5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures

*Update on 13 May 2015: I’ve recently met with a WV rep to get updates on what the company has done differently since I met with that initial rep about 2 years ago, and which prompted me to upload this blogpost. I do have a few friends who are in WV, but who know (from my blogpost) that I’m not keen about joining, and who don’t bother trying to tell me more about WV, but they do share with me that they are having fun thus far. So I think it is only FAIR that I find out what’s different now, and update this blogpost if necessary. I have a few new insights about WV, which I’ll share in an upcoming blogpost.

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You MUST have seen them before – those people on Facebook with pictures in which they are grinning widely and holding a “Wish You Were Here!” or “You Should Be Here!” banner.

Some may have even sent you private messages to ask if you like to travel, want to travel to exotic destinations at great prices, and/or make money while you travel (thereby getting free holidays). Others just write cryptic messages on their own Facebook walls about how they are flying off for free AGAIN or making lots more money while having fun (thus prompting you to ask them what exactly they are doing, ‘cos you’re now curious).

If the above sounds familiar to you, you’ll know I’m referring to World Ventures.

I have gotten too many private messages and emails from people (some friends, some strangers) who want to tell me about this awesome company called World Ventures. One even went so far as to tell me that if I didn’t sign on immediately, I’d regret it for life. [Erm… I’m still not feeling an ounce of regret, mister!]

Here are the 5 reasons why I have refused to join World Ventures despite being harassed multiple times:

#1: Too many invites – some are not even personal [like a copy-and-paste job]

The most recent Facebook message from a World Ventures dude


I’m from Singapore too, dude! Which country do you think I’m from? 😛

The questions also seem very scripted and if you look at them carefully, all three questions are likely to elicit YESes from most people. Very sneaky.

#2: I don’t fancy traveling with many other people.

The good news: yes, you may end up getting free holidays. The bad news: you’ll get many people joining you on your free holiday – somewhat like a company retreat. Bummer.

wish you weren't here

I like solo holidays or holidays with just one pal or my fiance. The last thing I want is to travel with a bunch of people carrying blue banners.

#3: It appears to be another Pyramid scheme kind of company! 😦

Don’t believe me. Just read the comments below.

#4: The holidays are NOT cheap – One young and very enthusiastic “rep” of World Ventures [the same one who said I’ll be regretting] offered to show me how travel would be much more affordable once I joined WV. So I said ok, I’m planning a trip to the Maldives, how much would my holiday cost? He logged in to the WV site and found the figures for me and lo and behold, they were much steeper than what I’d found via my own research!

So no, holidays are NOT cheaper with WV. If anything, they are more expensive as you have to pay a joining fee to get into the whole WV programme.

Don’t ask me about the fees (I don’t have the details as I obviously did not join WV) but check out the comments below, to find the answer.

#5: The insiders have already shared their take on the company. You should do some simple research online first. I’ve read a couple of those insider accounts online. But you can simply scroll through the comments on this blogpost for an idea. 🙂

If someone asks you to join WV again, send them this blogpost link k? If you just respond with a simple ‘no’, they will want to know why and also ask to meet up with you. I’ve done all the explaining for you right here. 😉


Update: My response to all those horrible WV people who have sent me nasty emails or left horrid comments here.

And here’s one particular comment from a WV dude who hasn’t got his facts right: https://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/why-i-believe-some-world-ventures-members-are-wasting-their-time/

Another really long comment from a World Ventures member. (If your argument makes sense, really, one sentence will do. Send me chunks of fluff and I’ll tear it all apart for you!) – 5 More Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures


315 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures

    • I’ve read your take on the matter. Thanks. Still standing by what I’ve written. Just a personal choice made public so I don’t get more invites from friends and associates about WV. If you’re happy with WV, I’m happy for you. 🙂

    • You did not mention that one need to pay a monthly maintenance fees.It is not worth it considering that.

    • For the Worldventures Business Representative System & the Dreamtrips Life Package, you need to fork out US$360.91 as membership fee & a monthly subscription fee of US$60.97.

    • i’m a wv member, just signed up 2 days ago. To be perfectly honestly with you, i don’t care so much about making money from this company, I signed up as a membership for the sole purpose of traveling around the world.

      Just to play around with the numbers, I had just entered how much a trip would cost for a round-trip flight to Japan from New York and guess what? There are CHEAPER flights available in JFK airport than what World Ventures offers. As a member tho, there is something called the Rovia Price Pledge (im gonna copy and paste)- Find a better deal on air/car/hotel on the same calendar day somewhere else, and we’ll refund 150% of the difference! promise: Basically saying if you find a cheaper flight within the 24 hrs AFTER your already BOOKED your flight from WV, the company will refund you 150% of the expenses.

      Hmmm, not bad. i paid a little over $200 to become a member and almost got a $1300 plane ticket to Japan for free! But i will tell you this. I have no qualms over this company as of now, so long as they are true to their agreement (aka do not fuck over your employees), and honor their end of the bargain of providing the kind of service they promised as I signed my damn signature to this company.

      I am not here to presuade anyone nor advertise world ventures, i am merely sharing my current experience with them. But then again, don’t take me too seriously, I’ve only been a member for like 2 days. Lets see how it goes and if something does happen i will personally write a blog about it.

    • Hi Tae,

      That’s great IF you do get that 150% refund. Remember to tell your friends in WV too. So they can ALL claim that 150% refund for “a round-trip flight to Japan from New York”. [I’m wondering how WV can honor this promise ;)]

      IF you do get your 150%, please blog about it. That’d be something interesting to read. So far all the WV members who have commented here are just empty vessels making a lot of noise.

    • Those montly fees are $54.99 on top of the enrollment fee of almost $200.00. You are doing all of the marketing for this company and they are making big bucks and don’t even have to left a finger. This company has come up with a way to not work and get paid heavily (off of you). Nope not joining.

    • so im doing research on WV and i run across this. all this would sound believable if i went off of emotions and was looking to be swayed. “to many invites, i dont want to be around a lot of people, and its obviously a pyramid scheme” all sounds like you did not do your due diligence on the company before posting negative feedback toward a company that you did not join or take a trip with, based on your feeling (that is just what it sounds like to me). also, “holidays are not cheap”, is a well known fact but ,from my research, WV is offering the cheaper price or if cheaper price is found within seven days you go on that trip for free. i didnt see expedia or any other company or website do that. i would have left the last comment alone but i couldn’t help the fact that you said insiders said the company is not what it seems, but that comment is pertaining to what about the company is not what it seems to be? im searching for something still, at least before i think about joining, that says that its a scam or not legitimate

  1. One of the proverbs is: If something seems too good to be true, it nearly for sure is that way. I’m 22 minutes before a webinar of WV and I’m curious what they have to tell. It’s sure MLM. If I can’t earn money with it, I’ll not step in. Savings on holidays is not interesting for me, because I don’t like luxury holidays with many people. And my familiy doesn’t either.

    • That’s true, Hans! Just don’t bother arguing with any of the WV people – those who have already bought into the idea are fanatical about it. I learnt this the hard way. Haha.

    • I have beena member for a month..and I am planning a group family and friends trip for may 50 people to Jamaica next year..I am only interested in traveling and seeing theworld and sharing new adventures with my family @ discounted prices…is this a good program for that..

  2. 1. You don’t have to travel with a group, you can do your own thing leave the hotel etc…you are not bound to hang out with anyone you do not want to!

    2. The fee goes right to your rova bucks which you can use on travel, so it’s kind of like a travel savings.

    3. you can’t read negative things on a blog, (the one you linked too that guy is on a mission to stir up false negativity regarding WV because he got fired from the company)

    4. I PERSONALLY know people who are making really good money and enjoying the product.

    5. The vacations are cheap, i’ve done plenty of match and have the proof to back it up. The best vacations are the ones they curate. Not quite sure on booking a vacay on your own yet..haven’t tried that.

    6. The reps who are reaching out to you are STUPID and unprofessional. They are not following company policy, thanks for that. No one that I know markets that way..asking questions and being invasive.


    ^^ see the truth/positivity here.

    See the negativity on the 2 blogs that are up bashing WV…you choose. Do your homework on your own instead of reading opinions.

    • “In Singapore, with reported membership of >20K to date, it means >19,000 are losing money every month to WV and a few hundred of their cronies”:


      Latest income disclosure statement from the Worldventures company itself:
      (This is a cached version of the income disclosure statement as the company doesn’t wish to publicize it anymore).

    • Isn’t it unprofessional to call someone in your company “stupid?” Just asking…can you just buy into WV for the vacations without having to sell and where is there a list of vacation package pricing so I can see how much the savings is? I don’t want to talk to a salesperson because I want to have everything in writing before I start spending money on something. Let me know.

    • Yes you can just buy the vacation DreamTrips membership. One time $199 payment and $54 a month fee. Even though you aren’t in the business, you can still waive your monthly fee by referring 4 people as long as they stay active you don’t pay your fee. I am glad I am out of WV. Extremely brainwashed and unethical practices in my city/group.

    • I am very much still trying to find anyone who has joined and actually went on a vacation….

    • I’m a member since the inaugural launching in my home country. I have went for 4 Dreamtrips up to date. (every 6 months, my country is an employee’s mindset country, I’m part of it..lol!) 3 Dreamtrips went and enjoyed with my groups and strangers who became friends, while the 1 trip I decided not to have much hype. Me, my wife and my 2 yrs old daughter spend most of our 5 days doing our own things.
      Yap, its not a must to join in as a member. Some will, most won’t. We can’t have 6 billion people in the world to franchise McDonald, who will be the consumer? That’s where we have a booking engine to cater for you all (as always you can see in expedia, agoda, travelocity etc…) where you can just book your flight, accommodation ala carte. To sign in as a preferred customer doesn’t involve any cost, its FREE. Whatever you booked through our personal booking engine, we representatives do get a 5%-10% commission payout in our Rovia Bucks, (which we can use to travel or to assist purchasing for others in return for cash). People will ask why book through yours? Why not expedia or agoda? Its simple. We provide a patented technology which is called Rate Shrinker. How it works? Every hour the price of flights changes. Let’s say you purchase through other websites that cost $1000. The next week you checked the price again and it shows $800. Our instant remarks will be, “Holy shit! I should have waited”. But we can’t forecast the prices. $200 lost. However, with this technology, once payment has been done, it will still keep researching for the lowest possible prices before your flight and will refund you the balance of what you had paid through your CC (see http://www.rateshrinker.com)
      Do go through the website cheapngood.dreamtripslife.com to play around with the system. I hope I have answered some of your questions. Cheers

    • I am part of WV. I just came from a trip to Italy as a guest. As soon as I came back I signed up.

    • Cheap vacation? Really!!! Check out the dreamtrips around Asia now. Do a DIY trip caculation yourself especially those for vietnam, bali, thailand. How many of the trips is cheap? You let me know, ok?
      Check out Jatayu Airlines on worldventure and do a search on wikipedia. I email the company about this few weeks ago, nobody make changes.

    • I have a friend who is a member and he has nothing but good things to say about the company, the trips, the payback, and, did I say the trips? He travels all the time and literally pays nothing out of pocket…he uses he points. The monthly fees are given back to you at the end of your year for you to use toward a trip. So I’ll be signing up tomorrow so I can share in the fun he’s having seeing the world and making money doing it.

    • Imagine a world where no one needs to work, and as Juliette Lynette says, “travels all the time”. Sounds so awesome. I want to go sign up RIGHT NOW! Oh wait… it’s just my imagination at work. XD

  3. I joined Worldventures in Singapore for 7 months and just wrote in to terminate my membership.
    For all those people who don’t know how to terminate your membership, simply write to eteam@worldventures and indicate your rep ID, tell them you want to terminate.

    During my time there, I really enjoyed the company of friends a lot. Unfortunately I was spending too much time going to presentations and bringing people, with only occasional success.
    I have been spending $70/mth the past 7 months to enjoy the friendship. My original aim was to make money like how they always talk about.
    One day I woke up and decided its time to stop paying monthly fees for friendship and outings.
    I woke up when a ‘charismatic’ leader taught us during a training session that we have to create value for people to continue staying even when they are not successful in worldventures. Friendship and bonding was one of the value items he talked about. Immediately I felt like an idiot paying monthly fees for friendship.

    Most of the time during trainings or presentations they diss people working 9 to 5, saying self-employed like being in Worldventures is the way to go. When I came down to calculating $ per output hour, my current job paid much more. But they are very good at psycho-ing people, I also bought in that theory for a while.

    Everytime someone say thank you Worldventures for paying my holiday or thank you Worldventures for the money I draw out from my Worldventures debit card, people who haven’t make it yet get motivated.
    But have they ever stop and think, where did Worldventures get the money to pay these people?
    In the income disclosure, it is stated that 80% of the Worldventures rep did not get any commissions. Which means 80% of the people do not manage to get 4 and continue to pay monthly fees and this is distributed to the 20% of the people.

    What is more pathetic is that their nice sounding ranks which people strive so hard to achieve also don’t make much money.
    An average Marketing Director in Worldventures only makes USD$36,000 a year, which is only SGD$3,600 a month! Tell me which Marketing Director in any Singapore based company is paid only $3,600 a month. How to survive?
    This rank already puts the rep in the top 0.071% of the entire Worldventures population.


    This company relies on the few individuals to psycho the whole population that if you give up you are a loser. What they don’t realise is that Worldventures don’t pay people. Its the people who join and pay monthly fees who are paying the passive income of the few individuals. That is why everytime when people drop out they are so affected and take it very personally, except for those on top who already have armies of people for buffer.

    Sorry for the long writeup, I just felt I should share my story with others. There are successful Worldventures members, but their successes are entirely dependent on the numbers of people who join them. People don’t join = no success.

    For those who have little friends and don’t mind paying monthly fees, join Worldventures. Its a good place to make friends.

    • I was also somehow pestered by a so called friend who keep sending me sms non stop about I will regret if I did not join him in WV.I later found out that he need 1 more person to fulfill the requirement of 4 pay no more.
      I deeply regret I listen to him and worse later got a friend to join as well.Sadly I gave up after 2 months and he gave up 3 months later which I felt real bad.

      I did a research and found that their dream trips is not really value for money.I book a flight to Yunnan through their Rovia website and due to exchange rate ends up I am paying more for my holidays instead,
      I got so fed up and found their explanation defensive and does not make sense at all which I decided to quit.

      One had to take note of the monthly fees because if you cannot get 4 after 1 year the total cost chalk up will be 720USD which I think can used that for a better holiday eleswhere.

    • Hi Dan,

      I was recently being “pestered” in a way or another into WV too, the guy invited me to the event at YMCA this coming Wednesday. Would really like to know about how this company really works before I go to waste my 1 hour of time. Please drop me a email @ shannelle_teo@yahoo.com.sg as soon as you can to fill me in with more details. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • The $3600/mth you talk about is passive income. Passive income is money you get whether you work or not. People are working 9-5 jobs to get that average money,while these guys are earning it from the hard work they put it and now,they dont have to work to get that $3600. Google passive income.

      If success is easy to get,everyone would have it. But you cant give up just because of a few failures. This is what we were taught in this company. And it can be apllied generally in life. A life lesson taught. Some see results after 1 or 2 years,and they’re enjoying it because they didnt give up.

      Again,back to passive income. You earn the same amount as they do,but you gotta work from 9 to 5,while they barely have to work. Think about that.

      The point isnt to psycho you. If you cant get your 4,its not the system’s fault. You’re doing something wrong. Thousands of others have done it,so why cant you?

      To be successful isnt to bring a lot of people in. It’s by the hard work you give in to learn the system,learn the proper ways and not give up. If you understood the compensation plan,you only need to find six people. And if you can teach these six to be great,they get their six and so an. so forth. They will help grow your team. Think about all these.

    • Hi Hadzirun,

      Thanks for sharing. I agree with you that, for most things in life, if you give up too soon, you’ll not be able to succeed.

      At the same time, I’d like to urge people who find that it’s really not for them, to get out of there asap (or just not join in the first place).

    • Passive Income is an overused word by most mlms.

      I haven’t seen a single individual in Worldventures who didn’t have to advertise on facebook anymore or could stop going to any business presentations or could stop giving business presentations and still get constant or increasing income. Not even the first guy who brought it to Singapore. That is work too you know, not exactly passive.

      And recently in the shared worldventures dropbox I’m in, this lady who got the marketing director rank, she proudly shared with us a print screen of her past 3 months commissions. Average it was USD$2,300 a month. She travels to Malaysia alternate weekends a month and flies every month to Brunei, Philippines and Jakarta to give presentations. When she is in Singapore she gives presentations every day and night. If you minus the business travel and hotel costs, she actually didn’t make any money. Yet she is already one of the success examples in worldventures.

      “You’re doing something wrong. Thousands of others have done it,so why cant you?”

      I’m not saying worldventures system is at fault.

      If people want to contribute to this tin and patiently wait in hopes of their turn to reap more from the tin in future, that is definitely their choice.

      I just don’t want myself or my friends to be contributing to this tin just so that someone else can collect from this tin and then thank worldventures.

      Perhaps people like me have collectively made many patient waiters skip some turns at taking from the communal tin, but well, that’s our perogative isn’t it?

    • Have you ever taken one of the WV vacations? I was wondering if joining for the “cheap” vacations is worth the price. I’m not interested in selling at all. I suppose if I have to ask that question, I pretty much know the answer.

    • Caroline, you can join as a member without having to sell. However it makes more sense to be a rep as well. Because retail members pay USD$200 one time off and USD$50/mth for life. There is no refer 4 pay no more for retail members

    • Thanks Dan, for the lengthy writeup on your experiences. It is so very useful. Your analysis makes sense to me. Just to comment to your last paragraph, if you have few friends, it is difficult to get the 4 people to sponsor. Some say after a while you can run out of people to talk to and like insurance agents, people will start to avoid you like plague

    • Thank you Dan, I’ve been searching high and low to find the proper way to terminate my membership and they kept telling me I have to write and send the request to the address in the states. Your sharing is really helpful. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing. I think yours is the most convincing comment I’ve read here so far! And might i add – i don’t have many friends but even so, it is NOT worth paying money to join something just to meet people! My gosh, there are plenty of OTHER avenues to do that – online or by joining a hobby/community club etc!! Anyway, thanks for the insight.

      Oh and btw – i did a search just on Rovia, and plane tickets from Singapore to Perth are INSANE! How can anyone say it’s cheaper with Rovia/WV?!?!?! Crazy!!!

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  5. Hi Shanelle, let me take you through what will happen on Wednesday.
    First your friend sits you down in YMCA.
    While waiting for the event to start, a series of videos of ang mohs enjoying themselves at the beach will start to play, and they will tell you, ‘YOU SHOULD BE HERE!’

    Then someone will introduce himself or herself and tell you that X months ago he/she made a life changing decision and is now traveling for free and making money at the same time, followed by….’Isn’t that AWESOME?!’

    Once the intro crap is over, they will show you this gum ball video to tell you that the travel industry is a trillion dollar industry.

    After they wow you with the trillion dollars, they show you a Matt Morris video which is the actual presentation video

    This video will say how cheap their vacations are, how much you can potentially make ( when actually you have to pay fees so that others can make ).

    In fact the guy in this video, Matt Morris did not even earn his way in Worldventures. He was given the position and marketed as a success icon so that people will join. This was mentioned in the series of lawsuits currently going against Worldventures in Texas. The files are publicly accessible online. If you dare to ask your friend about this, he will face you with silence for a while before replying, ‘Look at all these people here, you are telling me this is a scam?’

    After the video someone will flash you a series of holidays that seems cheap but actually are not. Trips are priced in US Dollars and hotel cost is charged per person, not per room. Very few Asia trips are competitive. Only the Marina Bay Sands hotel stay can save about $50-$100 in total.
    Some of the Europe and US trips can be competitive, but having been on 3 trips thus far, I can tell you with each trip you always have to take lots of pictures with the blue banners for advertisements. My ex leader kept pushing us to go for holiday so that we can put on Facebook to tell our friends how much we are enjoying ourselves. And every holiday I feel obliged to be filmed with the rest yelling ‘YOU SHOULD BE HERE YOU SHOULD BE HERE’ like some cult.

    During the whole presentation, members are supposed to make cat calls and clap at the correct timing. Those who don’t participate or play with phones during presentation get scolded by this fat indian man with a big pot belly.

    Then a string of people will go up in front to share how much worldventures have change their lives. After that, an auntie who used to be a math tutor will tell you how much you can make in worldventures.

    In the short term, you will be drawn in to the so called cheap holidays and some price pledges. But in the long run you will know that you have been duped. And although you got sold on making a living, living, you find yourself a slave, always having to find people to fulfill the get 4 pay no more.

    This is because to join you first pay USD$360 and every month you have to pay USD$61 until you manage to recruit 4 people in. If you don’t manage to recruit at least 4 people AND make them STAY, you keep paying USD$61/mth.

    Because too many people have left Worldventures, they introduced a rewards program, so that every month you keep paying the USD$61/mth, they give you points for holidays. I just checked, they allow most points to be offset on Asia holidays because it is their Asia holidays that are expensive (means you actually don’t save). For Europe/US holidays, you can offset much lesser points.

    With USD$1,020 or $1,224 Singapore dollars spent in a year, I suggest you go ahead and book your holiday instead of joining Worldventures. The so called successful people who give testimonials during the presentations earn from suckers who pay membership fees. You stay, they earn. You leave, there goes their income. There is no reason to look up to these people at all. The so called Number 1 in Asia who brought this to Singapore doesn’t tell the truth when he says X thousands of people joined. He always includes the numbers of people who left.

    Many people have also complained that their travel search engine is not cheap. To claim for price pledge also needs to meet certain criteria, it is not that straightforward as marketed.
    The person will also show you that this Rovia travel search engine beat Expedia in the World Travels Award. But the truth is they kept rallying us to vote for Rovia, which is why it won. Nobody outside of Worldventures ever heard of Rovia. But everyone inside and outside of Worldventures all know about Expedia.

