Step Out In Style with Haute Shuz Bar

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I have a new shoe sponsor I’d like to introduce to you – *I hear the ladies screaming* – and their shoes are simply amazing. πŸ˜€

Yes, they are gorgeous but what’s more awesome is that you can also customize your look for the day, shoe-wise. We have heard of reversible dresses, two-way dresses and the like, which you can play around with to transform your look according to the time of day (office hours, after-office hours, etc). But did you know your shoes can do that too?

I received 5 pairs of shoes from Haute Shuz Bar. And here are some pictures taken during a photoshoot we did at the sponsor’s place. Channel U crew were also there to film *nervous* so you’ll be able to see me on TV soon! πŸ˜€

Trying on the Fushia/Cream High Heels $49.90

Trying On Haute Shuz Bar Heels

I’m wearing the Black Chunky Heel $41.90

Wearing my Haute Shuz Bar Heels

– Thanks to Max from Lumiere Photography for the photos above –

And here are the shoes I took home from Haute Shuz Bar:

Five pairs of shoes from Haute Shuz Bar

Yes, they even gave me additional shoe clips for different looks! πŸ™‚

Take the Cream Sandal Flats $28.90 for instance. A change in shoe clip can result in an entirely different feel:

Haute Shuz Bar Cream Sandal Flats

You can also place the clips anywhere on the shoes, like what I’ve done here:

Haute Shuz Bar Black Chunky Heels

And here’s one of my favorite pairs – the Gold/Black Trim Heels $51.90

A feminine + pretty look for the office:

Haute Shuz Bar Gold Black Trim Heels

And a blinged-up look for after-office parties πŸ˜‰

Haute Shuz Bar Gold Black Trim Heels

A different look is just a ‘clip’ away!

Are you tempted already?

*All shoes come with complimentary matching clips. Additional clips can be purchased via the website – there are even handmade bows, gemstones, rosettes and feather clips!


1) ‘Like’ Haute Shuz Bar on Facebook for all the latest news, sales, and events where you can get great discounts HERE.

2) WIN a pair of heels from Haute Shuz Bar (2 pairs to give away!) -> Facebook contest going on HERE!

1st Pair:

Haute Shuz Bar Yellow Grey Cone Heel

To win, share my facebook giveaway post, like Haute Shuz Bar’s facebook page and comment here (on this blogpost) with “I want new shoes in size (your shoe size)” e.g. I want new shoes in size 38. πŸ™‚

*All 3 steps must be completed, or you will *not* receive the prize even if you are picked as the winner.

2nd Pair:

Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win A Pair For You & A Pair For Mom (or your BFF/Sister) πŸ˜€

Haute Shuz Bar Peach T-bar with Floral Chiffon Clips

To win, share my facebook giveaway post, tag your mom/sis/friend in a comment on the facebook post, ‘like’ Haute Shuz Bar’s facebook page, and comment on this blogpost to tell me why I should pick you and your Mom/Sis/BFF to be the winners. πŸ™‚

– Step Out In Style, Ladies! –


47 thoughts on “Step Out In Style with Haute Shuz Bar

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  2. For the even more beautiful peach T-bar heels: My BFF and I share everything! From makeup to skin care, even my husband is jealous because we paint each other nails and nobody does his :D. Having a pair of this would be so nice when we go out together as we are the most unlikely looking best girlfriends ever! Plus, she’s getting married in May and winning something like this for her would be such a great surprise for the occasion!!!

  3. My best friend (Rachel c. Freed) and I are indestructible, sweet and fashionable, like the peach T-bar heels. Winning the same pair will be a symbol of our friendship forever, one that never ends, even after my wedding in May! We will never gift each other shoes as it is a symbol of asking the person to walk out of your life but winning a pair from someone else would be special and will symbolize a friendship similar to walking in the same shoes!

  4. why I should pick you and your friend to be the winners?

