Launch Of Singapore’s 1st Dating Concierge App @ Avalon, Marina Bay Sands

Just got home from attending It’s A Date’s launch at Avalon. 🙂 It was a good thing that I’d brought my pals with me, or I’d have been oh-so-lonely at the Media table. XD I’m not complaining though – ours were likely the best seats in the house, right before the stage.

Grainy picture, but it’s the best one I’ve got. XD

Free drinks too 😀

At Avalon MBS

[Clarence, Derek, Me, Claressa, Chris]

We were told that the event would start at 7pm but apparently, it’d only begin at 8pm (actually, after 8pm). The queue for food was super long but something interesting happened… One of the buffet trays had been removed before I’d gotten to it so I asked the guy in front of me if he knew what that tray had contained. He pointed to his plate and said that it was the cereal prawns. And… get this… he actually used a fork to move that mound of cereal aside, retrieve what was probably the only prawn he managed to get, AND GAVE IT TO ME! *Awwwwww* I was VERY shocked – I’m not quite used to *ahem* generosity or any form of chivalry from Singaporean men. Sorry!

Back to the event…

It's A Date Avalon MBS

The talkshow mainly revolved around a makeover for a guy named Jeremy. We basically heard from the people given the responsibility of dressing him up in new threads, to styling his hair, and teaching him makeup(???). And we finally got to meet the *new* Jeremy – quite impressive, as all makeovers are.

However, we felt there was a disconnect between the host/speakers and the audience. There was little to no engagement and we felt kinda “lost” when the event suddenly came to an end. 😀 I think the lucky draw was alright – pity I didn’t get to win the Samsung S4 though! 😛

Anyway, the It’s A Date app is supposedly Asia’s FIRST Personalized Dating Concierge App. It provides you with a recommended list of dining places to bring your date to, and you can use it to arrange for styling and grooming sessions prior to your date too.

It's A Date App

For more information, visit or their facebook page.

Actually, I think that a guy can dress up well, get his hair professionally styled, and even use makeup to enhance his features, but I’ll still not be impressed if he doesn’t have proper manners. Read about the well-dressed pervert I met at a previous mass dating event.

Yes, gentlemen, you should definitely give up the very last prawn to the lady behind you in the buffet queue. She’ll be willing to overlook your dressing and hairdo, I believe. 😉

Not sure if the app teaches manners, but when it comes to dating, both men and women need all the help we can get so bring it on! 😀

End of the day… it was good hanging out with my pals. If only it’s Friday night… then we can have more drinks! XD

BTW, we love the view outside Avalon! 😀

Outside Avalon MBS

My dress is from The Trunkshop. 😉