    After the 2 and a half hours is finally over, your friend will sit down with you and convince you to join. If he can’t convince you, someone else will join in to convince you. Either way, give me a choice all over again, I won’t join.
    Even if I make money in this it has to be at the expense of someone losing money.

    • Hi Dan. Agree with you, only disagree on one point “Even if I make money in this it has to be at the expense of someone losing money”
      In this world, whatever you do, you are making money at the expense of someone lossing money. When you land on a new job, it is in the expense of someone loose a job. When you buy your wanta-mee, the stall owner make money in the expense of you lossing money.
      When you make money from stock, it is on the expense of someone loose money in stock. Unless you are like a friend of my friend, the first time he bought a stock, after that he never sell it, he also never play stock anymore because someone will loose money if he sell the stock at a profit but he look stupid to sell it at a loss so maybe he will keep it forever.

  6. Just wanting to put in my 2 cents. I joined World Ventures 2 weeks ago and booked a 4-day package to Nice for SG$50 a day. Sounds sweet? Right – except the confirmation never came even after a week has passed, and when I contacted the hotel directly it says that no reservations has been made. However, monies has already been deducted from my credit card!

    I’m not saying that WV is a scam. Far from it. I respect what they do. But for them to mess up my FIRST purchase is nowhere near acceptable. I have since terminated my membership with World Ventures, and insisted that they refund ALL monies deducted from my account failing which, I WILL take all their email correspondence publically, and expose their incompetence at handling such a simple transaction.

    • Thanks for sharing, Sheha. If they messed up your first purchase but you still respect what they do, why not give them a chance to rectify it instead of terminating your membership? After all, a 4-day package to Nice at S$50 per day sounds amazing!

  7. Hey Grace, thank you for posting this up.

    It was really helpful in helping me decide.
    I had someone contacted me about meeting up soon to talk about a travel concept and managed to find out he was working for WorldVentures.

    I managed to get to your website after digging in deeper about what the company actually does.
    Was also shocked to see, the picture you posted is one of my friend.

  8. A friend asked me to join WV. I told him I would consider it after I did some research. I felt pressured. I wanted to see a contract…something written where the company and I would spell out what exactly I was paying for. I just want to vacation and not sell to others. I cannot find much on actual vacation reviews just on WV as a business. I did read the terms of use on the WV website and I am not impressed.
    Has anyone taken an actual vacation? Please let me know.

  9. I recently joined WV after a friend convinced me into it. I guess at that point of time, the monetary reward of this business seemed very appealing and I ‘fell’ for it.

    Prior to joining (making payment), that friend of mine told me not to speak to anyone about it because I may lose my ‘potential customers’ (her reason was because I was still amateur at explaining what Dreamtrips were and I’ll need to be properly trained before starting spreading words/recruiting). And I was also told that there will be lots of scams/news on the internet if I were to start researching and she gave a list of websites for ‘proper’ research. The naive side of me listened, kept everything to myself and signed up the next day. Bottom line, I should’ve seek for opinions. Lesson learnt!

    A month passed, and I still couldn’t get my 4(so pay no more) ; and I realize it wasn’t for me. Trust me, I have given my 101% and I have never met this many people within such short period of time, in my life. To cut the long story short, as lucrative as these luxury vacations may seem.. at the end the day, it’s actually too good to be true.

    Yes, there are a lot of success stories; but that’s probably only 0.2% of the entire WV population.

    I have emailed WV for my account termination but has yet to receive any news. Hopefully they wouldn’t continue charging my credit card for the coming months.

    Nonetheless, definitely a lesson to learn. Quite a pricey one.

    • I would like to share my experience on a world venture pitch given by tv personality Alaric tay. I was a fan of his until this pitch unfortunately came about. This is what you should expect: the pitcher will begin by asking a series of stupid questions ie. do you like travelling?, do you like travelling for free? How large do you think the travelling industry is? * he shows you the gum balls video to emphasize how large the industry is* at this point, if you feel sorry for the pitcher, you can clap or act surprised. Then he will ask you to guess a number of trips on how much they cost. At this point, you may have had enough of this nonsense and can just reply free. This will be the gist of the pitch.

      Here are a series of questions you may choose to ask the pitcher: 1. How much $$ are you expected to put in first, and then thereafter in total? 2. What happens if you are unable to recruit the x number under you, will your pitcher be so kind to pay you the monthly fee to help you get by? No, not just helping you make pitch, but paying for you if you really do not make the numbers? 3. Is wv selling me **the right to access a travel agency website named rovia**, which you may never have heard before? 4. How many trips does work venture offer in Asia and ask him to show you the number of trips offered and price differences with other websites like expedia? If the pitcher tells you you can design your own! Do ask yourself, why not just go to a travel agency instead of paying for an access to design your own trips?

      My conclusion: I was absolutely appalled by this, not because they thought I would fall for it, but they were hardselling this to the 19 year old ns boy. Ns boy said he was interested but cant afford the 360 dollars initial fee. One of the wv enthusasts had the audasity to say “how much do you get for ns and when is your ns salary coming in? We have to make this pitch before the ns salary is in to all your friends also!”

    • Thanks for sharing, Alison. I don’t think they should have tried to hard-sell WV to someone still in NS. But I guess they will continue doing what they are doing. Just help spread the word so if people still want to join, at least they go in with their eyes wide open.

  10. I was approached by my friend whom I met in ICT and has been wanting to meetup for a “business idea” due to my busy schedule we finally met up after 6 months of persuation, so was a lunch meeting with 4 others Malaysian friend who were WV members. So the advertising and selling starts, they will say they are enjoying the trips and with be travelling to countries a b c in the next few months. So I question, even I get to travel that often with the discounted trips do u think I have a month of leave each year to go? They replied that u can transfer the points to other members which is stupid cos I pay membership n ppl go holiday just because of the very fact of limited leave each employer is entitled, ridiculous! And they will tell u this fact on how a start of $350 as a investment fir something great if nit the losses is just 350bucks, never did they mention on recurring fee that u need to continue paying till u get ur 4, misleading info.

    So the nice successful one will bring a macbook n start flashing videos, photos, testimonial, cheap deals and refund to entice me. Lucky I was a noob who doesn’t travel often so have my reservations. Once the guy finish promoting he leaves for another appointment after his qn n answer session, I guess is off to psycho another potential prey. Leave me either 3 other guys n ny frenzy, the psycho session start-shirts, they will bring out names like gourmet Singh Cynthia koh and Darren lim to show the credibility of WV. But having been to quite a fee mlm talks (I”ve nv signed up for any, just want with open mind n support my friend request) I knew the basic principle is the same, if u dun sell a product or service, money gas to be taken away somewhere which in this case , the recurring membership fee.

    Always for your research n not my friendship n peer pressure. The underlying system of mlm NEVER changes,

    • Thanks for sharing, cz. Indeed, it IS an MLM business and not everyone will achieve that level of success. Most people just end up as stepping stones for other peoples’ success. 😉

  11. Good Post! I have a few friends being brain washed and no matter how much proof I dig from the the net to show them, they will just say all the proof are “scams” from competitive company which is trying to ruin their reputation. I am really blank for they way they reply me for proofing to them. I wont agree to any MLM whether is legit or not. Ponzi or Pyramid is just not my cup of tea.

  12. Malkis

    Hi my best friend tr to get me into WV and I said no she don’t even talk to me anymore don’t even answers my phone calls no even a text I guess WV is more important than keep a friendship so sad but te truth….

  13. Hi,


    Network Marketing is perfect for everyone.
    But not everyone is perfect for Network Marketing.
    Each proper company has its own legit business model.

    In such case, the downlines’ mistakes may be the result of the uplines’ incompetency.
    And that may go all the way up to the 001.

    The mind is like a parachute, it works when it’s opened.
    Thoughts and Feelings go in hand in hand and it’s only a matter of choice.

    Although WV products and compensation plan isn’t my preferred choice.
    But i still think they are a great company because they have improved the quality of most people’s lives be it monetary or non-monetary.

    There are many considerations and benefits that one can be involved in a MLM company.
    If you still think the Network Marketing business may work for you but still have some doubts, i would suggest try giving yourself more time to research/readup. Google and Youtube primarily would give you a deeper insight into this kind of business model from your point of perspective as an average Networker or Business Builder. Although the nature of the business in duplication may sound easy, it may also take you some time to understand the Integrity and Proper Applications of this business until then you decide if your desire and time allow.

    Network Marketing might just be for you. Choose a company that suits your unique preference.

    Cheers =)

    • Hi Ho, so far among all the comments i read, your sharing is the most sincere and sound logical to me. True! Every co. has their own legit business model, just like every family has their own house rules. Some fits in, some don’t. I would say, to be fair for both rullers & players, try out the game before you pre-judge anything from what you heard and or even judge based on your past experiences. Changes happen from time to time, this includes the current business trend, industry trend, habitual trend and even handphone design trend. We all know today Nokia lost it’s market to Apple & Samsung, but does it mean Nokia is a bad phone? Of course not! If so, why was it a big time for them? because Nokia loose their competitive to advance technology and failed to follow up with the consumer’s change of need . Despite talking about WV, everything we do in this world has their own timing. Meaning to say, nothing is eternity. The truth is, the BEST thing has never been exist before until one truly benefits from it. Don’t get it? Meaning…if you didn’t earn, you will not believe it works! Or even if you work but you don’t believe it will work for long, yes….it will NOT! Everything happen is actually comes from the Law of attraction. Do you know the beauty in MLM is, you learn to be better and stronger. Strong enuff to face every challenges in life, and be more capable to help even more people because u hv faced numerous failures and dissapointments. Yes, ppl will quit…but so as there are still ppl who wants to join.Quitting has been a nature of human esp. when one looking for a quicker and more comfort way to earn money. Imagine if Bill Gates or Warren Buffet tell us that they get rich by doing 9 to 5pm, shudn’t we all become one of the millionaire too? So why not you and me? Becoz…In fact, they work more than 9 to 5pm in the beginning. So…if i tell you now that you will be the millionaire by working more than 9 to 5pm for a period of 2 yrs in WV instead of 20 years in XX Co….you believe me? If you do, please contact me!! if not…u prob. can asnwer this better…imagine you are your own boss now (or may be u r one now), you owned a shop with 8 hrs operating hrs (i believe most open more than 8 hrs nowadays), you hire few staffs. 1st, can you guarantee your staff won’t quit your job? 2nd, can you forecast your biz will grow much better ea year for the next 10 or 20 yrs? 3rd, can you foresee you will be richer than who u r now? If your answer has a NO, Congratulations! You will succeed in your own biz…but too bad… after 20 yrs or more…you will face the same problem again…no time!
      Today, WV co. is own by many of us, they will never worry for short of `owners’ to run nor they worry about ppl quiting. There’s where we gain our time freedom…so as…financial freedom together with team’s effort! WV is actually like a family biz, everyone owns a part of it and contribute part of it!

      1 man dig one small hole but 1 team dig can dig a lake!
      Hope my sharing benefits some of you, it’s not the best comment but i know someone will benefits by reading it. Life has it’s biz cycle as well, so enjoy it while you are here and put it aside 1st if u r not ready for it. Nothing worst than making everyone panic over a fun travel club. Im still enjoying the learninig everyday for the past 15 months…nothing upset me but surprises & mirables everyday! MLM is not brain washing, it’s about learning how to change to become better self! Cheers! 🙂

      Contact me if you are keen to find out more without any obligations! I’ll reveal the true stories behind. [Email address removed – no free advertising here :P]

  14. Worse still, I was invited by a COUCHSURFING friend to join this “travel sharing” event at the Loft cafe. Had to rush over from office to see what was this about..

    After the first video was played, this young guy comes up to give a talk about how much he earned and shit like that. Asking questions that lure you to say YES. I couldn’t believe at how many people in that room right there raised their hands enthusiastically to those kinda questions and shouting and yaying and stuff.. kind of reminds you of some cult group.

    Could smell something was wrong as I read up on Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes etc.. thank god I left.

  15. Membership will cost about $385 and service fee around $70 each month. Hey you don need worldventure, just save those fees and you can have a luxury vacation with yout family.

  16. Yes. World ventures is a scam and the company conducts it’s trainings almost cult like so participants are brainwashed!!! It’s crazy. My fiancé became obsessed with it. He went to a couple of trainings in Dallas and when he came back, he was different. He would tell me how everyone was brainwashed up buy the idea that college and education and 9-5 jobs will ensure success. He feverishly claimed that world ventures is the only way to be successful and have a good retirement. I looked at him thinking what the company could have done to brainwash him. The people behind this company should be brought to justice. They have preyed on so many innocent people and taken advantage of close personal relationships to increase recruitment. I would never want any of my friends to be conned into this and I told him that he can in no way involve any of my friends and family in this company. He initially agreed but started recruiting them. World ventures should be reported as a scam!

    • Veronica,

      The 9 to 5 thing doesn’t work anymore. Job security is a myth. I’ve been let go from way too many jobs in the past few years to believe that it’s just a coincidence. We’re in a new economic paradigm. The corporate 9 to 5 may have worked for past generations, but it doesn’t anymore. There’s no company loyalty or integrity. Everyone’s a number and completely dispensable. At least in the USA. If you’re not here, I can’t speak for your country, but I suspect it’s similar in other nations as well.

      Network marketing is a legitimate business model, and one that can provide a sustainable, stable, and substantial income, but it’s not for everyone. If you have what it takes and go after it with a passion, it can provide a lot of benefits for your family.

      Here’s what I know (and what your fiancee was talking about, likely): I don’t want to work 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life to retire on only 40% of my previous income, which is the average in the USA. The industry of network marketing provides an alternative to that. And WorldVentures is one of the few that has a unique product that everyone wants. It’s not just about travel. It’s an entire lifestyle of fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

      If not WorldVentures, any legitimate company in the industry is a great alternative. Most people do this because they have a dream that has nothing to do with their work. This industry gives them a chance to buy back some of their time to do what they’re truly passionate about. Most people don’t have the time or the energy to do it if they’re working 40 to 50+ hours a week just to help someone else build their dream. You can build your own, but you need the time and the energy to do it. Network marketing can help.

  17. Hi Dan, did the lady really make $2300 a month? Friends who joined worldventyres rave about it and bragged to me how much they are making. Yet I see them downsizing expenses, which doesn’t add up. Can you share the print screen?

  18. Dan, what you said about the auntie who used to be a math tutor, she was very mad. 2 days ago, she blew her top in our biz training Facebook group because 1. You called her an auntie. In our hearts we know she is already an auntie but it is quite insensitive to point out that she is one, especially in a public place like a blog. It is hard for her to face this ‘auntie’ status at this transit age, so please be kind. 2. Your calculation of her finances embarrassed her. FYI, she drives a Mercedes, so her finances should be good. Yes she travels frequently, but that is to spread worldventures in asia. So the money is well spent. Dan, please be more sensitive to women in future.

  19. I am still in the Biz Training Group as well.

    I saw that auntie’s post, she mistook another person I was talking about for herself. She claimed I made personal attacks on her training. I did not mention her training at all.

    The charismatic leader who taught us to use friendships to make downlines stay is a GUY. Although I don’t agree with his teachings, I give him full marks on charisma. His trainings always pack the room overflowing with people. His voice is powerful, deep and influential. It is hard to find a trainer who has that kind of charisma.

    Auntie took the post too personally.
    I hereby emphasise, she is NOT the charismatic leader I mentioned. Although nobody will describe her as charismatic, the few of us in the group will still remember her as motherly.

    • It says that she “was drawn to WorldVentures for its VolunTours”

      However internal sources reveal that from the time she joined till now she has not gone for a single VolunTour.

      Sometimes press releases on charity or good works are really just PR stunts.

      In fact there is a group of them right now in Jakarta doing a Prospecting Tour till 18th Nov when Indonesia is not cleared for compliance to recruit. And they always claim WorldVentures care about legality and compliance.

      My sharing so far had been about my inside experience with WorldVentures, not about the auntie who used to be a math tutor. Her vivid imagination centred what I wrote to be 100% about her.

      Sometimes during testimonials they paint really good pictures because they need to lure you in. Because when they lure you in thats when they earn money. That is why they tell you they make $XXX but they don’t tell you they have to spend $YYY and ZZZ hours. Now that lesser and lesser Singaporeans are joining, one needs to fly overseas to explore ‘new markets’. Spending money is vital to expansion.

      I understand why people like her are angry, that is because people like us reveal whats really on the inside, filtering more people from joining and slowing their income. If you tell anybody that their pay cheque is coming in later and later, of course they will get angry and find people to blame. They will blame their friends for not being able to see the vision, blame that because they have lousy friends they cannot succeed. And if a person drives Mercedes all the more anxious about cashflow. If paycheque comes in little, how to pay for Mercedes?

      Let us compare a Marketing Director in a local SME vs a MD in WV
      (Assuming both have Mercedes and travel frequently for work and prospecting)

      MD in WV:
      Mercedes upkeep: $1,500
      4-5 Budget Flights: $800
      4-5 Cheap Hotel stays: $1,200

      Expenses: $1,500+ $800 + $1,200 = $3,500

      MD in Local SME:
      Mercedes upkeep: $1,500
      Co pay for Work Flights: $ –
      Co. pay for Hotel Stays for Work: $ –

      Expenses: $1,500

      Its quite obvious who wins in the cashflow game.
      For the first example, one needs to be making more than $3,500 in order to float.
      For this aspect I really like to highlight to everyone, those making at least $3,500/mth forms less than 0.75% of the WV population. Worldventures themselves declared it here


  20. Thanks guys for sharing this post… At first I also hesitate when my insurance agent introduced me to this website since I’m not really a chatty person and don’t have marketing n sale background so I told him that I wanted to ask my boyfriend for second opinion but he’s very persuasive convincing me to join since i like traveling etc etc PLUS he give me assurance that he will help me find my 4 persons so I don’t have to pay monthly fee anymore. So I joined the club But later on when compare the price from Rovia with other travel club like Agoda or Expedia, they don’t really hv much options, which is kind of disappointing. Moreover when my boyfriend found out I join the website, he showed some link in youtube and other blog that explain that is just another pyramid scam. So today I decided to terminate my membership before I go deeper thinking I will get extra income and can travel for free.

  21. Im enjoying the company from April. And Im really happy to with people who likes to live, travel, be happy etc.

    Company of course is giving for me fantastic friends.
    First month I didnt done nothing…but then I realize how huge can be that, so just I paid my montly payment- BUT- there is one point- from 60 $ with you paid- 50 $ are coming back to your travel account, so just acctually you dont lose nothing…!
    Now I have my 4, I have been in DTrip, I have been in Italy in seminar….
    And its true- you really do something wrong if you dont have your 4 OR your friends sorry, but dont belives you. And if you dont belive- they will not belive you aswell…

  22. Grace, everything is all about network, dont be naive..what you are doing now is also networking in the internet, if you didn’t write up interesting topic, no one would have found out your blog, thus no network or traffic flows into your blog. Making a blog popular seriously can make a blogger rich by getting paid by writing review on some products / services. Its all the same, whether it is membership in a Golf club or membership in a travel club, they all require member to pay fees to enjoy privileges. This is to improve loyalty of their customers, so that they don’t switch brand (to other travel company), and at the same time, with the enormous number of members they have, they gain more bargain power with hotels and so on…The only difference is they do it in MLM way to reward their members by expanding their own network. By leveraging on the power of their member’s network, they saved a lot of adverts cost, staff cost (sales person, operator etc), saving cost means cheaper retail price for the members.

    If you don’t like to play Golf, don’t join that is it, same like a travel club, but please stop accusing a company with false negative article without researching what is pyramid scam, what is MLM and what is business etc. In our life, I’m sure we have been asked many times by insurance friends or agents to sign up an insurance (insurance is also MLM in case if you didn’t know), but if we don’t need that, just reject and move on. Cheers~

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  24. I’m a member of WV. Traveled to 6 different places this year at incredible prices. Got the money I put in back in less than a month. Waived monthly fee. Got my BMW as an insentive for my hard work. Membership fee automatically turns into travel dollars towards a vacation for any member. What’s to lose? I gained so much as soon as I stoped being so close minded. Don’t take advice from a broke person…

    • Hey Nat, tell us then which 6 places you went to, at what price, and whether you had to travel with a bunch of WV folks. Is it possible that EVERY WV member can end up with a BMW like you? Did you lose any friends from your “hard work” at WV and not being “close minded”?

    • just got pursued by an old friend….. to me it is too good to be true, and the weird thing is that they only mention the benefit of cheap traveling package or hotels in the beginning. After that all they talking about how much money you can get if you recruit others

  25. You guys are naïve and ignorant to the concept of actually enjoying yourself while having fun and freedom as you create a financial freedom base. Is not for everyone, this is for people actually wanting to have fun and elevate their money and not for people who will end up building someone else dreams!! Keep being skeptical and just rush and build your boss freedom while you create what you wish for yourself!

  26. Worldventures should invest money in a good PR team if they claim to be making such good profits. Featuring a ‘marketing director’ in their blog who “…was drawn to WorldVentures for its VolunTours” is a big no no if the person really has not gone for VolunTours yet. It seems apparent to an outsider that members are given fancy titles in huge batches, if an article like this has not been looked over carefully. Frivolous to say the least.

  27. Have done a statistic study on WV and would like to share…

    Let’s use this model only in Singapore.

    in the WV business model, for every free member, he/she need to have 4 members who pays monthly membership.
    So the Theory is base on 4 to the Power of n (in Math).

    So if 1 (FM) free membership requires 4 (MPM) monthly paying memberships,
    then the number as follows,

    1 FM – 4 MPM
    4 FM – 16 MPM
    16 FM – 64 MPM
    64 FM – 256 MPM
    1048576 FM – 4194304 MPM

    There are 5.4 million total population in Singapore in the year 2013.
    So to say, in order to have 1 Million Free membership, you need 4 million paying members (by then WV will have a rate of 100% membership. – I know I am exaggerating, but a good business plan must be 100% tested )

    But wait, do not forget that there are 4 million monthly paying customer created… they have monthly bills to pay…
    if you are looking for financial freedom, and if you are one of the 4 million paying members, naturally you will try to build your team of 4, but the whole Singapore is in WV, so tell me, how are you going to find a new member, you may ended up having no choice but to look out of Singapore…
    Meaning, this plan have actually make the 80% of the population paying for the 20% who are enjoying free membership.So once WV have 20% free membership in Singapore, it is unlikely for the remaining members to achieve the free membership.

