*Exclusive* Blogging Workshop: How To Get The Sponsorships & Media Coverage You Desire!

Thanks to all who have been emailing me questions about Blogging and about my Blogging Workshops, I have decided to conduct the FIRST Blogging Workshop in 2013. It’s about topics I’ve not focused on for the previous workshops, so former participants are most welcome to join in!

Mark your calendars!

The date for this workshop is 15th March, 2013, next Friday. The workshop will be conducted from 7pm to 9pm in a venue in town. The exact location will be made known later.

At this workshop, you will learn:

1) How To Get The Sponsorships You Desire

2) How To Get Media Coverage For Your Blog (and perhaps business too, if the two are linked)

3) The 5 Ways To Get The Advertisers You WANT

4) Blogging Pitfalls and Secrets Of Success


* Get ALL your questions about Blogging answered

* Receive a FREE autographed copy of my book about Blogging when it is published in May/June 2013

* FREE LIFETIME Email Coaching

* This session is great for networking! Bring your namecards if you’d like!

* All materials for the workshop WILL BE PROVIDED

View the testimonials from participants in my previous workshops HERE.

The not-to-be-repeated-ever-again LOW fee for this workshop is S$200. Maximum of 5 participants, on a first-come-first-served basis. I have absolutely NO follow-up course to this so it is not like those funky Internet Marketing “previews” that have a course that costs thousands of dollars. NO! I don’t have the time for these!

I’m answering all your questions in this workshop and this is it – you are free to go! 😀

Finally, email me at gracewwg@gmail.com for registration details. I’ll be busy this week with a beauty talkshow I’m appearing on and emceeing a fashion show, among other things – I’ll reply to your emails as soon as I can. 🙂


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