National Achievers Congress 2013 – Speakers & Special Promo Code

*Update* Just spotted on Youtube that you can get 20% discount off NAC tix by using the promo code 20LESS. Not sure if it’s just a Labour Day promo or not ūüôā

The annual National Achievers Congress never fails to get me excited about their lineup of speakers each year! This year is no different. We’ll get to hear from *drumroll* Sir Richard Branson! Some people I’ve interviewed for this blog previously will also be speaking at the event – watch out for¬†Vanessa Tan¬†and¬†Cayden Chang. ūüôā My friend, Sean Seah, will be speaking at the NAC too – I’m so happy for him! And hopefully, one day I’ll be able to take the stage at the NAC too. Muahaha! *Dreams up plans for world domination*

Needless to say, I’ll be at the NAC this year too, from 10th to 12th May. You’ll be there too right? If you haven’t bought your tickets, get them now at¬†[use promo code GRACE¬†to receive 15% discount off General and VIP seats!] Alternatively, call Gwen at 86120291 – mention this blog and you get the discount too. No reason not to be there! ūüôā

Here’s some information about the speakers at this year’s NAC, that I got from Success Resources:

Business Development
1.¬†Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group – “Business Secrets They Never Teach In School”.¬†He will be sharing about his ups and downs while building up Virgin Group.¬†
2.¬†Keith Cunningham, Foremost Authority on Business Mastery – “The Keys To Unlock And Ignite Your Business”.¬†He will be imparting critical business skills which you need to be the market leader in your industry.¬†
3.¬†Gerry Roberts, Bestselling Author, Mentor and International Speaker – “The Most Underestimated & Effective Vehicle for Driving Your Marketing”. He will cover the unconventional and¬†innovative¬†ideas for marketing which will boost your marketing efforts to an all new level.¬†
4.¬†Andy Harrington, The World’s Leading Public Speaking Expert – “Powerful & Effective Presentation Tactics for Business”.¬†He will be touching on the essential “know-hows” on how to persuade your customers both in person or in groups and influence them towards penning their signature on your desired dotted lines.¬†
Personal Growth
5.¬†Les Brown, World’s Leading Motivational Speaker – “Hungry for Opportunity”.¬†
He will ignite the hunger in you wanting to succeed even more. He will uncover the boldness and confidence that is already¬†imbued¬†in you. He will reignite the “WHY” you need to be hungry to succeed.¬†
6.¬†Robert Riopel, World Class Trainer and Success Coach – “Pursuing Success Or Just Running In Circles”.¬†He is the currently the lead trainer in T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar. He will share with us on how to manage your time with your family, friends and work and meanwhile achieving your financial goals. It’s not just about earning Millions but what’s your purpose in earning them.¬†
7.¬†Andrew Bryant, Self Leadership Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker – “Self-Leadership As a Strategy for Success”.¬†He will be covering on the secrets and tips on how to build a successful team. With his background of physiotherapy, neuro-semantics, hypnosis and positive psychology, he will be able to share more using these techniques to build a strong team. He is¬†extremely suitable for Managers for mid to high level management.¬†
8.¬†Cheri Tree, Leading Authority on Sales Training – “Increase your Sales by 300% – Crack the personality code and take it to the BANK”.¬†She will be uncovering the proven sales¬†techniques¬†and sales training systems. She also will be sharing about her B.A.N.K system on how to grow your sales exponentially. She is¬†extremely suitable for people in the Sales industry.¬†
Wealth Creation
9.¬†Ewen Chia, World’s #1 Performer in Internet Affiliate Marketing – “Create your personal online ATM machine” He is the Guru for your online marketing. He will share tips and strategies if you are actually into an online business already to grow it to an all new level.¬†
10.¬†Courtney Smith, History-Making Stock Market Investor – “An investment fueled income for life –¬†Guaranteed!” Retired at the age of 22. He continued to explore knowledge in stock market. Seen it coming up and down several times, he will share with you the¬†techniques and skills to make sure you will not be burnt but instead earn during such bad times. He¬†is¬†extremely suitable for people in the Finance industry.¬†
11.¬†Sean Seah & Cayden Chang¬†– Masters of Value Investing “Win consistently in a¬†volatile¬†market”.¬†Sean and Cayden will be sharing their secrets on how to make money during these period of bearish market. How to seize the opportunity and gain the advantage in the stock market during bad times.¬†
12.¬†Dr Rohan¬†and¬†Matthew Snedden, Global Property Investment Strategists – “Building wealth and financial freedom through property”. With the current global property market, these property experts will share with you the various opportunities which can be seized at such times like this.¬†
13.¬†Marcus Di Maria, Forex – “Forex your way to freedom” – Building a consistent FOREX system towards accumulating profits. Marcus will share with you the mental model of an investor about their greed and fear during the ups and down times and how to thrive to take advantage and earn.¬†
Honestly, I’m looking forward mainly to hearing from Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown and Andy Harrington. However, the rest of the speakers seem like authorities in their field too, so I believe the NAC will be worth the time spent there. ūüôā
Date: 10th – 12th May 2013
Time: 9am – 6pm
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 3A
Attire: Smart Casual
Ticket Pricing

VIP: S$2,228.00
Benefits of VIP: (VIP Treatment, Priority Sign-In, Access to VIP Lounge for lunch/dinner with Sir Richard Branson and key speakers, Private Q&A Session with Key Speakers and seated right in the first few rows.)

General: S$88.00

Stall: S$48.00

To get your tickets, head over to [use promo code GRACE to receive 15% discount off General and VIP seats!] Alternatively, call Gwen at 86120291 Рmention this blog and you get the discount too.

I’ll see you at the NAC! ūüėÄ


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