    And to add, since this is a travel business, we are only looking at working adults from age 25 -65. Base on the population statistic, this group form 60% of Singapore Citizens which is only 1.98 million.

    This make the business idea even more challenging!

    Hope this help.

    • Thanks for sharing, Alfred. I hope more people will understand this simple math and not get con-vinced to join WV and be so easily seduced by its false promises of financial freedom, yada yada.

      I am quite sure WV offers opportunities to network with (certain) celebrities and meet with people with similar goals (like in an interest group) but beyond that, things don’t look very rosy. 😉

  28. I have worked for an airline for more than 20 years.
    I fly the world and get paid for it too.
    Been to 50 countries so far…
    So, yeah, there are better ways than WV to see the world.

    • I agreed with this…

      Attended a ‘talk’ from WV yesterday in SG as well. This guy claim to travel to 39 places within the past 2years… And many others was ‘Wow… Awesome…’ I was thinking myself… What’s that to brag about?

      If working for airline or some companies that gets to travel, you are not only travelling to 39 places… But to 39 countries (Which may be more than 100 destination) And FREE (Since paid by company) and best of it, you get paid for travelling (Travelling allowance), and also, you get your monthly salary, with no leave deducted as well.

      A person whom travel to 5 Countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, & Taiwan) COMPARE with:
      A person whom travel to 5 Destination (JB, KL, Penang, Sarawak, Malacca)
      Which one will be more or better?

      The one whom travelled to 5 Countries of course will be BETTER compare to the one whom travel to 5 Destination. No?

      However, I do agree that WV is really good at ‘marketing’. I was quite tempting to join in the first place. But I told myself that I have been ‘conned’ by such MLM before, and shall not fall into it again. Luckily that I do have a strong mind, which overcome my body, for signing it. It sounds so real, and I think their main motive is to attract those youngster of 20s Reason being while I was there yesterday with about 50 other peoples, I think less than 10 are over 35 years old.

      Hopefully more will see this blog, and not fall into their ‘marketing’. There are more cheaper ways to plan your holidays… And I believe you will rather stay the room with your love one, or good friend, rather than someone whom is a stranger to you…

  29. If you’ve found that the prices are cheaper than WV is offering. Your trip is free. They arent suppose to be hollering everything is free. Its not free its just cheaper & good discounts.

    • In that case, WV should have gone bankrupt very early on. Because my simple experiment already showed that it is cheaper to book holidays on my own. Assuming everyone in WV claimed their free trips based on my experiment, WV would have had to send everyone on free holidays. So why didn’t they? What is the “approval” process like for these “cheaper prices therefore holiday is free” trips?

    • It have to be same apple at different price. If you find an agency that give you exactly the same package at cheaper price, than they will give you free.
      Hi Grace. DIY travel not counted. Even if you proof to them it’s the “same apple”, maybe you still can’t get a refund.
      Even the air tickets 150% i claim for, i provide proof of what they gave me with what i can get online, both exactly same airline and fare class, but still not appove. So the Rovia Price Pledge is a big lie.

    • Hi Grace. If these WV reps are so confident of their Rovia Price pledge, why not open a tour agency provide exactly same package at cheaper price and tell all WV rep to claim. LOL.
      WV will go broke, I bet…

  30. Please read and share the link below with everyone you care about! It is by a FORMER WorldVentures rep who describes what he witnessed and experienced and why he quit. Post and share so others can be warned.

  31. I know all the people you guys mention. Dyna Lim the tution-teacher, Jeremiah Gee the radio dj from Singapore. Each have strength / weakness.
    Although most of my fren in worldventure not making money at the moment, we have a lot of fun having party, group holiday. Its my cup of tea.
    Dyna taught us be like the spider, not frog. The frog laugh at the spider for taking long time to build the web to catch insect. The frog can catch insect with its tongue quickly. One day the frog grow old and cannot catch insect fast. The spider could just wait for insects to get trap and eat the insect. So Dyna teach us, other people work 9 to 5 are frog. We are the spider build the web with worldventure, need time to build but in the end we have insect to eat. So althogh now we not making money, we dun nid to worry.
    Thanks for letting me to share, if there are people who like having party and group holiday, come and build the spider web.

    • Thanks for sharing, Jay! I really support the idea of generating passive income, building a business, throwing parties and having fun. Really. I quit my full-time job to be a blogger! Thing is, I don’t like spinning a web of lies and conning 4 friends to join the organization. Friends don’t spin webs for friends. Can you blame me?

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  33. I had joint WV (Malaysia) since 15/01/14. After further consideration, I wished to cancel my membership. Cant anyone please comment how can I cancel my membership & can I get my full refund?

  34. Hey! I join WorldVentures 3 months ago so in a way I’m really at the bottom of the pyramid letting all the top guys stone stepping on me. But even though I have only made a few hundred dollars, I believe I have gained much much more from WV den just money!

    The people there are really amazing. Because in my work place it’s very political and they judge you base on your status and title. But here in WV, they treat each and everyone as equals and encourage and motivate you not just in your WV business, but also in my life and my relationships as well. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I gained knowledge that I don’t get to learn in school, I developed confidence through the training platform, I was pushed to overcome my biggest fear of all time, I gained network and most importantly, because of the company, me and my family got alot closer together. All of these in my opinion are priceless =)

    I agree in many ways of what you say and it’s totally logical. But in life, many things are not base on logic and alot of things cannot be explained; such as emotions and relationships. If we use logic to explain it, it spoils the beauty of it. Yes I totally understand the top guy makes the most money. Yes I understand that there are some black sheep in the company who pesters people to join and some are really just plain nasty. But isn’t everywhere the same? The top guy makes the most money stone stepping on everyone? In any corporate company, or even in a country?

    There is no wrong and there is no right in this world. It’s all about perspective. And yes I get that your perspective is great and awesome. But you are a very famous and credible blogger whom people respects. So if you post such an anti WorldVentures post, alot of people will take your opinion seriously. And most people in this world and especially in this country are suffering and having problems and when an amazing company like WV come into their life, they are not sure to believe or not to believe, and therefore turn to the internet to read your blog. And because of a post like this, it creates a ripple effect in many many ways if you look at life in a become picture. Take for example me, if I saw your blog before joining WV, I wouldn’t have join 3 months ago. And because of that, my personal development growth will still be dysfunctional. My family’s bonding will still be as bad. And the people that I brought and and about to bring in, the people who wants to bring their life to a whole new level will never happen because of the power of one.

    So anyway, what I’m trying to say is, WV may not be for everyone (just like durian). But at least let people have a chance, to go after and chase that dream. It may happen for them. But from what I read, 95% of the people who stay on in a network marketing company for 10 years live life beyong their wildest dreams be it riches of in personal growth. And that is statistics in a way I believe will help people =)

  35. Actually I also believe billionaires such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Robert Kiyosaki all endorses network marketing. Because it’s an industry that is more den just about money, pyramid and stone stepping on anyone. It’s life. Just my 2 cents!

    • Sorry, your belief is based on what, again? Something you read from somewhere at some point in time, in some book, in some country? EVEN IF joining WV means I don’t make a single cent from the pyramid structure, it is FINE. JUST give me cheaper holidays and scrap the 4 recruits requirement, and I’ll be happy.

    • From the book “The business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki.” The entire book endorses the network marketing industry.

      From the book “Why We Recommend Network Marketing” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.

      If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work. – Donald Trump

      “The best investments I’ve ever made were network marketing companies” – Warren buffet

      “The network marketing industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives and, to me that is the heart of the American dream. – Bill Clinton (Former US president)

      “The best kept secret in the business world… Network Marketing” – Fortune 500

      “From 2006 – 2016, there will be 10 million new Millionaires in the U.S alone, more than double the last decade… Many will be from the network marketing industry!” – Paul Zane Pilzer is a renowned economist and the author of eight best-selling books and dozens of scholarly publications

      “If I were to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing” – Bill gates

      Ernst & Young; a multinational professional services firm, is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms which has 175,000 employees and more than 700 offices in over 150 countries. It provides assurance (including financial audit), tax, consulting and advisory services to companies. In 2010, Ernst & Young nominated Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, for the Ernst And Young, Entrepeneur of the Year Award as the regional finalist.

    • Weiting, quick question: If a company is set up TODAY specifically for the purpose of conning people of their savings (but, of course, you won’t know that), and claims to be all about network marketing and shows you all these quotes you have stated above (from Buffett to Clinton), you would sign up with the company, right? 😉

    • Grace,quick question: If a company is set up TODAY specifically for the purpose of conning people of their savings, wouldn’t Ernst & Young, a multinational professional services firm, is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms who basically does research and auditing on companies for a living be able to know that? But no… Ernst & Young even put up their mega huge reputation and nominated WorldVentures.

      Nope it’s not only quotes from Buffet to Clinton. They even wrote and entire book about endorsing the industry. And even Clinton endorses it through the entire video. So at the end of the day, it’s your word against theirs; the people whom you interview for the sake of this blog. You can go to bookstores such as kinokuniya to check out their books if you want =)

    • Haiz… It was a nomination and not a win and people make a huge fuss about it. If WV ever wins, let me know?

      I won’t bother arguing with you guys anymore. I’ll go about my life and you, yours. I have said my piece about WV. Peace.

    • As we all know, a nomination by Ernst & Young is not just any nomination. It is an extremely prestigious nomination. It’s a nomination that shows that it has one of the most brilliant concept ever been created. To even get nominated by Ernst & Young it’s already a done deal. You have no idea how proud any company would be to even get nominated by them. Go take a look at the criteria and you will know what I mean. http://www.ey.com/SG/en/About-us/Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneur-Of-The-Year/EOY—Judging-criteria

      Moreover, all the HIGHLY successful people endorses network marketing and DSN global 100; the highest level and most prestigious place for networking marketing companies to be ranked placed WorldVentures in the top 100 in the entire world out of thousands and thousands of other company; of which, WorldVentures is the only Travel company in the entire list. http://directsellingnews.com/index.php/view/the_2013_dsn_global_100_list?popup=yes#.UvoCTqYazCQ

      Not only that; this gentleman called Myron Wick who was appointed as the advisor for peace corps by the president of the United States and who also is Director, chairman, CEO, COO of multiple multi-billion dollar companies is now the chairman of WorldVentures. http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=304091&ticker=CTCM&previousCapId=22931744&previousTitle=CTC%20MEDIA%20INC

      So with a person of his credibility, with Ernst & Young, with DSN Global 100, and with all the highly successful people endorsing the industry, when it all adds up, doesn’t it says alot about the company?

      However you fight it or argue with it, it’s the very people u interview or WANT to interview endorses the industry word against yours.

      1) Highly successful people endorses the industry: Fact
      2) Ernst & Young nominates it as the regional finalist: Fact
      3) The top 100 companies in that industry and WV is in it: Fact

      Is the company perfect? No…. definitely not. It will never be. But is it awesome? My opinion does not matter. But the facts said so.

    • Whoever is crafting these replies for you is doing a good job. All these can be extremely misleading. Take it from the people who have chosen to leave WV and are relieved they got out.

      I am glad you have such conviction. It means you will do well in WV or any other NM company.

      I am just glad too that I am not in your circle of friends and won’t be asked by you to attend any of their talks and/or to join. 😉

    • The successful people you interviewed all have certain characteristics am I right to say that? That is their attitude and conviction to things that they desire. Their never say die attitude. That’s why the people who left WV are usually the people who think short term and lack of determination. They demand instant gratification. The want quick money and microwave success. But it doesn’t apply it in greatness. Nothing of greatness will come easily or quickly.

      In WV or any network marketing is a solid platform for anybody to come into it because of it’s low start up cost. But it gives people a chance to train and and develop themselves in terms of personal growth; confidence, attitude, perspective, etc etc. And with these skill set, they won’t only be able to succeed in WV, they will be able to pursue anything in life in any career, their relationship, health etc etc.

      But because of this blog post, it instill fear in people to even give it a try. So what I’m trying to say is; losing $360 USD won’t kill anyone. But denying people the chance of growing is killing their hope and push them back to their comfort zone. You may not feel it because it’s just writing of a post. But look at a big picture; it creates a ripple effect. Like I said; with great power, comes great responsibility. If you are just any blogger, I wouldn’t even bother. But you are someone I respect alot from your other blog postings. I enjoy reading them and your insights. It’s inspirational and therefore, it’s influential. I don’t blame you because network marketing is an industry that alot of people won’t understand until they are part of it.

    • That is where the WorldVentures foundation, a non profit organization comes in. 1 person paint 1 school fast or 200 people painting 1 school will be faster? We went to paint a school for the children and in 2 hours, we painted the entire school for them. And not only that, each and everyone of us chipped in a donation to help the children and that my friend, is called leverage.

      This will be my last post because there’s one thing you are right, I realize it is for me to try and change your perception of not only WV, but also your mindset and looking at things in a bigger picture. Enjoy blogging!

    • After getting as many 360USD from as many people as possible, yeah you had better paint some schools. Don’t wait for something called karma. 😉

      No one needs WV in order to do charity work. No one needs WV in order to travel the world. No one needs WV in order to set up a business.

      You simply need a heart for helping people… I hope you will find that. It does not involve 360 USD. Goodbye.

    • Networking marketing is good but many company mismanage it. Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Robert Kiyosaki all endorses network marketing BUT they did not endose WV.
      You don’t need to join WV to develop yourself, many other netowork marketing company develop people also. Many life insurance company develop people also. You just need to find the right one. Many religion groups also develop people and family.
      In the view of law, WV is not illegal and running legal business, E&Y nominate it doesn’t mean it is very ethical business. There are many legal loopholes. Timeshare also make use of legal loopholes to suck people money.
      Get 4 friends and your membership is free…very obvious of making money in expenses of friend’s hard earn money. Throw 4 friends into the sea to let the sharks eat them and you will be saved…sounds the same right?
      If all the dreamtrips are really cheap and paying for the membership can really save you money on travel, than many people don’t mind paying for the membership fee, but the truth is that it is not this way and the price pledge is a lie, I can proof to you if you want.

    • When your friends throw you to the sea, and if you don’t want to be eaten by the shark you need to throw more friends into the sea, and your friends will throw more friends into the sea…so it will be a sea of blood.

    • Hi Weiting. Many companies, schools and government department also do charity or volunteer work but they don’t advertise about it. Many individuals also do volunteer work…so what is the big deal? If you do volunteer or charity work for advertising, I will say it is a wrong mindset. Nevertheless it is better than never do.
      I also do volunteer work but i don’t tell many people or my customers about it unless they ask me what i do on Saturday morning. It’s not a big deal, i just try to help out as i can. Oen of the day i saw a singapore celebrity wearing a sunglass and go to the hospital make donation, staying low profile not advertising it, this is out of real sincerity for charity.

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  37. I joined WV a year ago… simply because I wanted to support my best friend who gave up his full time job to pursue his dream of “making a living…. living.” I had never checked my account since, and have been paying for the membership fees all these while. I think it’s time to stop.

    I think as appealing as it sounds, WV doesn’t work for anyone. Although my friend’s participation in WV has reflected positively (more confident) on him, he is close-minded more than ever. I can’t talk to him about my work anymore…. cause “Why work?” Nothing seems to be good enough.

    He would tell me that they are selling “dream”… and yet so many dreams had to be crushed.

    • A lot of people studied hard, hoped to go out there and get a job and get a good life, have a nice house, have a nice car, and to really give their parents a good life for taking good care of them and also to provide with their children the best they good.

      But… so many dreams had to be crushed following that path.Don’t you agree? WV has reflected positively on him and gave him more confidence. But won’t you agree that this confidence will take him to a higher level elsewhere and not just only WV? He just realized that to stay in a traditional job, he would be settling. And we are only given one life, don’t settle. Don’t create a small reality for the years you have remaining on this planet.

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  40. Hey Grace. My name is Lucaz and I’m 25 years old who just graduated from my degree studies. I join WV when I was a year 1 student and was dead broke and had to borrow $500 from my friend to get started.

    Yesterday, I met with a lady who is a single mother with 2 kids and she just joined WV recently less den a month. She shared with me that before WV, every time when she reaches home, her 2 sons will go straight back to their own rooms immediately and stay in there and her, to her own room. But ever since WV came into their lives, they started having frequent family dinners together, started talking and having discussions about WV and started having precious family moments together and she said: “This is something that no amount of money in this world can buy. WV has brought me and my family together”

    Now my question to you is:
    What if this single mother saw your blog, got afraid, and den decided to not step in at all?

    I can give u dozens of stories. I was one of them; who wanted to quit when I first read a negative blog online that WV being a scam when I first join. I didn’t quit because someone told me “You buy a person’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle.” So I followed Robert Kiyosaki’s opinion on network marketing. Today, my entire family’s life is different financially and in so many other ways.

    But I’m not talking about everybody. I’m talking about helping one person and one family at a time. Helping people who wants to help themselves. Not people who wants get rich quick scheme, not people with a lottery mindset, not people who take things for granted and assumes everyone must help them, not people who refuses to takes responsiblility for their own failures and starts blaming everyone but themselves, but people who sincerely wants to help themselves but are not given the opportunity and the right vehicle. Not only financially, but things that are way more important den money.

    So Grace, if you see the negative side of something, u will definitely find it. If you u see the positive side of something, u will also find plenty of it. It all depends on which side and which team u are on. The negative or the positive. There’s always 2 sides to a coin. There are already too many negative people and negativity in this world, don’t be one of them. Don’t just be a number in this world. Be significant.

    • Hey Lucaz,

      Lovely story about this single mother. Question: how do we know this is true? On top of that, you didn’t tell us what WV did to change their family dynamics. And as far as I know, WV is a travel company, not a family counselling unit.

      I think network marketing is great. I really do. I just don’t think WV is a good company to join. Is that so hard to understand?

      I thought WV was great, till I met the reps, and till I realized how screwed up the system is – this need to recruit 4 people makes many DESPERATE to con-vince 4 others to join, regardless of their financial situation. (Read: https://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/world-ventures-losing-360-usd-wont-kill-anyone/).

      I’m making a positive difference to this world by ensuring people don’t fall prey to scams. Lucaz, don’t be a scammer. Be significant. 😉

    • Yup. That’s as far as you know about WorldVentures and den making prejudgement and warn everyone against it. It’s the same logic as looking at a person and making prejudgment about their life, their character and their personality even before getting to know that person. And den u warn everyone against that person. How would u like if someone did that to u?

      Anyway, base on ur reply, u just proved something about urself and proved that it’s gonna be a pointless argument. Whatever it is, the bottom line is that highly credible and successful people and organizations word against your opinion – Fact.

    • Hey Lucaz, I’ve written the entire story about meeting world ventures reps and finding out for myself how the company works. And my conclusion is that I don’t want to join, ever. My initial purpose of blogging about WV is to have those WV invites STOP. Later on, as people shared their stories of being conned into WV, I decided something must be done. When WV members like yourself leave such comments, I know I’m right to take a stand.

      Just read through the comments left by actual WV members who left the organization. I believe them. I also know that current WV members like yourself are pissed off that my blogposts are (perhaps) stopping you from recruiting people to be your ‘downlines’. Which I suppose is a fact too? 😉 So yah. If you want to get offended, there’s nothing I can do. Whoever these “highly credible” people you claim support WV, well, perhaps they don’t exist.

    • Since we’ve already agreed that network marketing is an awesome industry given that highly credible and successful people such as kiyosaki, clinton, trump and many others supports, endorses, and even wrote books on them;

      Now, other den WV, find me any 5 network marketing companies that even get to be nominated by the prestigious Ernst & Young.

      Find me any 5 network marketing companies that breaks into DSN global 100 (the top 100 network marketing companies in the world )within 6 years.

      And also, find me any 5 network marketing companies that is featured in the INC 500 and numerous magazines

      Find me any 5 companies with names that also operates a non profitable charity organization. There’s a huge group of members as of right now in Chiang Mai are there for a voluntourism trip helping children while the ones who are saying WV is a scam are at home whining about how life is unfair, the rich is evil, wv is evil… Etc etc.

      Most importantly, find any member who actually tried out the product, went for a dreamtrip, and tell you that WV is a scam.

    • Hi Lucaz,

      That’s entirely lame. Why do I need to find you 5 companies? LOL. All these things that you have mentioned mean nothing to me.

      If you are capable of reading, go ahead and read the comments on this post. I have already said that ex-WV members have already come out to share that WV is a scam. That’s all I need to hear/know. If you want to, you can take up the issue with THEM, not me. LOL.

      Personally, I think WV members are pesky. Those who keep leaving comments here and ignoring my replies to them, are pesky too. I have already found out for myself that travel with WV is NOT cheaper than if I were to book trips myself. UNLESS I want to make a business of this, and keep conning people to join WV, and reap the rewards from recruiting people, I don’t want to be associated with WV. 🙂

      I never said WV is evil (perhaps it is) but I do think it is a scam. People who still want to join, can go ahead. I will eventually tell you “I told you so”. 😉

    • Ok , I have been reading this blog and all the comments both good and bad regarding WV for the last four months or so. Four months ago, a friend asked me to join WV. I actually gave it some thought. I asked my friend to see a contract…but there wasn’t one. If I am going to give a company money, I would like to see in writing exactly what I get in return. My friend told me that he’d have someone call me and talk to me….only then I’d understand all the great things WV has to offer. I said no. I don’t need a sales pitch, just some proven facts in writing.

      I asked to see the website so I could compare the costs of vacations to see if there actually is a savings and I was told again that someone could contact me and walk me through the process. Again I declined the offer because I’m actually smart enough to figure out if I’m going to save money o r not all on my own.