    Grace, you should pick my sister and i to be winners so that we will stop arguing who wear first for the new heel. πŸ™‚

  5. β€œI want new shoes in size 36 ^_^

    I really wish to get pick by you, so that I can give my sister a surprise! =]
    I do really wish to accompany her to become prettier, become more confident..because she has very low self-esteem about herself.
    If i win this, this will be her ever first heels!!
    I wish, by enhancing the outer beauty, she will be happier and become more confident , shine from the inner part of herself =D
    I really wish to let her know that every girl is beautiful in their very unique ways. Don’t look down at own self, be confident and shape her very own style! I will always be with her =]
    please please let me win Grace ~~ >_<

  6. I wish i could win a pair of peach T-bar heels and the same pair of peach T-bar heels for my best friend, Aby Teo. There’s no reason I can’t explain why I have a desire of winning this shoes. The peach T-bar heels are.simple, sweet and loveable. The friendship between Aby and I is just the way of the peach T-bar heels look like. Simple and sweet. We have been gone through happy and sad moments together. We love to share the joyness because sharing is caring! If we are lucky enough to win this pair of shoes, it will be one of the happiest and memorable moment in our lives. We can wear the sweet peach T-bar heels walking down the street and celebrate our.13 years of precious friendship πŸ™‚
    Thank you~~

    • Thank you so much, Grace!
      I am so surprised! Never think of winning this lovely shoes among so many competitors.
      Such a happy and good news for us!
      Thanks for brightened up my day πŸ™‚

  7. BFF always share and use the same items, so does me and my BFF. We share our breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. We exchange joy, sadness, frustration, secrets, gossips, memories, belongings, clothes, bags, accessories, etc. And now, we would love to have the same pair of shoes to celebrate our wonderful and unbreakable friendship! πŸ™‚

  8. I want to have Size 40. I want win it with my Facebook friends, @Angelina Pang , Cos we know each other thru participant in facebook contest, we never seen each other before, but she was a great facebook friends, as sometime i needed her help of some question , she alway very help ful, kind & sweet.

  9. Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win A Pair For You & A Pair For Mom (or your BFF/Sister)

    It is uncanny how my “evil twin”, Rella Soh and I have CRAZY similar luck in times of what life have in store for us sometimes. We are both petite but cannot live without heels, and sometimes in the face of beauty, we suffer in silence of the pain sky high heels bring. I hope to win this for both of us because it has a sturdy heel and it is not sooo crazy high! Definitely a keeper for a long shopping day or casual night out!

    The color of the heels and the flower motif seem to be ushering the blossoming spring flowers (I’m actually reminded of Sakura flowers in Japan for some reason…? ) Plus it is sooooo girly and sweet, the pink simply SCREAMS TAKE ME HOME NOW!!! I love how it has both of our favorite colors, hers pink and mine turquoise blue in one single shoe! Plus, it is open toe-ed so definitely cooling to wear for summery humid local weather!

    What better item to represent our friendship than this lovely pair of heels?

    BFF! ❀

  10. Hi grace,

    I would love to win for me and my cousin cum BFF. My dearest cousin and I are the closest of kins and the best of friends. We grew up together – played together, studied together, shopped together, went for prom together … basically everything under the sun. Her birthday is in the month of may and I would love to give this amazing gift to her.

    I believe she will love the pair in pastel peach, it is so sweet and would complement her cute personality real well. I would love to see her in a pretty, printed shirtdress with this adorable pair of heels. She is an avid Korean fan and this pair is truly girly, and very koreanish. She is sure to love it and I wish to see her face lit up in a smile after putting on this princess-ish pair!

    I would keep the yellow pair for myself. I love how it is of a bright yellow that is really unique. Love that it shows off the toes. And love the colour combi – yellow and beige makes a very tasteful combi which I love! I would put β€˜em on with an A-line shift dress boasting a ray-of-color belt to bring out a warm aura and a cheerful look.

    Cant wait to wear this with my dearest cousin on our next shopping adventure! Thanks for the lovely giveaway and do stay radiant and lovely forever!

    Oh yeah, and we are both tiny size 35 haha.

    Much love,

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