Interview with MediaCorp artiste Romeo Tan and dentist Dr Helena Lee

I had the privilege and pleasure of attending the launch of Oral-B’s Smile More Singapore campaign today, and interviewing Oral-B’s first campaign ambassador (Romeo) and his dentist, Dr Lee. Made a new friend too – Suffian Hakim, who is a freelance writer and writes for The Noose! 🙂

Here I am with Romeo and Suffian!

with Romeo Tan and Suffian Hakim

This interview began with Romeo telling us that he was an introvert when he was young and said that as he grew older, he started defining who he is and became the confident person he is now. When probed about how he would describe himself, he said “I am… a successful actor in Singapore, doing something I’m happy doing”. He’s probably the first person I’ve interviewed thus far who would describe himself as “successful”, but Romeo, with his bright smile, tends to get away with most things.

[Update: After publishing this blogpost, I found out that Romeo has 17,340 Twitter followers, 16,160 Facebook fans (via The Juliet Club) and he blogs at] 😉

When I asked if his smile has gotten him out of difficult situations before, he gamely replies with “YES!” When he was in the army and made some mistakes, he would just smile and get away with it. He then offers up some words of advice: If you have made some mistakes or feel stressed, just smile.

Suffian also cheekily asked if Romeo is single now and whether he has used his smile to ‘pick up girls’ before. Romeo hesitated for a very long time before declaring that he’s single (I wasn’t quite convinced. Ha) and that yes, he uses his megawatt smile to “prove” that he is friendly and it does help him attract female attention. As if that wasn’t obvious enough. 😉

Today is Romeo’s 28th birthday but he did not take a break from work and fatigue was rather apparent. So I asked if acting is indeed his dream job. He said that it is his dream job, and 2nd on his list would be to “fly around the world”. He looks up to veteran actresses Hong Huifang and Xiang Yun for their professionalism and how they still look very good these days, despite their many years in showbiz.

Here’s the birthday cake specially prepared for Romeo:

Romeo Tan's birthday cake

Romeo Tan making a birthday wish

Romeo’s dentist, Dr Helena Lee, a periodontist at Specialist Dental Group, also shared with the audience about dental care and how we should brush, floss and rinse at least twice a day, using Oral-B’s toothbrushes, SATINfloss and rinses, of course. 😉

Dr Helena Lee

I also took the opportunity to ask Dr Lee about teeth whitening and Invisalign. 😀

Dr Lee shared with me that the usual culprits that cause stains are coffee, tea and red wine. But tumeric and certain mouth rinses can stain teeth too! Mouth rinses! Do check with your dentist to find out if the mouth rinse you are using could be causing your teeth to be stained!

She also said that people with certain dental conditions are unsuitable for teeth whitening procedures. If you have gum disease or exposed roots then teeth whitening is not for you.

It sure seems to me that a winning smile like Romeo’s is not achieved easily. I should definitely look into securing an appointment to check if I’m suitable for a teeth whitening procedure. 😀

Many thanks to Oral-B for the great gifts. The Oral-B cupcake is too cute! Will have to brush, floss and rinse after eating it though! XD

Oral B gifts

Here’s something for YOU to win too…

Visit Oral-B Singapore’s Facebook page and play the Oral-B Smile More Facebook Application. A lucky winner will walk away with a grand prize of a trip for two to Korea!!! Now, THAT’S something to smile about!

Keep Smiling, Singapore! 😀


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