      Finally, I have patiently waited for a response to my very simple question….Has anyone ever taken a vacation through WV and actually saved money? How was your vacation and how much did you save? I have yet to receive a straight answer with proven savings. So for all you WV members complaining about the negativity WV has received on this blog…I would have joined if you had the proof there was actual savings involved with WV. I wasn’t interested in selling memberships but wanted simply to save a few dollars on my next vacation and you couldn’t provide documented proof there was any savings.

      I asked my friend to please call when he and his wife have taken their first vacation using WV to let me know how it was. If they felt they had saved some money and had a great time, I would think about joining. They were planing to take a vacation last November and I have yet to hear back from them. When we push for documented proof WV can save us money, WV members call us narrow minded and accuse us of giving WV a bad rap. Show me the proof I will save money on mynext vacation and I will join.

    • This is exactly what I have been demanding to see all along, Caroline. Unfortunately, no WV member has given me proof. I have gotten proof from them that trips with WV are more expensive – that I can vouch for.

    • I’ve been with WV for about 2 years but have never knew nor seen WV as providing cheap and budget travel. How did u get that perspective? But whatever it is, this is actually quite a good blog. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • That is how some reps in Singapore sell WV: holidays for cheap. I am asked why I want to pay more when I can join WV and save $. That is how the “idea” came about.

    • I see. But WV has never been about that. WV is an exclusive travel club providing unique experiences specially customized base on specific trips. I dunno how to explain it here but those who went for one of the dreamtrip will know what I mean. It’s called a dreamtrip, not a budget trip. There’s really no point in joining WV if u want cheap and budget; u can get it from so many places without even paying for a membership. The price is actually the last thing that WV actually focus on.

      There’s a reason why we were awarded the number 1 travel club in the world in 2013 by “World Travel Awards” – which is hailed by the Wallstreet journal as the travel industry equivalent to the oscars. And when Ersnt & Young do research, they don’t just ask around; they go deep down and turn the entire company upside down to research and audit u before they place their reputation on the line for u. It’s not sky drop down and u get awarded for things like that.

      Some reps will tell u WV is lousy or a scam is because they are given false expectations or by the ones preaching to them. Some reps quit is because they came in here expecting quick results and microwaved success and if they don’t even, they refuse to take responsibilities for their own actions and den blame the company, blame their upline, and blame everyone else but themselves. I’m sure u have met people like that. For example, some people wants to pursue a career in blogging but did not succeed after 2-3 months and they quit and they blame tt it’s too competitive, too “unrealistic”, or whatever reasons other den themselves when it is about their lack of willingness to learn and determination to persevere. I’m sure u got to where u are today nt because of luck. I believe to pursue a career as a blogger isn’t easy. It takes courage, determination and ownership responsibility so I’m sure u know what I mean.

    • WV has been mis-sold by reps. So yes, glad we agree on that.

      WV is not for single mums, with two kids, and trying to mend a broken family.

      WV is for the already well-heeled and itching for exclusive travel experiences.

      Those who have little regard for their existing friends and want to rope them all into WV, thus earning commissions, will join too. I disapprove of this, obviously. But there is nothing I can do about it.

    • Does ranking mean everything? With the exorbitant membership prices World Ventures are charging the commoners, and the expensive vacation trips which they claim to be much cheaper, of course the company can climb higher up in terms of ranking and total revenue. Sorry, but that is my humble opinion. Seeing the comments of so many World Ventures supporters just irk me. I hope the company won’t end up like Sunshine Empire, causing many people to lose their money.

    • There is no free lunch in this world. We have to work hard for everything. World ventures don’t even have a physical product. They are not selling cheap vacations, they are selling dreams which are fake. I hope people can stop throwing money away to World Ventures. It saddens me to see a single mum spending her money joining as a member of World Ventures.

  41. i agree, world ventures isnt a scam, but it is not the best way to make money. If you like having friends and excitement without making money, then this business is for you. There are some that earn good money from it. But a monthly fee is the worst part of it. I am in Amway. Amway is also a MLM company. Here’s the difference though. Amway is an $11.8B company, worldventures is only an $143M company. We have an A+ with the better business bureau, world ventures has chosen not to be accredited by them. We are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, world ventures is not. We actually have our own line of products( Nutrition, Beauty, Cleaning, etc), world ventures just have travel clubs. We are Partnered with fortune 500 companies like APPLE, BESTBUY, HOME DEPOT, ZALES, UNDER ARMOUR, and 100 more, world ventures DOES NOT HAVE THESE IF ANY PARTNERSHIPS. We are paid on volume created through products rendered and not recruitment like world ventures. I could write forever, grace is right though, you guys have to do your research.

    • Blatant promotion of what you do huh? 😛 But I like how you sum it up in “having friends and excitement without making money”. I believe this happens in Amway too, if one is not a good salesperson.

  42. How much does it cost to start a company? Do you have bills every month to keep the business lights on? Does every company make money right out the gate? People are so deceptive of this company, when its a “business”. Take your 300 purse or shoes for example, the person that owns that company is essentially at the top and the makers at the bottom and others fill the gap, creating a pyramid. Only thing with network marketing is that you get out what you put in. Not everyone will make money, some will, if you look at it as an investment that could potentially gain you wealth, like a stock (which can crash and leave you with nothing or will $$$) people wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Just saying.

  43. Actually networking marketing companies are not illegal, and some of them in fact have great products eg. Nuskin, Nucerity etc. Networking marketing companies are very popular in the US. It’s just that companies like World Ventures, which don’t even have a physical product, is tarnishing the name of networking marketing companies. The dubious background of the company, and the irritating sales tactics used by the marketers are tarnishing the reputation of other network companies. Therefore, most people are skeptical about network marketing (MLM). Just my personal opinion, I’m not against network marketing, but I don’t like World Ventures too :X

  44. Hi
    I read all what u say about WV good and bad experience. I joined WV now almost 1 year. And i said it has been a great year for me. Well for me, WV not only give me income, but also family and friends internationally. I used to work in one of world IT company. I quit my job because i didnt have any more passion towards it and to chase my dream, to have my own business, especially when u already have kids, so u will prefer to have a more flexible hours works.
    I never imagine to be in this MLM business, but WV was introduced to me at the right time, where i was looking for business. I have a traditional shop, which it cost me lots for a business. So at that time, sure why not give it a try for a 360$ business. During my membership till now, i do earn income, and i do earn the passive income already. I dont always get cycle, but i do keep getting that residual. So for me, for a business that cost 360$ but can give me more than 200$ every month, wouldnt it be worthed.
    For those of you who doesnt want to be part of WV, i just think that its fine. Because the business or the club is just no for everybody.
    Its the same thing like you were offered a fitness membership, maybe for you, you see that you will enjoy and use the facilities, but for others, maybe they prefer something else.
    Or same way like u open a restaurant. Maybe for others, they will like it, but for me, i dont enjoy it. If it doesnt suit you, doesnt mean the restaurant is a scam right?
    I did search after i joined, and found about the WV scam n everything, i freaks me, but i didnt stop. And later i found out that it was a lie. It’s the same thing like every body who maybe think the product doesnt suit them, and they complain.
    I wasn’t a traveller, but ever since i joined WV, every month i travel. And what i can say, i have a great experience, not just for travelling, but i get many experience of dealing with people. Because its really different when u working together in this business, then u working with your colleague. In here all of us are biz partner, so u cant control them. in that way u’ll learn how to manage team, and u’ll learn many character of people. Some of my friends joined, and later on they resigned, but that doesnt mean they didnt become my friends. I think it just how we treat people.
    I have simple rules in my life. Just think positive no matter what happens. It doesnt mean, WV will be my final biz but i just take the + and make as a good experience, no matter what the result is.
    One thing i see that WV gives opportunities for those who in needs.
    Let make an example, if i want to open a restaurant, how much money would i need to invest? Millions of dollars right? but WV only 360$, and it just how u want to make it work.
    So its really up to u if the 360 u pay , to become how much money u wish to have, or just become expenses that u have to pay every single month.
    Even in every business, u have to pay monthly cost (electricity, water, employee). Let say u own a restaurant, and in the first -two months u havent reach the target of income u wish, will u close your restaurant?
    So back again, i think it simple how people see it. If they see this an opportunity, then just take it, but if dont just dont be someone dream stealer. Life is like flipping coins. its always a probability

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  46. Hi Grace, nice to reading this article. I’m not against network marketing, but I don’t like World Ventures, there is no free lunch in the world :p

    • Hi Shyeu,

      Yes I agree. I support companies like Tupperware. But I really don’t like the way World Ventures is run – especially the part about having people recruit 4 new members.

  47. Hi Grace!

    Glad to read your post before I reveal them my credit card number! In fact I just came back from their huge seminar at Chinatown area where the founder and co-founders were there too!

    Initially I have no idea what this is about as my friend keep saying it is a great “investment” you should look into it without telling more about it; I guess he wants more people to convince me?

    As what Dan said in previous comment, they showed you all the videos and examples and the atmosphere was great! I almost got brainwashed to sign up immediately as they suggested to “lock” your position ASAP so you would not be at the base of pyramid.

    My instinct tell me to think twice when I filled up the credit card information so I decided to hold this back at the very last second!

    Now….after google and read all your posts and comments in the blogs abt WV, I just glad I DID NOT complete the form, and I know I can go to bed now without any regrets.


    P/S: Keep up your good work! Even though if its only you against the WV world, you saved another person’s $361!

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  49. You’re entitled to your opinion. And no hard feeling towards anyone who doesn’t want to join but your stance is a negatively biased considering your judging just by how some memebers have portrayed it to you. You never have to travel with anyone. Other members may take the same trips but they’re not on top of you. They’re simply in the same hotel or resort as you. Along with hundreds of other nonmembers. The trouble I have mainly with your blog is that this is what people see when they google us, you’re giving the company a bad rep when u don’t even have any experience IN the company. I’m so happy I joined, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not forcing it down anyone’s throat, and there are more people who haven’t been as successful as I have been with it. But when you post blogs like this you could potentially be making someone change their mind about an opportunity they otherwise would have taken and trust me it had changed many lives– not all but many! I’m sorry that some members seem to be spamming you. The team I work with really does not encourage tactics like that. But that doesn’t mean we are a bad company. And for the record- not a pyramid scheme! It would be illegal if so…. Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Since I am entitled to my opinion, like you said, WV members should stop making a fuss here. Must I be “IN the company” before I can form an opinion about it? It’s like saying I must work IN McDonald’s before I can say that fast food is junk food. Hello?

      Please wake up your idea. WV IS a pyramid scheme, whether you are honest enough to admit it or not. Here’s something for your reading pleasure: http://www.businessforhome.org/2014/02/worldventures-closed-down-in-norway-as-pyramid-game/

    • Dear Stephanie. Many things that WV preach is also “could potentially be making someone change their mind”. So let people hear from WV rap and read what is here and let them decide for themself.
      WV is for some people but not for everyone. After reading, people will decide whether they want to be one of WV.

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  51. At the end of the day, joining world ventures is a choice or an opportunity some might call it. It has nothing to do with whether it’s good or bad. There is not one business in this world which has all the good and none the bad. No doubt that there are some who make it and some don’t. The only difference is in the person itself. Products either through network marketing or your conventional business are just products. It’s the individuality of each person that decides what is good for them or not.

    Businesses in network marketing rakes in billions of dollars every year in revenue. Even if you’re just an investor, you would very well know to invest in a company like that. Unless of course for people like me and the other 80% of the population who would like to just enjoy a small chunk of the pie because we do not have the financial prowess of Robert Kiyosaki or Warren Buffet (whom by the way have bought a few network marketing companies themselves), we do network marketing to leverage on each other and work as a group. I do agree that because it’s a peoples business, there are many who tend to do things the sly way and end up cheating others.

    As to it being a pyramid scheme, first define what is pyramid scheme. In short, its where all the people up there before you make all the money from you and you end up getting the short end of the stick. Now, i’m having a hard time to believe that any conventional business is NOT a pyramid scheme unless some one can come out and say “Hey, i earn more than my boss or CEO even though i’m just an employee!”. so unless you are earning more than your boss, whatever work that you’re doing in any form of employment, you’re in a pyramid scheme of a company.

    So, in the end, it’s not about whether network marketing is good or bad, clean or dirty but it’s a personal choice. If you don’t like it, then don’t let those people force you to do it. If you feel it’s for you, by all means have an open mind to see where it can go for you. Whoever that said worldventures is the cheapest compared to the rest, they are just trying to make a profit out of you. However, if they tell me it’s another option for me to choose from, then yes, i would have a look at it. And, if i get paid for sharing it in an affiliate way, even better cause expedia, skyscanner, or even travelocity has not given me a single cent.

    To those who are reading this, i hope you will read it with an open mind and accept that everyone has a choice.

    • How are conventional businesses pyramid schemes as well? You get asked to PAY a company before it agrees to HIRE you? *rolls eyes*

    • In any business that you do, don’t you have to fork out some form of investment costs? Be it your renovation costs, your legal costs, your workers salary, your products that you are either selling or producing, your raw materials? Well so you are paying other companies as well to start up your business by getting their products too. I have no qualms if you feel conventional business is the way to go as I also have a conventional business of my own apart from network marketing. Anyways, I like your feistiness and I think I’m actually getting attracted to your form of sarcasm! 😃😃

    • First, you talk about companies and employees. Then, after my comment, you talk about businesses and investment costs. Can you just stay the course?

      Because you are not making any sense, I won’t indulge you with more of my “feistiness” and “sarcasm”. Have a good day.

    • Forgive me if you feel I’m not making any sense to you. I do admit I’m no blogger and not a good writer so I do veer out of course. In network marketing you are not hired as an employee. It’s a business decision that you decide to partner up with a company. You want to shift yourself from the quadrant of an employee to a business owner. And with that said, of course you can do it not just through network marketing but also through the conventional way. The only difference is your purchasing power. Do you have the capability to acquire that much of stock?

      Then again you might say what has it got to do with a pyramid scheme by being an employee? I’m not referring to having to pay or not as like what I said, it’s a business choice. But the hierarchy of any organisations are pyramid itself with the top earning the most while the bottom people do the work and are paid. You are a blogger and you earn your keep on what you do. There is no one above to override how much you make.

      I would love more questions from you to rebut what you feel is nonsensical about what I have written. And yes, feistiness and sarcasm are always welcomed. Thank you. 😊😊

    • It is actually a mistaken belief that one needs a lot of capital in order to start a business. Read books like ‘The $100 Startup’. I take offense at WV’s pyramid (not any other company’s ok?) only because they have this 1-gets-4 requirement to waive fees, that makes reps DESPERATE to con 4 friends into joining. On top of that, travel is cheaper OUTSIDE of WV (proven by a WV rep). So then that begs the question “Why would anyone need WV?”

      I am OK with MLM and NM companies which work on a simple basis: you need my product, I sell it to you. Whether it is face cream or a slimming supplement. It’s fine. If I say no, I don’t need your product, the rep moves on. In WV, nope… you attend a seminar, you are pressured to sign up (WHO CAN SAY NO TO TRAVEL?) and they even tell you things like ‘Sign up now or end up at the bottom of the pyramid’.

      No need for “feistiness and sarcasm”, just reason and common sense.

  52. Love people who comment on this like they know what they are talking about!!! I am a member and have never been happier because of the time Im putting into contacting friends and family and getting other areas started has been a blast. To think that people that are skeptical are the ones that never do much with their lives drives me! I love reading this information and driving around in my BMW while I am taking my 4th vacation in one year! Yes keep posting while I enjoy my sun! If you read this and want to know more I will be happy to help you get you off your feet and I will come and help you do it along with my wife! Great experiences for people who jump all in!

    • Hey Derek, hope you didn’t write this while driving your BMW or you’d have crashed! It is unrealistic to expect that everyone can quit their jobs and drive around in BMWs. Only those at the very TOP in the WV structure benefit from leveraging on all the others who joined. “Great experiences [NOT] for [ALL] people who jump all in!”

    • Well i think Derek is right some how…. he helps people to JOIN WV and he gets richer and others just getting sucked. Those MLM people are NOTHING but a LEECH.

      you know what the LEECH does? sucking others blood and make them think its still great while their $$ and times get wasted in WV.

      I think Derek thats REALLY GREAT!!!

      Thanks for the info.

    • Grace,

      Everyone in every walks of life is just trying to craft out something for themselves. You have done it in your own way. Let other choose what they decide. There is no need for such a defamation on what the company does or operates. Respect their decisions and not make one for them. Since you are so influential, why not you bring it to the law if you are dead sure that it is really a scam?

      I hope you wont get into trouble with the law for slandering on this company.

      Or probably you wouldn’t even dare to stand up for your ” 5 Reasons Why I Refuse To Join World Ventures”

    • Hi Thinker, would you by any chance be called ‘Alvin’? ;)https://workingwithgrace.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/threatened-by-a-world-ventures-rep/

      How do you know I am not exploring ways to “bring it to the law”?

      OF COURSE I will stand up for this post and for every other WV post I have written. Are you kidding me? This isn’t slander. This is factual reporting of what I see happening.

      If you don’t like what you see here, buzz off. Don’t be Alvin the pesky fly.

  53. she’s using WV to generate traffic for her boring blog to make money la. smart girl! you go girl!

    • Thanks for the compliment, Weiting. Mine’s an award-winning blog and it has nothing to do with WV. Yes, exposing scams can be kinda boring. And handling rude WV reps like yourself can be extremely tiring. Do you think that tiny little bit of extra traffic is worth it? NO! Those thank you messages from people who are grateful that I am writing about WV IS. Have a good day. 🙂

    • I think you’ve missed out some punctuation right there. And I don’t know what exactly you mean. I am capable of sourcing for the best deals myself. No need for WV. Thanks!

  54. Hmmm, not true Grace… I joined them and I find that they’re just trying to be the next big thing in travel and their offers are bona fide. If you don’t know how to utilize their tools properly chances are, you may not get the best of it. I didn’t join for the business side of things honestly, and since my monthly fees translate into dollars that I can spend on my trip, (including the money I paid to join) I’m pretty pleased with it.

    I would have joined it, even if the “get 4 people to waive your membership fees” thing didn’t exist. It’s just an incentive to get you to spread the word. 60 dollars isn’t very expensive and you pay as much if not more on insurance plans that you’re never going to recover unlike what Dreamtrips offer you.

    The reason these guys can get you these amazing rates is because they do a lot of tie-ups with organisations like Singapore Airlines. There were so many times I bought a deal or planned something myself only to realise the hotel room was thoroughly misrepresented in size and cleanliness and various other factors. I joined because I like the travel destinations/travel packages they had, however I too hate traveling in groups. I like doing things solo- and I found out that they cater to this as well. If you can find something cheaper, they pay you back 150%, like mentioned by a few others here and it’s the truth- they do. You’re probably not going to believe me because I’m a rep, but no matter. It sounded like a fun idea to me, and I’m going wherever I please at the cheapest rate- so, I’m a happy camper.

    • Great! I’ve heard so much from awful reps hurling insults at me that I’m really happy for you, that you are a “happy camper”. If joining WV has truly benefited you, all I shall say is Good For You! Perhaps it is those who join WV for the “business side of things” that come to regret it. And who are so pissed at me for uploading this blogpost. Oh well. *shrugs*

  55. N i wil pay gigolo for serving u….thats my compliment grace….hahahaa
    So dont be stubborn or i will fuck u

    • Thanks, “John”. Now all my blog readers know how civilized World Ventures reps are. I don’t know if you are human or animal.

      Anyone else wants to join World Ventures? Be my guest. 🙂 Just be careful not to offend existing WV members or they “will fuck you”.

  56. Grace .. Thank god I saw this Blog of yours .. girl you’re a life saver ! 🙂 .. Regretfully I’ve decided to join but ..was only stalled given the fact .. I’ve neither the time to join the trips (college student) nor the money(enough to join barely enough to maintain it for long) should i fail to herd in 4 guys for WV .so again thk god for u .. . I’m not a Wv fanatic so no worries 😀 i won’t bite . .. Anyway ~ after reading this blog(a clash between the fanatics and the rational) .. I’ve came to the conclusion to give this whole notion of joining the benefit of doubt( i thk i will decline the offer jus maybe but still significantly better than my state of mind before reading this) and hence … my utmost gratitude to u miss..whoever u r .. watever you do..u got a fan in me 🙂

    • Hi Thristan,

      This blogpost is just to caution my blog readers and friends. Since I don’t know you, it does not matter to me whether you join WV or not. But like you have mentioned, please be careful of the “fanatics” and the radical ones. Those people are borderline crazy. All the best in whatever you decide to do. 🙂

  57. Hi Grace!
    I would like to share my experience here. Last month I was approached by a friend for a meeting (yeah, conned me out for a “yumcha session” *D’uh*). He was with his WV senior and the brainwashing session lasted for 20 minutes. Here are some conclusion i made:
    1) They actually purchase the hotel & travel package in BULK! Which is how they managed to get a so called “cheaper price” for your so called “dream trip”. Which is also why flight tickets are not included in their package. (Airline wont give you a cheaper price even if you book the whole plane, its the way airline do business).
    2) There are 2 sides of the whole WV thingy, 1 is the legitimate travel packages and another 1 is the money making parts. The first part is just to justify the second part as the second part is actually a pyramid scheme, which also happens to be illegal in most of the countries)
    3) The cheaper price provided to their members as a result of bulk purchasing aren’t gotta making the cash rolling into WV’s bank account. So the actual money making machine is the pyramid part.
    4) Ever heard of BOSS Venture? its running the exact same model as WV. BV just replace the travel package with online shopping mall where you can buy things at discounted price. Oh, btw, the price of all the items are jacked up). The different between BV and WV is that WV incur a monthly charges so that you would need to recruit 4 members in order to waive the monthly fee.

