Featured On The New Paper with DJ And Comedian Mike Kasem

You may have spotted me in last Saturday’s edition of The New Paper (2 Feb, 2013).

TNP feature

TNP is running a contest to help 2 male celebs score dates for the upcoming Valentines’ Day. I wrote in, hoping to meet Mike Kasem, whom I found totally hilarious as the Child Whisperer, ‘Caesar Milano’, in the Random Island series:

Caesar Milano


And meet him I did! 😀

There were supposed to be three ladies at the photoshoot but one of them (the SIA girl) couldn’t make it. So it was pretty awkward. I was at the venue with a lady named Serene. She is 43, I’m 26. I felt she was a little wary of me – perhaps she saw me as competition. But hey, how can I possibly fight with her over Mike? They have my blessings! LOL. I just want a photo ok?

DJ Mike Kasem

Here’s Serene and Mike:

Serene and Mike

I suspect the TNP reporter told Serene to come in this bright red outfit. Said reporter told me to come in something pink and ‘fun’.

But it was terribly difficult to be photographed without exposing oneself, methinks:

Serene being photographed

But I guess it was Mike who really got the shorter end of the stick. He had to pose topless and his discomfort was evident, though he remained professional and humorous throughout:

Mike Kasem

Mike Kasem

Mike Kasem

Mike Kasem

He must be visiting the gym very often. 6-pack abs, ladies!

Anyway, meeting Mike was nothing short of a nice experience. He was entertaining and witty and… I can’t believe he doesn’t already have a date for V-Day!!!

But what I had trouble getting used to was being interviewed by a reporter from The New Paper – it’s my first “feature” ever. So if you are like me, and need some tips with handling interview requests from TNP, here’s a guide.

How To Handle a TNP Reporter:

1) Learn to say NO… ten times or more. Mike and I both agreed that the TNP reporter who spoke to us is someone who gets straight to the point and asks very direct and probing questions. She is also someone who doesn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer.

She wanted Mike to be topless among greenery. According to her, it should be like an “Adam and Eve” scene, with Mike emerging from behind the erm, bushes.

Mike insisted that it was a “gay” thing to do. She insisted it was a brilliant idea, even when her colleague and I both agreed that it would seem very gay indeed. Mike had to reject her multiple times before she relented.

Also, I’d already figured that she’d ask me to remove my jacket. I said no when she asked. I’m only going to reveal my… teeth!

I was also told that only photos would be required but when I arrived, I was told there was a video segment. 😦 I.Should.Have.Said.NO. But I didn’t so… oh well.

2) Provide the “juicy” headline or he/she will conjure one for you. Mine’s the giving up of a 114K job and becoming a full-time blogger. What’s yours?

3) Be prepared to have “words put into your mouth”. You will read the articles and think “BUT I DIDN’T SAY THAT!”

It IS The New Paper, after all.

The reporter wrote that “she (referring to me) said Kasem remains her favorite comedian”. I never said any such nonsense. My favorite comedian is Michelle Chong, whom I have previously interviewed for this blog.

4) Do not entertain calls from them at inconvenient times. I received a call close to midnight, requesting for a phone interview. When a person is tired, he is more likely to say something he’ll end up regretting later. Thankfully, I kept my wits about me. And delivered the ‘juicy’ headline that I wanted to have published.

5) This might be the best tip of all: Stay away from TNP reporters! Unless, of course, you think that being featured on TNP is of great benefit to you. Then by all means. I don’t think the article increased my blog hits very much – they refused to publish my blog url. 😛


If anything, it was a memorable experience. I hope Mike finds an awesome V-Day date. I have already turned down the reporter’s next ‘brilliant idea’ of a group date:

Msg from TNP reporter

16 thoughts on “Featured On The New Paper with DJ And Comedian Mike Kasem

  1. Hi Grace,
    Finally had time to visit your blog, like I said I would last Fri @SPH (been too bogged down with biz/tenant issues unfortunately)..

