Have A Candylicious Easter!

Delivered to my home yesterday was a delightful Bunny-rific surprise! 🙂

Candylicious Easter Goodie Bag

A bag of goodies to remind me to have a Candylicious Easter!

Candylicious Easter

Reese Easter Eggs

Totally LOVE the Reese choc + peanut butter eggs! The size of quail eggs, they make me feel less guilty than after I’ve eaten the bigger Reese peanut butter cups. 😀

Kitty, despite lacking a mouth, should have some too. LOL!

Easter Hello Kitty

Bunny Ears

Go grab your Easter goodies from Candylicious – there’s a huge range to choose from, at affordable prices!

Candylicious Easter

p/s: The mini Reese bunnies got a little squashed and the chocolate and peanut butter was peeking out from under the rather thin foil. A less messy alternative would be the Reese eggs in the tray. The Hershey’s Cookies & Creme bunnies were delicious! 😀