    Below are what I told my friend:
    1) “I saw what happen to other salesperson from other MLM, they lost their friend, people started avoiding them, people feel disgusted seeing them posting information of their product on social network.. and I don’t want to be one of them.”
    2) “you are not the first MLM salesperson to approach me. Before you there were Amway,Agape,Vemma,Boss Venture,Cosway *bla bla bla*. If i were to succeed through MLM, I would have done it long before WV being introduced in Malaysia.
    3) “I like to travel in small group (we should high 5 for this). Journey are made with the people you travel with, not the number of people. Asking me to travel with other 100++ people from around the world? Nah~~
    4) “As a backpacker, I would settle for a small backpacker inn, which comes much more cheaper than the “cheaper” 4/5 stars WV would provide. Traveling to experience the scene and culture of places which are foreign to us, what would you get me in 4/5 stars hotel? plasma tv with Discovery’s Travel and Living channel? I just need a place where i can sleep!!”
    5) “Why does WV need to have 2 parts for it’s business? Will the company make profit by just selling their travel package?
    If yes, why does the company charges their member monthly fee?What, we have to pay fee so that we can buy something from them? What am I? Spongebob?
    if no, whoala,pyramid scheme! ”
    6) As my friend were left speechless, I told him that “Come back to me when you make $3000++ per month effortlessly. If you managed to do so, it still doesn’t prove me wrong, it just prove that you are 1 of the few gifted people who are very determined. And as a friend, i would like to congratulate you for that. And, I still wont regret for not joining WV.”

    In the end, i didn’t sign for anything and both of them gave me a name card which i rejected politely.
    WV is just a company which uses a legit business to cover up for their pyramid money game. They are exploiting the legal loopholes. Expect to see more and more of this type of pyramid scheme to appear in the future.

    And Grace, thanks for writing this article, hopefully people will start reading this before signing the paper. =)

    • Thanks for sharing, Ian. I appreciate it very much.

      WV reps have verbally abused me, made legal threats, and even threatened to rape me over this article. (I’m not kidding. Check out one of the recent comments on this post)

      I know I am doing something right when people like you step in and provide your take on WV.

      [Aside: You know what, WV reps, you guys have really pissed me off big time. I will not tolerate abuse from a bunch of conmen, rapists and pimps. You guys should be very ashamed of yourselves indeed!]

  58. hi Grace, I happened upon your blog after my best friend in the world called me and asked if i could do some quick research on vacationsooner.com. Same company…. I already sent him the link to your blog. I think the WV reps are a joke (well, except for the criminal talking about rape) but i agree with them in this: WV much like cocaine, is not for everybody…inspite of the fact that some ppl doing it think they are having a great time.

    i think your blog is inspiring. so much so that it inspired me to book a weekend in Chicago. Round trip flight and hotel for…wait for it…$375US. Car rental is an additional $28US per day. No reps, seminars or aggressive sales people. im inspired to take my friend with me and buy 2 copies of “$100 dollar start up” for the flight. And the change from what we would have spent on 2 WV “partnerships”? PARTY,PARTY,PARTY! lol, thanks

  59. I was apart of worldventures. I left because I felt like most people weren’t being 100% honest. I did like the company but a half truth is a complete lie in my opinion and I couldn’t be associated with that. They tried to make you believe you have to b a certain way only to be successful.. I don’t believe in success by convincing people to do something. My friend who did sign me on though was awesome and I believe she can make a it far. As far as a pyramid scheme I wouldn’t call it that, because it’s not a scam it does work and someone in the business that a person signs on can surpass anyone above them. In a pyramid scheme the ones at the top will always make more than anyone else. But this just wasn’t for me and felt almost cult like. Like they made it seem like if someone tells you no that they are not your friend.. it was just weird. I don’t knock the business though.

  60. Hi Grace, I just had a WV presentation at my home. I was very skeptical about all those promises and kept thinking I can research and arrange my own travel for less. I didn’t like the idea of travel with a group, even if you can just do your own thing. Thank you for posting this online! You helped me in deciding that this company wasn’t for me and you save me the time and frustration of learning about it in my own time. Keep up the good work.

  61. I just have two questions. If this is such a great opportunity, why am I reading about 80% or more negativity? Where is the good stuff? Just wondering!!! Also, a rep told me that the company had a spread in O magazine Sept 2012 issue. Has anyone seen it?

  62. STOP preying on the young, the desperate, the unemployed, and the ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just want to say that of all of the research that I have done to get more information on this company my family member just told me about, your blog is more thorough than the actual company website. This happens to be my third song and dance dealing with family members who were duped into shelling out hundreds of $$$ with the hopes of living this lifestyle they dangle over your head at these meetings/presentations at these pyramid companies.

    1) The first company was FDI “A Better Way”, now defunct; when I was given the sales pitch to switch to their telecommunications company or become an “Executive Representative” (such a big title without lifting a finger) for the business through recruiting people to come in under me (team/group), it just SCREAMED pyramid scheme. I declined and tried to talk my relative out of it he still went on to spend hundreds of $$$ on start up costs of $495.00, equipment, business line, business cards, hosting meetings, etc…, with no return.

    2) My 18 year old brother still in high school also fell prey. He came home one day saying things were going to get better and he was going to be making these thousands of dollars a month but could not tell me one single iota about his “business”, it was a secret. What kind of job are you getting that’s a secret (maybe the Secret Service). Three days later I get a call from him saying someone wants to talk to me about something; It was a rep from ACN given me the sales pitch to switch from my existing utilities companies and bundle all of them with their company. The only problem with my bundle was that my DirecTv had had be disconnected in my name and a new service be taken out in someone else’s name in order for me to get the savings. Since that did not make sense to me, they offered for me to join as an independent business owner recruiting others for utilities service or to be IBO’s for a start up of $495.00.

    3) Last week I was at work and a friend called me up talking about traveling, saving money, and earning money while traveling for a start up $$$ and monthly fees. I immediately said “uh oh, not again”. World Ventures offers their members the intangible service of discounted travel for a start up cost AND a monthly fee for those that want to save money; and a higher start up cost and monthly fee for those they recruit to be reps. Through their travel search engine Rovia, you can book vacations lower than you would have with traditional or more well known sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, Hotels.com etc…. I actually did my homework and saw that the price for any given destination turned out to be for the exact same amount if not off by a few cents or dollars. I was able to do that while sitting on my PC at home for free.

    What is the monthly fee for other than revenue for the company since most don’t see Rovia bucks?
    So how do reps benefit?
    How can a company that’s in the business of making money be able to offer the services promised and still see a profit?
    What makes a Dreamtrip? Does it include being ambassador for the day at the destination of my choice? Will there be a parade in my honor at the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo? Will I be a walk on performer in Cirque du Soliel Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour? Boy, that would be a DREAMtrip!!!

    Let’s fill in the blanks to this simple math problem:
    Rationale N. Commonsense is a new rep at World Ventures. He is excited about this financial opportunity and wants to calculate his future earnings potential. If he recruits the standard 4 people what is the compensation for that? The monthly fee waived? Correct.

    How many people will he need to recruit in order to see a monthly income/residual of $3,000.00?
    _________ RECRUITS/SERVICES X $________ PER RECRUIT/SERVICES = $3,000.00

    I read on several sites including the BBB that many reps have stated that they never received the so-called Rovia bucks so no savings there. I am absolutely disgusted that they are so desperate to bring people in on the “scam” that those that haven’t had a chance to experience the real world get a crash course on how to be taken for a ride. The common thread “it isn’t for everybody” is true. Which means you offer it those who seek and may benefit from it. Morally, I don’t see how anyone can justify bringing anyone into this kind of situation knowing the chances are slim to none that you will actually make money to live off of. How do you sleep (or not) at night knowing that you feel the pressure to see some kind of return on your investment so you in turn put others in that same predicament to feel that same pressure.

    The bottom line is that many people can barely afford to live. They take a chance with their last in hopes of some kind of economic turn around to be left no better off or worse than they started. I don’t see the rich looking to save a few if any $$$ on a vacation so these companies target people that are looking for a ray of hope during their worst hour. It should not just be a legal but a moral duty for these companies to give detailed information on their products, services, and inner workings from jump. This will allow people to make sound judgment when decided to part with their money. Secrecy, pressure tactics, bad business practices, and LYING to make money off of people is never right. Sadly, the vulnerable will always be taken advantage of so these companies will continue to be on the hunt for the next victim, I mean customer/representative.

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  64. Indeed I have not read your post too, and i had just quit after a month.
    The price pledge is a flaw. I did a test after joining, luckily I only pay USD20 extra, I appeal with proof but they never reply, the upline say they will escalate, but for what, the system had proven doesn’t work. Their system is also full of flaw. They sell air ticket for Jatayu arilines (search on wikipedia) which had been closed down years ago…this is one of the flaw, i inform the company for a few weeks but changes are not done. I booked for this Jatayu Airline and they gave me a different airline ticket!!! What i feel is that they are not keen in the travel business but only keen in the MLM business.

    I don’t think the dreamtrips are discounted to member price, I could have save a lot if I DIY. And they doesn’t seems to put in any effort to some of the so call dreamtrips package…just a host if more than 20 people book, with a extra party and dinner…no day tour……what dream trip is this!!!

    If the product is so bad and we discount off the products or if the company is actually not interested in the products, what is left?

    It left with the introduce 4 and get membership fees waived scheme and make money. I feel that this is the real things the company is interested in, they are not interested in the travel business and your experience in travel or your feedback. So what do you think this make up to? Is this a pyramid? By law they are not because they have a product so government can’t ban it. So it is for individual to jurdge by yourself.

    However people are in it and happy for different reason, for companion, for dream, for hope, for greed, self illusion…… To each his own. So decide for yourself.

  65. In any business, you need consumers. MLM need lots of consumer to substain the lifestyle of the people on top. If the products or services is a flaw, than the business structure cannot subtain. As more and more consumer found out that the product is a flaw, than these consumer will leave. In the end how did the top substain?
    Asian people are very cucalative, many will do their cucalation and found out that the trip is not cheap…after that we will see what happen.
    I join because i was told how good is the product. Later I found out it is not. I have no peace of mind selling such product.
    Maybe there are people who can do this business with peace of mind…their choice.

    Giving the children for parents to take care and always go travelling with your spouse…i can’t get myself to do that in future when i have children. It will cause many family problem.

  66. I just got back from one of their mass presentation and still considering to join. However, they did mention that although you are paying your monthly fees, they will rebate you with equivalent rewards point for every dollar spend on your memberships. 1 reward points = USD$1. And these points can be use to redeem your dreamtrips. Also regarding the travel with lots of people, that is also not really true. At the beginning of the trip, you will be given a wristband to identified yourself as a dreamtripper. If you do not want to join the group of people you don’t know, you can by all means take off your wristband and continue the vacation doing whatever you wish to do alone.

    Not sure if i got my facts right. Still doing more research.

    • Good. Please do more research. Read the comments on this blogpost too. There is a wealth of information here: from angry Wv reps, people who have left WV, people who will have nothing to do with WV (that’s me), and many others. Form your own opinion.

    • This is what they tell you.
      Indeed 1 reward points = USD$1. Sounds good.
      Do you think you can use all the points for a dreamtrips, such as after 1 year you pay done if you and your spouse/friend go for a dreamtrip that cost USD600?
      Initially i thought it is that but that’s not how it works.
      They may also tell you unlike health food MLM increaes price to make money, WV help you save money….is that true?

      What they present
      1 dreamtrip $148, you can use up to 150points, you can tell WV to keep the change. WOW, sound good, you don’t have to pay anything.
      1 dreatrips $250, you can use up to 200points, you only pay USD50
      Sound too good.
      Remember the points is also your money so the trip is not free or cost only USD50
      Note that the price is for 1 person. 1 room have 2 person, like it or not, you have to pay the price of 2, so it is not keep the change. But you can bring your spouse or invite a friend. It’s still look good.
      But what they don’t tell you until after you join and see it yourself. Most trip only allow use of 50 to 100points. Good trips which is only a few get sold out very fast. Let say on average each trip use 75points, you need to go for 8 trips to use up 600 points. If 1 trip cost maybe USD200 per person, 2 person is USD400, if air ticket is USD300 for short distance trip and other expenses is USD300, you need to spend USD1000 per trip, USD8000 for 8 trips to use up 600points.
      Does this package make sense to you?
      Most of the dreamtrips like 3 nights or 4 nights with only 1 day tour. The other 2 days expenses on yourself to plan your trip. Some didn’t even include day tour.

      Ask your friend to show you the trip in the website and do a calculation to DIY yourself, you will find out the answer? There are cheap trip but sold out in hours.
      It is not like tour agency package plan everything for you, and in most case it is cheaper if you DIY yourself.

      There are 3 reasons to join a MLM company
      – the product…do you think it is worth it?

      – the business. All business need consumer and consumer look at products. Most MLM tell you to find people interested in doing business. If all members are only interested in the business and no consumer, i wonder how does this business subtain? When you look at the product, as a consumer do you think you will buy? If you buy not for the trip but for the company and network, yes maybe.

      – what you can learn from the company and the environment. They teach you to tell the good things and not the bad things, they said property agent also don’t tell people the bad things about the house. It is not an apple to apple comparison. The condition of the property is adjusted to market as bad property normally is hard to sell at high price and price have to be lower. There are still good skill agent who can talk until pig can fly and sell property at fanstatic price, that is skill. There are only very few unethical property agent.
      Are you learning the right business in a right environment when they speak half truth only. I don’t think you learn the right selling skill, what skill is that you think for yourself.
      You learn the real sales skills selling health products or insurance ethically.
      Get 4 active memeber and your membership is free…sounds good? If you see my analytical in previous post…you are on the boat and to be saved, throw 4 friends down to feed the sharks, do you think how many friends will you left one of these days?
      If one day all your friends in the sea swim to shore…you will find yourself in the sea to feed the shark.
      Do you ant to learn this kind of business?

    • Another thing to add. If 1 trip is 4 days, 8 trips will take 32 days. Do you have so many leaves? If so well planned and 2 days fall on the weekend, you still need 16days leave.
      With all these….are you enjoying your trip or is it a stress? Is it a dreamtrip or a nightmare?

    • I believe those dream trips are limited and if you are slow to react, you lose your spot. You can’t use the reward points for air or hotel that isn’t included in the dream trip. If you can’t find a dream trip that match your schedule and choice, you are out of luck and will have to wait until next year. I believe there is also terms+condition on how much point you can use per dream trip. In reality, you are paying someone else to save your vacation money for you. However, you are not able to use that saving for anything else and you lose your right to your saving.

  67. The fastest (instant) way to quit WV is to report the loss of your Credit Card to your card’s bank. The credit card number you signed up WV with will be instantly rendered invalid and hence WV will not be able to deduct money from you further. (Really not sure if it works for credit card or not because i used DEBIT CARD)

    I used Debit Card in 2012 for WV, so that’s exactly the method i used to quit it 3 months after i signed up. Instant Resignation with no fear of money being deducted further.

    It all seemed so surreal and too good to be true (it is! Lol) during end of May 2012. I really tried my best in the 3 months but i realised it was just not for me and my type of people. A commentor above said that people who gave up are shortsighted and with no determination. Please, don’t hurt people with your words. The pen is mightier than the sword. Always remember this.

    It required too much money from me back then to keep trying to make it work for me. The monthly fee was about S$80. The other fees included attending their one-day “huge” seminar or whatever few-days millionaire boot camp thingy, which could cost from a few tens or few hundreds of dollars for just a ticket, in which they flew one or some of their successful marketers from America or somewhere in to Singapore just to hold talks on how to talk and present WV to your “potentials”. There were other things i forked out money for. Like, everyone in the team pooling money together to rent a space above a shophouse to hold business presentations for potentials. For renting a room with projectors to do personal development where the leader would teach us how to do business presentations. We even went to a local university to recruit the clueless students. ;_; i’m now glad none of them joined me, lol. After spending so much (really a LOT of) time, effort and money and even ALMOST at the risk of losing my precious real life friends, i decided it wasn’t worth it at all.

    As for the DreamTrips, i was spending so much time, effort and money trying to make the business work for me that i had nothing more left to even book a trip. As far as i knew back then, it was still so new that not a lot of Asia packages were available yet. The Asia packages were expensive! The European and American packages really sounded so damn fantastic. At only US$1XX or US$2XX, you could go to the F1pits at -somewhere in America- or whatever, get VIP treatment, be friends with high-class people, etc. like, really?!?!?!?! Lol..

    Even after exactly two years, till today, i could still remember how blinded i was back then and i feel really ashamed of my foolishness. Thankz, Grace, for this post. The 3 months have always been a blemish in my life that i never talk to anyone about.

    More bad news is.. More and more mediacorp artistes are joining WV. They are very convincing because of their occupation. One of the firsts was Gurmit Singh, then Alaric Tay, Cynthia Koh, Darren Lim.. And recently, i got to know that Chua En Lai and many others also joined them. This is the reason why we don’t really see Cynthia and Gurmit on tv much these days ; they are happily travelling around for free (on the expense of the people who can’t get their 4) and for Gurmit, he said he wants to spend more time with his family. And it also explains all the travel and foreign food photos on Chua En Lai’s instagram.

    Many people actually didn’t hop onto the wagon when James first talked to people about it. Wsh that it hadn’t had taken off like it did now.. :((

    Anyway, thankz again, Grace! Great blog! ^_^b

  68. hi hi . im from malaysia .. 1st of all . do excuse me for my bad english .

    some points i agree some i dont . Continue reading n i will tell u things that ppl never post here before .

    1. Those rep who contact u use the wrong way . “the recruit 4 n free for life ” …sounds offensive .

    try put it this way . if u get to recruit 4 ppl you can use your commission to cover your monthly memberships fee …sounds better? I have joined a MLM call melaleuca ..their requirement to is spend rm 200 +- or 35 points on products . if you got 5 downline . you can use your commission to cover your own 35 points monthly .if other words its free . So i think its just the way those WV ppl present on a wrong method n make ppl piss off and tot …oh i need to ‘con’ 4 friends to join . or u in the water with sharks u need to pull 4 friends down to feed sharks so u be up on the boat . Dont think like this . And its not a compulsory to find 4 friends .

    2. I was told their trips are cheap and if not they will refund me . and i paid 200 n 50 to join . and i was told if im not happy i can get a full refund after 14 business days . SO y not ..no harm trying , as i fly very frequent …at least once a month …

    3. So i 1st i try their Rovia site by booking Air tickets . i compare rovia site vs MAS ..malaysia airlines . Rovia is more expensive . I bought it in rovia , print screen mas cheaper price , and i summited my price pledge form . and within 5-8 working days i got my refund n after the refund their air tickets r cheaper . So if someone says he fail to claim the 150% …he/she can pm me , i can teach u how to claim . Ive tried alot of times n it works …you must have the FARE CLASS same with the cheaper airline in order to claim . Before that i can even buy tickets for other ppl n claim price pledge . but recently they limited it to the account owner must fly together . So i got the trick … there is a max of 9 pax of ticket u can book at 1 go ….so what u can do is book 9 1 shot…together with u flying …im sure rovia’s price is more expensive compare to MAS …10 out of 10 times it is …but thats what i want ……after that i will claim on price pledge and get my 150% price diff refunded …which means after all my own ticket will be most like free .

    But if cant get so many ppl ..no worry ……even if u travel alone …u at save at least 30-50 USD per ticket .

    4. Finally i didnt recruit anyone , i pay monthly fees of 50 usd .but if i fly more than once i will definitely get back the monthly fees plus a little extra maybe 10-20 usd . and also hotels . i dont know what hotels u all book . i tried booked swissohotel osaka and agoda expedia n such all r more expensive than rovia ….so without hesitation i book it .

    grace yes they r more expensive. That is what i want . the more expensive they r the more we get more refund . thats the trick ive been using to exploit them .

    and my intention of joining is just bcos of this price pledge not those dream trips n find ppl . and mainly i travel much so i can exploit their price pledge .

    • If we are all exploiting this price pledge, either (1) the company will be bankrupt soon (in which case we should not join) or (2) some of us don’t get to claim 150% (in which case we should not join also) or (3) there are some people who keep paying the membership fees but cannot travel frequently and claim these monies via the price pledge (in which case they should not join also). Moral of story: Don’t join.

  69. They do have a grace period for a full refund if you join. I joined last year all happy and dandy hoping for a good deal on vacation and behold, it was just a dream.

    Here is a few of my thoughts on why I quit 2 days into the World Venture.

    1. World venture is only for people who LOVE random vacation with groups of people.

    Why would I say this? I joined because of the excitement of knowing that joining fee will be added to my vacation money + the monthly due. What I didn’t expect is that you can’t use this credit they give you on flights, hotel or vacation you want to go to if it’s not part of their “Vacation” deal. I was so mad when I found this out. The Cruise vacation they have available didn’t match my busy life schedule. They have several vacation destination that I do not want to go to. NONE of their vacation destination are on dates I need and want. I ask the other representative and all they said was you can always wait “NEXT” year to see if there is a vacation you want to go to…………..So yeah.

    2. Some of the vacation destination they have COST more than you doing your own separate booking on everything.

    When I joined the first day, I went through all their vacation destination and did my own searching for deals online. For example, one destination was to Las Vegas with a 3 night or so deal plus some perks excluding airplane. I dug around and right away, on popular website like expedia and priceline, I found the same hotel on the same dates with 25-50 bucks cheaper per night. (Now they say they will give you 150% refund but have anyone ever tried it?)

    This company is great for people who like random vacation and for those who ARE ABLE to take random vacation. It’s also great for those who don’t have children and other life priority. It’s a great way to make quick cash.

    • Hi Ker Chang,

      How long is the grace period for a full refund if you join? And how do I go about quiting World Venture?