    Read your post n empathise with you 100%. Like you, I had been MISquoted quite abit (eg. NEVER did say I “named my nephew after his dad” – only that I thought “Casey” – a name starting with “C” (like my surname) – might make a nice and not-too-common name, and so suggested it to my brother/sis-in-law who went with it (to my own surprise actually! lol); NEVER did I say I was “very impressed” with anyone or that the guy I dated liked Duran Duran, etc etc..But as an ol’ guy pal summed it up nicely, “Sure. Why would pple care? Hee”

    My friends know I ain’t taking ANY of TNP’s VD feature seriously n neither should anybody else out there. They all had a good laugh about it, knowing it’s just d usual publicity stunt to sell more papers! “Juicy” news – whichever way they wanna angle or twist it – is what sells tabloids the world over anyway. TNP did, however, try making up for it by sending me text messages dat Sat morning abt being “hot n a lovely person”, n dat the writer’s boss “loves my attitude..” (LMAO). I replied telling them I was just gonna laf it off n would certainly look back on tis episode with amusement n count it as another 1 of those fun, crazy things I’ve done in my life (besides appearing on a tv game show n on radio some time back..Always lookin fwd to d next excitin’ thing to do on my long bucket list!)

    Seriously tho, I’m reeally glad that they DID publish d ONE pertinent point I made — which is to EMBRACE LIFE n SEIZE THE DAY! Cos TIME=LIFE and life is way too short for us to be wallowing in pain, unhappiness or regret.

    So here’s 3 favorite tunes (past & present) with lyrics i can sure identify with!

    Dust In The Wind – Kansas

    100 years – Five for Fighting

    Dirty Laundry – Don Henley

    Enjoy n stay positively pretty, ya!

    Carpe Diem,
    Serene =)

    • Thanks Serene! Funny how just about all the ladies who want to date Mike have come by my blog. 😀 The SIA gal emailed me. We’re both not going for the group date – are you? 😉

  2. So much for the “top 3” selected for “Team Mike”! =P..Poor guy..We all know its every man’s dream to have a HAREM of women… but a “group date” of SEVEN girls for a VD date??? Dats juz….well….soo WEIRD to say d least LMAO Another “brilliant” idea indeed! hahahhaaa..

    • It’s uber weird, can? But I believe TNP will publish photos of the date and show who turned up. Haha! It’ll be interesting to see how many ladies will be dating Mike on Vday! 😀

  3. Hello Grace,
    I’m one of the contestants too! And yes, I believe you were referring to me when you said Mike was better off with the 2 ladies who were closer to his age.
    Seriously, taking part in this is all in good fun. I don’t think anyone of us thinks this whole thing is serious and will lead to something serious. It’s just a publicity article for TNP.
    Honestly, I do feel if it’s a sincere thing, the group of 7 should not be proposed. Rules are rules. TNP did state he’d just pick one from the many entries he’ll be receiving. No one likes to be judged and rejected in front of others.

    By the way, you all look lovely in the pictures. And yes Serene….Carpe Diem!

    • Hello Magdalene,

      Er nope… I didn’t know about you so I couldn’t have been referring to you. The only other ladies I knew about was the SIA gal and Serene, featured in the same article as me. 😀 And both of them are closer age-wise to Mike, me – I just want a photo!

      Yes, I did it as a lil bit of publicity myself.

      I agree with you – the group date idea is not a good one. Out of the 7, 6 will have to go home heartbroken – how sad is that?! I’d rather just stay home alone at the start. 😀


  4. Hi Grace, this is Pam here. I’m one of the others featured in TNP, and honestly, I was mortified when I read the article. I specifically told them not to reveal my work place. And yes, I was misquoted as well! I did not say anything about “taking this Vday thing as a perfect opportunity to ask him out and if he reciprocates, I’ll know the feeling is mutual”. Right now I’m so embarrassed to even have a decent conversation with Mike! I only agreed to give her a pic of my desk and a pic of both Mike and me because she said Mike was cool with it. Now I’m actually wondering if he even knew to begin with!

    So far I haven’t been notified about being shortlisted yet, I don’t think I’ll be as well. Anyway, I’m glad I chanced upon your blog and read about it. It’s making me having 2nd thoughts and wondering if I should just drop out of this…



    • Hi Pam!

      Ooh, I didn’t read the article with you in it. Ahh well, with reporters, it’s like that. NEVER EVER tell them what you don’t want them to print, ‘cos they WILL print it – guaranteed! Misquoting is the norm, across all media (except on my blog, haha!).

