 🙂 The fiance helped me finish up this dish though – he claims the cream sauce is yummy. 😀

What he ordered was the I’ll Be Home For Christmas Steak (S$22.80) *prime ribeye*

I'll Be Home For Christmas Steak

The highlight of the meal was undoubtedly the chocolate cake:

NYDC’s Boo Boo cake *a must-try!*

Chocolate Cake

Decadent. Rich. And oh-so-yummy! The piped swirls of whipped cream also seemed to contain marshmallows, I think. My blogger pal Melvin told me it had marshmallows, I said it looks like it’s all whipped cream, had a bite, and wow, it did seem as though there are marshmallows within – awfully sweet though!

And to top it all off, Yvonne from SP gave everyone who attended a bottle of SP’s newest His & Her perfume – Romance II. This perfume is available at duty-free stores so watch out for them.

SP Perfume

It was a lovely evening with good company. Thank you, Singapore Poly!

Dinner at NYDC

Also, I’ll definitely be going back to NYDC again – just for the cakes, this time. 😀