  70. HI Grace,
    I stumbled upon your blog and would like to add some of my personal view on WV.

    Yes I WAS a member of WV. read WAS….
    I took almost 6months to be convinced to join and to fill my pocket with the cash before I pay the fees etc.. I was so excited with all the cheap promos and all. I even start asking my friend to meet up for discussion and for viewing. I was so excited. prepared alot material for presentation.
    But then…. reality sinks in.
    1. my 24/7 job requires more attention than ever.
    2. I dont have that much of energy to socialized as by time I leave office its almost 8pm.
    3. The 4ppl thingy is really killing. U dont get it, you will pay monthly fees.
    4. Do i really have that much of time to go travel? yes DT is cheap ( to a certain level) but dont tell me you go holiday only do that? others sight seeing, shopping will incurred extra cost from your pocket. so which part is cheap and free?
    5. one of the point was mentioned above : do i have one month off to travel from my company? Take the logic on this. WHICH COMPANY GIVE YOU SO MUCH HOLIDAY? -.-
    6. and yes as mentioned, i prefer to travel with my family and my OWN friends or travel alone AND NOT TO BE PESTERED TO POSE FOR PICS. 🙂
    7. I cant take myself to market this to my friends around me during that time as all are living on borrowed loan with banks, parent etc.. I am not tht selfish.

    On the good side as mentioned by WV members above, it is indeed a good thing if u travel frequent, too much time on hand, too free nothing to do and have spare cash on hand for travel and all these..
    if you are tight, pls think few times and smack your forehead first and get more information .

    Tips to cancel :
    1. I change my credit card information.
    2. burst your credit card 😛
    3. cancel standing order for payment.
    4. Report lost card and make a new wan 😛

  71. What is it that gets some people to succeed while others fail who seem to have equal opportunity

    What’s wrong is always available, but so is what’s right!!!

    A mentor of mine told me over and over again, take responsibility for the results you get, what you put in is what you get out.

    A great opportunity without any or little action, well needless to say will leave you with well just a great opportunity.

    MLM is not for everyone, neither is being a preacher, doctor, teacher, chef, however as human beings we all have a place to play in society.

    Being successful in anything does take effort and we all work hard at times to make a living, even the people in MLM work hard to make a living.

    This is my favourite quote: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Dr Wayne Dyer.

    Remember there is always 2 sides to a coin.

  72. I was almost recruited into WV because I participated in a “harmless” telephone survey for a “social market research” . I was asked 3 questions:

    1) age group
    2) income scale
    3) number of credit cards I own

    The polite lady on the other line then told me someone would return my call for follow up purposes. This is when things got interesting. Because when I picked up some Arsehole-Andy’s phonecall, he was polite and “caring” at the beginning. After thanking me for participating in the telephone survey, (i forgot to ask him, how the hell he got my number from, but I guess it must be some lame cracker who had my number and thus gave it for referrals) he asked me to collect some vouchers and sit through a 50 mins briefing. I thought that’s quite a lengthy effort needed just to collect vouchers. So i began to ask what was the talk all about and how useful the vouchers were. I got vague answers for both. Firstly, it’s no ordinary vouchers that can be utilized at shopping mall however its a special kind and I was privileged enough to secure them as many others who participated aren’t entitled no matter how much they beg. Right. Then we move on to the talk. Why the need to attend the talk? No attendance, no voucher. And the talk is necessary because it’s a talk on TRAVEL and TRIPS. That his team has engage experts to educate and change the mindset of SINGAPOREANS in order to change their travel habits. How magnanimous. If it’s that crucial, I ask, why isn’t it in appearing in the papers? Why hadn’t I read in anywhere? Again, vague answers. So i decline the offer to the vouchers and while he tried to persuade me to change my mind by saying I have to come down and see it to experience it. I tell him, i don’t get this need to educate me on how I need to travel. That must have been the last straw because he slammed his phone down at me. Hahahahaha.. Later on i told one of my besties about the incident and after hearing, she said the plot sounded familiar to the experience that her husband and his friends had been through via the telephone survey and worst, some of them had gone down for the briefing that wasted their time and got them pissing mad. So she asked me about the location of the talk. True enough, it’s one of the WV common marketing places.

    I saved myself unknowingly from WV before I heard their name. Whoever that Andy was, you have a bad PR and sales tactics dude, although indirectly you are doing me a push factor favour by making me feel turn off enough say a big FAT NO to your face. and now im reading these. sigh WV #everythingfail

  73. If you are against WV, then you must be against all MLM companies.


    As I said earlier in MLM is not for everyone, but you sledging people that choose to use the MLM business model shows you are ignorant to what the world has to offer.

    What would happen if I started to sledge bloggers, would be interesting to find out how much hard work is involved in blogging, or are you just attention seeking hoping that you will become famous through blogging.

    There is a Singaporean 21 year old man doing national service, doing WV part time and now making a six figure income per year. How do you say to someone serving his country that he has no right to have another way to make income.

    If this company was so bad then why don’t people leave, WV has a retention rate of 80%, which is high for any company, maybe before you sledge you should join … give it a go and live through the process so that you can really make an informed decision.

    Its easy to shout from the stands … playing the game is a different story.

    Why don’t you join and then blog about the real experiences you have.

    It’s like me saying I don’t like Singapore and I have never visited.

    I have visited Singapore and you have a beautiful country and you are beautiful people.

    • How stupid is this? “If you are against WV, then you must be against all MLM companies”. If I hate durian (and I do), I must also hate all fruit?

      Who is this phantom 21 year old Singaporean? I sure have not heard of him. A figment of your imagination?

      I can’t say a company is bad unless I join it? What stupidity is this? So I can’t say fast food is bad unless I work in a fast food chain?!

      Thank you for the compliments regarding my country. That’s the only thing I agree with you about.

    • Agree with what Grace had said. Maybe if people are in WV for too long, their brain will get rewired which affect their logic in debating correctly and understanding facts.

  74. Just came back from their seminar in Bras Basah. As usual, there will be bunch of monkeys inside entice you how good their life is, what car they are driving, where they go for trips. If you are so desperate for the life they are having now, work hard and earn for it!!! But not sold your friendships away, asking them to join you as one of your monkey and put them under the base of pyramid. I am so SICK of this !! I pretty sure that someone will stress again that this is “SHARING”.

    From their funny chart shape drawn during the seminar, it’s so damn obvious that this is another Pyramid Scheme. Thanks Grace, this blog definitely helps lots of people from falling into this kind of obvious pyramid scam. No points to argue with those upper tiers who are attacking you in this section. .

  75. Hi Grace. Only if I had read your blog a year ago haha. Now I understand why they tell you not to go online to research the company. I just cancelled my membership because I noticed how unethical this company is. I lost a very close friend because of WV. Simply, my very close friend doesn’t want to associate with me because I’m no longer with WV. I was harassed because I quit. Goes to show that all this time I was being used. Apart of the company being unethical, it’s also a lying pyramid scheme, that will brainwash you and mentally pressure you to keep you in the company. The product is not good at all. You can save more money with any other travel engine. Because of that reason I never showed any of my friends I was in this. The youth is the main target right now since they’re so easily influenced and get caught up with the hype. That’s one thing WV is really good at, making everything look fun. They use certain tricks to make you curious. They will use upbeat music at events. Flood Facebook and Instagram with good looking pictures to draw attention. If you like any of their pictures they automatically assume you’re interested. So don’t like any. The members also make it seem like they’re so into the business so you can think that they really love it. They’re told to smile in pictures and to look happy. All those smiles you see are not genuine haha. Trust me you’re not missing out on anything. All they want to do is get you to an event. That’s the trap!!!!!! Don’t go! They will pressure you to think it’s the best opportunity and it’s not. When I was presented the concept I automatically said no. They’re so persistent that I fell for it eventually. My friend is so into it because his friend is making money off of this. Making money off of people that are paying membership fees and can’t even afford to go to WV events. I just love how they say old ways don’t work anymore. Like having a 9-5. The people at the bottom of the pyramid have to go to a 9-5 to pay membership fees. It took me a year to realize this was messy. I missed out on events with my real friends and spent over $2000. Grace, I want to thank you and all the other bloggers that are stepping forward about this scam. I just read an article about Stephanie the blogger, being threatened by a WV member. You can find this article on popehat.com. If you have a WV story you need to step up because you will be helping others by saving them time and money. The day I cancelled my membership I felt free again. WV needs to change their slogan to “Making A Living…. Taking!!!”

  76. Its funny there is lots of talk about Pyramid schemes anytime a company offers to ppay you for referrals… Your 9-5 job is most likely a Pyramid scheme, your manager gets paid more than you and you may do even more than than them, the managers boss gets paid more than him and the CEO gets paid the most… so thats a Pyramid right? the top person gets in first and ALWAYS makes more than below.. ?

    What about when you sign up for the gym, the guy that signed you up got paid by the gym to do it, you then dont end up going to the gym so now you are paying MONTHLY fees and “wasting $2000” as the person above me wrote.. YOU wasted that because you didnt put any effort into it. A friend who works at the gym i go to said over 30% of people pay gym memberships and go less than once a month and some not at all, so should we start bogging how much of a scam gyms are??

    The ONLY people who say it doesnt work are the ones hoping to get paid for nothing …. The person that signed my mum up only signed one other person up so in total they got paid $40 ($20 each member). My mum in 2 weeks did 7 people and within those 7 between them they did another 6, she got paid $1060 or something like that. Thats actual money, plus she has $300 or so in travel money to use on a trip she chooses

    I searched dreamtrips search engine for flights and accommodation and yes the flights are not always cheaper, like one was $60 cheaper elsewhere out of a $800 flight. BUT i can use my travel points on that $800 flight, i can get 150% of the difference back, IF that flight goes to a lower price before i get on the flight i get the difference refunded.

    However the accommodation is the money saver, i found was constantly at least $20 to $80 cheaper a night depending on the rating of the hotel, your not going to get $80 off a $100 room so dont expect to..

    As for the dream trips i have no idea, have not looked at that yet…

    If the lady that signed my mum up doesnt sign anyone else up then she will continue paying aa fee each month, but guess what, she gets $50 in travel points each month to use at the end of the year for trips so its like layby savings for a holiday at the end of the year. My mum has earnt enough in 2 weeks to cover fees for 2 years but since she isnt paying fees anymore good on her and she made $1000. But she actually did some work…

    At the end of the day its a company allowing those who want to put in EFFORT to get some money, just like someone who works for a 9-5 job that is commission based, they will get nothing if they sit back and do nothing.

    • Comparisons like these are unbelievably dumb. A 9-to-5 job is also part of a pyramid scheme? LOL.

      Please tell me which company offers you a job and says you have to PAY IT FIRST, before it’ll offer you any work or start paying you a salary? LOL.

      But this is exactly what WV does. Membership fees! Ring a bell???

      A job (in my country) not only offers you a salary but also bonuses, medical leave, health benefits, insurance, etc. Please DO NOT, in a million years, compare WV with any other regular company.

      Gyms are not scams too. Don’t be stupid. No gym will tell you that you can sign up with us, and enrol your friends or lose some weight and we will pay you cold hard cash so in essence, you are being paid to work out. WV claims to pay you to travel, yes? 😉

      IF you like WV, go ahead and enjoy whatever it offers. I honestly couldn’t care less. You people are seriously wasting my time with your comments.

    • Yes. I admit I lost 2000 dollars because I didn’t put any effort in it. I didn’t put any effort in it because I didn’t believe in World Ventures! I was embarrassed to present this to anybody. There are no discounts! That’s all I wanted. I stayed in it because I was supporting someone. Someone who decided that they wouldn’t speak to me after I decided to quit. I learned a big lesson here. I lost a friendship of 9 years. You will learn your lesson one day too. It takes some longer than others.

  77. If you are scared to publish ALL comments, then your credibility comes into question as being honest. In other words, you are no different than a disgruntled Wal-mart employee. I want to join WV and my research has led me to this site. You obviously made this blog to either educate or convince me NOT to join WV. However, I need you to convince me of where I am wrong.

    1. Too many invites – some are not even personal [like a copy-and-paste job]
    (I have never seen an invite or that blue sign on Face Book or anywhere else. Your first point means nothing.)
    2. I don’t fancy traveling with many other people.
    (I just sent a text to the guy who recently showed me this presentation. He said my travel only includes me, my wife and my kids as long as they are under 18. What other people are you talking about?)
    3. It is quite obviously another Pyramid scam scheme kind of company! 😦
    (I know that pyramid scam schemes are illegal. The guy who showed me this said the company is 8 years old and was debt free in it’s 3rd month in business. So before I join this WV thing, explain how you have determined this to be a pyramid scam scheme. Even the government hasn’t shut them down and arrested everyone. What’s going on?)
    4. The holidays are NOT cheap.
    (The guy said that there are $69 cruises every month. What’s cheaper than that? My wife wants to go on a cruise. If that’s not cheap, then what’s cheaper? Help me out before I join this thing?)
    5. The insiders have already revealed that the company is not what it seems to be.
    (What does that mean? Tell me what the company is?)

    I really haven’t found anything on-line that says I am going to lose my money or car or house. I have found a lot of blogs like yours that seems more personal than anything else. My buddy works at Walmart and complains all of the time. My sister works at the same Walmart and loves it. Who is right? I need some hard proof and you haven’t shown anything worthwhile. People like you make a simple thing really hard. All I want is some proof that I am going to lose my money. Could you just explain the scheme? Thanks.

    • Don’t be an idiot. I’m only deleting comments which are unbearably rude. Why should I be scared of publishing any comment? LOL

      I’m gonna say this only ONCE, for you. Just read the comments on this post. It’ll tell you all you need to know. Don’t take my word for it. I NEVER ONCE JOINED WV. I have been pestered, harassed, threatened, and been pissed off by WV reps. I have never joined WV.

      I’m not saying you are going to lose all “your money or car or house”. I do believe you will lose MANY friends just by behaving like some of these reps. Period. You might lose some money, but as the reps will tell you, no one ever died by losing their membership fees to WV.

  78. Understand concerns about this, but I have a friend that got a car by doing this and one of her relatives also got one! All by holding the little blue sign

    • I don’t want to lose my friends and get a car. I just want cheaper travel. Is that so hard to understand? I don’t want any membership fees or to recruit people. And I most certainly don’t want to look stupid holding blue banners.

  79. You were excited when these people told you that you gonna have cheaper travel packages, and even customised your own travel packages. So you agreed to pay the joining fees and monthly fees. They they says, in order to waives your monthly fees, find 4 persons under you and maintain the figure. Then the whole things started to be “business” and then “building dream” and even grow to be “helping people achieving their dreams”. Then one day you realised, you join this whole thing just to get a cheaper travel packages :p hahahaha

  80. All of this is ridiculous. So you don’t care for WorldVentures. So what!
    As with most all network marketing companies you are going to get some reps who do it the wrong way. Many of them get excited before they are trained how to approach people and the send out a lot of spam. Unfortunately that happens in many of these companies.
    WorldVentures is a great company. I have been with them for 3 years. I have taken many DreamTrips and LOVED every one of them. I have taken 3 of the $69 cruises and loved those also. A cruise is not my favorite means of vacationing but for the price it is awesome. There are other members there as this is a members only travel club. To me, that is the great part of being a member. I have met some great people and stay in touch with many. We have made a lot of great friends through this company. You don’t have to be involved with the other members on the trips if you don’t want to. You are welcome to do your own thing. So whether you fancy traveling with many people or not shouldn’t matter. You go to any resort there are going to be a lot of people. You don’t get involved with them. You don’t have to get involved with the other members on a dream trip either.
    I do make money on the business side of the company. Am i rich from it? No. Retired? No. But do I make enough money to cover some of my personal expenses? You bet! The monthly fees have been waved for me within 4 weeks of joining too so this all cost me nothing. And I’ve made back way more than I put in.
    Hey, this is not for everybody. Just leave it at that. I don’t ever want to go skydiving but I am not going to post a blog about why people who skydive are idiots just because I don’t agree with it. Unless I had an ulterior motive…..

    • Your entire comment is ridiculous. This is my blog. I post whatever I like and don’t like. If you don’t like what you read here, you buzz off. Unless you have an ulterior motive… 😉

    • Call 972-805-5100. They will ask you to send an e-mail of termination. It will take a few days for them to reply. After they send you an email of confirmation make sure you check your account to verify that they’re not taking any money after cancellation.

  81. Pingback: Want to join World Ventures? Please do. | Working With Grace

  82. Hi Grace, thanks for the information. I got really curious as I had friends plastering the pictures with banners on my Facebook timeline, but whenever I asked for information, I have to meet them first. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of meeting friends, but surely I don’t have to travel out just to get information. Your blog really helps me to understand briefly what it is about. Another pyramid marketing! Bleargh. No thanks.

  83. One of my “friends” I had not seen in a long time messaged me on Facebook and asked if I could be somewhere at 7PM on a Friday night. He would not tell me why, and I *trusted* him. I showed up and found out it was for a stupid WV sales pitch?!? I was livid! The “meeting” was like a faith healing show. People all over the room were clapping and really getting excited. They were yelling about how great it was and how they liked to dance and party and yada yada. I was only sitting there getting more and more steamed with a little smile on my face that translates into, “if you touch me, you will die.” I stayed to be nice to my friend (after he had used me). Then they started going on about the BMW you would be driving.
    At the end, I was really angry!!! They’ve already stated up front that they would ask you yes or no (“Can you nod yes and shake your head no? Let’s try it”). They called all the “associates” up to the front of the room and left all those they were trying to convert sitting in the chairs. What does this do? It puts all the focus on YOU and pushes you into accepting something because you will feel stupid if you don’t when he asks you whether or not you are “in.” Well, he went around the room, reading everyone’s name tags and asking them each “Paul, are you in?” “Becky, are you in?” I was so surprised that several people said they were! There were a few young people who I didn’t think could afford this who were suckered into it. Then one lady (that I think was just a plant) said no and turned around to ask if she could change her mind – she really did want to do this! Really? I think that was planned from the beginning. Of course he got to me, and I said no (with that same smile-of-death on my face).
    No thank you! This is for people who care about driving a BMW and think it makes you something special.
    I am glad I found your blog.

  84. If u wanna go for a vacation, simply book from my world ventures website. [Editor: Nice try! 😛 Website link removed] and each of every spending which u make from my website, I will get paid.
    I join, I make money
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    Why not, We make money together and enjoy travelling around the world with our loved ones.

    Nice understanding from ur post but frankly, u need to dropby to World Ventures Seminar to get to know more about it.
    It do help u in a long run. Trust me.
    Happy Holiday.
    Making a Living, Living.

    thx for ur time reading.
    have a blessed day ahead.

  85. I dunno anything about world ventures, but I found a website/blog someone did that is very interesting. He promotes World Ventures, but he doesn’t promote any of the stuff most people join for. It’s weird. Like he lists all the stuff they provide, but in the blog if you read what he said, he states he joined specifically for the tax savings and to travel free from the money he makes back by using his own cards saying it’s better than his credit card rewards programs. Very interesting take considering it doesn’t boast anything about the stuff everyone else is marketing. Might be a worthy look for some of you. His site is [Editor: Website link removed. Nice try. No promoting of WV sites here!]

    • If you truly “dunno anything about world ventures”, don’t bother telling us what sites to visit too. Keep it to yourself. Thank you.

      *Note to all: Do not try to promote your WV sites in a comment on this blogpost. I will remove each and every link, and possibly ban you from commenting too!

  86. i joined and i left.. WV has 30 the days money back guarantee thingy.. so if you dont like it u can leave without losing a cent in the first 30 days

  87. Hi!
    I come from Latvia – a pretty small country located in the Northern Europe. And this scam scheme has reached even us. A week ago friend of mine (need to admit I had not seen her for a while) approached me with an invitation to meet up, but had not wanted to tell me what is the purpose. As the communication was not “lets grab a beer and talk about life” like, I did not know what to expect, but I was curious so I agreed. We postponed meeting once as I had some project deadlines coming up at work, however she kept asking me about meeting and I got even more curious.
    Finally we met. That was at the lobby of the kinda fancy hotel in city center, she wasn’t alone, with her was one more girl, lets call her “presenter”, coz that’s what she did. Around the hotel restaurant we where sitting in, were few more WV reps, talking with other people and trying to attract them.
    Our “conversation, ok, more like a presentation” started with some explanations about legal issues (I am working with state authorities so if someone starts explaining that it’s legal, I am starting to doubt it, haha), so I got suspicious from the very first moment. And then followed all the things you do to convince someone:
    – fancy pictures with expensive cars and slogans on “your dream lifestyle and traveling”;
    – presenter was so excited about the training in Rome she just returned from, using phrases like “life-changing”, “excited”, “moving”, “inspiring” etc.
    – all the time I was asked am if I agree to things you just cannot say “no” – e.g.”do you like to travel?” “do you like BMWs? (-honestly, I don’t)” “do you want to travel and make money with no effort?” and so on.
    – and then followed this pretty hard-to-understand-at-the-first-sight participation scheme with all the bonuses they have (including bloody BMWs).
    The most fun part started when the presenter told me to hurry up because in a month affiliation in Latvia will be opened and then everyone will want to joint the WV. Then followed an example when one guy was wondering about this unique chance 6 hours longer than another and he lost bunch of money just because during those 6 hours another registered and made a hell of a team.

    Basically all the basic techniques of direct marketing and convincing had been used.
    I knew that I will never gonna sign up for a pyramid scam like that but decided not to say anything and “to think about that till the next day”.
    So I run home to google more information on this and get a proof and collect more arguments on why the friend who wanted to get me into this need to get away as fast as it is possible.
    And that’s the place where your blog steps into the story, so THANK YOU FOR THAT. I do hope more people will read it and open their eyes and close the wallets towards the WV.

    For sure you can find better deals from the local travel agencies if you are lazy enough to combine ones for yourself. And more than a vacations in crowded 5* hotels I enjoy backpacking with mingling with locals.

    Thanks and all the best,

  88. Lady, you have literally saved me. I knew something was really fishy about this WV business and a quick 10 minutes research on the web and poof I know I’m not gonna pay no 270 Euro as an entrance fee to a company that may never give me anything worth it.

