NS45: Bringing Joy To NSmen & Their Families

Since I visited SAFRA Toa Payoh’s Open House in October last year, I have become aware that SAFRA clubs are hidden gems in our neighborhoods! My visit to the Open House even made it into my list of the 12 Best Moments in 2012!

You might think this is because I multiplied my money TEN times at The Winners’ Circle but I enjoyed my visit to SAFRA because I haven’t visited SAFRA Toa Payoh since I was a kid. Back then, my mother used to bring my sister and I to the indoor playground there. And in 2012, when I finally visited SAFRA again, I got to take part in a Zorball Challenge, thanks to Omy and SAFRA!

That’s me in the pink tee! 😀


To me, SAFRA clubs are where I have a lot of fun spending time with those I care most about.


And I’m sure an excited brother or male friend would have already told you the good news: SAFRA is thanking all National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation with SAFRA vouchers and/or free 1-year SAFRA membership. 🙂 Those vouchers can be utilized at so many different outlets (F&B, entertainment, leisure, etc) that you’ll just have to find out more HERE.


I want those vouchers too

I’ve been to 3 of the 5 SAFRA Clubs so far: Toa Payoh, Tampines & Mount Faber. I’ve found that while there are similarities, each club has its own uniqueness and I must say I like them all. The most recent visit was to SAFRA Mount Faber. Let me take you around 😀

SAFRA Mount Faber

I’ll usually check out the food places first. 😀 When my tummy’s full, all’s well. LOL! And SAFRA Mount Faber has *gasp* Porn’s! Apart from Subway, Ya Kun and Summer Garden Restaurant, of course.

I was very amused by the standees and the sign stating that “SEXY FRUITS” were going at only S$1 …

Porn's SAFRA Mount Faber

Pornsak Porn's Restaurant

Sidenote: I also noticed that Summer Garden Restaurant is a great place to hold a wedding banquet! 😀

Get Married Here

After Food, next on my agenda is FUN! 😀

Apart from the swimming pool, karaoke, billiards and bowling, SAFRA Mount Faber also provides for family fun. Check out this family I spotted having a good time.

Indeed, family time is the most important time. Don’t forget that!

Family Time Is The Most Precious Time

You can also go shoot some baskets… indoors! 🙂

Shoot some baskets

And when you are feeling tired… my goodness, they have massage chairs too! Those two bros were chatting about their recent purchases, and I found out where they did their shopping. 😉

Get A Well-deserved Massage

In case you think the following picture is of a shopping mall, no, it’s SAFRA Mt Faber still!

Not a shopping mall

It is pretty interesting how Nail Classique is two doors away from SuperBowl! 🙂 Please visit the latter first before getting your nails done. Not the other way around! If the guys wants to bowl, but not the ladies, then the latter can get their nails done while waiting for the boys! How convenient! There’s also a movie screening on level 1.

And here’s someone feeling lucky at the entrance to The Winners’ Circle aka the jackpot room:

Someone Is Feeling Lucky

There is so much to do and so many activities to take part in at SAFRA that I dare say no member will ever get bored!

SAFRA programmes

I also made a serendipitous discovery at SAFRA Mount Faber!

I stumbled upon a store selling army supplies and COULD NOT RESIST snapping a few pictures. I also took a cap off a mannequin for a picture. I mean no disrespect though!

Strut Your Stuff

And look! Camo Creme! I have NEVER seen those in my entire life!

Anyone wants to look “FLAT BLACK” or erm, “LEAF GREEN”???

Army Supplies

And outside the store were some information panels about the history of SAFRA. Snapped some interesting pictures too:

Enjoying A Meal Together

The former Camera Club has evolved into today’s Photographic Club! Here’s what it looked like in the past:

Look at those outfits! Retro much?!

Former Camera Club


I also found this super-old newspaper article from 3 July 1972!

Newspaper cutting

It is about the inauguration of the Singapore Armed Forces Reservists Association (SAFRA) and the opening of its first clubhouse at Prince Edward Lane.

If you are keen to find out more about the history of SAFRA, then make your way down to Mount Faber! 🙂

Gentlemen, watch out for your NS45 eligibility letters in the mail from now till April 2013. Vouchers are valid till 31 March 2014! But why wait when you can register HERE right now? 🙂


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