Baking Bread with Bakerz@Work – A Satisfying & Yummilicious Experience

I’ve made cupcakes, chocolate truffles and cookies before [a long time ago] but I’d never tried baking bread, until Tuesday’s Practical Bread Baking (Foundation) class at Bakerz@Work.

Here’s my workstation, right at the front:

my workstation

All the equipment was pretty foreign to me but making my own bread from scratch was a very satisfying experience.

Round and round it goes…

round n round

Here’s the instructor and my friend, Chef William (doing his best to avoid the camera!!!)

William teaching

Fellow student, Kelly (a property agent) all amused that (1) I’m snapping a picture of her and (2) the dough’s sticking to her fingers!

Amused kelly

Kelly settling her dough into the container behind William’s ginormous dough:

whose dough is bigger

And attentively listening as the chef explains:

attentively listening

I took more pictures with Kelly in them as she was the more cooperative photography subject. The two other guys in the class tended to shy away whenever I readied my camera to snap pictures, William hardly looked at the camera and since I’m the photographer, there aren’t many pictures of me. LOL!

Here’s William (actually, his hands) making a chicken ham bun:

making yummy chicken ham bread

He taught us how one simple recipe can be used to make many different varieties of bread. Here, the same dough is used to make many different buns, combined with a variety of ingredients and sauces on top:

williams masterpieces the before pic

william decorating his masterpieces

one of w's masterpieces

Here’s the brioche (before it’s baked):

brioche before

And… in the oven:

brioche in the oven

Want to see what they look like after being baked?? 🙂

william's masterpieces the after pic

bread 1

bread 2

bread 3

Here are those I made (the buns with fan-like wings are those containing cheese, which melted during the baking process) oops:

my masterpieces

I’m especially proud of my Hello Kitty bun and the one in the picture above which has 7 round balls forming a chain (each ball has a different surprise inside – it could be raisins, red bean paste, lotus seed paste or green tea paste! You’ll never know what you’re gonna get!) 😀

Creative eh??

I’m also very proud of the plaited loaves…

[In the oven]

plaits in the oven


Sweet and savoury breads

In the picture above, you’ll see one small bun in the bottom left-hand corner. It’s a baby plaited bun I made with the excess dough. LOL!!! Cute or not?!

I also made a floss bun (not as awesome as BreadTalk’s legendary one but I ate it all)

my floss bun

And here’s Kelly making one too:

kelly making floss bun

Because I wore a Hello Kitty tee to the class, and also ‘cos I love the mouth-less cat, I made a Hello Kitty bun!

Initially, I used some bean paste to make a ribbon for my HK bun, but it fell off during the baking process. So sad…

hk no ribbon

So I used some chocolate and strawberry jam for the ribbon:

me and hk

Another of my creations:

Bread shouldn’t just talk, it should smile at you…


An awesome spread made by all of us who attended the class. 😀

more bread than you can eat

I loved how the class provided a truly hands-on experience. And I’m very glad that all nail art and nail polish was removed before I attended the class (Plus, I trimmed my nails too!).

Here’s what we did whether Chef William was watching or not…

Felt the dough, kneaded it, stretched and folded it, made all sorts of buns out of it:

when our teacher turns his back

A most fruitful session.

All of us

To enquire about this Practical Bread Baking (Foundation) class, contact Joalin or Agnes at 68207578.

Upcoming classes also include:

1) Festive Cookies like Pineapple Tarts, Cookies and Biscotti

2) Fondant Cake

3) Artisan Bread

Will you rise to the challenge of bread-making? XD


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