    I would pay for a possibility to travel less expensive, for possibility to earn my money back with some interest at least or for information and education as these are really worthy nowadays and always have been. But WV? I’d rather flush it down the toilet…

  89. I had a nightmare interaction with WV last year. My best friend’s grandmother called me, asking if I could meet with her to talk about something important. Out of respect, and assuming she needed some business advise or help planning a surprise party, I said yes and then asked for details. She said she couldn’t share just yet and asked if she could pick me up. When she picked me up she said, “I still can’t share yet, but I will as soon as we get to where we are going.” We arrived at her daughter’s house where her daughter, grandsons and other WV members proceeded to try to convince me to join. I was so upset. Why didn’t she just tell me what was going on in the first place, instead of tricking me and essentially holding me hostage for a 2 hour-long presentation on WV. Still, I maintained my composure, listened to them, even asked some questions, and then kindly told them I wasn’t interested. Still, some members had the audacity to become rude, challenging me and telling me I would regret it. All the while, I was thinking, “how can I escape”. It was a ridiculous. I don’t appreciate the tactics used by those WV members and would never join a group like that.

  90. I just met up a friend of mine who also just join and dream hard that she can earn and travel.. well.. throughout the whole conversation of mine and her, I threw her lots of questions whereby she can’t even reply me properly.. obviously, I busted her… but she still insist that the scheme is gd.. I did not directly says its not good but I can tell her that this is another so called MLM and obviously it will falls into scams..I can say, my friend. .. she is very deeply toxicated by her so called mentor.. haha.. hopes she really think hard..

  91. A friend of mine invited me and a few other friends out a few weeks back. I thought it was a reunion and he mentioned that he had something to share but he refused to tell us what it was and just urged us to come. Thinking that maybe he had some good news to share or something, I was all excited and we went to meet at Chinatown. In the end, it was a WV talk. I was so annoyed with my friend and even told him that he lied to us and conned us into coming here. (It was the first time I heard about WV so I decided to stay and see what they had to share in the end.) I shall share my experience at the presentation with you.

    There were many people and even a local celebrity was there. Most of the people I would say were in their mid 20s to 30s.

    When the presentation started, I just couldn’t buy into anything the presenter was saying because before he started getting into the details he showed us a screenshot of google results that said “WV IS A SCAM!” then he was like “Don’t worry! Because people even say..” *shows a screenshot* “That nutella is a scam too!!” At this point the only words that came to my mind were ‘WTF’ (I’m sorry for using such language but this was my immediate reaction) . Their jokes were not even funny. If it was truly not a scam in my opinion, you do not have to justify yourself.

    Then they showed some really long video of people travelling with the “YOU SHOULD BE HERE” banner and shouting “YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!” After the video I was thinking, “Wow cool! I wanna do that too” then they mentioned the monthly fees :
    DreamTrips One Time Fee $199.95 Monthly Fee $26.99
    DreamTrips Life One Time Fee $199.95 Monthly Fee $54.99 (All in USD btw)
    The first one is if you just want to go for dream trips , which actually does not sound very bad. The second one is if you want to start a ‘business’ with them a.k.a inviting your friends, family etc. and making them stay as active members.

    Or you can get both for a package price of USD $360 with a monthly fee of about 50 USD.

    And they have this Dream points or something (forgot the actual name but it’s points). When you join for the first time, you get 200 points which is equivalent to 200 USD. As you pay the monthly fees (let’s say you choose to take the package) you’ll be credited 50 points to your account every month. You will also have your own WV bank card. You can then use this card (which your points will be credited to) and book for DreamTrips. They will also offer you a 150% refund if you find a deal that’s cheaper then the one they gave you.

    Sounds good right? Yes, to me it sounded too good to be true. It just sounded like an insurance plan that’s out there to take your money. The presenter just kept saying how he wanted to be the top leader by having thousands of people under him and that we can be like him too. It made me think that he just wanted us to join so that he could benefit from it not because he truly wanted us to enjoy these DreamTrips. IMO, there are many other options and arrangements which you can make to have affordable and a good travel experience. You don’t have to buy a dream, you make your dreams.

    This is all my personal opinion on this matter. I was personally not convinced about this and I doubt you can make a huge profit out of this unless you became like the presenter and threw your values away to convince people to buy into something that might make their problems even worse. In addition, I did not sign up for this because I found it too suspicious. If it was really good, why did my friend have to lie to me and make me go to the presentation?

    • Exactly what I hate about this whole WV business. Friends conning friends into joining. And the constant need to cook up stories…

      At one networking event I attended (unrelated to WV), I heard one WV rep “sharing” with others over lunch about what business she is in. She mentioned Rovia and when it was met with blank looks, she said “it’s like Groupon, you get cheap travel deals.” Uh-huh. First you get hooked by the mention of cheap travel deals, then you get con-vinced into roping people to join so as to get YOU to the top and driving some fancy BMW.

      Totally not for me.

  92. Grace, thank you and to those who shared there experiences. I am from South Africa and I was still little confused if I should join or not. Do I want to be regarded as another insurance salesmen, losing friends in the midst of trying to achieve financial freedom…. Naaah! I will pass! Rather find another way to make some extra cash… If anyone does have any intellectual property to share that would benefit South Africa in any way, kindly drop me a email on npracalan@hotmail.com.

    Thanks for your Blog Grace,

  93. just sharing my recent experience with a celebrity WVer. i’ll begin from how i got to know WV all the way to the end of a sharing session. not gonna jump to conclusions from the onset so you can be the judge.


    a friend of mine shared with me about WV when we talked about travelling in one of our conversations over lunch. he didnt mention the company’s name or details, just the idea of an exclusive travelling club with good deals. i tried asking for more details but he would avoid answering by saying everything will be explained during a sharing session if im keen. he wasnt pushy though, so we scheduled an appointment for the sharing session.

    the sharing session itself was held at a global coffee chain in orchard. i met with my friend, headed over to the location and this was when i was name-dropped that a local female celebrity (her name is mentioned somewhere above on this page) will be presenting to me. got to say this added credibility (or so i thought).

    when i got there, she was flanked by 2 other guys who i later found out was part of her team of underlings in WV. so we got through the presentation done by her underling on a laptop (she was busy with someone else at this point) and then came the usual Q&A for them to overcome our objections. she joined back in at this juncture. with my friend on the WV team, i was on a 1 versus 4 situation at our table. i have to say this was one of the most unpleasant Q&A sessions i’ve ever experienced. she was loud and blunt, presumably to portray her status as the leader of the WV team, and was uncouth in her mannerisms throughout. she got downright rude when i mentioned that i needed time to think about it and to do my personal research, since joining them would be a significant time/money commitment. i suppose fearing that i would discover negative things on the web about WV, she started questioning me in very sarcastic ways about my ability to think for myself and needing to follow the things that random haters say on the internet (funny i had no idea these existed till she said it). what she failed to understand though – perhaps blinded by her quest to recruit more unsuspecting underlings or due to her shortcomings in intellectual reasoning – was that i was exercising my ability to think for myself at that very moment, by not blindly following what i was told and feeling the need to verify with more information from other sources. she then put forward with much passive aggression that she wants decisive people in her team, but again, failing to understand the meaning of decisiveness as there is a very thin line separating decisiveness and making uninformed decisions. she reiterated that they represent the truth about WV, which was my cue to end the session, by asserting that i will have to get back to them.

    pleasantries were exchanged with her underlings while she sulked like a spoiled child and attempted to take a final jab at me with a no-eye-contact-dragged-out-monotonous ‘byeee…’. upon reflection, her attempts to embarrass me with rhetorical questions so that i would succumb to her pressuring tactics was primitive at best. not exactly the classiest person you will meet. surprising if you consider her local celebrity status (hopefully just that one bad apple).

    my friend later told me she immediately spoke to him within their WV team that i was a very negative person and not to listen to my words. i appreciate him revealing to me private information that spoke volumes about the culture within WV, or at least the one under the this particular local female celebrity.

    • Thanks for sharing, Joel. I’m guessing this particular female celebrity’s name begins with ‘C’ 😉

      Good that you decided to think for yourself!

      I don’t like the way people are ‘forced’ into joining, and how you are belittled if you refuse – it happened to me too.

  94. Damm should have read about tgis BLOG earlier … Kena scamm by my good friend to join this ..it is only when i was shown the “script”on how to get new member that wake me up… it really remind me of the show wolf of wall street … anyone here manage to get refund after 14 dayss.or complain to CASE. ??kindly advise??

    • I don’t think you can get a refund after the cooling off period. But you can check with your ‘good friend’. If he/she says you cannot get a refund, then you might want to lodge a report with CASE.

  95. thanks Grace , any idea what e sucess rate ?? if my hubby noe abt this .. he will sure kill me …
    No wonder my good friend keep asking me to wake a few week more for good dealss..

    These people … I really hope KARMA will catch up with them soon ..

    • Hmm… I think you might want to speak with your friend and request for your money back firmly. If you do this via email or sms, keep those messages.

      If your friend refuses to help you out, you can head straight to CASE. Can even make a police report (don’t even have to go to any police station; can lodge a report online too).

  96. Friend at work tried to recruit me , I asked him how old the company was and that I wanted to see its profile on the NYSE ,see it’s financial history and so on, he brings a recruiter with a BMW and a Mac to give me a presentation. I let him do his thing and when it’s done I tell him I do not have the time and energy after doing a 9-5 to chase people about.

    Time is money and I have other traditional investments to cater to with well established returns, I asked him who are the board of directors of this company and to please pull up historic dividend disbursements. If they are FDIC insured etc etc

    Then the big question , is this company successful in Africa? How come I don’t see an african contingent , don’t get me wrong I am african born and I know if your business is legit and worldwide even Africa gets a bite of the cherry ( Google , Facebook , blackberry) even the most illiterate and poorest african knows or can identify these companies. I mean surely we can find at least 10 people from Africa who can attest to the wonders of world ventures.

    Bottom line is this, I don’t have an MBA or business degree but I have been workin 24 yrs of my 40 in this life , through life experience and a little common sense I can see what is wrong with this wonder scheme.


    He who has ears/eyes let them hear/see.

  97. Just like what i expected … ASk her about termination ..straight away change colour …Passed all kinds of sacarstic remark…Damm … so many years of friendship .. lose just because of $500..
    Anyway thanks forall the advise and putting up this blog to warn others .. , will approached CASE and made a police report ..

  98. I appreciate that you stand behind your comments made in your blog post.

    I’ve been doing stuff on the Internet for a while so it’s SOOOO easy to spot bullshit scams like that of WV.
    I’m not going to point out flaws that indicate how to tell they’re a scam – I don’t see a reason to educate scammers.

    People just need to realize that ANYONE can create praise comments on a blog. Also, ANYONE can create a website or even register a company (all at minimal cost).
    We live in a social age so people should dig deeper because there is a ton of info. out there & when you see a number of people complain online – that’s definitely something that should raise a red flag.

    Thanks Grace!

  99. [This comment has been edited, since the writer wishes that it be published. External links have also been removed, as I do not appreciate people trying to get backlinks from my blog 😉 -Grace]

    Hi grace! When I first googled world ventures, your blog was the first that came through my search. I appreciate you writing this article and was very upset when I read the facts/reasons you had written. (tbh, i really thought maybe companies like this don’t exist.) I would love to share my view on this matter.

    *Please note that I AM NOT affiliated with world ventures at this point in time while I write this article but will be joining them in a few days and also all capital words are a form of emphasis, not emotion. Just figured it’s Impt for everyone reading this to know that*

    Here’s my story.. I was first approached by world ventures 2 years back and when i saw this opportunity, i was sceptical. BUT I was interested in the product itself. Having no form of money back then and based on the integrity of my friend, I did not sign up for it. Fast forward to the present, I decided to Google world venture again and asked around (friends who were/are in world ventures) how they were doing. Some left, some still in and I got mixed answers. With the addition of your blog, i was demoralized.

    For some reason, i decided to research further and eventually I discovered this article, ‘world ventures the truth’, and testimonials of people who worked for them all giving different opinions. Finally, I decided to take things into my own hand and find out for myself what it’s really all about. I set the appointment, went down, sat down with local celebrity cynthia and asked her: “Show me WHAT world venture really IS about. JUST EXPLAIN to me.” She was really nice and explained to me with NO obligations (I didnt sign up for it that day)

    Now i must stop right here and tell you that I really respect your opinions that you are entitled to but unfortunately, there are some discrepancies in the information. I strongly believe all bloggers/writers got to have the integrity when it comes to informing people what’s out there and stating actual facts will keep people well informed to their choice. [Grace: Tell me what’s not factual in what I have written. LOL. You want me to send you screenshots of evidence?]

    I’m not here to change your mind because you already made it very clear in your blog and also agree with you i DO NOT condone aggressive attitude when it comes to selling something but i am here to invite you to watch the video yourself right here, [Grace: I have seen ENOUGH of WV propaganda videos. Stop wasting my time!!!], go through your article again and consider the facts you had written. [Grace: They are facts, as you have said. Consider again for what? :P]

    In conclusion, I urge everybody and anybody to research deeper in ANY kind of business/investment/insurance/property etc that you want to go into. Do make time to comprehend the establishment better, see if it fits you and make the choice yourself.

    On a last note, although I do find it fair that unnecessary comments will be disregarded and carefully filtered. I would love to see this posted in your comment box (because I took a lot of time to write this. T_T) Good day!

    As unbiased as I can be

    • You got your wish granted, since you tried to be polite. I’ve included my comments in your ‘comment’ already so I shall say no more.

  100. Sorry Buddy – Your WorldVentures Reps simply aren’t being professional. WE DON’T SEND EMAILS!!! lol you may not join us today; you may not join our business. but sooner or later, you will join us!!!!

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  102. Seriously everyone, is World Ventures really worth risking your reputation.

    Honestly, I do not know much about World Ventures. Nor do I want to find out since it will risk me putting down my credit card info and comments thus far has been that it is not easy to actually cancel the membership. (If anyone know of a easier method of cancellation do share)

    But the cult like behavior… It is scary. I know a lot of you are pestering friends and family to join World Ventures. I just hope you guys don’t end off losing their respect.

  103. Hei Grace,

    Thanks for this interesting post you started! Just wanted to share my own experience being an invited guest to a presentation tonight. This lady contacted me through a travel interest group I’m a member of. After we started to text each other, I became sceptical & had in mind that she could be referring to a “pyramide-like” structure. However, she kept the company’s name & concept under wraps until I arrived at the venue & found out for myself what the presentation was about.

    After it was over, my first comment to her & a MD was that it reeked of a pyramide scheme which was of course denied by them. Both said that they wouldn’t had joined if it was true. I asked many questions towards the lady who invited me, then she called another womanhigher in the rank to handle my queries instead.

    A young man, actually a 18 year-old teenager did the presentation whereas another man in his mid-20s was responsible for the explanation of membership fees / payout schemes. Lots of figures written on the white board. It’s a smart move by World Ventures to acknowledge that consumers nowadays do their research online before buying into something. That young man rebutted & challenged visitors to be wary of accusations of their “scam” online against their company. Even showed websites of Google, McDonald’s etc. being accused of the same by critics. In other words, telling us ‘don’t pay attention to the nay-sayers’.

    I asked the more senior woman about how WV is doing in the Norwegian market. I’ve been based in Norway for many years & naturally, had questions about how it is being driven in that country.
    She told me I could click & change the various choices of countries on their website & get more info.

    Well, I certainly did my research after I came home. There’s no Norwegian version of the website to be found. Then I googled for info using the Norwegian language – up came lots of news about WV. It is offically declared an illegal business model in Norway by the government a few months ago because it is a pyramide! And they were also ordered to shut down their activities – no more recruitment of new members etc.

    At the end of the day, call it what one may – MLM (with its various tweaks & forms), pyramide structure, direct selling, the truth remains that there’s no end to human creativity as to how methodologies can be manipulated so that some companies stay in the grey zone, barely making it over to the right or wrong side of the law. When one is shut down, another pops up like a cloned twin, mirroring the same concepts & tactics. Nothing is new under the sun any longer…just bear in mind that there are certain damages, if caused, can never be undone, especially in weighing how much relationships & friendships mean to you & your loved ones.

  104. Hello, just a humble fact from my end on WV Norway. The same blogger rewrote the article about Norway WV

    (link removed)

    and trust me, Network Marketing is not for everyone.

    (link removed)

    What Do Donald Trump, Richard Brandson and Robert Kiyosaki Have In Common?
    I am going to finish with this. Some of the biggest business people all around the world are either involved or recommend network marketing, including Donald Trump, Richard Brandson, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn and T Harv Eker and many more. Who are you going to listen to? Need I say anymore?

    Note : Network Marketing is not for everyone and there is no force for people to join.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Hello, the article does not convince me one bit. You have an article from the Norwegian authorities to share?


      1) Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, etc do not recommend World Ventures. Stop name-dropping as if they told you personally that WV is awesome.

      2) SOME WV reps are DEFINITELY trying to force people to join. Those who refuse are made to feel stupid for saying no.

      Just go away.

  105. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for the sharing. Gave me a great insight on how these MLM works. Just spurs of moments when a friend of mine brought me to one of these event yesterday, I was captivated by their presentation
    and filling the application form and n my credit cards details immediately. Just don’t know what i was thinking at the moment. Went I arrived home and have a quite moment only then I realized that I am being cheated to join this MLM. Just told my friend that I have decided to cancel the application and have blocked my credit card. Let see what happened next on whether I am being allow to cancel it and on whether they are still forcing me to stay in it. Will update you on this. Thanks

    • Hi Kay Kay,

      There is a cooling off period so you should be able to cancel it. If they refuse, then well, you get to know your friends better.

  106. Yea besides who wants to pay $365 to START A BUSINESS when you can pay $50,000… Plus who travels anyway? I mean come on TRAVEL? Please, would much rather sell insurance, phone service, or coffee beans.. TRAVEL? Please its only a $8 trillion dollar industry and network marketing is a $25 billion dollar industry. But who’s counting.

    • LOL I LURVEEE LOVE LOVE your sarcasm. Unfortunately, it means people like you don’t read. How about checking out books like ‘The $100 Startup’? Silly folks will pay $50,000 to start a business or get sucked into a pyramid scheme. Yeah, whatever.

      I’d REALLY love to sell coffee beans over an MLM product. Why? I get to keep my friends. 😉

      And oh, I recently heard that yup, WV is banned in Norway as a pyramid scheme. Maybe it’ll be banned elsewhere in the world next. Not a big deal. Just $365 dollars eh? You can live without it.

  107. Just finished a very very very inspiring talk or presentation about WV, in Malaysia, and I could debrief the whole lot of “psychological” skills used in the session. My intention is to help the comment readers here to be more aware of their persuasion skills, and it is up to you to decide.

    1. Videos, so much WOW! – The videos they showed, were really party rocking – but I notice the backgrounds were always in hotels, dining rooms, and beaches – some did titanic jumps into the sea too. That is it. No shopping, and no street food (given some of them went to Bangkok and some other Asian countries). So do you think its fun for such trip? And if you don’t mind the constant needs to selfie with that blue flag, then perhaps it is a fun trip for you.

    2. Question everything – especially, the credibility. – The presenter mentioned about the head/the first person of this MLM ladder in Malaysia or perhaps the person who inspired them, is a professor with 4 PhDs if I’m not mistaken, who worked and made superb reputation in insurance companies. Here’s the plot twist – he studied PSYCHOLOGY PhDs and he worked as an insurance agents/insurance-related? What kinds of Psychology, I do not know but I hope he studied social psychology that way I can understand how they are trained with such persuasion and social skills.

    3. Classical Conditioning – Other members were in-together to react to certain cues from the presenter in order to make convincing facts and statements to the audience/non-members. Well, if you remember Classical Conditioning from Ivan Pavlov, that’s how they applied in the session. I am lazy to explain the whole thing, and you can just google up, the concept is there.

    4. Social conformity – Imagine you are in a group of 10, 9 out of 10 say yes, the 10th person – you, dare to say NO? That is what happened in the session. They asked one by one – do you like to travel? Of course, you would say yes. I was LOL and didn’t say anything.

    5. Operant conditioning – They praised you and clapped for you when you answer what they want.

    6. Bias questions – Do you like to travel? Do you want to travel for free? Do you to travel while you earn USD? Instead of what do you think about travelling/ what is your take on travelling while you earn some income and etc

    7. Flawless, so perfect. – There is no bad thing about this company, no bad product, no cons, no disadvantage. So real meh?

    8. Testimonials – To be honest, I work as an interviewer/analyst/observant/therapist I can understand some form of personal disclosure is appropriate in certain circumstances for client or patient to open up more as well as rapport building but please, never take it for granted. Some of the members gave their personal disclosures – saddening, touching, and inspiring personal life events, one of the audiences even cried. But if you were to use it to recruit people to join, who am I to judge, it is your story, not mine. And it is up to me as an audience and my responsibility to join or no-join based on your personal (touching, sad or whatever) stories.

    Conclusion – It is not uncommon for MLM to use all these components/skills – understandable, you want to recruit people ma. But to those non-members or members-about-to-be, it is really up to you to decide even after reading the cons, perhaps a few pros. I believe Grace – the mighty blogger helps us with the cons perspective because I personally deem that this thing is too good to be true (Point 7). Kudos to you.

    P/S – I am a clinical psychologist, and I know when thing is not right or risky (I am a 50% lie detector – spotted a few lies in the session and I giggled myself). I guess I will have to reject my friend’s offer because I am NOT joining.

    • Thank you for this, Mike. I don’t consider myself a “mighty blogger” like you say. I am just a blogger who got pissed off with WV reps. 😉

  108. As I can see there are some negative and some positive comments about WV. I am providing my 5 cents in the topic. Number one, any direct sales or MLM company that provides a product IS NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME. Look at the real definition of a Pyramid Scheme. They only have money involve and no product or value other than money. WV, Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Mary Kay, and Scentsy just to mention a few, they all provide a product, so by definition, they ARE NOT Pyramid Scheme. By the way, is one MLM company is banned in a country, guess what? They all are, not only one.

    Each company provides a product to a targeted consumer. If you don’t like to travel, then WV is not for you, if you don’t need to lose weight or are health conscious then Herbalife is not for you, if you don’t need to use make up and beauty products then Mary Kay is not for you. That is as simple as simple can be.

