Virgin Active Singapore – Richard Branson’s Gym Chain In Singapore (Location, Fees & What To Expect)

I got to know about Virgin Active (SG) via a series of Facebook ads and when I found out they have a roadshow going on at One Raffles Place, I just had to go take a look.

Virgin Active roadshow One Raffles Place

I have to say that the Virgin brand really excites me and I believe the first Virgin Active gym in Singapore will be one-of-a-kind.

At the roadshow, I got to test out one of their sleep pods aka energypod:


Me in a sleep pod

Basically, the cover can be swung to the front to shield you from all external lights and you can take a quick 20 minute snooze while soothing music plays, at the end of which a gentle vibration near your lower back will wake you up. Too cool! I suspect many sleep-deprived people working in Raffles Place will be making a beeline for the gym when it opens, not to work out but to catch forty winks!

Location of the gym: One Raffles Place, Tower 2, Levels 5, 6 and 7.

I’ve signed up to be one of the first to work out at the gym when it opens, likely sometime in August this year. Membership fees are rather steep, but I think the first month’s fees (at 50% discount) would be worth it. And here are the freebies for signing up now:

Virgin Active freebies

*If you head down to a roadshow and tell them you are a Facebook fan of Virgin Active SG, you will receive a 330ml bottle of Evian water and a Nature Valley granola bar. 😉

So, what are the fees like?

The compulsory Activation Fee is supposedly S$199 but is at S$25 (before tax) if you sign up now. They don’t have full-year memberships but fees are collected fortnightly and a week’s fees are at S$42.50 before tax. Thus, a month’s membership would cost S$170 before tax. The first month’s fees are halved if you sign up now. And yes, I am thinking of only visiting this gym for one month and then cancelling the membership thereafter. 😉

Guest fees are pretty steep (so I don’t suggest you bring a friend) at S$40 (before tax) per visit.

If you are going overseas (for a minimum of 4 weeks), you have to pay S$10 per week to freeze your membership fees.

The membership fees aren’t ‘cheap’, compared to what I was paying at another gym chain but I’m happy to pay for the experience – can’t wait to visit the Salt Room and also check out the many classes on offer. To find out more, check out Virgin Active’s Facebook Page here.

Honestly, I’m impressed by the Virgin brand and what it offers, hence I signed up. I was less impressed by one of the staff at the roadshow. First of all, it was after lunch when I visited and the guy (let’s call him D) smelled like he could do with a breath mint – I could literally smell what he had eaten for lunch from his breath. Eew, I know.

Then he gave me that salesman spiel which would have made other women weak in the knees, something along the lines of, “We will take care of you throughout because we care for you, and we’ll begin to take care of you right now!”. How touching. (@_@) Except that when I was reading the contract to find out the nitty gritties of the membership terms, he let out a huge, exasperated sigh. So, I’m supposed to just hand over my credit card details immediately, is it? This former Fitness First personal trainer had already let his body get flabby (I spotted his tummy) and isn’t a very good salesperson. At least bitch about me only after I’ve left the roadshow venue, right? Tsk tsk.

So yes, Virgin Active, I’m impressed with the brand. But your salespeople need some work… and some workouts*.

*I am by no means saying that I am uber fit or anything like that. That’s why I need a gym membership right? 😉 Just saying.



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