      Don’t worry, people who read the article have probably forgotten about it. So… life goes on. 🙂

      It’s up to you! They’ll probably want another article or two out of the group date, though. So decide after careful thought. All the best!


  5. Hahhaha my company is not going to forget about it so soon! The article is pasted at the lift lobby! Jump into Yellow River also cannot wash clean! 😛

    By the way, Mike mentioned u on air earlier, lol!

    Well, this is certainly a lesson and experience…. Next time I really have to be careful about reporters. I do want a date with Mike, but certainly not this way! And having to pick 1 and leave 6 other nice girls upset, I don’t think Mike wants to do that as well, esp not on a day like Vday!



    • Ha! Remove the article! 😀

      Mike mentioned me? I don’t tune in to his radio prog so oops!

      Oh well, if that’s what the reporter wants, Mike will have to do it. No matter what, you have a fabulous Valentines’ Day ya! 🙂

    • Heh thanks! U have a wonderful V day too! In fact, during our turn at the interview, we were joking that the 7 of us will be chatting with each other and leaving Mike bored!

      Yeah, he said you’re a real sweetheart and it’s sad that you’re dropping out cos group dates can be fun. 🙂

    • Hi Pam!
      Yeah, I know what you mean about being misquoted. I was there mah so I know. I was also misquoted but never mind, it’s all in good fun to just have our 15 minutes of “fame”……lol……

    • Magdalene!!!! Hi!!!!!! Lol yeah, I’ve had friends flooding my phone and FB to compliment me, so all in the name of support and fun, hahah! Deadline’s been extended till 12th though.. guess not enough girls?

  6. Hi Gals!

    Nice to know we’ve got a forum going here…

    I’d been sooo BZ I had absolutely NO idea what’s been/being said in the tabloids or what’s floating around in cyberspace… until my pretty aunty brought THIS “talk of the town” news to my attention yesterday:


    So now it’s a showdown between “SIA Stewardess and ‘Cougar'” and the tabloids seem to think people would find DAT juicy?? Aiz..what to do if they wanna extend the contest deadline or insist on milking our pics to death using the same recycled article (never mind ALL the MISquotes) and not about to give it a rest! Geez.. (At the rate THIS is going, TNP should be paying ALL of us to go on a date with Mike instead of d other way around! Hahhaahahaa)

    Speaking of Cougar, I DID actually LOVE dat “American Fool” album to death that I wanted to be Mrs J. Cougar at age 13! =P LOL

    And checkout Casey Kasem’s interview with “my man” on his America’s Top 10 show [yes, dats what Mike’s dad looks/sounds like].. fancy TDK cassettes n popcorn machines for prizes those daze! haha. What a wonderful BLAST from the PAST! =D

    Casey Kasem’s Top 10 (John Cougar Interview) Aug 1982

    And this one by Weird Al got me laughing so hard I almost fell off my bed!

    Weird Al “Interviews” John Cougar Mellencamp

    Btw, John’s manager told him to change his name from Mellencamp to ‘Cougar’ if he wanted to make it BIG..so mebbe I should oso do the same n call myself Ms S. Cougar henceforth (cos even my poor angmo tenant has alotta problem trying to pronounce my surname during our phone conversations! Hahahaaaa )

    Wow n THIS bit of trivia on wiki about John having been originally offered the Brad Pitt role in “Thelma and Louise” I DIDN’T even know until I googled more about his life story since we parted ways in the ’80s =P (so NOW we know how Brad Pitt almost NEVER came to be! LOL)

    Enjoy & have yourselves a great weekend, gals!

    Carpe Diem,
    Serene =)

  7. Hello Serene!

    LOL this topic is getting ridiculous already as it is. Did u read the 3 comments at the end of the article? I don’t know to be amused by their sore loser attitude or what, rofl!! Ya you are right. At this rate, TNP should pay us all to go date him, hahaha! Oh btw, if you search youtube, all our vids are there. *cringes* The Paul girls are hot though, hahah!

    • There will always be miserable people out there so we ourselves must not get affected and lead our own lives happily.

      恭喜发财,身体健康,新年快乐 everyone!

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