    They are direct selling and MLM companies, so of course word of mouth is the main strategy of how marketing is conducted. Anyone with any knowledge of marketing and MLM knows that. In MLM, online, or conventional business you must invest time and money if you want to make it work. There is not a magic button when it comes to make money in any of those ventures. There might be programs that the hype will allow you to make some quick money, but that’s all is going to be. If you want long term income, you must work.

    Take any business and check the success rate. They are all about the same, so if you don’t succeed, is not the company or the product, IT IS YOU. Shallow mentality leads to a shallow life.

    • “As I can see” there are some smart and some not-so-smart people.

      1) Does WV have a “product”, besides memberships, to sell? 😉

      2) I like to travel but WV is NOT for me. I need to lose weight but Herbalife is NOT for me. I use makeup products and beauty products (like SK-II) but once again, Mary Kay is NOT for me. 😉

      3) Find the right company, then work. Work all you want in the wrong company, and you’ll be broke and broken before you know it.

      Yah yah yah WV folks are always thinking people who don’t join are shallow. *yawns* NEXT!!!

  109. Hi guys, I happen to chance on this blog. Was approached by a close Army friend of mine recently to join WV. Saw the video, Gurmit Singh and all.

    First off, I am not a very well educated individual. Street smart but not that smart. After all the videos and stuff, the first thinking that I had was: Fxxk this shit. Who needs this? The answer was clear: People who needed network. Not the usual people like me that works 9 – 5, 6 days a week.

    The mentioned friend has his own business and he himself said it: It was great! I met great people. Deciphered in my head as: He met the people he needs. That said person co-invested a Spa with him when they got back.

    Picture this: He has his own biz, which is doing great. He opened a Spa with another guy, which is fantastic. Now he wants to rope in more people to WV, not his biz. Why? Think about it…

    Want a good business plan? How about this: No offense to all ladies here. Go get women from other countries (READ: HOSTESS) to work here. Free entrance to clubs, always have a VIP seat guaranteed. Top notched ladies, anytime, anywhere. Free. Free wine and booze? Of course! Cash? Plenty!! While this plan seems it is just to make fast cash, look deeper. Even an Ex- Ah Loong can set up a company selling A/C and they are very successful. I am not telling which one…

    For those people who are still supporting WV, go chase your dream. I mean who knows, you might make it and we are all happy for you. People like me who have seen the other side of the society can only tell you there is no magic button in life. Joining WV will not make you rich or even enough to sustain yourself.
    Someone said it earlier: Anyone with any knowledge of marketing and MLM knows that. In MLM, online, or conventional business you must invest time and money if you want to make it work. There is not a magic button when it comes to make money in any of those ventures. There might be programs that the hype will allow you to make some quick money, but that’s all is going to be. If you want long term income, you must work.

    The idea is the same. YOU MUST WORK. I work, hard. I invest time and sometimes, just a bit, of money, to make it work. My pay is not that fantastic but I can afford to feed my two kids, wife, mother in law and a cat. Yes, I can afford to buy a pair of branded jeans every other month. I am a simple salesman selling a product that can be seen and touched. It is needed everywhere.

    Finally, a biz, to be successful, needs planning, time and hard work. Everyone knows that. What if I told you that those are just the surface. The essence is: Luck. Are you lucky enough to get to know a rich individual that can fund you? Are you lucky enough to get that loan in time and sell that property at the right price at the right time? Are you lucky enough to hire the right people to get your biz listed? I know someone who did. He is worth 5 Billion USD now and he work hard and decent.

    If your biz is not working, it is most likely you were unlucky. Met the wrong person, hired the wrong staff and did not get the loan in time. Not all people has a shallow mentality, we just want a decent and peaceful life without telling lies and being lied to. I am not saying WV is bad but how many of the members have really made it? If they made it, why are they still working so hard to get more people in? Why is it that when my boss hired me, he did not ask me to pay a membership fee but I was offered money instead?

    The answer is simple. Only shallow people don’t get this. I think this is my $1 worth. I think can lah..

  110. Afew questions..

    1) i would like to / can i take a tour to europe using WV – say england.. how much would it cost if i am not a member of WV?

    2) i would like to join WV but i do not have the capabilities to find 4 friends and i dont like the idea of paying some1 when they not working for me.. so can i join and be someone’s upline????????

    Please me wants join!!!!!!

  111. Grace, I learned some good things from your blog. I’m an avid reader and had never heard of The $100 Start Up. I also will be purchasing your book. I realize that “I don’t know what I don’t know” I even heard Oprah contribute a lot of her success to that phrase. I’ve been self employed for 20 years and every day I learn something new. I have owned a restaurant, ladies fitness center and an executive recruiting firm, as well as been Series 6 and 63 licensed in insurance sales. I’ve been successful in a number of things as a single mother that a lot of people have not had the tenacity to succeed in. I WAS a rep in Worldventures from 2006-2010. I actually did go on 14 vacations over that time. I left the company in 2010. I was also a Top 20 income earner in the company. I left for a number of reasons, but I will say that people know what they’re getting into. It’s a home based business and there are a number of tax write offs if a person does the business correctly and follows former IRS attorney, CPA and author of Tax Strategies for Network Marketers and Lower Your Taxes Big Time. Is everyone going to make money….NO. Everyone who gets a real estate or insurance license does not make money. Everyone who invests in the stock market does not. However, MLMs can sell hype, but so does the NFL, Celebrities, churches etc. We’re all making money off of something or someone. There are a lot of people who get laid off or fired here in the United States, we are an “at will” state. Which means, you can be fired any time, for any reason and you have no recourse. Even though I’ve made 100k in the network marketing industry several times, it’s not for everyone. I also lost over 100k in my brick n mortar gym simply because not enough people joined. We ALL have options and one of our greatest options if to use our brain to figure out what works best for each of us. I see Tyra Banks has graduated from Harvard Business School and is launching her Direct sales company in March. I know for a FACT because they are attempting to recruit me. Choices..we all have them. I choose not to blame others or any previous company for the one I made…good or bad.

    • With regard to WV in Singapore, I’d say many people don’t know what they are getting into. Hence this blogpost. And also why many people want to quit WV after reading my blogpost, which I’d hafta say only includes my (harmless) personal opinions.

    • I agree with Robyn in this regard. I am also a business owner providing finance to home buyers and find myself learning new things daily. I used to work in a big four bank with dreams of reaching management. I even followed a manager’s advice to study an additional degree because it would help my prospects. Things were looking up until my office was closed because the lease expired. I was bounced around to different offices and my managers who had made promises to me were also moved. Such was the nature of corporate restructure. I remember feeling very confused because my parents brought me up in Malaysia to believe that a big company would give me the ability to come home and feed my family. But this wasn’t my experience. My parents didn’t bring me to Australia for me to be corporately restructured. Furthermore, I was taught that business is riskier than employment but since I didn’t now have a job, and was offered an opportunity to start a finance brokerage, I had nothing to lose. I now realise that stability is found when we can link our efforts to our reward. Business is very much like that. Sure I agree that business isn’t for everyone, much like religion really. But it also speaks volumes of society when we rely so heavily on a system such that direct effort-reward is considered risky. No one can tell me that a job is more stable than running my own business because no matter what, no one can make me bankrupt but me.

      Where does MLM fit into this? I have considered joining several from Usana to Amway but have never liked selling products of that nature. This led me to research WV. I am not a member yet but am keen to add MLM to my group of business because of it’s ability to provide “buffer” cashflow allowing for the exploring of other more risky invest first return later business ideas. To that end and being in finance, I believe in the moto that “something’s gotta give”. Money is limited and yes we make money off of someone else one way or another. Such is the nature of economics.

      So ultimately, when I assess what commitment is required of MLM, I believe the bigger commitment isn’t to recruit but to train. If an MLM upline isn’t able to train and empower (distinguish this from brainwash) a downline, then the system is blocked, much like a manager in a company who is content with his 9-5 and doesn’t want to train staff for fear of losing his job (comfort). Every system has requirements for it to succeed. If there is a difference between the MLM uplines I respect and the ones I don’t, it is this element of training and empowerment.

      Being a sales person myself, one question I ask is “Will you train me and my downlines?” The ones that I know will do a good job don’t have products that I want to sell, so the search goes on. But ultimately value adding is the key to making any business successful, company or MLM.

      What do you think of my position Grace? Thank you for your time.

      ps: I am forever amazed at sales people who sell the “cheap” benefit ahead of other things. Saving money, making money, risk minimisation, time saving and increased social standing are core sales benefits and of all the above, saving money is the least powerful. I can understand why people who enter for savings end up being disappointed.

    • McDonald’s is also very tempting. Have McD for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Forget dream trips. You’ll get dream abs. #eatmore #notascam #justverytempting

  112. Is it a product or a business opportunity? That’s what people need to ask themselves, emotions aside. If direct selling (MLM, network et al.) is the best business model, then not show their hand? Expedia, Kayak etc list their prices for all to see, in real time. If this online business cannot compete on that front, then it sucks as a product.

    Just ended a conversation with a recent WV convert – the prices really aren’t much cheaper, but the membership costs remain. “Recruit 4, and it’s free”… Sure, to you, but not to the 4 unfortunate souls who will continue to pay ad infinitum.

    If it’s a business opportunity, then why do you pay for the “privilege” of selling for them? Last I heard, “salesperson” is a paying job and the company is responsible for training and development. So I urge those considering this “opportunity” to ask the right questions, like “is this product worth ~SG$150/month to me?” Of course, this doesn’t include the “training events” you’ll be encouraged to attend.

    Who would I recommend WV to? Retired people with money and time to burn on vacation after vacation (because MAYBE their Dreamtrip package tours are cheaper). Everyone else should think twice, if you don’t wish to load your friends and family with ongoing debt.

  113. Wow Grace. Thank you for the heads up!!! I just had a few people recently friend me on Facebook and I haven’t asked them about those signs but they are in lots of their photos and almost every photo on their page is them traveling, so it does look like they live a MOST exotic life.

    I’ll be looking to steer away from ‘travel talk’ with those friends. Yikes!

  114. Dear Grace,

    Thank you so much for this article. I was actually reading it while a bunch of my Moms WV “friends” were babbling how good it is during a presentation at my house. Had a damn good time questioning them with some of the points you raised. They either responded by indirectly not answering my questions or gave me very sarcastic remarks to make me feel dumb.

    I still wasn’t CON-vinced. Shame my mother has joined though!!

    Anyway,Thanks for this! I enjoyed reading all your WV blog posts.


  115. Wow Grace great stuff, WV I think just isn’t a sustainable business model I had a cousin of myn pitch me on it LOL… through my own experience that is just my opinion. Funny enough I ran into another article reviewing it here [link removed as it seems like you’re posting an article you wrote] and it sums up pretty much the same thing except in more of an opportunistic perspective.

    Which I can’t say I wouldn’t do it is attractive, but idk not me.

    Honestly in conclusion to what I’ve seen, heard and experienced out of all the reviews out there I not only agree with you, but thought I’d point out how well appointed your blogging is!

    Awesome stuff !

    -Nae Colick

  116. So… ( And I don’t expect you to actually post any comments unless they support your views, but I wanted to get this off my chest anyway )
    #1 Too many invites… So you’re complaining that so many people are interested in seeing you have fun? So many people are interested in sharing an upgrade to your current lifestyle? You’re complaining that too many people have invited you be part of something that they see as great? So you’re not fond of making new friends, and enjoying life?

    #2 Traveling with too many people??? Who in the world told you that is the only way to enjoy a vacation utilizing WV? You were told wrong. You can travel where you want, by yourself, or with as many people as you want. Yes, there are special trips that people enjoy as part of a group that all want to have fun together, but you’re not required to go on those trips. Take the trips you want to. It saddens me that WV was presented to you in this way. I’m so sorry for that.

    #3 Pyramid scheme… turn it upside down, and let’s call it a Pizza Scheme if it makes you feel better. The shape of the model is irrelevant to what the business actually is. A pyramid scheme is a plan for making money by solely enlisting others below you that are paying fees for a product or investment that doesn’t actually exist. WV is clearly an investment with an incredibly transparent product that is presented to everyone that chooses to be part of it. The only way there is no actual products or investment here is if you choose not to take advantage of it. Whose fault would that be?

    #4 Holidays are not cheap? OK, well then you did not listen very well, or once again it just was not presented to you the right way at ALL. WV is very clear on it’s policy regarding cost of trips if you are able to find something for less than what they offer it. They not only refund you the amount of the difference between what you find and their price, but they refund the cost of the entire trip to you, so you essentially take the trip for free if you can find it any cheaper on your own. So please explain to me how that is a bad deal again?

    #5 Insiders? What insiders? Are you speaking of the people that just simply did not want to put forth the effort to help themselves, and then turned around and called it a scam? Those insiders?

    And last but surely not least…. It does cost to join as a member, and it does cost to join as a representative. If you choose to only join as a member to enjoy the products and services of Dream Trips, did anyone explain to you that the money you pay into it, goes into a travel account and is directly applied to any trips you book? So all you’re really paying is money that is essentially going into a savings account for you to use for traveling. Apparently nobody explained that to you. That’s a shame, because you truly are missing out on an incredible opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle, an opportunity to meet and make so many new friends, and an opportunity to give back to the world through all the avenues of charity that WV provides for its members also. The above are all FACTS, and not opinion, that I truly wish had been shared with you, so you truly understood what World Ventures is really all about.

    • I don’t know what the fuss about this blogpost is all about anyway. Just my personal opinions, ya?

      #1: You mean you like getting messages from pesky people, all trying to sell you the same thing (you don’t want)?
      #2: Too bad. That’s the way it was presented. And is still being presented all the time online. 🙂
      #3: There IS no actual product beyond memberships. Compare this with Tupperware if you need an example. Pizza scheme, lol.
      #4: Then I suppose I don’t SEE very well too. Cos I saw the actual comparison done right before my eyes, by the shame-faced WP rep.
      #5: I’m sure they didn’t want to put in effort after paying membership fees. Hahaha. Nice try. 😉

      No need for travel savings accounts. We all know what savings accounts do – make us sitting ducks for inflation. I just get the best deals online, without the need for such accounts. kthxbye.

  117. Your loss… and just too bad that you’re not seeing it the right way. I would like to apologize on behalf of all the pesky “WP” people that keep bothering you and wanting you enjoy life. What’s the fuss all about? Apparently the fuss was yours when you wrote your blog. Good job.

    • LOL. I don’t thank the pesky people for thinking I am not enjoying life. Come on, you lead your life, I lead mine. And I’m happy without WV. So there. Don’t like my blog? Don’t read it.

  118. On the contrary, I enjoyed your blog thoroughly. I simply wanted to clarify World Ventures for you. It’s not for everyone, but I wanted to make sure we had the facts straight, since you have some loyal readers.

  119. Hi,
    All I can is… it is definitely not for everyone. But I am loving this ride as I have never been involved in MLM before. It is a steep learning curve but hey, I do love to travel. In the last 5 months I have used my membership domestically, here in Australia and have saved a few hundreds of dollars on Hotel and Flights.. Even with the Aussie Dollar (75 cents against the greenback) prices are still cheaper…I have used the product and it works. I am a biz rep as well so I don’t mind sharing the club to fellow travellers. At the end of the day you are in or out and whatever you do it’s ok, so I move on without feeling rejected as I am not desperate, perhaps too many reps are?
    We are about to go on a Dreamtrip to Hamilton Island with great friends who are also in the club and saved over $1000 each as to travel in Oz is ridiculously expensive, so we are very pleased and have no regrets.
    #ysbh 🙂

    • I have spent the last 2 hours reading the entire Blog. Appreciate the fact that the blog is a personal experience and personal opinion. I came onto the blog to help me to make a decision about WV…

      My conclusion…

      I think there were many valid points for and against WV. The saddest part of it all is that the bloggers disrespectful and insulting tone towards valid opinions for WV is what has made me decide that I am willing to give this venture a go.

      I am willing to put the hard yards in and expect to reap the rewards. However I also respect the fact that this is not the journey for you.


  120. Multi-level marketing works for the people who are going to put in the work. It doesn’t really matter what the product is- it takes the same activity level. Most people don’t like MLM, not because of the investment, but because they aren’t sure if they can do it. You get people from all walks of life that are asked to do it, but at the end of the day, MLM is Multi-level-Marketing. It is sales and marketing job. But if you believe in the product, truly believe- then you will succeed. It is a fact that you need 1500 Platinum Members or 3000 Gold members to be a International Marketing Director in World Ventures- at which point you will start making north of $100,000/mo. It’s not the money that is far fetched. It is the idea that “my network” can grow to 1500-3000+ and I am RESPONSIBLE for making that happen. If the author of this blog got half the people who read this blog to get involved in World Ventures, she would be more successful in world ventures than what she is doing today. If she got half the people involved in the picture at the top of this article, she would be on her way to becoming a success in a business she doubted. But people don’t think about their own networks- facebook, instagram, linkedin, google+, etc, in how they can be successful. They think about all their friends, family members, and other associates, and immediately think- NO! Because that is their initial reaction. The fact of the matter is, there are many millionaires and billionaires that support MLM, because it is a production based business. Warren Buffet, Brain Tracy, Donald Trump, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), etc. that trumpets MLM. What does it matter what somebody says who is less successful than these people. If the author had tried MLM, or World Ventures in particular, and had a bad taste in her mouth, it would be one thing. She did not try! People who don’t try and then try to form an opinion are not the most qualified people to give an opinion. To be successful- to have an increase in your life- you must first give up the assertions of others, and insert yourself with your entire being into the vision of your future self. It is not the task that is daunting- only the voice that tells you you cannot. F.E.A.R- Face Everything and Run or…Face Everything and Rise.

    • *yawn* Yet another person telling me I should join WV before I am allowed to comment. So… should I be a politician before I can comment on politicians who are doing a crappy job? Should someone be a blogger before he comments on how bloggers should run their blogs?

      So lame.

  121. You do not have to go with a bunch of ppl and you can go on as many trips as you want and you can go all by yourself or with you boyfriend,girlfriend,wife or whoever..I pay 25 a month to be in this club.The same price ppl pay to be in Sams Club I believe.and also I personally know 500+ ppl who make money showing ppl tihs and I now at least 200 who have quit their job and this is their only income.YEa it sounded to be good to be true before i got in.But Im in now and now personally and see many ppl who make money and travel ALOT

  122. Also if anyone is writting you and they are strangers thats wrong,thats not how you do business anyway lol

  123. World Ventures is not a get rich scheme neither a pyramid scheme. They DID NOT said Sign up, refer 4 and sit lay back. However, they said “REFER 4 PAY NO MORE” which is the World Ventures policy. That is what each and every members on the team must do to avoid monthly fees because once you sign up four persons under your wings you will have nothing to worry about. There is no guarantee in any Direct Selling Marketing Company. The work you put into the business, is the result or profits you will get out of the business. If your is LAZY a person and want to earn money in Direct Selling Company, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

  124. Your comments are very understandable for someone who knows nothing about the company and compensation plan. I love how people that have never experienced something have so much knowledge towards it! Every dollar you put into it on monthly fees is rewarded to you to travel with. They just use that as an incentive to travel. If you don’t get the lowest price, they send you for free… FREE. I’m not telling you to join, I would just appreciate it if you got your facts straight. I have personally had a lot of success and it pushed me to pursue more personal development and financial awareness. Some good sources..
    -INC 5000 (top businesses in the world)
    -Direct Sales global
    -Ernst and Young (Number two auditor in the world that investigated them and put them up for entrepreneurs of the year)
    -World Travel Awards (#1 in 2013 and 2014. Beat EVERYONE.. ex. Expedia, Hotels)

    I don’t want you to join! I love this company and want you to see it for what it is.

    • Sure. I’m setting up an appointment with a local rep to get a better understanding of how they do business these days. I heard it’s changed quite a bit since the time I wrote this blogpost.

  125. I’ve been a member for less than a year. I first started because I just wanted to have fun! I love traveling and this was the first way and most exciting way I saw to do it! Business opportunity is an option! You don’t have to make money from it, but I am proud to say I am one, and many others that I put in that have quit their job doing so! At first I didn’t know what to do so I just let my monthly fee go and on because they gave it back to me in points anyways. So YES it is literally a piggy bank of MY money awaiting for me to take my vacay when I feel like it.
    Few months into it, I hit rock bottom emotionally and I told myself lets just take a vacation, took one that followed 6 more and majority was paid for. Some trips were Unbelievable that it would be stupid to not go on it !!! 7 day cruise 129$??? Come on. For the person who is not a member obviously wouldn’t know all the perks that come with it! I use it everyday for activities , eating out , and saved a lot of money booking it through my life style club. It is 2015 and we now have an APP ! making it easier for me since I’m always on the Go! Thank you WV! I wen’t to one of the cooperate training and let me tell you best time of my life I met the most uplifting people of all ages from all around the world! If you fail in the business aspect you basically failed yourself it’s not the company. I have developed a very great personality with a ALWAYS living mentality. I don’t regret joining…My honest opinion I feel sad for those who not apart of us. your missing out on EXPERIENCES that are PRICELESS !!!!! no need to sugar coat we are the real deal these strangers become family….. changed my life totally. Mexico in two days, NY than Houston. I’m 21 with no job just strictly worldventures… No one can tell me we are not a legit company. & to consider us a pyramid scheme is definitely an UNEDUCATED opinion. That would be saying we are taking your money and not giving you a product! I have a personal assistant, and VIP tickets to events golf players who been playing for 15 years plus can’t understand how I have ACCESS to invite only EVENTS ! I LA LA LA LOVE IT ! shout out to all my WV family because you know exactly how I feel !!!! ta-ta

    • Sounds like you are smoking something. Be careful. When you are 21 with no job, don’t call others “UNEDUCATED”.

  126. your nothing but a hater i have no words for u??????????if wv doesn’t work for just shut up millions and millions of human beings needs wv and we will continue joining u have nothing to offer other than sit down n criticise a good multi level marketing for holidays.i pity u and u should get a life…………..bsd

    • There is a difference between “your” and “you are”. I can’t be bothered to read the rest of your rant. You should check out my update at the top of this post. Seriously.

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